Kelly Clarkson Covers “Breathe 2 am” – “Princess of China” (VIDEO)

MORE Kelly Clarkson covers from her concert tour for your listening pleasure! In Thackerville, she sang Anna Nalick’s “Breathe 2 am”, a tune that has been featured on Grey’s Anatomy and more. “Breathe” is pretty much the poster child for songs that became successful due to TV exposure. Kelly, as always, interprets the song with soul and emotion.

And, yes, Kelly sang Coldplay’s “Princess of China” overseas, but it made it’s American debut in Albuquerque a few days ago.

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  • Anonymous

    Breathe is one of my favorite songs really fantastic job . I would say Kelly interpets a song like few can.

  • Van

    Kelly and Isaac of The Fray sang “Don’t You Wanna Stay” together in Thackerville, OK.

  • TT19

    I love Kelly and you can tell she really cares about her fans from the way shes interacting with them. You rarely see big stars who’ve had this long of a career care and interact with their fans the way she does. 

  • heartly

    Thanks for continuing to post these, MJ.  Breathe might be in the top 3 of her tour fan requests for me, that was really good.

    From a fan standpoint, this covers thing has been one of the most enjoyable things Kelly has done in her career so far, there’s always something new to look forward.  Thank goodness she does these songs justice.  haha  She definitely has a style and Kelly spin she brings to songs and at the same time, they aren’t totally predictable.

    I’m constantly amazed that she and her band are able to pull these songs out night after night only working them out in soundcheck the day of.  Speaks a lot about their skill and professionalism.  Sure they might already be familiar with the songs, but being familiar and playing and presenting them to the public are two different things.  

  • Pam

    That was a gorgeous version of Breathe!  That voice just gives you chills!  All the vids were fantastic.  Thanks to mj as always and Van for the vids!  

  • Maria Jose Lopez

    She gets so into the song.
    Here’s a better quality video of Breathe:

  • Anonymous

    Very reminiscent of Faith Hill’s “Breathe” – a really beautiful song.

  • Anonymous

    Holy hell, Kelly. Could your voice BE any more amazing? Geeez, woman! lol

    The original of this song has always been one of my favorites, but dammmmn. Kelly just knocked that one out of the park. Where can I get a download of this? This is simply breathtaking.

    I have goosies! lol