Monday Ratings: The Voice Hits a Season Low

Ratings are in from TVbyTheNumbers

NBC again topped Monday’s adults 18-49 ratings, but The Voice fell to a season low 4.4 adults 18-49, down 4% vs. a 4.6 rating last week. Smash held at a season low matching 2.2 adults 18-49 rating, the same as last week.

It its second episode, Dancing with the Stars fell 11% to a 3.1 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 3.5 rating in its season premiere last week. Castle rose 4% to a 2.4 adults 18-49 rating, vs. a 2.3 rating last week.

DWTS beats The Voice in the number of viewers, but not in the demo.  I expect that to be the deal for the rest of the season. The real battle is going to be between The Voice and Idol. If Idol can hold on to its audience this week, it will beat The Voice in the demo. Hm. Castle also had more viewers than The Voice, but look at that demo! 2.4 (are those numbers even correct?).    When the Voice moves to live shows, the ratings should improve.

Stay tuned!


NBC The Voice (8-10p) 4.4 12 11.789
ABC Dancing with the Stars (8-10p) 3.1 8 17.616
CBS How I Met Your Mother -R 1.9 6 5.703
FOX Alcatraz 1.5 4 4.714
CW Confessions of a Shopaholic (movie, 8-10p) 0.4 1 0.949


CBS 2 Broke Girls -R 2.0 6 6.118


CBS Two and a Half Men -R 2.2 6 7.078
FOX Alcatraz 1.5 4 4.743


CBS Mike & Molly -R 1.9 5 6.283


ABC Castle 2.4 6 12.150
NBC Smash 2.2 6 6.355
CBS Hawaii Five-0 -R 1.6 4 6.566

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  • Pam

    Looking at these numbers reminds me of how low the numbers were during the AI auditions.  Hopefully, things will improve for The Voice next week now that the battle rounds are over and I’m glad they are!

  • Joseph

    Uhh….Pam….Idol didn’t have this low of ratings for their audition episodes. Not even close…

  • Brittany Keener

    ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ was on last night? I love that movie. 
    Perhaps…only people outside of the demo watch TV anymore. This seems to be a trend.

  • Anonymous

    They need to figure out how to fix the battle rounds, or at least make them look like they aren’t staged, and meaningless.  They should have a better mix of good, bad, and mediocre singers in every show.  The format might work better if the shows are live, and if both the public and the mentors have a say in who wins the battle.  I also like the idea of having the battle between the different teams, instead of the same team, but I don’t know how that would work.

  • hcpoirot

    I couldnt be agree more. The low rating for the Voice cause all of us get bored watching 4 weeks of battle round episodes. We pretty much already know the outcome who will move to top 24. Not to mention some of the battle pairings and song choices (benefit one singer ) are too predictable.

    If they make it like Idol Holywood and Vegas weeks where the 48 singers sing a song they choose, then the 4 judges cut the least impressive singers till each had 6 singers, it will be better. And how can the judges pick their top 6 when they only listen the contestants sing once in top 48 and lot of them did not sing their best cause the judges pick the wrong song to throw them under the bus. (read: cannon fodder)

    I hope the producer (Mark Burnett) listen to our advice and tweak it before it too late. Do not copycat Idol. They had to change cause their rating keep slipping down. But idol still had tons of viewers to keep slipping. But the Voice not.

    If season 3 they still had these 4 episodes of boring, predictable battle round, the rating will suffer and it will hard to back up again when viewers leave the show and turn to other show.

  • Tinawina

    I don’t know if they can change the head-to-head format of this round because then there would be nothing to differentiate them from XFactor and Idol after auditions are over. But I do think they need to do something, because this round as is totally kills any momentum the show has.

    I do like the idea of audience votes being incorporated, even if its just the live audience in the studio during recording.

    It would also be cool if the judges had the option of taking both singers in a battle or taking none (maybe if they were allowed to do that only one time each, kind of like lifelines?). And each judge had the option of picking up someone discarded from another team. Then at the end of battle rounds, if a judge ends up with more than 6, they had to decide who to drop.

  • Tess

    I wonder how much of the “format” for The Voice is set is stone since NBC probably acquired the franchise through the Dutch Production company that originally came up with the idea.  I don’t think it is as easy to over-haul things as it may seem.  The original concept was probably sold to NBC intact and contractually there may be some heavy duty restrictions on changing anything up…something as simple as colors, and chair designs, and the boxing ring motif , and 4 judges may all be requirements that have to stay intact.

    Someone said they saw another country’s version of the show and they were amazed at the similarities…right down to 3 male judges and one female.  It would be interesting to know how much lee-way the US version really has in changing stuff up.

  • larc

    I suffered through The Voice last night and can easily understand why they are losing viewers.  The battle rounds should be limited to two nights max.  It would be easy to do if they didn’t waste so much time with the preliminaries.  Also, the show needs to replace at least two judges/mentors for next season, IMO.  Keep Blake and possibly (but not necessarily) Adam.  Show the gaudy bottle blonde and Mr. Tubby with his prissy cat the door.

  • Cathy Knott

    I love that prissy cat

  • Valentin432

    A 4% decrease isn’t that bad.

  • Anonymous

    thats why l don’t watch the voice is not really worth watching it…l will give it another season it will fold up…..

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see Dancing with the Stars doing better than The Voice.  It is much more entertaining for me.  The Voice last night was a trainwreck in so many ways.

  • Tinawina

    I agree Valentin432, the drop isn’t so bad and it will go up next week when the live shows start.

    But they do need to try not to take such a huge overall dip during this round next year.

    I totally expect Idol to take bigger dip this week, though it may end up with higher ratings. AI had 2 meh weeks in a row. This week’s theme is better though so that may help some.

  • tomr

    Not surprised.  My wife and I watched all of the battle rounds and now that they are over, we didn’t find anyone to root for so we won’t be watching anymore this season.  Not a star among them.

  • Anonymous

    It takes away from the contestants IMO.

  • Anonymous

    Idk there were a lot of people who actually liked the Billy Joel week. I can’t see idol getting lower ratings than this, unless it’s the Thursday show(now watch it go below that tomorrow lol)

  • Anonymous

    A 4% decrease isn’t that bad.

    It’s not a big decrease in comparison to last week, but last week was the first time that the show had a demo rating below 5.0.  Last week’s ratings were also down around 13% compared to the week before, and the ratings that week were down 18% in comparison to the previous week.  That 18% drop was partly due to DST, but the show should have gained some of that back during the last few weeks.

    This is a show that a month ago looked like it would level out at a demo rating of 6.0.

  • itsalleternal

    Thank God the battle rounds are over!!!

    Why does DWTS have so many more viewers yet so low in the demo?

  • Wex

    Im finding the Voice incredibly boring and not watching it- Ive DVRed the last couple weeks and watched the entire episode in under 30 minutes…Im finding its very very predictable – the same routine with the 2 contestants singing the song – then alternating with the guest judge- then the faux battle where the coach is usually going to choose whomever he/she/producers want unless the fave has a meltdown…I also don’t feel Im getting to know or bonding with the contestants like I do with Idol.  I can name every contestant on Idol -I  barely know a few on The Voice.  The Voice has a gimmick but Im not really finding the show very entertaining or even interesting enough to keep my attention – especially with a host as lame and boring as carson and the judges/coaches forced banter which is the same week after week.

  • Wex

    did you know the cat is actually a rental?

  • Wex

    The pre taped battle rounds also are confusing to me.  THe coaches fight for these contestants to be on their team and then they immediately axe half of them…And you know they’ve preselected who they want to advance- unless the contestant totally screws up…Its also weird as you’re trying to get the contestants to harmonize and perform well together but at the same time they’re competing…and then even later as eliminations go , you’re eliminating people from each team so if one coach has 4 great people and one coach has 4 lame people, the lame people are going to get eliminated just as quickly as the great people (if you follow)…Thats one of the problems…and I don’t really see any incentives for the winning coach…I just think he format has a lot that could should be fixed…But the battle rounds – esp going on for a month – are a snooze fest and  what Idol does really well is create story lines and backstories that let you bond with a contestant; for some reason I don’t feel that with Voice despite their touchy/feely/friendly/everyone is grateful to be here cuz we’re such a nice uplifting show.  Yawn

  • Wex

    I mean when you’re picking a coach, you want to go with the coach whose got weak talent…not strong talent.

  • Anonymous

    One of the judges in the Dutch version is a male duo, and they have a double chair. In addition there are two other male judges and one female judge. I doubt though that the make-up of the judges is stipulated. Actually, I’m sure, otherwise everyone should have a duo ;)

  • Anonymous

    Thank God the battle rounds are over!!!
    Why does DWTS have so many more viewers yet so low in the demo?

    DWTS has always attracted a lot of older viewers, but not a lot of younger ones.  Last week, DWTS drew 18.8 miviewers, but only 4.5 million of those viewers were between the ages of 18 to 49.  

    American Idol had 17.2 million viewers, 6.5 million were aged 18-49.  (15.5 millon on Thursday, 5.3 million younger viewers.)

    The Voice 11.9 million total viewers, 5.8 million were aged 18-49.  NBC has to love this.

  • Anonymous

    Well, if they can change it, they sure ought:  that was stultifyingly boring last night.  I couldn’t sit still, I had to get up and move around and fiddle with stuff. 

  • TylerWV

    I just watched last nights episode of the Voice. The last battle was really good but I would’ve picked the other guy.  The one CeeLo picked had a gorgeous voice but had Broadway stamped all over him.  For someone wanting to get away from that to pop, ditch the eyeliner and wardrobe.  When the other guy started singing, he just reached inside me, grabbed me by the gut and never let go.  I could listen to him all day.  The thing I don’t like about Battle Rounds is how some of the mentors set up some of them to fail.  Blake was so obvious in giving a reggae song to an island girl against a traditional country singer.  Do away with the battle rounds and let us pick them after that.  No matter what show, someones always setting some of them up.  If they can’t be fair to all, don’t do the show.

  • Madred

    Castle’s sudden spike had to do with the long standing story arc from last Season being overplayed on whether or not Beckett heard Castle say I love you. They drummed it up and the entire scenario played out over 2 minutes at the end of the episode. Without it, I think The Voice would have been top in that hour as well. 

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s ratings adjustments from tvbythenumbers.

    The first hour of Alcatraz’s two-part finale adjusted up in the finals by one-tenth, along with Dancing with the Stars and The Voice. Both Castle and Smash adjusted down one-tenth.

    The Voice (8-10 PM)

    Dancing with the Stars (8-10p)

  • Anonymous

    My biggest gripe with The Voice’s format (and part of why I think it’s struggling to retain viewers):

    Think of your favorite singer from this year’s Idol.  How many performances of theirs have you seen on the show so far?  How many more will you see if they win?

    Now think of your favorite singer from this years Voice.  How many performances of theirs have you seen on the show so far?  How many more will you see if they win?

    It’s easy to become such a fan of one Idol finalist that you watch every week to see what they’ll do.  But with The Voice, you can see someone’s audition, not see them until a battle round a month later, then not see them again until 4 weeks later when the live show starts.  It makes it really hard to become attached enough to a singer to care how they do, let alone to care enough to buy their album after the show’s over. 

  • goldiver

    The Voice does not have that “HEY GUYS, VOTE!!” factor. It is the judges’ show as always.

  • Karen C

    I think this is the problem with the Voice too.  And even for the ones that get through to top 24 there aren’t as many weeks of the competition.  I think I read there is only 6 weeks of the show after this, so that means even the winner only gets seen maybe 8 times.

    I find also with the Voice, though, that I don’t seem to remember as many of the contestants by the time the battle round occurs, even though the audtions for both are about the same lenght of time.  The only ones I really remembered were ones that I already knew about like Jamar Rodgers or Jordis Unga.

  • Karen C

    Since the ratings for both the Voice and Idol are going down, I wonder if there is oversaturation over singing competitions and people are starting to tune out. 

  • goldiver

    When I think about the voice, I think about how the judges compete against one another to get the voice they want. I want to think about the contestant more and how I want to vote them so bad and how I want them to win so bad too.

  • Anonymous

    Speaking of ratings…idol was the number 1 show again for the second week in a row.

  • Anonymous

    So does that mean they are gonna cancel it?  LOL!

  • Anonymous

    My biggest gripe is that many of them can’t sing on pitch.  Last night’s show was cacophony at it’s best….or worst.  

    Even some of the performances that I liked has some glaring deficiencies.  Add that to the fact that unless you know them from one of their prior gigs, there isn’t enough emotional pull to make you root for anyone.  

  • Anonymous

     LOL, its soooo getting canceled ;)

  • faux pas

    “”Idol” and “Dancing” are also old by television standards, and that’s reflected in their audiences, too. The median age of an “Idol” viewer this season is 48, Nielsen said, and the show had many more younger viewers when it was new. The first “Dancing” episode this season attracted an audience with a median ago of nearly 59.”

    The Voice viewership is up 36 percent over last season, according to the Nielsen ratings company.
    By contrast, “Idol” viewership is down 21 percent on Wednesday nights compared to last year and 20 percent on Thursdays, Nielsen said. ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars” was the second most-popular show on TV last week with the premiere of its 14th cycle, but that was still down 17 percent from the first episode last spring.

  • Anonymous

    The Voice viewership is up 36 percent over last season, according to the Nielsen ratings company.

      Those Voice numbers are misleading because they include the huge numbers the show got airing after the superbowl.  If you you averaged the rest of the season without those outlier figures, I’m guessing that 36% figure would be much lower.

  • Tinawina

    By contrast, “Idol” viewership is down 21 percent on Wednesday nights compared to last year and 20 percent on Thursdays,

    Is that for real? If that is true I’m actually pleased. I said last(?) week that I would consider a 20% drop pretty decent.

    Considering that Idol drops 10-15% every year since it peaked, going to a 20% drop with stiff competition is not bad at all.

  • faux pas

    even if you completely disregard “SuperBowl bump,” numbers still up 22% per nielson. That said, what’s the excuse for Idol. At the very least, in defense of the Voice, the show is up against Dancing. Idol has no viable competition. And, I think the AI age demographic speaks volumes… no?