Lady Gaga - Do What U Want - Gypsy - Saturday Night Live - SNL - VIDEO

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Lady Gaga pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live tonight (Nov 17), hosting and performing two song.

Her first performance, “Do What U Want” featured R. Kelly and had the two of them bumping and grinding and climbing over each other. I was expecting the chick who took R. Kelly’s sunglasses microphone to join in.

Do What U Want feat R. Kelly

Lady Gaga – Do What U Want [feat. R… by IdolxMuzic

Lady Gaga vamps it up as she performs “Gypsy”. The outfit is very Elton John.


Lady Gaga – Gypsy – SNL 11-16-13 by IdolxMuzic

  • Kariann Hart

    Lady Gaga is a talented performer and did a really good job tonight on SNL. She has good humorous timing in the sketches. Did she sing with a backing track? I know she performed sections live. What do you think?

  • rileykali

    R Kelly is awful for what he’s done but his voice is insane and so melodic. This is probably my favorite song on artpop.

  • roarpen

    I like the dancer in Gypsy – lol! Hey, gotta enjoy every aspect of the performance.

  • Porfivor Nixon

    I don’t like “Do What U Want.” there is nothing special about it, it’s not that catchy, it’s just a sex song trying to get attention. I do like the song “Gypsy,” – it’s a good song, the best I’ve heard since “Bad Romance.” She was lip syncing these songs, though. At one point in Gypsy, she started clapping while she was singing. How is it the microphone picked up her singing and yet didn’t pick up her clapping? They were both the same length away from the microphone.

  • milwlovesadam

    I thought she was caught being out of sync with her own backing track. Otherwise did not care for Do What You Want, but did like Gypsy. Also liked her skits, especially the one of the old and has-been Gaga. That kind of self-deprecating humor will get her far. IMHO.

    Would have liked to have seen her on the news, maybe as a new Roseanne Rosanna Danna type.

  • breakdown

    I thought she was good in the skits but not the musical performances. I felt like she was doing a caricature of herself.

  • macfae

    Oh, I like your idea. I think she could have pulled off that type of character easily.
    I found something else to do during her 2 music numbers.