Nicholas McDonald – “Answerphone” – Single Premiere

Oh Dear.

Nicholas McDonald premiered his debut single on Vevo. Sounds like a One Direction reject. Or something.

Anyway, “Answerphone” will be released on March 10 and the album “Arms of An Angel” a week later. The album has 3 original songs, the rest are covers.

1. Superman
2. Answerphone
3. When The Stars Go Blue
4. Arms of An Angel
5. Thousand Years
6. Smile
7. Someone Like You
8. Flying Without Wings
9. Just The Way You Are
10. If You’re Not The One
11. Solid Gold

Looks like RCA is working hard to kill Nicholas’ chances of a career ASAP. Brace yourself for whatever crap is coming our way from Sam Bailey.

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  • wordnerdarchie

    Thanks for the info – but I get “the uploader has not made this video available in your country”.

  • Incipit

    “Looks like RCA is working hard to kill Nicholas’ chances of a career ASAP.”

    OK – if that’s their Master Plan, then this will work, I guess. All the vocals have a metallic over-tone, as if a robot voice is really singing it – and the lyrics came out of a rhyme machine – – is that the style? smh.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Time for a mash-up duet in which this song is combined with Melanie Amaro’s “Long Distance”: two Simon Cowell products framing a relationship with obsolete phone metaphors!

  • Incipit

    “…obsolete phone metaphors!”

    Makes you wonder how long both those tunes were sitting in someone’s back catalog before Syco bought them – I think they may been around for a long time. I’m sure the writers have cell phones by now.

  • Amy Beth

    If he didn’t win and there’s no obligation to sign him, why did they bother?

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Because throwing together a quick, cheap album of covers and “stuff lying around,” over canned tracks, and unloading it on frantic XFUK fans beats picking coins out of the sofa cushion for covering the pot bill. Record companies go through a lot of pot, and I don’t mean Calphalon.

  • damo

    Good on the wee lad from Scotland, who should have never gotten a contract to start with. All of you Scotts better buy it for Mother’s Day (UK’s Mother’s Day is on March 30).

    This song is as annoying as Shayne Ward’s single from a few years ago ( If That’s OK With You). Note, Simon Cowell completely mismanaged his career after he won season 2.

  • mel432

    Who works at RCA these days? Looks like they botched up a few of our idol boys too.

  • jobeob987

    Geez, I’m hoping Sam Bailey will get better treatment, however, based on this, I’m not too hopeful. :-(

  • Jake W.

    Did a 5-year-old write these lyrics?

  • Face

    not sure about it being a 1D reject track… sounds like a reject track from Joe McEldrey’s debut album… barrel, scraping bottom… comes to mind…

    so… I can only imagine what drivel Sam Bailey is getting… maybe something that didn’t make Tesco Mary’s Mother’s Day release in 2011?!?!

  • JustJam

    Wait, Nicholas is signed to RCA? So he’s not with Sony? I think its alright. I just don’t know how this will get air-play. Perhaps they’re planning on grooming Nic as a Scottish Bieber or… a straight-Joe xD

  • Mateja Praznik

    RCA is a part of Sony. Also, British RCA isn’t exactly the same as American RCA.