Kelly Clarkson Covers Radiohead “Creep” – VIDEO

Kelly Clarkson has performed so many cool covers on her current tour. Everything from Broadway  to The Beatles,  to Pink, Paramore and more.

In Bakersfield last night, Kelly brought her own special passion and power to her favorite Radiohead song, “Creep”.  It’s been really fun listening to Kelly put her own special spin to such a diverse group of tunes.  Check it out below.

“I’m a huge Radiohead fan,” Kelly told the audience. She loves Thom York’s voice, “I think it’s so sexy.”  She adds, “I’m not going to sound as sexy, but I’m going to try my damnedest.”

What do you say…sexy or no? (I say sexy).

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  • Pam

    I’m not a fan of the song but boy did Kelly kill it (in a good way)!  Loved it loved it!

    I’ve been enjoying these covers.   Thanks mj!

  • heartly

    This was such an unexpected song choice, by me at least, and she done good!  I love these songs lately where she can just wail in certain parts and it helps that her voice has really held up throughout the majority of this tour.

    I’m going to be sad when this tour is over because of all these little treats each night.  Hopefully they keep this as part of her future tours or at least extend it through the (not yet announced) summer tour.  She mentioned the other night that this fan request idea is her favorite thing she’s done on all her tours so far.

  • Anonymous

    incredible! and she definitely managed the sexy.

  • RockiDreams

    Damn – so good.

  • Anonymous

    Gah, I can’t get how anyone couldn’t like the song itself. I’d hold it up to be one of the few truly great pieces of pop/rock music writing of the past two decades (and I’m not even a big Radiohead fan).

    But to each his/her own :-). At least we can all agree that Kelly Clarkson killed it.

  • Anonymous

    One of my fav songs.  Great job, Kelly!

  • Nanc

    Girl. Can. Sing. Anything…..great job

  • superfudge

    Whenever some famous pop star performs a Radiohead song it’s usually Creep. Kinda makes you think they don’t know any other song by Radiohead which is essentially the reason the band have been rumored to have odd feelings towards this track. The people have made it overshadow everything else they’ve done.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a huge Radiohead fan and I’m impressed. She did a good job. Noone does it like Thom Yorke though.

  • Cat

    Just for comparison, here is a very young David Cook singing this song.  Very different, his is much more raw and gutteral but both versions are great!

  • Anonymous

    A wholesome Creep….her fans certainly love it….I like it better when sung by a real creep.

  • Anonymous

    Totally sexy! Always awed by Queen Kelly!

  • Sassycatz

    David Cook’s early cover of Creep was like a touchstone to his fans who discovered him on Idol — a way of connecting to the pre-Idol, non-PC Cook. I can’t hear that song without thinking of him. But, I suspect that we will never hear him sing that again. Many fans have asked over the past few years with no success.

  • Incipit

    “David Cook’s early cover of Creep was like a touchstone to his fans who
    discovered him on Idol — a way of connecting to the pre-Idol, non-PC
    Cook. I can’t hear that song without thinking of him.”

    Sassycatz, You put that feeling into words very nicely. The DavidC and Axium live cover of “Creep” from six years ago in 2004 –  before it was the ‘thing’ to do – has an amazing amount of spins on my playlist…and David obviously appreciates RadioHead – the VH1 acoustic cover of their “High and Dry” is stellar. We only waited over a year to get a good video of that one. *snerk*

    Cool that Kelly did a cover of “Creep” – cool if anyone does, but the DC totally NOT wholesome cover is the only one I listen to.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    The last Radiohead concert I attended in Lndn they did not even perofrm this. They have so many other good pieces…this is one of many great songs by the awesome group and the gifted Thom York. Kelly sounded great….really great!

  • Jenna

    Wow, I was already expecting something great but that floored me. <3

  • shuey

    Cooks version of the song was a sloppy joe! Kelly ?? omg knowone will top that! maybe adam, She was killer! as always….

  • Ringo

    Shall we discuss and compare favorite Creeps?  I was living under a rock, not really aware of Radiohead, until Rockstar Supernova.  Lucas Rossi did a stunning version; Magni followed up with a wholesome one.  I thought that Magni sang it like you hoped your son would sing it in college; Lucas sang it like you feared your son would sing it.  Worth a re-visit, IMO —  Magni here ; Lucas here 
    My fav is the one m 16 year old daughter sang in a recital, dedicating it to her Dad (creepy, huh?)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Great cover of a great song!  These fan requests are so cool!  Thanks, MJ, for posting them.  :)

  • Allison

    “Creep” – such a great song! IMO Marty Casey from Rockstar INXS owns the cover version. Kelly’is is nice, but perhaps a little too melodic for what this song is about.

  • Karen C

    I thought Kelly’s version was very good.   My favorite cover of Creep is David Cooks with Axium, I think his version made it a harder rocking song.  Loved Marty Casey’s version on Rockstar INXS too.

    The other Idol alumn who has done Radiohead covers was Kris Allen, who did Paranoid Android a few times, and I thought he did a good job with it. And, of course, I loved DC’s version of High and Dry.

    It kind of makes me wonder what Kelly would have done on the show if she had been on AI in more recent years when they had more of a choice for their songs and arrangements.   

  • Anonymous

    Kelly’s version is gorgeous, and yes, sexy. Allison has a great passionate version too. Love Cook’s best though, next to the Radiohead of course (possibly my fave band of the last 20 years). Even the fact that Cook is doing a Scott Stapp imitation through part of it and his drummer is offbeat through most of it, somehow doesnt detract from it for me. It’s so raw and desperate, and he sounds like a creep. And those run, run, run’s – sigh. He didn’t have much gravel in his voice then did he? Actually those Rockstar covers were good too weren’t they? It is just a freaking brilliant song!

  • Anonymous

    Okay, if Idol really wanted to challenge the Idols with some brilliant songs, that are totally out of their wheelhouse, but could become moments, he would have a Radiohead night. Karma Police, Creep, High and Dry, Paranoid Android, Fake Plastic Trees, etc. Someone tweet Nigel Stat. Actually, has anyone ever done an Oasis song on Idol?

  • rocklet1

    They all did great!!
    Allison Iraheta’s take on it
    David cook’s take on it

  • Askaticket

    I am a big fan of this song and this is going awesome i just loving it .