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Lauren Alaina has a full day of activities scheduled for her hometown visit in Chattanooga TN today. Check out the schedule HERE.

Lauren sang “God Bless America” from Lookouts Field after throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. Earlier she visited Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School, where she sang “Anyway”. Later, she performed excerpts of “Flat on the Floor” and “Anyway” at Coolidge Park where she was presented the key to the city. Lauren cut back her song list–she was afraid of losing her voice. There’s a great timeline of the day HERE.

WRCB reports fans have flooded Coolidge Park, waiting for her arrival this afternoon. Keep checking that link for VIDEO. Another report from the Rome-News Tribune. Reportedly, 10,000 fans attended Lauren’s rally in Coolidge Park.

People covers Lauren’s visit to a shelter housing tornado victims, “”She’s trying to get her composure,” mom Kristy Suddeth said Saturday after a sobbing Lauren visited a shelter at the Cherokee Valley Baptist Church as part of her American Idol homecoming. “These people don’t need to see somebody crying. They need to see somebody smiling.”

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@MarissaMNC9: City official confirms Lauren is late because she met with tornado victims #chanews

Below, Lauren arrives at the airport in Chattanooga last night, Learns her song pick and talks to the DJs at US101 radio

Lauren sings “Anyway” at Lakeview Fort Oglethorpe High School Rodney Ho was there. Read his account at the Atlanta Journal Constitution

Lauren sings “God Bless America” at Lookouts Fieldmsujolly

Lauren throws out the first pitchLaurenAlainaFan

Lauren Returns Home to Rossville

Fox Chattanooga Downtown Parade and Concert For Lauren Alaina

FOX Chattanooga

Press Conference

FOX Chattanooga Visits AT&T Store

FOX Chattanooga

Lauren learns her judges choice song via Lauren Alaina Fan

US101 Interview

Lauren Lands in Chattanooga

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  • coinyman

    Cant wait to see that whole thing

  • TwigLA

    That was sweet. ‘I’m here for them, not for me.’

  • aifan33

    Below is a longer clip of her homecoming

  • aifan33
  • TylerWV

    Lauren has some great vote getting footage in the above clip. Good for her!

  • Lucy1234

    Sounds like Lauren is having a great homecoming. Can’t wait to see how they put together her hometown visit on Thursday. Seems like she is having a great turnout.

  • wolfsbane813

    hopefully we get some more footage of lauren’s home visit soon. does anybody know if they have live coverage going on or anything?

  • lili_anne7

    I wish there were more videos. Hopefully they’ll be some posted on YT by tomorrow.

  • Pam

    That vid from the airport was the best one of all. What a sweet girl Lauren really is.

  • sue

    She is a really sweet girl. I can see her winning too, lol. Any 3 of them can win.

  • Lucy1234

    Here’s some pics of Lauren with friends/fans

    and a news article


  • Lucy1234
  • paperboating

    Indeed. She is a very sweet girl, with a very big heart.

  • Lucy1234
  • Valentin432

    Thanks for the pictures, it seems that they really packed her day between the concert in Chattanooga and the events in Rossville.
    She seems to be very emotional in those pictures at the end of the day.

  • houstonrufus23

    My word. Lauren is as cute as a bug on a button. She is hard not to like. That’s all I have to say. And that voice don’t hurt.

  • Pam

    05/14/2011 at 11:41 pm

    More pics of Lauren Day

    Very nice pictures. It’s a shame that stinking watermark was covering her beautiful face.

  • Ratna12

    Lauren cut back her song list–she was afraid of losing her voice

    Lauren did great with God Bless America.
    These last couple weeks will be the hardest because of the pressure, stress and your voice almost gone.
    And they will sing 3 songs instead of 2 like season 8.

    Good luck Lauren.

  • Lucy1234

    “Tearful Idol Lauren Alaina Visits Tornado-Damaged Hometown”,,20489946,00.html

    I didn’t realize the tornado actually hit Lauren’s hometown. Must have been hard for her. She seems like such a sweet girl.

  • Lucy1234

    Looks like the article is making it’s way around the web.

    Will be interesting what they show on American Idol.

  • siddigrl

    Something has to be said….Lauren is NOT, I repeat NOT from Chattanooga TN. She is from NW GA (Rossville to be exact)….American Idol REFUSED to allow her to do her hometown parade in her hometown because they claimed we were not big enough to handle crowd control. Well, she is a GA girl not a Chattanooga girl. Get it right!

  • siddigrl

    Sorry…I am just a little upset that her tornado ridden hometown could have used the income generated from her appearance and American Idol refused them.