Madonna Joins Miley Cyrus on Her MTV Unplugged Special


The buzz around Miley Cyrus’ MTV Unplugged episode got even buzzier when it was announced that the twerk-happy singer would be joined on stage by her elder-in-outrage, Madonna.

And the result, from the rhinestone-studded duo, is pretty boring! The two languidly go through the motions–performing a mashup of their two hits, “Don’t Tell Me” and “We Can’t Stop” with the expected grinding, tongue wagging, and butt slapping–with all the enthusiasm of an office worker watching the clock.

And the vocals. The acoustic setting means there is nowhere to hide. They can barely sing in unison without losing pitch.

Madonna and Miley have both milked outrage beyond its efficacy, with Miley’s cycle being very quick, indeed.

What do you think of Madonna and Miley’s duet?

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  • gclay

    The special was really good, but this was not the highlight, the peak was Adore You and Drive.

  • jsnj

    Overall, the special was OK. Her voice is pretty strong. Fairly rangy too and easily identifiable. Hopefully she’ll grow as a vocalist to use it in more emotive ways than just somewhat quiet and then very loud. But her voice is more substantial than Taylor Swift’s. The Madonna duet didn’t work. It was somewhat labored with no real attempt to make it musically or vocally sound good. It was more about trying to create a moment visually. Fell flat though.

  • weareallinnocent

    I adore Madonna, but Miley can sing circles around her. I appreciate the combo and an attempt at passing the torch, but…. Miley’s no Madonna, and I have no idea what Madonna hopes to accomplish, other than totally selfless promotion of Miley. If that’s the case, way to go, Madge!

    Now, Miley, get on with who you are… Or just move over…

  • isitoveryet

    “and I have no idea what Madonna hopes to accomplish, other than totally selfless promotion of Miley. If that’s the case, way to go, Madge!”

    Funny when I saw the clip, I thought Madonna was the desperate one to try and stay relevant. I think they both look like a joke.

  • emme1000

    oh my….that was awful. Madonna got busted for lip syncing at her first concert here in southern california…still can’t sing.

  • Cary Gonzalez

    Yikes….just yikes…

  • Bugme Nomor

    There is nothing sexy about Miley. I’d rather look at a still photograph of her face than watch her try to use her body to create sex appeal. It’s rather sad Madonna felt she needed to do that performance with her for the publicity.