Kelly Clarkson – iTunes Sessions – Available Now

Kelly Clarkson’s iTunes sessions are available for download now. The set features 8 NEW acoustic versions of beloved hits and songs from her new album Stronger, plus bonus interview.

Download Kelly Clarkson iTunes Session From iTunes

1. Mr. Know it All
2. What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger)
3. You Can’t Win
4. Never Again
5. Since U Been Gone
6. Why Don’t You Try
7. My Life Would Suck
8. I’ll Be Home for Christmas
9. Interview


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  • Tom

    I know it’s OT, but I need to know…. Will the voting figures be released for The X Factor USA?

  • wonderings

    I am smitten with the stripped-down version of “Never Again”.   If you listen to one song off Kelly’s itunes session, make it this one. 
    The original was a pop-rock, pissed-off kiss-off.  This one reveals the hurt and heartbreak beneath the anger.

  • Anonymous

    Buying this right now with an iTunes gift card I got. Love me some acoustic Kelly!

  • Anonymous

    wow, definitely the best of the tracks is never again. so emotionally riveting. all of them are actually really good. i’ll borrow one of randy’s notes. girl can sing the phone book, and i’d listen to every note of it.

  • Anonymous

    Wow! That version of Never Again is absolutely stunning. Thanks for the tip.

  • heartly

    Neat story behind the slowed down version of Never Again, it was a fan idea.  Back in September, Kelly’s musical director was asking fans to send them ideas of things that people would like to see on tour and maybe something would spark some other ideas.  A fan sent in that they thought slowing Never Again down would make it more vulnerable instead of angry yet still keeping the bite of words there.  He emailed that person back after they recorded this session and told her they used that idea.  Safe to say, it’s one of the standouts on this EP.

    I think Never Again, Why Don’t You Try and the interview are well worth the price of the whole EP.

    She said some interesting things in that interview.  She keeps in touch
    with Clay the most and then Ruben and Fantasia. When asked if Breakaway
    was her best album she said that that album was more about timing then
    being the “best” and she thinks that her latest one is her best due to
    experience.  Kelly has mentioned this before but she said again that she
    really only wanted to be a backup singer because she’d get to travel
    and sing but wouldn’t have to deal with all the other stuff that comes
    along with being the front person.  She also mentions that she turned
    down two record deals before Idol and the reasons for that and funny
    enough, one of those was with Sony.  Her recent “OMG” moment was the Troubadour show she did in LA for the release of this album.

    There’s a bunch of other good questions and answers there but I think
    what got me the most was when the interviewer asked her about her
    management/team over the years and if she’s had the same one the whole
    time.  She laughed at that and said she’s changed a couple times.  First
    from Simon because he just wasn’t here and (I’m paraphrasing here) it
    would take forever to get anything done having to go through so many
    people to get an answer.  They finally decided that it would be best if
    she found someone else that would be there when she needed it and she
    says that he offered to help her find that person/team.  Then it was on to Jeff
    Kwatinetz/The Firm. While initially successful, they each had two very different paths they wanted to take. 

    Looking back I’ve always gotten the impression that she just wasn’t in a very good place personally throughout those years and listening to her talk about it now, it reinforces that to me.  She sounds like she was very close to losing herself in it all.  It struck me how alone she was in the industry for the first 5ish years and it wasn’t until Reba took her under her wing about 5 years ago that she finally had a mentor of sorts. It was after seeing how Narvel managed Reba that she felt that would be a good fit for her and asked if he’d also manage her.  I think we’re finally seeing that pay off now.  With this Stronger era, she really seems to be enjoying what she’s doing now and at ease with things.  There was always something off about the All I Ever Wanted era and her spark just wasn’t there, but it’s pretty noticeable that it’s back this time around.  Anyway, I’m getting really off track here, I just really liked this interview. :)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks heartily, that is very interesting. I was actually going to ask about the interview.