Nicki Minaj On Mariah Carey “She Just Had An Issue From the Beginning” (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj chats with Jimmy Kimmel about American Idol, feuds and her Barbz on his late night talk show. Later, she performed an outdoor concert.

Nicki Interview Part 1

Nicki talks about the argument she had with the judges over forcing Summer to pick the country genre.

Nicki Interview Part 2

About not liking your office coworkers–but for Mariah, she and her co-workers are on TV. Nicki claims that she doesn’t hate Mariah, but “I don’t think she likes me,” she says. “She just had an issue from the beginning.” Mariah adds, “We’re having fun, though.” When Jimmy asked who would win in a fist fight, Nicki replied that she doesn’t fight with fists, but then added, ‘Don’t tell anybody I said that, or there will be another Barbara Walters interview.”

Nicki Interview Part 3

Nicki talks about the code language she has with her Barbz, and nicknaming people.

Nicki Minaj Performs Va Va Voom and Freedom

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  • ??EvHeaD??ozzy??

    I don’t know what part of this performance was lip syncing….

    She kinda rapped the rap parts with some backing track and kind of crooned the singing with the main vocals coming from the back and doing some out of tune things with her mouth??? Right?

  • Axxxel

    It’s about the whole package.. song, movements, outfit/wig…  :-)

  • LongKissGoodnight

    All the singing came from the backing track (that she added a few off key runs to).
    And raping was live.

    No need for pop fans to bother coming, indeed. %)))

  • Miz

    I agreed with Nicki on her point of the other judges trying to box in that girl. However, what AI chose to show of ‘the blow-up’ was obviously not the same incident. They tried to make it look like the media and everyone involved over-reacted.

    I’m guessing ‘CF’ breaks down to Crazy Fans. Though with her mouth, the ‘F’ most likely is a different word.

  • Ratchet13

    These interviews they keep doing can’t help relations between the two. I really think Nigel played this up, and broke up what could be an awesome partnership. They worked so well together on the song they did. Le sigh

  • Ratchet13

    Is anybody scared for the live shows. Nigel doesn’t know it but Mariah and Nicki have two of the most obnoxious fan bases. They will make sure the are there for the live shows to cheer on their diva. That is going to again take away from the contestants, and add a nasty element that hasn’t been there before

  • HKfan

    She’s the worst lip syncher….every performance I’ve see, (especially the one on Idol last year), she just doesn’t even attempt to look like she’s trying to sing in time to the backing track half the time.

  • Jaejae1

    You know watching her perform, and considering the artist she is, it’s remarkable that she is an Idol judge.

    I like the Freedom song.

  • maymirabella

    I also wonder if because Randy and Mariah know each other so well and have worked together before if perhaps, Nikki might also feel like an outsider or that there is a clique where Randy prefers and sticks up for Mariah all of the time or favors Mariah.  As Randy has often over and over again mentioned for years how he has worked with Mariah and they are such close friends.  I think anyone could feel like an outsider in this situation.

  • elliegrll

    Jennifer Lopez was an idol judge, here she is with a bad lip sync performance at Wango Tango,

    Actually, neither Jennifer or Paula Abdul made a name for themselves based on their vocal ability.  By the end of her career, I’m sure that many people were okay with Paula not singing live.  Ellen couldn’t sing either.

  • elliegrll

    These interviews they keep doing can’t help relations between the two. I really think Nigel played this up, and broke up what could be an awesome partnership. They worked so well together on the song they did. Le sigh

    At this point I think that they are all playing up the feud to get buzz and publicity for the show.  Ryan and the judges talking about it in every interview just seems so staged, like the producers gave them talking points.  It’s a horrible idea, but inline with how Nigel and the other producers usually operate.

  • Miz

    I think that is the real problem for Nicki. She has positioned herself as an outsider and is over compensating.

  • hcpoirot

    I agree, it look like the producers and Idol judges try their best to speak about Nicki and Mariah feud at every chances they got to boost their rating. Its really become predictable and boring.

  • nncw

    So far I think Nicki is entertaining as a judge although it may wear thin after awhile. If she was contestant on AI or the Voice not sure she would make it to the top ten, however she would do well on X Factor! So I think Mariah probably doesn’t appreciate her singing talents and thus questions her credentials to be a judge. I find Mariah is taking her job as judge very seriously – maybe a bit too seriously – considering this is a reality show she is a bit too sober about it all.  Randy I think however is still the most irritating just bc he seems so cocky but just vacuous in his comments. I wonder what would have happened if Mariah and Christina Applegate were judges on the same show? I am wondering if there is respect or competitiveness that drives these divas?

  • rbidol

     If being “good” at lip synching means pretending like you are singing every note, then no, she isn’t good at it. But I really like her approach to singing with a backing track. She is not pretending that every note is live, and you can tell exactly what she is singing and what she isn’t. What she does is basically like singing with backup singers. This is much more authentic than those singers where, after you watch it, you aren’t sure if you heard a single live note or not…

  • vdawg

    I would say if you are going to be a judge on American Idol, you should singing live and not lip synching.  How can you judge someone if you do not sing live. 

  • Stavros

    Simon Cowell doesn’t sing and he has judged almost all the singing reality shows under the sun.

  • MyDailyComment

    “It’s about the whole package.. song, movements, outfit/wig… :-)”

    That is the funniest thing ever!  

    She should let the wig do some of the singing too!

  • Michael Bishop

     I went to see Paula Abdul during her Under My Spell Tour and she can and did sing live.  Would she ever be mistaken for Celine Dion?  No, but it seems that people have some misconceptions about what constitutes a good singer, and imposes that belief under the guise of fact.

  • Michael Bishop

     That’s the thing… Mariah is known for her voice, which IMO has  deteriorated over the years.  However, she is a BORING performer.  Nicki on the other hand is more of a rapper than a singer proper which is a different skill set, BUT she CAN put on a good and entertaining show.  That is the difference between the two.  Mariah does not place a high value the “performance” element, thus looks down at Nicki.

  • MyDailyComment

    They should just let the idols dance around on stage while records play.  You, the music business has changed from 15 years ago.  People don’t sing anymore. All the singing… we are not looking for that anymore.  This is just a dance audition show for people that can hold a microphone.

  • curly_yenta

    Urgh. She’s awful. This is a singer?

  • AlissaSouk

    OMG that performance wouldn’t even pass round 1 on any singing competition.   That is just so BAD!!!

  • AlissaSouk
  • Eilonwy

    How can you judge someone if you do not sing live.

    How do members of the viewing audience figure out who’s a “good” singer and who’s a bad one, when most of us don’t sing live?

    I shouldn’t be encouraged to sing live in any situation other than in the car, alone, singing harmony to recorded music. But I have ears and I’ve seen enough live performances to have my ideas of what sounds good and what doesn’t.

    Minaj spends her time around performers and spends her career trying to put together effective performances. Idol’s only asking her to comment on people’s singing, not to reproduce it.

    (If she starts pontificating on how best to aim for high G, that’d be absurd. But there’s no reason she wouldn’t be familiar with breath control, timing, “connecting” with the audience, and staying on key. Not that Abdul, Lopez, or Tyler spent much time on those issues: two of the three were busy charming the audience with word salad and one was too overcome with “goosies” to be coherent.)

    ETA: Presumably Minaj will also show helpful reactions to Idols’ train-wreck performances, as heaven knows she’s had a few of her own. The one on the Grammys last year… eep.

  • rbidol

     And, incidentally, we haven’t heard Mariah giving any technical advice either. I would like to hear a judge give advice on singing technique–how to hit that high G–that would add a different twist to judging. But for the most part, Mariah hasn’t said anything that Paula wouldn’t say. She may have the greatest range of any pop singer, but (as she very enthusiastically pointed out once) she didn’t go to school for it…she went to the “School of Life”…so I am thinking for all her natural skill, she wouldn’t be able to explain what she does or help anyone else do it. And so, you can have a very raw vocal talent like Paula, and you can have a celebrated singer like Mariah, and both end up saying “you look beautiful” and “I felt every word.”

    I never liked Nicki before Idol, so it isn’t like I’m a huge fan who needs to defend everything she does, but I do think her performance style works. She is rapping and singing live, you can hear every live note, but she uses backing vocals to capture the sound of the record. My point is, it’s much different than playing a tape and mouthing along. There is nothing deceptive about what she does, and I respect that.

  • Larc

    I’m not sure that pro singers are always the best judges of other singers.  It’s all subjective.  There’s a danger some singers may rely too much on themselves as standards of what’s right and wrong with another singer’s performance.  Singing isn’t mainly done for other singers, but for target audiences who probably don’t tend to be singers themselves.  Maybe highly knowledgeable and discerning listeners, even record producers and music directors, would make better judges.  Mentoring might be a more appropriate job for experienced pro singers.

  • Li Wright

    Has she always been a singer????  LOL

  • tomr

    That is one ugly, annoying woman!

  • Ratchet13

    We don’t know how much of Mariah has been edited. There are some cool things that Ryan Seacrest said she did in NY, but they didn’t air it. Nigel already hinted that he didn’t want Mariah grading vocals hard. He felt like her standards would be too high

  • elliegrll

    At the end of the day they are judges, not mentors.  Even the mentors on the Voice don’t spend a lot of time talking about technique.  As Adam Levine told a contestant, everyone is pitchy at one point or another, so just repeating that is meaningless.  

    It’s all subjective, as Larc said.  And in the real world, technique does not mean that someone will become a commercially successful artist.  Some of the best singers can’t get beyond doing session work and singing backup.  Adam Levine is not a great singer, but he has what it takes to be a successful pop singer.  The same is true with Nicki.  She knows what it takes to deliver a song in a way that has resulted in her selling a lot of singles and albums.

  • wycheb

    Does she have a yeast infection or UTI, she keeps grabbing at her vajayjay while she prances around the stage. I had trouble even listening to her “sing” because her hand kept going to her crotch.

  • elliegrll


    I went to see Paula Abdul during her Under My Spell Tour and she can and did sing live.  Would she ever be mistaken for Celine Dion?  No, but it seems that people have some misconceptions about what constitutes a good singer, and imposes that belief under the guise of fact.

    Paula was lip syncing when she performed on American Idol and DSWTS a few years back, but that wasn’t my point.  It’s subjective, but IMO, Nicki Minaj is no worse of a singer than Paula or Jennifer Lopez.  Neither of those women became successful artists based on their technical ability, unless we are talking about dancing and not singing.

  • Eilonwy

    When performers grab their crotches, I always assume it’s because they’re worried about something falling off. This is an especially scary prospect with the many male singers who do it, as if that thing goes flying into the audience, it could put an eye out.

  • Leandro

    That performance had me laughing all the way through! Such trainwreck!

    When she’s rapping live she messes up. When she’s lip syncing she forgets to do it in the right time. LMAO

    The best part is the end when the backtrack is doing the main melody, her backup singer is doing some runs and she’s doing some noises with her mic. It’s such a mess. lol

  • Li Wright

    @Leandro, you make a good point.  I had to see it again and the backup singer is really doing the heavy lifting isn’t she and Nikki is singing along LOL….and she just looks lazy on stage…..she’s got a fascinating personality, like Charo, but little talent, like Charo….and I was reading somewhere that her BOYFRIEND writes all her rhymes….go figure.  Maybe this is why Mariah is irritated with Nikki, besides — Mariah thought SHE would be the only woman at the table?

  • Jordana33

    If the backup singer was doing the heavy lifting, it wouldn’t explain why Nicki, and not the backup singer, is in such high demand as a featured guest artist, and why her raps are usually the highlight in the songs.  If you look her up, you’ll also see that she writes all of her lyrics and has her own production company. 

    Mariah is pissed off because Nicki’s fun personality completely eclipses her’s on the panel and makes her presence seem redundant. It would be one thing if Nicki was just providing comic relief, but Nicki actually gives terrific critiques to the contestants, and is winning over a lot of doubters. So other than a superior, passive aggressive attitude, Mariah really doesn’t bring anything extra to the panel. 

  • Valarie

    Nikki just gave a perfect example of ‘concert by backing track’. There are soooo many times when she holds the mic down, but her vocals continue. I am not saying she isn’t singing along with the track, but I am saying it’s the track that we hear.

  • AlissaSouk

    Well unlike paula and jlo who are performing heavy dance moves,  Nicki is just lipsynching while touching her vajayjay.  So no they are not comparable.  

    Question has nicki actually perform anything acceptable on stage? I mean no backing track and lipsynching involved.  

  • HKfan

    I don’t have a problem with a backing track, Adam Lambert uses them all the time, it adds to the depth  and layers of the song, but he also sings live to everysong. Nicki just seemed really lazy, very little movement, and hardly any singing, just the odd words here and there, she just seemed to zone out, like she’d forgotten what words to sing. I don’t know, it just seemed weird, very lacklustre…

  • kmd23

    Nicki is an entertaining judge but a bad performer. That performance was awful.

  • Ratchet13

    Huh, the backup singer was doing the heavy lifting in terms of SINGING. People collab with Nicki for her to rap not sing

  • Jordana33

    She sings and raps as a guest artist actually (e.g. Britney’s remix and the David Guetta song). She does her own singing on Super Bass and she started her career as a backup singer. Even so, if the backup singer is doing most of the singing in this performance, who cares. You either like her or you don’t. 

  • Ratchet13

    I don’t dislike her. I just thought you presented a nonsensical arguement

  • Jordana33

    I presented a nonsensical “arguement”? LOL.