Should Katharine McPhee Apologize? Plus, Married Boyfriend Loses a Job

After her NBC series, Smash, was cancelled after two seasons, Katharine McPhee is back in the news! But not for a good reason. She was recemtly caught canoodling in public with Smash director, Michael Morris.

She has reportedly been separated from her husband, Nick Cokas, for months. But Morris, by all accounts, is still very married to actress, Mary McCormack, who kicked him out of the house when she found out about the photos prior to TMZ posting them.

One insider tells US Weekly that the Katharine “is SO embarrassed she was caught.”

PR experts weigh in with FOX News on if and how Katharine can recover from the scandal:

Could the scandal hurt Katharine’s career?

“This probably won’t affect Katharine McPhee’s sales or her ability to get roles in the near future but her likability factor will be seriously tarnished,” Jamie Krauss – PR Director at the Narrative Group, todl FOX411. “When female stars act as home wreckers , the American public, but particularly women, tend to sour to them very fast. Look at Kristen Stewart or Leann Rimes or even Angelina Jolie. All of them took a lot of heat for their famous affairs.”

Should Katharine apologize?

“Katharine McPhee should come out with a statement. It’s always important to be ahead of a story you don’t want to let the rumor mill run wild but the problem is and why everyone is so upset is because even though she was apparently separated from her husband and has been for about six months,” Krauss continued. “Michael Morris, we hear, was not.”

Ken Shadford, Director at Maxim TV disagrees. Of course he would.

“Katharine McPhee having an affair with this director, this sort of thing usually helps someone’s career in this day and age,” he said. “Just this side of a sex tape, getting in the scandal sheets is sort of the way to go to help your career.”

And Shadford’s advice for Katharine now:

“The way that Katharine McPhee could really make this work for her is if she goes out an adopts a bunch of children.”

Hm. Blowback has been immediate for Michael Morris. According to Deadline, he lost a gig directing an E! Channel pilot.

Michael Morris has fallen out of directing Songbyrd, one of E!‘s first two scripted pilots. Morris, who previously directed seven episodes of NBC’s Smash, was to reunite with Smash executive producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron, who executive produce the music-themed Songbyrd that centers on songwriter Lauren Byrd (Bethany Joy Lenz), a character loosely inspired by hitmaker Diane Warren, and her staff.

Oh. Smash producers. The affair began on their watch, more or less. Maybe they don’t want to appear as if they condone his behavior.

Via: US Magazine, Fox News, Deadline

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  • Rand

    ““This probably won’t affect Katharine McPhee’s sales”

    … I didn’t know she had any.

  • Stooch

    As the saying goes “I’d rather ask for forgiveness than ask for permission”

    So now’s probably the time to throw out an apology to the wife and throw in the caveat “the heart wants what the heart wants, we just handled it badly”

  • BobbiNJ

    Not sure Katherine has a career that could be effected, but if she does and if it is, this mess is of her own doing. Morris’s too, of course, but she didn’t have to participate. I’m glad his wife kicked him out and he lost the job with the Smash producers. I really hope she does feel some consequences. There are three innocent little girls involved here. If the two of them want to be together, he should have taken care of his existing marriage before they got involved.

  • Tinawina


  • MV007

    I actually think this could help McPhee. If anything she’s raised her profile for a potential reality show once hollywood realizes she can’t act.

  • pj

    Angelina Jolie didn’t really suffer from an affair, although Kat hardly has her status in Hollywood. Or her skills. This will blow over. If Kim K hadn’t released a sex tape with Ray J, we may not be annoyed by her presence. I hope Kat has feelings for this guy, because to get involved for any other reason makes you the jerkiest jerk. Not just a jerky jerk, which is what she is.

    Oh, Morris is obviously a jerk too, since he’s the one who led wife and kids to think everything was okay. Prick.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    ” This probably won’t affect Katharine McPhee’s sales or her ability to get roles in the near future…”

    Right. Her acting (and singing) ability will eventually take care of that.

  • Holden17C

    Kat is separated from her husband. She doesn’t owe anyone an apology. Morris cheated on his wife. That’s on him. He owes his wife an apology. Beyond that, it’s nobody else’s business.

  • pj

    No doubt Morris is the one most at fault. However, I’m afraid anyone who KNOWINGLY cheats with a married person with 3 kids bears some responsibility.

  • wordnerdarchie

    I agree. And to put it another way, just because a car is parked w/keys in it, doesn’t give you the right to go take it for a test drive when it “belongs” to someone else, lol.

  • Holden17C

    We’re not talking about an inanimate object. We’re talking about a grown man who had the ability to say no and made a conscious choice not to. That’s totally on him.

  • bridgette12

    First, why would she apologize? If your bold enough to step out in public kissing and snuggling with your married boyfriend, it shows your not in the least ashamed or sorry about what your doing. Second, do anyone, actually think Mary would accept an apology coming from Kat or Michael. She would know just like everyone else, that the only reason they are apologizing is for the fact that they got caught and it’s PC to apologize and cry when you get caught in a scandalous affair. Last but not least, just how much of a career or reputation do Kat have that she needs to save.

  • Pippygirl

    I believe there is something of value in being a good person. Having an affair with a married man, who is still living with his unknowing wife and 3 young children, is being an accomplice to a hurtful situation. Morris bears the most responsibility in my opinion of course, but I still feel Kat did the wrong thing.

  • Kenya Smith

    If she is only separated from her husband, then she is married too.

  • bridgette12

    So true, her abilities or “lack of” will eventually take care of that.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree. If he had said “no”, there never would have been an affair, and his wife and children would not have been hurt and felt betrayed.

    ETA: This is regardless of the type of person the “other woman” is.

    ETA2: It would be the same if a wife cheated on her unknowing husband. She is the one responsible because she made the decision to have the affair.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    At this point, I would question the sincerity of any apology from Michael or Kat.

  • Tinawina

    This. She’s still in the wrong. He’s more wrong becuase he’s the one who took vows and has little kids to look out for (and a wife he was lying to), but she’s in the wrong as well.

  • BluSky

    >>One insider tells US Weekly that the Katharine “is SO embarrassed she was caught.”<<

    This statement didn't put Kat in a good light… Is the only thing she is embarrassed of is being caught? Is this the only thing she is ashamed of??

  • fuzzywuzzy


  • girlygirl

    She’s embarrassed she got caught …but she’s not embarrassed that she’s having an affair with a married man?

  • usedtobelucy

    This is why it won’t affect them. ha

  • Holden17C

    You’re letting him off the hook. It fascinates me how so many women will find a way to blame other women when men behave badly. “If it weren’t for her…” Not buying it at all. I don’t know who initiated the affair. I just know that it was his responsibility to be faithful to his wife and he chose not to do it. Game over.

  • girlygirl

    The fact that Kat is evidently legally separated might give her a pass in terms of her cheating on her husband. But she’s still in the wrong, because she clearly knew that her boyfriend is married, and was not legally separated.

    Obviously, of the two, Morris is the bigger offender.

  • Pippygirl

    How am I letting him off the hook? I said he bears most of the responsibility.

    I’ll just say this: If I had an affair with a married man, I would not be proud of myself.

  • wordnerdarchie

    No, I’m not. He’s guilty without a doubt and has no excuse. However, that doesn’t excuse Kat for what I consider to be immoral behavior.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Hypothetical question: If it were Mary who cheated with a guy who was separated, would you still feel the same? That the guy who is having an affair with a married woman, who is still living with her unknowing husband and 3 young children, did the wrong thing, and Mary bears the most responsibility, but the guy did the wrong thing?

    For me, any affair is totally the responsibility of the person (husband or wife) who is still with his/her unknowing spouse and kids. There’s no double standard, because the person in the marriage is the one who decided to have the affair and it’s his/her responsibility, no matter who they had the affair with.

  • girlygirl

    I don’t think this will help Kat’s career at all. Angelina Jolie wasn’t affected all that much because she was an A-list star. Kat is a C or D-list person. And the guy is a tv director, who are pretty much anonymous to the general public — were not talking about someone like Steven Spielberg or James Cameron, here. The general public probably doesn’t really care about this story, other than perhaps to feel sorry for the wife and kids. In a few days, will anyone even still be reporting on this?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Of course not, because if she felt that way, Kat wouldn’t have had the affair in the first place.

  • girlygirl


  • Kirsten

    I’m sorry, to whom exactly would Kat be apologizing?

    Any apology to his wife/kids would be seen as self-serving PR and would likely backfire on her.

    Meanwhile, the general public doesn’t deserve an apology. She hasn’t done anything to them. If anybody is “shocked and disturbed” by this news, they need to stop reading the gossip news.

    According to Deadline, he lost a gig directing an E! Channel pilot.

    That’s ridiculous. In the entertainment biz, somebody lost a behind the scenes job because they had an affair? What’s the average life span of marriage in Hollywood? How many people have affairs on loved ones? What has any of that got to do with how well you do your job? Who even pays attention to who directs a TV pilot? 99.9% of the viewing audience doesn’t have a clue who directs anything on TV unless they are famous outside the format (e.g. Quentin Tarrintino) or they win an Emmy (provided people don’t use the handing out of the directing awards as a potty break). Better a good director and a good pilot than losing two viewers because they are mad about something that is none of their business.

    Look at Kristen Stewart or Leann Rimes or even Angelina Jolie.

    Look at Meg Ryan Has she had a decent role in a movie since she was caught having an affair? Meanwhile, Russel Crowe has had no issues in that department (his crappy singing probably had more of an impact on his career).

    Look, I’m not condoning affairs and these two were very stupid to get caught, but it’s not worth trashing somebody’s career over. And sadly, it’s usually the woman who loses her career.

  • Pippygirl

    I would absolutely feel the same way.

    The person in the relationship bears the most responsibility. However it just doesn’t make sense to me for the other person to say “Well I’m not married so I can be part of something that is dishonest and hurtful to other people. ”
    The moral thing to do would be to insist that the married person leave their spouse first. To be honest I wouldn’t want to be with someone who would do otherwise.

  • girlygirl

    Yeah, there are probably other reasons why he lost that gig. scheduling, money, etc.

  • ladymctech

    It sounds like Katherine could score a photo spread at Maxim, if nothing else comes through for her.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m sure that the offer has already been made. ;)

  • LongKissGoodnight

    >>>I agree. And to put it another way, just because a car is parked w/keys
    in it, doesn’t give you the right to go take it for a test drive when it
    “belongs” to someone else, lol.

    That is precisely the attitude that baffles me whenever the “homewrecker” meme comes up.
    Man are not the “the decider”, not a person, not a human being.
    They are a purse, a car, a wallet – an inanimate object devoted of its own free will, that can be picked up by an evil womenfolk at any given time.

  • Holden17C

    And as you and I keep saying, Morris was happy to go along with it. For a guy like that, chances are if it hadn’t been Kat, it would have been someone else eventually. In fact, there may have been others before her.

    I don’t know about her career, but on a personal level, this will not end well for Kat. If Morris will cheat on his wife with her, he will cheat on her with someone else.

  • ladymctech

    Very true, LOL!

  • usedtobelucy

    Sorry. She’s an *adult.* And there are three innocent children involved in this situation. When that’s the case, even if somebody says to you, “Oh, yes, we are free to love because my wife and I are already separated!” it’s your responsibility, as an *adult*, to make sure that’s true before you take him/her up on it. Especially when you’re risking photographs. If you don’t do that, then you’re not living up to your responsibility as an *adult* in a civilized society. He owes his wife an apology. Yeah. Big time. But they both owe those three children and society an apology for exposing them to this mess. Which she did. She’s an *adult.* They are children. She clearly did not give a shit about that.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    If that fellow had filed for divorce to attempt to pursue Kat she would be deemed a “homewrecker” anyway.

  • Pippygirl

    Maybe, but not by me.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Right. That’s why the “other woman” is kind of irrelevant here in that it was Morris who decided to have the affair. Unless this is “true love”, if it hadn’t been Kat, it would have been someone else. And yeah, even if Morris ends up with Kat, she had better watch her back.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I think that regarding Kat as a “homewrecker” shows an antiquated, misogynistic and sexist attitude.

  • Montavilla

    I agree. I don’t really know who Kat is supposed to apologize to. I can’t imagine any wife blindsided like that would even want to hear an apology right now. The children may deserve one in the future, if Kat and Michael stay together, but I don’t see how it would do anything but confuse and burden them right now.

    That leaves “society.” For which — really it’s not our business. All I feel that Katherine McPhee ever owes me is a good performance. If I pay for it. So, as far as I’m concerned, we’re good.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    >>I think that regarding Kat as a “homewrecker” shows an antiquated, misogynistic and sexist attitude.

    I agree.

  • Montavilla

    Yeah, that’s not a very helpful quote.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    All very true. There always seems to be a rush to blame and ‘sluttify’ the female. Reports such as these re: infidelity always bring out the morality squad. Truth is…it’s nobody’s business, except for the parties involved. And FTR, I do not condone marital infidelity.

  • BluSky

    The fact that up till now his wife didn’t have a clue makes me think that he is a huge liar. And if that’s his nature then most likely he lied to Kat too.
    She in a way may be a victim too. Still, the smart thing for her would be to run away from the guy that doesn’t care much about his kids and his vows. Your getting in a situation like this will always hurt people around you.

  • Holden17C

    Maybe Kat knew and maybe she didn’t. Either way, this guy is a scumbag and she’s setting herself up for some rough days if she stays with him.

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, if she were embarrassed by that — or if he were embarrassed by the affair — kissy kissy in the parking lot would not have been more important to either of them than the fear that the three young girls he has at home might see pictures of it and feel like crap because of it. Those pictures put the values of both these people well on display, it seems to me. They’re both beneath contempt, as far as I’m concerned.

  • waitingforthe1

    too late she did a spread (no pun) for them already…1432.9598.0.9908.….0…1ac.1.29.img..11.19.1052.YGg7uPtLC0k#facrc=_&imgdii=_&

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    It really comes down to the fact that no one can break-up a happy home..whether male or female…

  • Ronnie D

    Any apology from Kat is futile. Her career isn’t going anywhere so maybe this is just her way of staying in the public eye.

  • bridgette12

    For some reason, Kat don’t quite fall into the naïve category. She seems to understand what she’s doing and the Hollywood community is not that big. You know who’s married to who and you don’t try to poach on another’s stars husband.

  • mjsbigblog

    Under normal circumstances, people aren’t paying attention to who is directing what on television.

    But it is the Smash producers he would have been working for again, and maybe they are afraid they’ll be tarnished by the “scandal” somehow,

    There could be other reasons Morris is gone from the project, but the timing is suspicious.

  • CSFan

    If Katharine was the kind of person who respected the institution of marriage she would have been repelled by the idea of an affair, regardless of whether she was attracted. Nobody dragged Michael Morris kicking and screaming into this relationship but it says a lot about Katharine (or any man or woman who engages in an affair) that she was a willing participant as well. Is it Morris who let his wife down the most? Absolutely. But if we accept the idea that in society we do have certain moral obligations to those around us, then Katharine also failed. She willingly participated in a situation that caused pain to a woman who had never harmed her, as far as we know.

  • CSFan

    Anytime you cause someone hurt or pain you should offer an apology. In this case, there’s no way of knowing if Katharine feels bad or if she wanted to be in the relationship to the point that the collateral damage caused doesn’t matter to her. I’d rather she not apologize if it’s not sincere but if she does ultimately apologize for her role in the affair I hope she does it through private channels. She doesn’t owe ME an apology, I wasn’t married to the guy she was caught with, and a public apology is nothing more than an attempt at damage control.

  • RockiDreams

    With all the crap that goes on in society today, I cannot believe anyone gives a crap about this stuff. Hollyweird is full of this stuff. Big huge surprise. NOT.

  • Guest

    Exactly, I didn’t know who this freak was… it probably helped both of them. Kat is a C to F lister.

  • CSFan

    Nobody is saying she’s a shameless vixen who lured dumb little Michael Morris into an affair he didn’t want, and at the same time it’s insulting to act like it was poor little Katharine who was lured by big bad Michael. Both are adults, both knew the risks, both knew the hurt that could be caused. Both did it anyway. It says something unflattering about BOTH of them.

  • Guest

    It’s like I love to steal and watch child porn, until I got caught. So embarrassed…. LOL!

  • bridgette12

    Sorry to tell you this, it’s rampant everywhere in society. It’s not a Hollywood thing, it’s marriage thing.

  • usedtobelucy

    Or the producers know they’ve got another pretty, even younger thing on this project, and now that the photogs know who this guy is, they’ll be watching when he starts stepping out on Kat with the new starlet. lol

  • pj

    Do you mean Meg Ryan? I didn’t know Melanie Griffith had an affair with Crowe? I will agree that she doesn’t owe anyone a public apology. I doubt a private one will be well received either. That doesn’t mean she doesn’t bear some responsibility for her actions.

  • Kirsten

    Oops. Yes. I will fix that. I ALWAYS get those two confused.

  • pj

    Whew. I was afraid I was falling down on my Hollywood gossip! :-)

  • Anny_nanny

    How can you spoil what does not exist? Does she have a job? Go, Kat! At least the media remembered about your existence.

  • Garrett Clayman

    What’s really sad is that last week Kat posted an instagram teaser of a brand new song off her album slated for 2014, and no one noticed, and now this happened. No wonder artists have these scandals its the only way to get the public to pay attention. The song was good too very Florence

  • fuzzywuzzy

    All that is true, but ultimately, the decision to have an affair was solely Michael’s. That’s why he’s responsible (as would any husband or wife who decided to cheat on an unsuspecting spouse and kids). Sure, Kat doesn’t win any prizes for being a good person here, but that doesn’t change the fact the Michael is responsible for wrecking his own home.

  • curlyenta

    Playboy might work, but then, she might be good enough for that iconic magazine.

  • waitingforthe1

    Kat doesn’t owe anyone an apology.

  • Larc

    Michael is the one who broke his marriage vows, but Kat aided and abetted. They were caught. If it were a crime, they would both go to jail.

  • BobbiNJ

    Absolutely I would feel the same way. The person who is separated or single should have enough moral fiber to refuse to get involved with a married person. I don’t care what gender either partner is!

  • BobbiNJ

    How would we even know she was involved if they didn’t start anything until he dealt with his marriage?

  • BobbiNJ

    If it is nobody’s business, maybe they shouldn’t have flaunted their involvement in public then!

  • Mel432

    “Look at Meg Ryan Has she had a decent role in a movie since she was caught having an affair? Meanwhile, Russel Crowe has had no issues in that department (his crappy singing probably had more of an impact on his career).”

    I’m not defending Meg Ryan, but apparently her husband at the time, Dennis Quaid, had numerous affairs while married to her. That’s not an excuse for her having an affair with Crowe, tho. Maybe if she met him in Les Miz, she would not have wanted to sleep with him (his crappy singing would have been a turn-off).

    I’ve never heard of anyone apologizing because they had an affair with someone.

  • Mel432

    Yep. You see it all the time in the work place.

  • LongKissGoodnight

    a.) He moves out/files for divorce.

    b.) He starts seeing his current/former college soon after.

    If you don’t expect these two events to be followed by
    “she made him to stray from home” accusation, you have more faith in people then I do.

  • abbysee

    I would not expect Kat to apologize. It’s unnecessary. I am not in the blame game, nor am I naive about what drives people to do stupid things. I am however confused about this new notion of slut shaming. If someone calls out the rotten behavior of a female that happens to be sexual in nature, is it always slut shaming? Does Kat get a free pass because while still legally married(six months separated, possibly because of this situation), she is dating a very married man. He’s a freaking lout, but she’s in the clear because slut shaming is prohibited, she took a time out from her hubby, or because if it gives her a career a boost who gives a shit about three little kids, after all, they’re not her kids anyway.

    My biggest issue with this is how brazen it is. I know there is no fealty she owes the wife, but she was seen boldly holding hands and kissing this man publicly, allowing his wife to be blindsided. I know stuff happens, but I’d like to think if it were me, I’d at least say, tell her before we go public. I’d like to think Kat did not think hey, a little scandal might help my floundering/fledgling career. Rambling a bit, but there seems to be this notion that she’s not the least responsible for this because he’s the married one, but until there’s a divorce decree so is she. That’s not slut shaming, but truth.

  • carola99

    What Kat and that dude did was wrong, period.
    I understand she was separated but she KNEW this guy was married. Plus doesn´t she have any self respect or morals to go ahead and start this affair? He knows who this guy is since S1 of Smash. So who knows how long has this been going on.

    Poor Mary… She absolutely had NO IDEA this was going on! Up to three weeks ago she was gushing about her hubby on twitter! I feel so bad for her. And 3 little girls!

    Even if Katharine apologizes no one will believe her. She already lost many fans. The all American girl act was so fake.. Now we know who she really is.
    What a disappointment. Whatever she does now, doesn´t matter. She will always be known as a homewrecker.

  • abbysee

    She could sing buck naked, and very few people would give a crap about her singing career.

  • chillj

    If Katherine McPhee owes an apology, it is only to this guy’s wife.

  • Kirsten

    Oh really? I had not heard that.

    And please note that his affairs did not hurt Dennis Quaid’s career.

  • Kirsten

    But it is the Smash producers he would have been working for again, and
    maybe they are afraid they’ll be tarnished by the “scandal” somehow,

    Possibly, but it is a little hypocritical given the plot-lines on “Smash”.

    I only watched the first season, but the married writer of the musical had multiple affairs with one of the married actors (the writer had an older, troubled teen while the actor had some young children). When the writer’s husband found out, it was implied we should think he was an a$$ for leaving her. Eventually, the husband returned to her as we were given to believe he should.

    Perhaps the Kat/Morris story hit too close to home.

  • Disraeli99

    Bravo! It’s not slut shaming IMO to call out any man or woman who knowingly and willingly has an affair with someone else’s man or woman. If you’re so bold to screw around with someone else’s man or woman then TAKE IT like a man or a woman when the truth is revealed. Mary McCormack should take his sorry ass to the cleaners in the divorce, and she should sue the brakes off KatPee for alienation of affection. Maybe Kat will take NeNe Leakes advice to “close her legs to married men”, and entice the dude to keep that thang in his pants the next time, lol.

  • Disraeli99

    Comes down to the fact that there were sacred vows spoken to “forsake all others” yada yada. Why marry if you know that being faithful to one woman or one man FOREVER is going to be an issue. Better to keep your butt single and screw as many different people as you like. It’s more honest than marrying and slutting around, destroying trust and your family. JMO.

  • waitingforthe1

    but we’re all assuming that TMZ and other sources are 100% accurate. We don’t know what their situation was. Perhaps they were still together only for the sake of the children and the wife was fully aware of this and perhaps they were together for appearances only because she had a new show and they didn’t want her new show being overshadowed by a divorce?

    Who knows. What I do know is that I don’t believe anything I get 2nd or 3rd hand. Unless Kat, Michael or the wife comes out and directly says what is going on I’ll just assume there’s a better explanation than two celebrities are dumb enough to think they can hold hands and kiss in public knowing they would be photographed.

    As for the kids, they are too young to understand any of what is happening and reality is these things happen every single day. It’s sad but children survive.

  • waitingforthe1

    someone brand her with the big red A!!

    this idea that Kat has done something so unbelievable is bizarre. People have affairs ALL THE TIME.

    If you’re not the wife involved I think the OTT reaction is out of place.

  • Montavilla

    In the second season, the husband cheated on the wife, which made it okay for her to throw him out (and get the character out of the series). Also, Katherine’s character broke up with her boyfriend. I forget why, but it might have been something to do with him and Ivy sleeping together. Or the flirtation between him and a co-worker.

    In any case, that left her free to not-sleep with Derick and to date Jimmy.

    But getting back to the writer’s affair with the actor. Debra Messing actually did have an affair with Tom Chase. They met on Smash, and started dating around the time they both separated from their spouses.

  • emme1000

    Katherine wont be going on Chelsea Lately anytime soon.

  • pj

    Yes. Exactly. If they wanted to keep it a secret there’s no reason to hold hands and kiss in public and get caught by the paps. I’m sorry, but most people can wait until they are in private if they want to keep a secret. How hard is it? I don’t even put “in a relationship” on my FB page because I don’t want people knowing my business, even if it’s not at all scandalous.

  • usedtobelucy

    I just have to say that, speaking as a person who’s been solicited to have such affairs several times, and has declined, I’m completely baffled by what you’re saying here!

    Yes, of course it’s the choice and responsibility of the attached person to say yes or no. But I have no idea what it can possibly mean to say that that means it’s *not* also the choice and responsibility of the unattached person, too, to say yes or no, and to have ethical obligations attached to giving that answer.

    I guess I get that, legalistically, I would not have been cheating on somebody, had I had one of those affairs.

    But ethically — it’s another matter completely, in my opinion. Seems to me that ethics tells us that, even though, of course it’s perfectly natural for some people to want out of their marriages or want to fool around, both people in a romance have to realize that they’re seeking something solely in their own self interest. But as social beings, when we’re seeking something in our own self interest, it’s ethically imperative to do everything we can to limit the collateral damage that our self-seeking may cause to other people in the vicinity. So if you have the affair when the other person’s partner doesn’t know what’s happening, or you have the affair before the other person’s partner has had time to shield and prepare the children for their shock, or you have the affair in such a way that the first time the partner finds out about it it’s in a tabloid newspaper, then you haven’t done anything to limit the collateral damage. And you’re unethical.

  • pj

    To be fair, I think her career as rom com queen was winding down because of her age more than anything else. Age is less of an issue for male actors. Now that is another injustice. I’m not sure it’s the affair that was the issue. Hard to say. The affair didn’t hurt Jolie.

  • pj

    What’s really sad is that was really not good. She is not that type of artist, I’m afraid. She has a pretty voice but very vanilla.

  • Kariann Hart

    One exception might be a parent apologizing to HIS/HER child(ren). The parent is moving out and needs to say something to the child(ren) so they won’t blame themselves. Children as young as 18 months can sense certain things, especially Daddy/Mommy not being there in the home.

  • iluvai

    This is pretty mild in terms of celebrity scandals. Plus her husband is way too old for her. Break out girl!

  • pj

    No doubt. However, there are plenty of single guys in her age range. She wasn’t a teen when she got married, either.

  • pj

    I’m guessing that wouldn’t be well received if it wasn’t sincere. I also think the kids would be owed an apology, but not until they are old enough to process it.

  • NoNonsense

    BS, Meg Ryan’s career going down was about her picking the wrong movies, Everyone in the Hollyweird industry knows very well that it was in fact her ex husband Dennis Quaid who cheated on her forever and ever.

  • zebracrunk

    I agree, the women in these scenarios is always exempt from criticism for one reason or another. I also find it funny and sad that the quote is Kat was “sorry she was caught”, and not sorry for breaking up a marriage. (or two)

  • Miz

    What would her apology be? ‘I’m sorry we got caught.’ ‘I’m sorry this makes me look bad.’

    I have zero respect for cheaters.

  • mut808

    Well I guess this is Karma for Katharine. She almost had me arrested in 2008 on trumped up bogus charges when she went to the LA district attorney about me. All because I’m a big fan and messaged her on myspace.
    I’ve meet Katharine before.
    I think she has some issues when it comes to men.

  • Listening

    Hmm I wonder if the other Smash Directors were friends w/ Michael’s wife and him. So when asked if they still wanted to work w/ him they said they’d rather not so E let them go. I can’t see E caring one way or another. The public wouldn’t known about this connection who was running what. I mean unless the show became big time which is unlikely besides then we wouldn’t care.
    I think Michael being let go has more to do w/ the other Smash directors/producers rather than any concerns the E Channel has w/ public perceptions case in point some of the shows that make it on that channel and some of the stuff they’ll actually air within them.

  • disqus_gferna

    LOL… LOL again…

  • disqus_gferna

    Now we know the reason she got the role… Ohhh women… always acting like they are innocents creatures but reality sooner or later comes out…

  • Not fit to print

    Catherine McPhee is a home wrecker but Morris is the bigger jerk.

    Public apologies are BS – more about preserving or recovering the image than anything else. We will never know what happens privately but, it’s unlikely most self-respecting people would sit still for an apology from the “other woman or man”.

    I loved Mary McCormack in West Wing and have a lot of respect for her in terms of throwing Michael Morris out. A lot of women with young children sit it out – you are never more vulnerable than when you have young children to care for and think about. She has three.