Lazaro Arbos Blames Poor Performance on Scathing Internet Comments

AMERICAN IDOL: Lazaro Arbos. CR: Michael Becker / FOX. Copyright: FOX.

In an interview with, Lazaro Arbos at least partially blames his poor performances on internet meanies:

Lazaro also told that the reason his performance wasn’t up to par on Wednesday night was that he’d seen some scathing commentary on the Internet. “I think that when you become known, there’s a lot of people that talk bad, and I think that we have been letting those bad comments get to us,” he says. And yes, of course, those comments will hurt, especially when a major Idol commentator is calling his victory a result of the “courage card” and famed Idol-hating site Vote For the Worst has named Lazaro its Season 12 pick, but that doesn’t really hold up as an excuse for a bad performance.

There are really no excuses to be made for his bad performances.  Lazaro needs to suck up and take the criticism like a grownup.  If Lazaro knew Idol history, he’d be aware of the contestants, over the years, who have soldiered on stoically in the competition, without excuses, despite criticisms from the judges, fans or internet pundits. (Kellie Pickler, Sanjaya, John Stevens and Kristy Lee Cook come to mind).

The jist of the article the quote comes from is that folks need to stop voting for Lazaro for reasons other than his vocal ability. I might snark about voting in my recaps, but when it comes right down to it, folks have the right to vote for whomever they want for whatever reason, so I’m not going to get up on my soapbox and lecture people.  The Contestant Who Won’t Go Away is practically an Idol perennial.  No point in fighting it, I say.

However, I don’t think it’s likely that Lazaro’s performances will improve in the coming weeks.  The longer he stays on the show, the bigger the backlash will grow.  Speaking for myself, it’s the reason why I’d never vote for a contestant like Lazaro, no matter how much I liked him personally.  Watching a contestant struggle on the show is neither fun, nor funny.  

American Idol is a voting show  and by extension, a JUDGING show. If a contestant blows a performance, they best gird themselves for a slew of slings and arrow, because that is how the game is played. Period. Idol can be a lesson in toughening up.  If Lazaro hopes to make it in the cut-throat world of show business, he needs to develop a thick skin, sooner rather than later.

If Lazaro is reading what people are saying about him online. Dude. Shut off your laptop. Don’t turn it on until the competition is over. Seriously.


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  • Karen C

    I’m not sure if he is cut out for the music business because there are always going to be people criticising or not liking your music. He has to learn not to let it affect his performance if he is going to be in the music business.
    I have heard some even take the negative criticism, and see if there is something that can be taken out of it to help them improve. I know Adam Lambert has said that.

  • Anny_nanny

    LOL. Where it reads the comments? I want to tell him all that I think about his singing, I want to be sure that he reads it!
    If seriously, I agree, he should grow up and stop blaming all around in their problems.

  • icebergslim

    Lazaro = Sanjaya and that is the season I stopped watching Idol. I came back because the contestants seemed talented. Playing the crying game won’t work and the criticism won’t stop. He won’t get any better, only worse.

  • Sunny Mc

    Lazaro obviously has a very thin skin, not sure why he is going in the internet. Fell bad for the guy but tired of his excuses (song change, now internet).

  • FallBackIntoMe

    There was a quote by David Cook when he did his first performance in the Philippines in 2009 that I’m reminded of reading this. He said that “some of the nicest things, and some of the meanest things” had been said about him on the internet. Lazaro’s inexperience with all of it, both the show and the Internet, is showing pretty well. I don’t think he realizes how brave people can be with the help of the anonymity of hiding behind a screen name and computer screen. Someone needs to take his laptop and phone away for the duration.

  • chessguy99

    If you can’t stand the heat, don’t click the links.

  • vhill

    It’s a tough situation, because Lazaro seems to be one of the most sensitive contestants in a long time, and he has every reason to be considering what he’s gone through in his life. But when a contestant starts to cry after true criticism from the judges, my sense is that he doesn’t understand the bigger picture that they’re trying to help him and want the best for him. Maybe he has no experience with vocal lessons and teachers telling him things to work on… most every comment I’ve seen on the internet is about his voice, so he doesn’t need to take anything personally. If he wanted people to judge him just on his voice, that’s essentially what he got from the judges last week. I do feel for him, but hopefully he will develop a thicker skin in this process and grow technically as a singer, because that’s what we all want from him.

  • Karen C

    Right, but David can sing without almost anything affecting his performance. He has enough experience and confidence to be able to do this.
    I don’t think not looking at the internet will help that much because the judges and Jimmy Iovine are saying the same thing. Though at first they were praising him, so that might make what is being said about him on the internet worse.

  • Wfish88

    If Lazaro can’t stand the pressure of IDOL and Jimmy, then he’s not ready for the music business. My suggestion when he gets eliminated is to not persue music. Lazaro should get a book deal and become a motivational speaker. That’s where the money is for Lazaro, music- not so much.

  • LeahKittyS

    Am I tone deaf or just easy to please? Because I don’t think he’s all that bad. Sanjaya Malakar was way worse a singer. Is he the weakest of this pack? Definitely. Is Paul Jolley technically a better singer? I say so. But considering I literally prayed for Lazaro to get into the Top 10 after he sang “Feeling Good,” I can’t bring myself to go against him. I like his tone, I don’t have a problem with his pronunciation, and everyone sounds good in the studio. He’ll sound fine on tour, just like all the others every year.

    As for the negative commentary, the only suggestion I have for him is to stay off the Idol blogs until the end of his run. I’m guessing his sensitivity, a little much for a grown man, is a combination of him being bullied as a kid and being sheltered by his parents because of his disability.

  • FallBackIntoMe

    As far as David, I don’t think being experienced makes someone saying something awful about you any less bothersome or upsetting. Case in point, the interview last year where he said point blank that the negative connotation attached to the WGWG label “pissed him off”. He might be able to brush it off easier for his experience but I feel it doesn’t bother him any less. JMO of course.

    But back on topic: The judges might be harsh on Lazaro, but I still feel they’re more tactful than most Internet trolls and haters can be. The judges present the criticism in the ways that it would come from people in the industry, be it harsh or constructive. It’s a far cry from the childish name calling and trolling that we often see even grown adults on the Internet sling. Lazaro’s already put up with that childishness all his life, and cutting it out can only be helpful. Again, JMO. We may have different points of view but that’s fine, because I definitely see your side as well.

  • JosieX

    I don’t think that Lazaro is psychologically suited for this competition, he can’t seem to get out of the mindset of seeing himself as a victim,. That is not a recipe for success in any field. I think he would benefit from counseling, hope he gets it.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    Akhem… If Lazaro had the ability to become a motivational speaker he would have the “courage card”.

  • irockhard

    I think he’s just making excuses. But if the online comments are really bothering him then dude seriously why give a f*ck?

  • Li Wright

    First of all, he should not have been put through, just like Zonette should not have been a finalist. The judges know that Zonette doesn’t have a chance in haiti to get a record contract and be a “star” and that’s what AI is looking for, not a circus performer.
    As for Lazaros, he like Zonette IMO wasn’t put through because he was the BEST boy, but because a) he’s Cuban/Latino – and American Idol is trying to be “inclusive” this year; and b) his backstory.
    The kid is NOT ready for prime time.

  • TFLS

    He’ll never make it in any performance oriented business. Most performers don’t read any of it – good or bad. If they do – they learn ways to cope. The best I’ve ever seen is Taylor Swift. Her hit song, “Why You Gotta be so Mean?” was written in response to critics dissing her 2010 Grammy performance of “Rhiannon”. She was eviscerated – by one critic especially. He got personal – put her down along with her performance. So she retaliated by making him infamous.

    I’d say it worked. And that’s how you deal with the pressure. Ignore it, or
    use it. Lazaro’d better learn – or give it up entirely. Surviving show business. takes rhinoceros skin.

  • Li Wright

    But SANJAYA never played the Crying game. He took it like a man-boy.

  • CB40

    Wow, Lazaro’s thin skin makes me think he’s less equipped than Charlie to handle this.

  • Li Wright

    I think a lot of these kids have a glorified image of what these singing talent shows are about. It’s wrong. They work very hard from what I read. There is NO downtime. He’s got to get ready for it.

  • Karen C

    I know what you’re saying, but the point is if he is going to be in the music business he can’t let it affect his performance if someone criticizes him. I know these things bother David but I doubt it affects his performance.
    I do understand your point of view because I have a physical problem as well, and have been picked on because of it. Seeing people in the public eye handle things like this more constructively has helped me to handle things in my life more constructively.

  • Incipit

    “.. he doesn’t understand the bigger picture that they’re trying to help him and want the best for him.”

    He doesn’t understand the bigger picture alright – if the show was trying to help him and wanted the best for him – he would never have been passed through to the live rounds. They knew what his vocal and experience levels were – and he wasn’t ever going to improve enough with a few slapdash sets of conflicting critiques, or a handful of visits to the vocal coach, to make a difference this year. He needs a lot more work than that. Lazaro was always a Gimmick Contestant – meant to draw viewers – – and that could be hard to swallow, if he ever ‘gets’ it. But that would take some growing-up – and that’s why I said American Idol is no place for the thin skinned or the inexperienced, and the two faced hypocrisy/hyperbole of the judges and the casual cruelty of the online audience were a lousy place to start from. There’s a reason TPTB “strongly suggest” the contestants stay off the internet – and it’s not just because of the Meanies who lurk there. Some people out there will blow the same smoke the judges have been blowing, for whatever misguided reasons, and some will tell it like it is – which TPTB, through the judges, had a vested interest in NOT doing, not yet.JMO. Of Course.Also. A Pox on Nigel and his Gimmick Contestants!!

  • LeahKittyS

    You just gave me a great idea. In response to these haters, when the theme calls for it, he should sing “Mean!” I know he’s not familiar with a ton of American music, but he knows Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga, why wouldn’t he know Taylor Swift? (Janelle or Kree might be able to help him there.) I know you’d all think he’d botch it, but I think it’d be perfect.

  • Face

    I’m sure it’s hard for anyone reading negative comments about yourself online and knowing potentially millions of people are also seeing it (and maybe thinking it also)…
    but I do have to ask, if you are of such a disposition that you will be easily upset by criticism (and he appears to be after he cried on the show the other night) then why are you going online and viewing this stuff… and even more importantly what are you doing on a show like this in the first place…
    reality tv & AI have both been around for long enough for anyone entering to be aware they are opening themselves up for all sorts of commentary and criticism… be it justified or not… its the nature of the beast…
    I know it’s hard nosed… but the bottom line is… if you cant take the heat etc…

  • FallBackIntoMe

    Oh I agree, Lazaro really doesn’t know what he got himself into, and I don’t know that he’ll grow that thick skin he needs overnight.

    I’m glad you were able to become stronger and hope you continue to do so. :)

  • JD

    While I have a lot of respect for Lazaro, he probably wouldnt have made it t his far without the stuttering. Its almost hard to believe he doesnt stutter when he sings…But Im really getting sick of the whining and pity party and the judges (some) coddling him. This is the real world and Id think anyone with a disability wants to be judged on their own merits. On the positive side, he has Vote for The Worst promoting him. Glad they didnt reveal this weeks rankings again but it was shocking that Lazaro wasnt even in the bottom 3…His performance last week was so off key and out of tune. The stuttering angle is making him more of a side show. Yes hes courageous and hopefully inspriing a lot of people; It wouldnt surprise me if some little kid with a stutter was brought up on stage next week. The whole key to the city thing with some top10ers and not others is annoying and not fair either.

  • JD

    They should spend more time practicing, learning the songs, remembering lyrics and trying to come up with new arrangements than clicking on the internet. Im sure theres bad stuff about all of them. If you believe the good Lazaro, you have to believe the bad. Thats the world we live in. Dont let anonymous internet people affect you either way. Just focus on people who are rooting for you…But it is hard for these contestants to sometimeslack confidence and get conflicting guidance from judges and Jimmy. I loved how Jimmy called him out and said he didnt just get the song the night before and that all contestants got songs at the same time. They really should find a way for Jimmy to interact more with the judges or have some role on performance night…He seems to be more of a straight shooter and the bottom line is he has something at stake since hes going to sign the winner

  • JD

    sadly hes becoming a novelty act and known for his stuttering rather than his music..and id hope hed want to be treated equally and fairly. I always wonder if some of these contestants that have no chance of winning realize that they are in another category from the top5. It will be interesting if they would save him. Ive thought if a girl was the low vote getter, theyd save her as pretty much any girl could conceivably win although I think Amber wont…But since we started with a top 10 and not a top 13 this season, the SAVE has to be used earlier since it has to be used before top 5 I think. W’re already at 8 so t here are only a few more weeks so the odds of it being used are growing each week.

  • JD

    That is a SUPER IDEA

  • irockhard

    I wish the AI themes were topic centric instead of artist or genre centric, but that’s a discussion for another thread.

  • JD

    But hes cute and the little girls must be voting…He wasnt in the B3 this week (miraculously) and the week before was #4 – the top boy…Its easy to feel sorry for him and we also often see the trend of a backlash when judges are tough(honest)..and his tears probably helped people feel sorry for him although it never worked for poor Charlie. He is super handsome though

  • czt

    It amazes me the number of contestants who go on American Idol without doing their homework. Once you make it to Hollywood week, wouldn’t you do your research on past Idol shows and figure out what successful contestants did? And themes, they are pretty much reused year after year. There is no excuse for not knowing the Beatles or songs from various decades or the major songwriters through the years. Once you get as far as Hollywood week, it becomes your job to be the best you can be — do your job well! And how many Idols have warned to stay away from Googling yourself? Lazaro, don’t use negative comments as an excuse for doing poorly! Instead of reading about yourself on the various blogs, use that time to practice your song and perform it well. No, Lazaro is not going to win, but he sure can perform better than what he is showing us. He is wasting the opportunity of a lifetime to build something great for his future, instead he is showing the world he is whiny and full of excuses.

  • Laura Corn

    There should be an Internet blackout for all the male contestants so they won’t read how they were pretty much put through as none had the talent to upstage the girls. This is the most lop-sided contest ever!!!!!!!!

  • abbysee

    I would take Sanjaya back any day. I believe he was talented, he just stayed past what his talent suggested. Much like Kristie Lee, Jasmine Trias, and many others. Lazaro didn’t even deserve top twenty. He was fodder. We have fodder every season, nothing new here. Is Lazaro savvy enough to play his courage card deep? Not if he plays his whining card more! I think he should stfu and enjoy his summer job. If he’s not smart he’ll be scooping ice cream again by Christmastime. (Lazaro if you’re reading this I mean you no harm, but just stfu and sing!) He should have studied Sanjaya, who was gracious and mature during adversity. He gained my respect for sure. Lazaro is no Sanjaya.

    This is what happens when the judges lie to you, or are condescending. How do they judge him now?

  • durbesque

    Lazaro – a motivational speaker. That’s the funniest thing I’ve read on here in ages.
    On second thought, he could sing his message, and thereby not stutter. He could live like a character in Les Miz.

  • hellomusicgirl

    Alot of people down on Lazaro. I can’t say much for his singing because it has yet to impress me but I think the point of the article was to support the author’s claim that keeping Lazaro around is cruel. The author doesn’t give any context for what question led to that answer from Lazaro where he said, “I think that WE have been letting those bad comments get to us”. Was the reporter asking him a leading question about if the contestants had done any reading about themselves and if it let it get to them? Who knows. But he wasn’t referring just to himself.

    Of course, that’s the drawback of being in the public eye and Lazaro better learn that quick. Any little thing you say can be interpreted so many ways. As sad as it is, that’s what makes so many contestants give expected bland responses. If they answered with with how they honestly feel, they’d be skewered in the press. We can all come on here and say what we feel and how we see manipulation and who should be there and who shouldn’t but the contestants themselves can’t say what’s really happening. The nature of the beast.

    In the long run, it doesn’t matter much to me if he continues. Some people are sensitive — I won’t fault him for that. Lazaro has certainly given at least something to talk about in a season that’s been less than discussion worthy so far. And we all know that AI isn’t about the best singer. I don’t think he’ll win but I had no big qualm with him advancing over that Jolley guy.

  • Li Wright

    I remember some seasons ago that Nigel told the contestants not to go on the internet. Can someone check me on that?

  • Li Wright

    Believe me, by now Jimmy IO has decided who he wants to sign to his record label, and I betcha it aint Lazaros.

  • Bug Menot

    Maybe he’s buying into the excuse Nicki gave him about not being as confident as he was earlier.

  • LeoCS

    So with the criticism growing exponentially day after day, does it mean that his performance Wed is gonna be much worse?

    God…it’s gonna be painful to hear;

  • anonoymous

    So Lazaro’s performance rely on comments on the Internet?

    Then I guess his performance on Wednesday is going to HORRENDOUS on the ears then.

  • Fan Dja

    “Its almost hard to believe he doesnt stutter when he sings…” Actually it’s quite common for stutterers not to stutter while singing. It’s easier to sing than speak.

  • Fan Dja

    I remember David Archuleta saying that American Idol was a boot camp for singers. A reality check of sorts to see if you really have what it takes to pursue a career in this industry.

  • Tommyo2000

    The article nails it… People who continue to sympathy vote for him are not doing him any favors… He is just not at the level of the others … And the longer he stays while more talented fall, the worse the pressure will be on him … MJ mentions John Stevens, even Simon, who was just brutal, gave him his due at the end because he saw all the crap he took, and how he took it at the end … Same for Jasmine Trias … You could see how much it weighed on her making it to top 3 while far more talented people like JHUD and Latoya went down …

  • hellomusicgirl

    LOL I’m sure. But we’re talking about the show, not who will have a record deal afterward. Of course that’s the age old question when it comes to Idol.

  • Happyhexer

    Yes. It is my understanding that speaking and singing rely on different parts of the brain . . . It is not at all uncommon for people who stutter when speaking to be able to sing without stuttering.

  • johnkay

    it makes me hate him even more. He was bad before anybody even knew him. He always had pitch problems!

  • chillj

    Why don’t they take these kids computers when they compete? Not that I actually think this excuse is accurate. Lazaro is stepping on himself now.

  • chillj

    That seems true. Well put.

  • Prime_Minister

    So let’s see, he’s blamed Jimmy’s bubble baths, song choice switches, and internet meanies for his bad singing. What’s next? Maybe in the next several weeks (because we know he’ll stick around) he should just take a look at his bad singing and try to improve it with the help of Idol’s vocal coaches.

    In fact, if he’s done his Idol homework, he’ll know that taking all the criticism and just trying his best to entertain week after week is the way to endear himself to the voting public. People want to see a fighter.

  • chillj

    I think the Internet is generally meaner than it is nicer. People do say just awful things, most never thinking the object of their comment will read it. In fact, it is rarely meant for the object; people talk as if in their living room. And they aren’t.

  • chillj

    I think there are vast numbers of people who simply do not have the personal confidence or resources to just blow it off. They simply don’t know how. That said show biz is probably not for them.

  • Incipit

    “…it amazes me the number of contestants who go on American Idol without doing their homework. Once you make it to Hollywood week, wouldn’t you do your research on past Idol shows and figure out what successful contestants did?”

    Or even before Hollywood Week? I so agree, czt! It would be the savvy thing to do. And there must have been contestants who did, David Cook is just the only one we have on record as saying so. On his audition video pre-package – “I watched Chris Daughtry’s audition last night, um, to kind of try to figure out some sort of a competitive edge maybe – just, you know, watch how people who made it through have done it….”It’s such a logical approach, I have absolutely no doubt other contestants have done it. But I am still amazed by the ones who do no Homework at all – it makes it hard to take them seriously, to believe they are ready to compete on the show, or in the marketplace after the show, or have the slightest notion of what they are getting into.IMO.

  • HermeticallySealed

    Yep, completely different routes through the brain.

  • Happyhexer

    I agree. I felt the same way about Charlie Askew — not psychologically suited. That’s why I’m glad Charlie didn’t win the sing-off. There may be no judges on tour, but there are plenty of other stresses and pressures. As for Lazaro, he should try to relax and enjoy whatever time he has on the Idol stage. Remember Teflon Tim? And Lazaro should try to enjoy the tour, learn what he can about the biz, and soak up the experience. If he is still serious about singing, Lazaro should invest some of his Idol pay on singing and performing lessons, and see if he can’t carve out a niche in his local music scene. (Lazaro does have some raw vocal talent — his studio version of his Top 9 song is much better than the live version.) But no more playing the “woe is me” victim card, please. It doesn’t mater what the excuse is (or even if there is some validity to it). At the end of the day, a poor performance is a poor performance. Period.

  • Incipit

    “…It is not at all uncommon for people who stutter when speaking to be able to sing without stuttering.”

    I guess there are a whole lot of people who didn’t watch “The King’s Speech” – the 2010 movie with Colin Firth about King George VI, who was the reigning Monarch in the UK during WWII, and who stuttered very badly. The movie covers how singing is not affected by a Stutter – as Country Fans of Mel Tillis have known for a long time.

  • Happyhexer

    Guilty as charged! Not a movie person, but I read a lot of science magazines, etc.

  • wordnerdarchie

    Someone I was with last night made an interesting comment while watching Lazaro’s recorded video clip from performance night. When Jimmy said he was giving him a click track (and played it) to help him she said “no, no, no”. What she was objecting to was the kind of click track they used. She mentioned something about how it wasn’t a drum click track but a tonal one. She claims it’s VERY hard to stay in tune with a tonal click track. It’s ok for instrumentalists to use one but not for the singer. That made me go “hmmmmm”. She thinks the producers were trying to sabotage him with that. So it didn’t surprise her that he started kind of shaky on that performance.

    She’s not a regular watcher of Idol but does see recaps of the show on the morning program she watches. Additional background – she’s getting her PhD in music performance, so I think she knows a little about click tracks.

    Now regarding reading about yourself on the internet – just stop, Lazaro. Nothing good can come from that.

  • Incipit

    “Guilty as charged!”

    Heh. But you still have the knowledge, just from a different source. And it’s a very good movie, BTW, sort of a thinking person’s entertainment. IMO. For those times when mindless amusement isn’t the point. *wink*

  • Livi2

    That’s what I was thinking — if he ever became a major star, he’d draw haters in droves. Think about all the nasty things you can find on the Internet about Justin Bieber…

    I remember after Tim Urban finally got voted off in S9, Michael Slezak asked in an interview how Tim felt about being the VFTW contestant, and Tim said it really bugged him, but that he used that as motivation to work even harder to prove himself. Eventually, he did manage a performance or two that even Simon praised. I hope if Lazaro can’t just let the criticism roll off of him, he can find a way to turn it into a positive motivator too.

  • Incipit

    Li Wright, “strongly recommended” not to read Idol stuff (Like Forums, Blogs and Chat rooms) is what I heard, in Season 7. That was before Twitter and FaceBook. Others may have mentioned it since. All the contestants have the web at their disposal to research music on iTunes, and to look up what past contestants have done, if they are that smart – but reading the comments made about their season is done at their own risk. Some of them still did – but they said they stuck to the “Friendlies’.

  • Wfish88

    Motivation speaker for stutterers.

  • Face

    way back when in 2001 when Pop Idol launched there was a baby faced contestant called Gareth Gates who had a stutter when he spoke… was very shy and nervous… but was fine when he sang…
    a big deal was made of it by TPTB… lots of backstory, milked it for the sympathy etc… big difference was he could actually sing… though may not have been your cup of tea in terms of style/genre/song choice etc…
    he went on to be the runner up and have a pretty successful recording career over here (for a couple of years at least)…
    cant help but wonder if ole Nigel thought they may have found themselves another Gareth when Lazaro auditioned…

  • Incipit

    She claims it’s VERY hard to stay in tune with a tonal click track. It’s ok for instrumentalists to use one but not for the singer. That made me go “hmmmmm”. She thinks the producers were trying to sabotage him with that.

    I missed that with the track! Even if that had the effect of sabotage, I may be inclined to blame stupidity, not malice, wordnerdarchie. Neither the Producers nor Iovine are instrumentalists or singers, AFAIK – even though they are full of advice ‘As If’ they were. They may not even have known the difference. A good musical mentor would have…someone with musicality, not marketability in mind. JMO.

  • Axxxel

    as long as the topic is not “heartbreak”… even though that is my personal favorite topic, I would not be able to survive the singing of 6 heartbreak songs in a row.. LOL !

  • Elizabeth

    I wasn’t aware that Kellie Pickler received a lot of negative criticism. I remember everyone liking her? Or so I thought.. Inform me if I’m wrong.

  • Kariann Hart

    Lazaro looks like a late 1950’s, early 1960’s Teen Idol. It’s like a poster a tween or teen would have taped on the wall. Some of them weren’t that much better singers. He needs to build up his confidence and stay off the Internet.

  • EB

    This isn’t surprising, and I sorta figured he would begin to stand in his own way at some point. He needs to just ignore the feedback if he is unable to take it in stride, and be glad to just still be a part of the show and try to make the best of it. Do better next time, try his best and all those cliches. There is nothing else to do, and making comments like these will not help him with his critics.

  • MV007

    Actually I believe iovine made his name as a sound engineer. So the guy knows what he is doing. Anecdotal stories about him always mention how great his ear is. But as for what happened here, I believe jimmy gave him the click track while in studio just so Lazaro could keep pace with the rhythm because he was having a hard time. There was nothing to suggest that they made Lazaro use the track during his actual performance.

  • justmefornow

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there is some sabotage involved. Iovine’s a 60 year old total d*ck who dresses like he’s trying to look like a teenager, lol. Pathetic. Lazaro is probably the only threat left to their master plan of a girl winner this year.
    That being said, he’s a terrible singer, disability or not. But hell, the best singer didn’t win last year, and that turned out pretty well so far.

    None of them there this year, IMO, have any star quality anyway.
    That show has become as exciting as watching paint dry, so who cares who wins.

  • iliveforthis

    We should remember that the WGWG thing wasn’t around when David won Idol, because he was the first one of the trend. I also think that contestants on recent seasons have been much more exposed to the criticisms of the internet than those of seasons past. It used to be that contestants weren’t allowed to have Facebooks or YouTube channels or MySpaces. Contestants would leave the show surprised at the attention because they were in the Idol bubble. Now contestants use social media to get votes. Twitter taking off has been a great way for the contestants to gain fans and get votes and talk to their supporters, but it comes at a price. Now they can’t escape the criticism,even if they don’t google themselves. I still think Idol was better off when it didn’t allow for all this social networking.

  • Chris

    I think he has every right to feel this way. But if he wants a career in this he gotta grow a pair. That said, I could never do this.

  • dabney c

    If he wants to show he’s in on the joke, he should sing “Stuttering” – either one will do: Jazmine Sullivan’s or Fefe Dobson’s.

  • Incipit

    Actually I believe iovine made his name as a sound engineer. So the guy knows what he is doing.

    OK, then maybe it ‘was’ intentional sabotage, at least in the mentor session. IDK. I don’t think a click track of any kind is going to make that much difference to Lazaro anyway, if he doesn’t already hear the rhythm in the music. Just another reason why he ought not to have been passed through to this position. IMO.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    As I wrote before, Lazaro blaming others (judges, Jimmy, the meanies on the Internet) for his flaws as a singer just doesn’t wash. His worst performance was after he as chosen for the final 10, and with no judges, Jimmy or Internet meanies, he absolutely massacred Bridge Over Troubled Water, and anyone who sings that badly should never have been a finalist. Plus, I think that Lazaro loves all of the attention and flattery that he’s been getting on the Internet, and his supporters are patronizing him in telling him that he’s great when he’s clearly not. He believes them, and not the judges, Jimmy and all of the writers who have followed Idol for years. His Twitter profile slogan is “I want to change lives with my voice and story”, so he’s knowingly playing the “sympathy card”. I have a feeling that Lazaro knows what he’s doing.

  • LeahKittyS

    He can’t do Jazmine Sullivan’s. It would pale in comparison to Jessica’s rendition from last year.

  • Larc

    I just wish he would withdraw and stop this thing from dragging out. The longer he’s in it, the rougher it will be when he’s inevitably eliminated. Frankly, I’d like to avoid the big meltdown that’s bound to come.

  • Incipit

    We should remember that the WGWG thing wasn’t around when David won Idol, because he was the first one of the trend. True, but people still found plenty of nasty things to post and there was a web site or two that no longer exist that specialized in being as vile as possible…WGWG was benevolent in comparison. No one escaped the Internet Slime.The whole Idol Twitter accounts/Facebook thing that started w/Season 9 was a change for everyone involved – not sure it was entirely for the better. As you say, it comes at a price.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I really don’t think that anything – click track, song choice, advice – is going to make enough of a difference for Lazaro to legitimately advance based on his singing this year. He’ll ride out whatever support he can get by making excuses, blaming anyone but himself and playing the sympathy card until it’s worn through. I just want him to go soon so better singers aren’t sacrificed because he’s playing the victim.

  • Cory Patrick

    Here’s the thing, yes what Lazaro can do vocally due to his impairment is amazing. HOWEVER, Lazaro dose not deserve to be in the top 10 because those vocals were not stronger than some of the other male contenders. All of the contestants get bad comments, some more than others. Even the most stellar singer on the show will have someone not agree with the majority, that’s what the entertainment industry is made of. EVERYONE has an opinion. This is an excuse, and I honestly don’t even think the comments are bothering Lazaro but he is trying to use this to win the show. SYMPATHY VOTES TO THE MAX.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “This is an excuse, and I honestly don’t even think the comments are bothering Lazaro but he is trying to use this to win the show. SYMPATHY VOTES TO THE MAX.”

    Yep. Lazaro will play the sympathy/victim card for all it’s worth.

  • MV007

    No argument there. The kid clearly isn’t ready and he has struggled every time out with the live band.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Here’s an interesting exchange on Twitter:

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 21 Mar
    Lazaro is back tonight can’t wait for you guys to see our group performance: )

    S——— ?@s——– 21 Mar
    @LazaroAI12 Dude they feel sorry for you. that is the only reason your still around. sad but true. you a nervous wreck and it shows.

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 21 Mar
    @s——– well thank you for keeping in you’re thoughts talking about me and following god bless you :)

    Lazaro has tweeted a number of times about negative comments that he has received and making excuses for poor performances:

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 4 Mar
    I know last week Wasn’t my best but believe me there were a lot of factors that contributed to that I wish to move on and look pass it :)

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 5 Mar
    Art is whatever you want it to be so set yourself free from all judgements and negative energy and just rise to be the star you are!!

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 7 Mar
    I was a hot mess tonight with my song I was so happy I made top 10 thank you guys for making this happen for me gonna make y’all proud

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 14 Mar
    Thank you guys so much you guys are true fans and true supporters even though this wasn’t my best choice you still loved it and love me ily

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 14 Mar
    #lazis if you liked my performance tonight on idol check the studio version on iTunes is much better there :)

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 16 Mar
    People are gonna talk about you till the day you die might as well give them something to talk about

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 20 Mar
    It’s really hard to stay focused when people out there are constantly judging and bringing you down but I’m thankful for all you guys!! :)

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 20 Mar
    I think about all those people that judge me and I get upset but then I think about all those people that love me and they don’t exist :)

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 20 Mar
    @LazaroAI12 guys I’m sorry I cried tonight I was really embarrassed: ( I love you all I’m just having a bad night

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 21 Mar
    On American idol you don’t always get to sing the songs you really wanna sing I just hope to come back next week and show you who lazaro is

  • LeahKittyS

    Everybody liked her after the show but she had her share of negative criticism in the blog world (I really liked her back then, and still do).

  • LeahKittyS

    One of the producers did refer to Lazaro during the audition rounds as the American Idol answer to Susan Boyle. Of course, she didn’t win her show either, but made it very far. So we’ll see.

  • Eilonwy

    So nobody told young Mr. Arbos about how, once you’ve made the “my art rises above the nay-sayers — I shall think NOTHING of them!” statement, the next step is to walk the walk by refusing to give those nay-sayers more validation?

    I don’t like the level of unfiltered nastiness that runs loose on the interwebs or the way that nascent celebs are treated as if they have no human feelings, but…

    He’s feeding his own trolls. THR is likely sending his fans into a frenzy by suggesting they stop voting for him “for his own good,” as that sort of suggestion usually has the opposite effect. This will not end well.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    If the bad comments get as vicious as they did for John Stevens, Lazaro will have a melt down.

  • EB

    I think they are bothering him, but in feeling attacked it is his method to rile up his fans like this to get a flood of nice comments, encouragement and ideally, more and more votes. Sigh.

  • No Thanks

    “sadly hes becoming a novelty act and known for his stuttering”

    Susan Boyle has made a very fine living based on her sob story. People love the triumph over adversity shit. No reason Lazaro can’t milk that into a career.

  • Chris C

    I think with Lazaro it is just song choice. Bad choices lately. He’s got a great voice for certain style songs. Also think his nerves get the best of him, and now the criticism he reads adds to the nerves. (Please don’t read Idol news on internet, Laz) Believe Crystal almost quit, partially due to what was being said on the internet? I think he should just look forward to the Tour and take the stress off himself and hope he does get voted off soon. None of the boys should be thinking they’ll win, it’s a girl’s year!!

  • durbesque

    It isn’t like this is a singing contest. Talent is just one element, as in the Miss America Pageant. Let’s wait and see how he does in the bathing suit competition.

  • Niall

    Buck up, Lazaro. If you don’t want to read negative things you can either get out of the public eye or stop googling your name. The public isn’t required to love you.

  • Maya100

    Two big differences – Susan Boyle can really sing, and she never confronts anyone who attacks her online or in real life. The reason people still like her is because she’s handled herself with grace, which Lazaro looks like he may not be equipped to do.

    Not to mention that she went massively viral, while Lazaro is on a show with diminishing ratings.

  • TeamFen&Will

    I love Lazaro. #lazis unite.

  • Volveras

    He’s getting more and more uncomfortable to watch and listen to. He’s like a deer in headlights All The Time! A ‘”victim” as someone posted is so true. Be gone Querido, be gone. There are wonderful things out there for you. This isnt it!

  • No Thanks

    I personally don’t think she’s that vocally talented. Very much local singer in a pub type. BUT, I think given her age, she probably never had much use for the internet. Probably avoided a lot of the usual pitfalls because of that. Not that she was completely immune to criticism. I’m sure she read the tabloids. She may have never spoken up in public, but she certainly struggled for a good while with all of the sudden fame and scrutiny. I mean, she famously had a nervous breakdown right after the show ended.

    The only difference I see with Lazaro is that he’s younger, lurking on the internet and therefore making the typical knee jerk responses that come with celebrity and the internet.

  • Maya100

    In descriptions about the musical based on her life, it’s clear that a lot of it is about the horrible hate in the tabloids, how the paparazzi followed her yelling vulgar names at her to try to get a response, and the names people constantly yelled at her as a “joke.” Not to mention the comedians on television and their rude skits about her looks.

    But the point I was basically trying to make is that, you don’t create a career with any longevity by attacking the press, even if they’re attacking you. This is especially true if you have a compelling story and came to the attention of the public on some sort of talent show that involved voting.

    Today, the press seems to be mostly on Susan Boyle’s side. So, if Lazaro could just weather this comparatively easy storm (take a look at a lot of the other celebrities all over the news), he might stand a chance. But I’m not sure he can.

  • Face

    seems like a really odd comparison to me…
    Subo was all about the surprise between her age and physical appearance and how she sang… everyone was set up to believe she would be a joke contestant… so BIG water cooler moment…
    how is Lazaro situation is anything like Subos…or how it would create a water cooler moment… esp as he cant really sing?

  • Li Wright

    Is Su Boyle successful? What’s the last CD she released and how much did it sell? Is she touring? I never read anything about her.

  • WestiesRule

    It never ceases to amaze me how Nigel has one cannon fodder present every season and it backfires in his face. Poor Lazaro is a nervous, hot mess who says whatever he can spit out (literally, poor guy). Nigel doesn’t care how he creates buzz or at whose expense. He certainly wouldn’t do this on SYTYCD.

  • springboard2

    It’s not sure that it is backfiring. The controversy creates buzz, and it’s better than nothing since there isn’t much of it for the right reasons.

    It is possible that TPTP is scared of it going out of hand though, and that the article is much influenced by their desire to undermine Lazarro’s popularity at all cost.

    This is pop-corn worthy!!!

  • Bill Mitchell

    He sings well for a guy who stutters badly but he doesn’t sing well.

  • dabney c

    This season seems full of such contestants. Burnell and Amber in particular both seem really clueless about the need for strategy. They think that as long as they sing ok, they’ll be fine, without putting an ounce of thought on the game aspect of this show. People are accusing Lazaro of purposely milking the sob story for votes, but I honestly think he’s not that clever, or calculating. He’s just flailing out in reaction to the meanness precisely because he doesn’t know how to play the game.

  • Incipit

    “He sings well for a guy who stutters badly but he doesn’t sing well.”

    And that’s the problem, Bill Mitchell. He doesn’t sing well. How badly he stutters does not affect his singing. As someone said – two different pathways in the brain – so stuttering doesn’t make him go off-key, and stuttering doesn’t mess up his sense of rhythm; stuttering doesn’t affect the singing….you ought not to need a qualifier. Look up Mel Tillis on youtube and listen to a track of his. No qualifiers needed. He sings well. He also stutters. Two different things. Someone pointed out that courage would be Lazaro giving a speech, singing is the thing that sets his voice free…why would that take courage? Other than the same courage they all have to demonstrate to get up on the Idol stage and sing live – it does not. He can learn to sing better, and improve, though not in the time remaining on Idol…and if he loves singing, I hope he pursues it. Even though the show set out to use him, he can take the platform and the national exposure, and the contacts, and the tour money, get some vocal coaching, learn some music history, and use them right back. I hope he does. But he will have to wake up and smell the coffee here. He wasn’t ready for this competition. And he doesn’t sing well enough, right now. IMO.

  • EdmondW

    I can’t imagine getting through classes in school or applying for any job with his stutter. I shudder at my thoughts.

  • Sunny Mc

    Candice said she spent the year between S11 and S12 learing songs from different genres. I also remember Big Mike saying he made a list of 100 songs of all genres and possible theme night that he learned so he’d be ready for anything.

  • Indigobunting

    I do have a lot of sympathy for the kid because I know that although all contestants deal with criticism, some get absolutely vicious personal attacks-I still recall Danny Gokey, who was accused of murdering his wife among other adorable witty comments. And certainly many other AI contestants have been bullied via the internet.

    But my sympathy stops when the wambulance comes into play and they set themselves up with excuses like Lazaro seems to be doing.

    Buck up, be grateful for your reprieve since you didn’t deserve it Lazaro-stay off the internet and concentrate on your performances!

  • Incipit

    Exactly, Sunny Mc.That’s part of preparing, and doing one’s homework. Even though Idol removed all the suspense for the Tour spots -They need to think strategy…and what it takes to stay in the competition. IMO.

  • Tinawina

    This kid has been bullied and teased all his all his life so he’s probably extra sensitive to that type of chatter. Maybe he saw this as a way to end all that, prove his naysayers wrong? He might not have fully realized that in an entertainment career, you just pick up more naysayers. He’s in for a world of hurt if he doesn’t toughen up and fast.
    I feel a little sorry for him actually. Not enough to vote for him, but still.

  • CanadianLady

    Okay, y’all. Been reading all the comments on Lazaro over the last few days but wasn’t able to post.

    First, Lazaro can sing. I went back and listened to his auditions and Hollywood rounds and so forth. I know some people are saying he can’t, but I lived through the past two years with people saying Scotty can’t sing, and James can’t sing, and Casey can’t sing, and and then Heejun can’t sing, and Phillip can’t sing, and on and on. Seems crazy how there are always a bunch of people who think my favourites can’t sing. (Yes, we can go back to Kris Allen, Jennifer Hudson, etc.) :)

    So, IMO, Lazaro can sing, and he isn’t there only because of his back story. There were lots of other back stories they could have put through instead.

    Now, is he experienced as a singer? No. Not at all. But that’s the beauty (for me) of American Idol. You can have someone like a Scotty or Phillip who hasn’t had much experience and doesn’t know the ropes, grow on the show and come away knowing a lot. And that person can grow. Any of them can grow – especially those that make tour.

    As for whether Lazaro is up to this and can take the heat, my goodness, of course he can. He’s probably way tougher than most of us. Like James, I think he’ll be just fine in the end. It’s the shock of realizing that your dream comes with a nightmare side. And the people who ought to help you might not. Might even try to tear you down.

    I don’t sing, but I do write and speak. And I’ve seen authors with high-selling published books throwing up in the bathroom before they go on a simple panel at a conference with other writers. There’s a reason why the fear of speaking in public is right up there with the fear of dying. Imagine singing, not just in public but on a TV show where you have to think about a dozen things other than the song, and where you’re being publicly critiqued in public by not only heavy-hitter judges but also every Tom Dick and Mary who chooses to go online, and can do so anonymously, and think who well you or I would do. Lazaro is doing just fine. He didn’t break down, he didn’t have a melt-down, and he wasn’t making excuses. He was trying to give honest answers to people asking him questions. Yes, he needs some PR lessons, but weren’t we saying that about Phillip not long ago too?

    So, my hope for Lazaro is that this week he finds a song he can sing, makes it his own, and nails it. And, more important, I hope he has a really fun time on tour and learns a ton; makes some friends who will be there for him in the future; develops a solid fan base; discovers a way to make singing his career; and has a better life than he might have before Idol.

    Do I expect him to win? No. I think Candice deserves the win, and not just because she’s a girl but because she’s the complete package. But even though I like Burnell and Devin, I won’t be at all unhappy if Lazaro is the last boy standing because I think he’s going to be learning more every week, and I think he will make this work for him. As he said in group round, just because he stutters doesn’t mean he’s stupid.

  • CanadianLady

    Agreed. I think he’s just a nice guy who is trying to survive in a game where he really doesn’t know the rules. (As were/are Curtis, Paul, and a number of others.)

  • justmefornow

    I feel sorry for him as well, but I still think he’s not that great of a singer. Regardless, I hope he doesn’t have to go through the social media bullying that James did, vile twitter attacks aimed at him, his band members and which eventually drove his wife off of twitter for awhile.

    Yeah, he needs to get tougher, but sometimes people just suck.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Lazaro is doing just fine. He didn’t break down, he didn’t have a melt-down, and he wasn’t making excuses. He was trying to give honest answers to people asking him questions. ”

    If Lazaro is “doing just fine”, then he’s a very good actor. Everyone witnessed Lazaro’s meltdown and Lazaro himself admits to having a breakdown in this tweet:

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 20 Mar
    @LazaroAI12 guys I’m sorry I cried tonight I was really embarrassed: ( I love you all I’m just having a bad night

    Plus. he’s been making excuses on twitter for his poor performances and those tweets have been posted here:

    “As he said in group round, just because he stutters doesn’t mean he’s stupid.”

    Oh, I don’t believe that Lazaro is stupid at all. He’s showing that he’s very adept at playing the sympathy/victim card to his advantage.

  • CanadianLady

    Yeah, I have no problem with people liking different singers (my all-time favourite is probably Johnny Cash, and there were/are people who said he couldn’t sing too!), but all the nasty personal attack stuff is just totally beyond me.

  • CanadianLady

    Well, I guess I don’t consider a few tears a breakdown/meltdown. (I have four sons, all now adults, and at least one of them teared up whenever we scolded him – and trust me, he’s no wimp. It’s just his personality.

    Plus Lazaro said afterwards he was upset because he felt he was letting people down. I have no reason to think he’s playing any kind of game/cards or making excuses. I think he’s just trying to survive in a strange new environment. And trying to explain is not the same as making excuses. But it’s all semantics, I guess. :)

  • Anny_nanny

    If the singer himself does not receive pleasure from his own performance, which he can do for me as a spectator?
    I remember the tears Scotty and Phillip, I remember the preservation of Casey. Boys can cry, but I must understand that this is the guy, and not a crybaby.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I have no reason to think he’s playing any kind of game/cards or making excuses. I think he’s just trying to survive in a strange new environment. And trying to explain is not the same as making excuses. But it’s all semantics, I guess. :)”

    I find it interesting that he gave a different excuse (Internet meanies) to the writer for singing poorly last Wednesday than he gave on the show (that his song was changed and he only had the night before to learn it, a claim that was refuted by Jimmy with video of Lazaro working on the song on Saturday, and Lazaro’s own tweet that announced that he was recording his song on Saturday afternoon):

    Lazaro Arbos ?@LazaroAI12 16 Mar
    About to go and record my song for next week I’m feeling pretty good about it :)

    To me, it’s not a matter of “semantics”, but perception.

  • Tinawina

    There are haters on the internet for everyone. I know I’ve seen people swearing that Bruce Springteen or U2 (for example) are hacks, that Pavarotti is “not that good”, that Abraham Lincoln was a fraud, that Merly Streep can’t act, that (insert supermodel’s name here) is ugly, whatever. Even famous children get it, or the elderly, or heroes. And anyone famous with a Twitter account gets vile comments. That’s just the way it is. Lazaro is going to have to learn fast to ignore such things.

  • DragonFly

    Viewers have their opinions or knocks musically for or against this or that Idol–make my own decisions. Some of that can definitely have hidden agendas imo. Idols have all had senseless mud thrown their way. Really, who comes this far & counts on sympathy to make them a star?? Until someone can back that up w/facts that’s cruel. Can’t believe there are so many people insensitive–anyone out there on the internet degrading Lazaro one bit for the part he totally can’t control is acting ignorant. Yes, there’s no room for a lot of sensitivity in an artist–but it’s nvr going to be right to join in or overlook it as not being pure meanness. Good looking guy. Making good music or not??– I can see anger if you think he doesn’t sing well–but stay on that theme. If he is getting sympathy votes beyond his singing ability, then it’s the layout of the show & voting. Give him one more listen anyway. Many just got through praising C.Abrams & he was highly criticized on the show, NA & now he brought down the house last wk w “great musician” comments. Yeah, it was really good Casey. .

  • CanadianLady

    Yeah, but it’s not easy. I know writers who’ve had 50 great reviews, but the one they remember is the one negative one. Plus they say – especially for people working with kids – that it takes at least 10 positive comments to nullify one negative one. I’d say more.

    And let’s be honest, you’re going to look to see what people are saying, especially in the beginning! And it’s so easy to try to work on all the things people mention and get totally confused.

    Mostly they all need to do what the successful people (e.g. Scotty, Phillip, James, Haley, Casey, etc.) have done – take control of their own performances as much as they possibly can; decide what they love singing and can sing well; stay in that lane no matter what anyone says; have fun.

  • Holden17C

    Although I wasn’t a fan of Sanjaya’s singing, I always admired his competitiveness and his toughness. He desperately wanted to succeed on Idol, and he always gave it his best shot. He never lost his composure when he got slammed by the judges, which was very impressive considering how young he was. He never expressed anger, even though he must have been frustrated, and he never gave excuses or blamed anyone else when things went wrong.

    Lazaro needs coddling. He will never get that in the music business. He needs to find a new line of work.

  • CanadianLady

    I fully expect his song was changed on him after he was happy with what he had because Curtis said something similar in his interview with Slezak. I expect when Ryan asked him what happened, he tried to say the song was changed, but he didn’t mean to imply it was changed on Tuesday.

    Having done many interviews, I can honestly say I don’t think I’ve ever done one where I didn’t say something in a way I didn’t mean to say it. And those were low pressure, and no one had just told me I performed badly on national TV, and I don’t stutter. So I tend to give a lot of slack to anyone answering questions in that kind of moment.

    I remember Phillip getting a lot of flack for answering a question from Ryan badly on Idol and later Phillip said he hadn’t even heard the question.

  • idealistic03

    To quote my favorite idol Brooke White “Never Google yourself”. Ha poor Lazaro can’t take criticisms. Don’t want to sound like a bully but your speech problem dare I say it is very irritating and you’re not that A-mazing either. Hope he read this so that it will affect his performance this week and go home already. :P

  • CanadianLady

    Well, I see no reason to think he’s trying to get by on sympathy. I think he just wants to be a singer and was disappointed. I’d rather have a guy who can shed a few tears than one who has learned to ignore his sensitive side.

  • waitingforthe1

    used to be the contestants weren’t allowed to see or read outside media in order to “protect” them from the comments/opinions of the outside world. It kept them isolated and therefore clueless as to the public’s perception of them.
    Those days are long gone with the contestants being allowed to have twitter accounts and such. The social media world has, for better or worse, opened these contestants up to the ugly side of this show long before the achieve any real or lasting fame.
    Lazaro wanted to be on this show and therefore he should be ready for the public’s opinions.

  • Montavilla

    If she weren’t the most kick awesome singer in the competition this year, I’d vote for Candace just for doing that! Good girl!

    I remember that about Big Mike, too. Only I remember it as a notebook with 200 songs. :)

    If I were to be reincarnated as someone with ambition and a killer voice, I’d look up every Idolatry/Idoloonies/Idology interview and study them. Slezak loves to get the Idols talking shop — and you can pick up invaluable strategy tips.

  • Montavilla

    She might not reply, but she did suffer a breakdown at one point. Not on TV, but public enough to make the tabloids.

    This is tough to do for anyone. I feel for Lazaro, and he’s not a terrible singer. Just not as capable as the others in this context.

  • standtotheright

    Those days are long gone with the contestants being allowed to have twitter accounts and such. The social media world has, for better or worse, opened these contestants up to the ugly side of this show long before the achieve any real or lasting fame.

    I don’t think that any contestant should use “mean internet comments” as an excuse for doing less than well, but I really think that forcing the contestants to tend social media accounts during the competition is short-sighted. Yes, they are more likely to pick up followers during the season, but the constant-saber rattling to vote and ego-stroking of self-appointed fanbases necessarily means less time spent on preparing for a performance. And they can’t filter effectively to get only constructive comments, either.
    One of the few things that I thought was an improvement in S9 was that all the contestants shared an account, were expected to post one or two anodyne updates a week, and otherwise could ignore the damn beast until after they were through with the competition.

  • pj

    Word to everything MJ wrote. I have no issues with people voting for him. At the same time, he needs to suck it up and deal with what this process is. A little research will tell you what you’re getting into when you audition.

    Side note: At least Sanjaya was trying to be memorable. ;-)

  • LeahKittyS

    I think what the producer meant was that before he sang, Lazaro would look like a joke/failure, but we would all be blown away once he sang. And we were. He doesn’t blow me away now like he did then, but I still like him and wouldn’t mind if he went further. I’m not just being sympathetic, I like the sound of his voice. There is a song that will show he can sing. Tim Urban was a Sanjaya-level joke until he found the right song, remember?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I totally agree. I have a lot of respect for Sanjaya and how he conducted himself on the show and afterwards.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    From what I can see, there are very few criticisms of Lazaro’s speech impediment, and I agree that those people are just nasty. However, it IS true that he’s being supported by many due to that impediment, and he seems to be using his “story” to gain support and votes. I think that Lazaro isn’t as naive as people may think.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I fully expect his song was changed on him after he was happy with what he had because Curtis said something similar in his interview with Slezak. I expect when Ryan asked him what happened, he tried to say the song was changed, but he didn’t mean to imply it was changed on Tuesday.”

    I see it differently. IF that were truly the reason for his poor performance as he stated on the broadcast, why did he change his story for the interview and blame the internet “meanies”? If anything, that would be the occasion to clarify what happened in terms of any last minute changes in the song.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “And let’s be honest, you’re going to look to see what people are saying, especially in the beginning! And it’s so easy to try to work on all the things people mention and get totally confused.”

    I think that’s a big part of Lazaro’s problem. He relies on his “lazis” (fans) too much instead of just doing his best and letting the chips fall where they may. No singer is ever going to be liked by everyone, and Lazaro just needs to find people in his real life who will tell him the truth and not rely on the judges, his fans or trolls for that.

  • CanadianLady

    Totally agree. But it helps if you have people outside of Idol who are in your corner and can help you deal with it. Not sure all the contestants have that. E.g. Scotty had his parents who are both in business, and his guitar teacher, and a few others who were basically his team. I expect every year there are some who have that outside support and some who are basically on their own because their family and so forth don’t know any more about the music business than they do. Maybe not even as much.

  • DragonFly

    There have been too many contestants to mention & personally they all look ready to breakdown, meltdown or cry when they’re in the results phase. That said, toughness got Sanjaya no further in the business, so what’s the difference if Lazaro is moved to more emotion. Different personalities. I’m sure he’s dealt w/a ton of life’s “perfect” people’s ridicule–being sensitive about it even to tears is human. That’s what mute is for–I use it constantly. Some people get frustrated –sometimes easily.

  • Li Wright

    Well, some of them don’t want to “win”, they want to be on the show and get notoriety and go on tour. I believe Candace, Kree and Angie want to “win.”

  • Li Wright

    Lazaro is not a threat, because Jimmy wouldn’t sign him even if he won.

  • Li Wright

    Here’s a hint to Lazaro: Sing in Spanish!

  • Li Wright

    Does anybody know why Lazaros doesn’t borrow from Devin and sing in Spanish?

  • Face

    never saw his audition, so not sure how he was presented… & while I understand what you are saying… based on what i have seen of him I still see him a sob story, but never a joke contestant…
    I think (like you) the sound of his voice is alright (i.e. on his studio recordings)… so if it wasn’t for the nerves ruining his performances he would potential… especially as he has the whole exotic but vulnerable boy next door thing going for him…
    but I can’t see him overcoming the nerves… esp based on how badly he took last weeks’… plus the judges and jimmy are now only going to crank up the level of criticism he gets…

  • Miz

    The googling Lazaro needs to do is of past seasons. Pick absolutely any contestant and see what sort of negatives and bashing there was and still is. See how they rose above it and learned from it.

    It’s the nature of being in the public eye. When you put yourself out there you open yourself to criticism, both positive and negative. You’ll see over the top praise and over the top hate. The truth may lie somewhere in between.

    This show is a sport for a lot of people. You’re in a competition, Lazaro. Learn how to compete.

  • Face

    tots agree… if they are really serious about doing well on the show (and after), they should be doing their homework… you have to question the advise they are getting and/or how much they want it…
    lets face it being on the show is probably a walk in the park compared to what happens afterwards…

  • JT Hunsaker

    I remember how much crap Tim Urban received on his Idol Run (though pretty deservedly) from both the internet and the judges, but he kept on going without complaints and tried to get better- and I believe once Simon complemented him on taking it all like an adult.

  • justmefornow

    Not saying that he will win, because I don’t think that’s possible, but is it even possible for Jimmy not to sign the winner? Isn’t that part of the winner’s package?

  • Maya100

    The latest article I saw talked about her having a movie coming out this year with Samantha Barks from Les Miz, and it said her 4 CDs have sold over 22 million copies worldwide.

  • DragonFly

    Just general rant for Idols (& the like). Doesn’t it seem sick to think that if people have a wonderful gift of music/are entertaining that they can be intimidated to the point of not performing in this world b/c they can’t deal w/bullies of the internet? How sad is that they have to conquer “grow a pair” expectations. Before the internet, usually conquering Hollywood or wkly/monthly rag mags/on the air commentary was almost impossible enough, now we have INSTANT blundering idiots trying to tear at people to get jollies or their begrudging opinions in the forefront. Even watching people be destroyed seems to be a sport these days w/o being a perpetrator. .We’re seeing some now off-balance, turn-to-drink/drugs Stars becoming commonplace in people who merely wanted to entertain & are blown away to exhaustion (even mentally) fighting rotten tomatoes thrown at them from virtual “nobodys” . To me, it’s become a sick pleasure to act out on jealousy against others getting favorable attention in the business. Against people getting stardom it’s now: “If you can’t join em–beat em”. Sadly, it may have truly become “survival” of the fittest & that’s a sorry prospect for seeing/hearing great talent–that they need to fight off “now even GROUPED for action” bullies..No one DESERVES that treatment to become well-known & liked. Is it really going to be a new rule now that the tricks of the trade are “big time” just ignoring any sh#t people want to throw at you?

  • DragonFly

    Value this even tho I already knew it: “Yeah, but it’s not easy. I know writers who’ve had 50 great reviews, but the one they remember is the one negative one. Plus they say – especially for people working with kids – that it takes at least 10 positive comments to nullify one negative one. I’d say more.”–CanadianLady

    Don’t let anyone tell you different & I can tell, you won’t. Your thinking is “spot on” in seeing things & people for what they are experiencing. Looking at their hearts & feelings can explain it all. They may HAVE TO become “soldiers” but that path is rough to put it mildly these days. I have so much respect for any of the Idols who “shake most of it off” eventually.

  • Kariann Hart

    There is a psychologist on the staff of American Idol. If Lazaro needs help, I hope he will seek it. I also hate the bullying that is on the Internet.

  • Incipit

    Is it really going to be a new rule now that the tricks of the trade
    are “big time” just ignoring any sh#t people want to throw at you?

    It isn’t a new rule, DragonFly. It’s a very, very old one. The main difference is the focus of the medium has shifted from the entertainment columns of the newspapers to the internet blogs. It’s actually filtered down and has less impact just from the volume blunting the point. Which do you think was harder to deal with, or easier to ignore – – criticisms about a performance from any random audience person with access to a computer, the majority of which a person will never see, or the concentrated venom of a professional critic that everyone in the business read the next morning to see their opinion? Google this critique of Katherine Hepburn’s acting skills, it’s famous – – “She ran the whole gamut of emotions from A to B.”~Dorothy Parker – – and found in every Celebrity Insults Collection. In fact, google celebrity insults. Just because the audience is getting in on the act doesn’t mean anything new is being said – and the remedy for the target who put themselves in the spotlight is the same as it ever was – If you don’t already have them, “grow a pair”. IMO.

  • CanadianLady

    Me, too. It takes a very strong person to do that.

  • Eilonwy

    Making the “it has less impact” call should be reserved for the people who actually have to deal with, say, Twitter @ replies that are daily filled with vitriol, demands for attention, strangers’ sexual fantasies, and the other “normal” grist of social media.

    A published piece of professional criticism was one-and-done. It didn’t provide daily proof of how many people are both (a) mannerless louts and (b) incapable of NOT sharing that with the entire world.

    On principle, I think it’s a very bad move to let bullies in any medium know that they’re succeeding at causing pain, as this just eggs them on. But I actually don’t think young Mr. Arbos needs to “grow a pair.” I think he needs to make the decision not to read most of the b.s.: just tweet occasionally without bothering to look at his @ replies. The signal-to-noise ratio on Twitter is so poor that there’s little point in putting himself through the pain.

  • Incipit

    “I think he needs to make the decision not to read most of the b.s. “

    Absolutely yes, Eilonwy, since reading that mess is voluntary, and unlike a published piece of professional criticism, which has arguable merit, highly un-necessary. There are people who can just ignore negativity, and there are artists who just put someone on their payroll in charge of dealing with social media, and there are aspiring artists sans payroll who use friends or family for a barrier – they ‘don’t’ “have to deal with” it if it’s contra-indicated by their susceptibility. But no one with a thin skin ought to be reading it at all, IMO, without that ‘pair’ in question. …as you say – the utility is questionable, all around.

  • standtotheright

    Absolutely yes, Eilonwy, since reading that mess is voluntary

    It is technically voluntary, however, the nature of the medium means that if one’s management or production team is saying “engage! reply! be interactive!” then it is very difficult to do that effectively without “reading the mess”. These contestants don’t yet have a payroll established to help them filter.
    Which is why, as I said, there shouldn’t be the expectation that they use personal social media accounts during the competition in the first place. Abaros and the others only have the next-best option: sending general updates without reading any feedback.

  • Eilonwy

    Yeah, I agree that management is likely part of the problem at this point, rather than part of the solution.

    From reading endless rounds of social media gurus, I also suspect management is likely giving bad advice that makes the singers more exposed to stress and ridicule, rather than less so. Not that there’s a template of social media use that will prevent all misery, but that some specific pitfalls are avoidable…