Joshua Ledet New Song “Here To Die” (AUDIO)

Joshua Ledet posted a link to twitter of a new song he wrote and recorded called “Here to Die.”

The dramatic title doesn’t overstate the passionate lyrics that allow Joshua to show off his powerful voice.

Joshua was born in the wrong era. If he had arrived twenty five or thirty years ago, he could have become a star.

Check it out the new song below.

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  • colette1

    Why 25 years ago? This could make it now with the right marketing and promo — it has a great beat, a killer vocal, a good hook and a timeless quality. Go Joshua!

  • Karen C

    I think it’s excellent. I was very impressed, actually, especially that he wrote it, and I wasn’t even a fan of his on Idol. And I do think it sounds current, it fits in very well with what Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars are having hits with.

  • gem2477

    LOL I love Joshua. He called me babe when I met him :)

  • jennyl2

    I’m kinda mix about this song. While I love the song itself and Joshua’s stellar vocals., I don’t really like the heavy beat and the recording mix. It’s like it was fighting to drown out the vocals. I hope his album will have a more soulful mix and recordings which complements his vocals.

  • Madilo

    “If he had arrived twenty five or thirty years ago, he could have become a star.”
    So he does not have a chance now ?

  • Anny_nanny

    I think it’s just not my music.

  • Montavilla

    I wish they hadn’t felt the need to process his voice — the song is good, and his voice is great without any embellishments. The beat could be a little lighter, but I don’t mind that so much.

    For me, the problem is how unnatural it sounds, when what’s great about Joshua is how organic he is as a singer.

  • sabbia

    ITA. I think the melody is really nice and there’s something about the song that makes me want to keep listening (I think it’s the melancholic feel) but there is something jarring about the mix–(too artificial for my taste).

  • rayni

    Joshua is one of my top 3 favorite voices to ever come out of idol – I’d buy it. Love to hear him sing.

  • sabbia

    I’m wondering if this is the final recorded version or merely a demo. It’s sounding more like a demo to me.

    If that’s the case, I would love to hear the final version. I just think this song has so much potential.

  • Henrique Mendes

    yeah i didn’t get that diss either

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    This general sound has come back into style. If Ledet had released this song right after his season, I’d have said “yeah, 25 years ago,” but the wheel of styles has turned so that it’s pretty current right this minute.

    I’m on Team Hope It’s a Demo, as it’s interesting, and I’ve kept listening even though this particular musical movement isn’t my favorite… but the production would benefit from… something. I agree with Montavilla that it’d benefit from sounding more organic; the contrast of more organic vocals against the artificial sound wouldn’t be a bad thing, if done well. (We’re hearing Avicii experiment with that in several idioms, so that’s also a current approach.)

  • Gwen

    If anyone can make this work, Joshua Ledet can. Anxiously awaiting more from him….

  • Darko_5

    I almost really like it and I do not mean that as a diss. It just doesn’t quite hang together right for me.

  • nncw

    I have an aversion to canned music or whatever this production is called. It seems that is the choice of most starting artists. I would take a live band and backup singers any day. It reminds me of a prefab house. It makes it hard to appreciate the distinctive quality of the singer and when he does his runs it almost seems not to fit the canned music in the background. On the other hand I want him to do really well as I think he is a talented singer – good luck on the single Joshua!

  • Stooch

    Not too bad, it does have a dated feel though. I do however judge the 2nd tier idols (one’s not signed to a Major label, that have their lead singles and other songs picked and handed to them). Some gotta work on creating music in various ways and it’s an evolution and process. A kinda trial and error sorta thing, they learn as they go and hopefully improve with each passing song. So as I said not too bad to start, he’s just gotta refine his sound IMO.

  • windmills

    I don’t think it was a diss. Just an opinion that Joshua’s style seems to lean away from current music trends, which is not necessarily an endorsement of current music trends.

    Anyway, I really like the melody and obviously, Joshua slays the vocal. Not crazy about the lyrics and I’m not not a fan of the whole drum machine/hand clap thing. Joshua’s voice is such a force, I’d just really prefer instruments that seem as live and immediate with him.

  • Incipit

    “it’s like it was fighting to drown out the vocals.”

    Exactly, jenny12. The qualities I enjoyed the most about Joshua’s vocals, the timbre and the phrasing, are not showcased here – it’s a track that most any good singer could do – in style or out of style – too many sonic layers, not enough Joshua.


  • Axxxel

    Great song ! Then again, I am not a teen or twen..Hope we hear more from Joshua though !

  • Axxxel

    yeah, can;t wait to hear a live version !

  • Wfish88

    Not a big fan. The original song he sang at the iHeart festival was better

  • ohreli

    From MJ’s comment about Joshua being born too late, I expected this to sound like Otis Redding or something. This is the great! It sounds like Justin Timberlake …but much….better!!

  • dabney_c

    First impressions: This does not sound old-school to me. It’s not an Otis Redding throwback like the stuff Josh did on Idol. This sounds much more contemporary and current.

    Having said that, it’s not a great song, imo. Not bad, but not great. It also comes off as a demo rather than a slickly produced track.

    Still, i think Josh is an amazing talent, and I’m pulling for him. If I were a record producer, I’d totally take a chance on him! Crossing fingers that some industry giant will eventually see what I see in him.

    P.S. I wonder who is financing this recording. Josh hasn’t announced any deal as far as I recall, so is he putting up the money himself for studio time? Anyone have a clue?

  • LeoCS

    This sounds cool. Exactly what I thought Joshua would be doing.

  • colette1

    Good point, Ohreli — why is it OK for Amy Winehouse or Justin Timberlake or other more current artists to sing melodically and soulful, and if a young American idol does something similar it’s “dated” today? And it’s truly hard to believe that Otis Redding or Al Green was coming up today, that their brilliance wouldn’t be recognized. My feeling is that music only has a short shelf-life when it’s doesn’t touch something timeless…

  • voco_qara

    Its not too bad. It kinda feels a bit 90s or early 00s but its still alright.

  • Sammy

    Lyndsey Parker of Reality Rocks wrote about this song today and loves it. I do, too! How is it that Joshua hasn’t been signed yet. His voice is awesome.

  • roaringpen

    This sound totally surprised me. It feels in style and works well for his voice. Me likey.
    ETA: He needs to lose all the runs at the end. It started sounding non-contemporary at the back end of the song with all of the runs.

  • Pippygirl

    I am one of the few people who could not stand Joshua during his Idol run, however I like this song a lot, and Joshua sounds great.

  • apezpril

    not a fan of his genre but this is pretty cool. the beat is a little generic but his powerful voices makes up for it.

  • waynestrong

    I’m surprised that its so good. I think it would make a great movie credits song too.

  • Ria.

    On the show Joshua sang songs that were 40-60 years old. IIf he had sung something like this I might have voted for him. I don’t think this sounds outdated. Not for Joshua. I even like this and now I am interested in what an album of his would sound like.

  • stef

    Very nice to hear something from Josh. I have a few of his AI songs which came on my iPod recently, gave me to thinking perhaps he is best in a live setting vs. recorded where he is good but not as impressive.

    But I like this new one if that means anything (only really follow country music lol). I hope he has enough contacts to really try and develop his career and music, he’s extremely talented as a vocalist IMO with even more potential as he matures.

  • Madilo

    I did not take it as a diss just that his style is not matching what’s on radios right now, maybe i’m wrong though.

  • Madilo

    He doens’t have a Label right ? I wonder he’ll ever have an album out ?

  • CanadianLady

    Good potential here. Agree with those who though the music was kind of fighting with him. I hope they can get it working better.

    I see no reason why Joshua can’t have a long and successful career in music. Hope he gets a chance.

  • girlygirl

    Not crazy about the production on this, but the song has potential. I hope Joshua is able to release some original music soon…he’s such a talented guy.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Ledet is not known to be signed.

    Artists who want to be considered by a label put out demos — and even full self-releases.

    Needing to put together a song on a limited budget is one reason artists use canned backing tracks. If you’re doing a fairly synthetic sound and you don’t have a ton of friends who can make the necessary noises for cheap, you buy rights to use a track. People sell them.

    Historically, it’s not the norm for an Idol who wasn’t signed within a year of their season to ever be signed (the one exception I can think of is the gorgeous platinum blonde from S2, the one who hosted talk shows and then put out an album with Capitol circa 2010 and it flopped). But the Idol world has changed, starting around S10 — I don’t think it’s necessarily impossible for a post-Idol working musician to get signed, though the business is brutally competitive.

    Ledet could also put out an indie EP, though that’s unlikely to get a lot of distribution. That sort of thing needs to be part of a larger career plan.

  • CanadianLady

    >don’t think it’s necessarily impossible for a
    couple-years-post-Idol working musician to get signed for the first time, though the business is brutally competitive.

    To me, it makes sense for someone like Joshua or Hollie or several from Season 13 who have had very little or no experience in the music business to get signed after learning the ropes and kind of proving themselves. Some of the kids who’ve been on Idol have had a fair bit of experience performing in various ways, and have a good idea of what they’re doing and what they want, while others are like deer in the headlights, but can learn.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    The big, open questions are:

    (a) Will the Idol fan base be big enough and loyal enough to both provide financial support through the “learning the ropes” years and be an incentive to the label to sign an artist two or three or four years later?

    (b) Are professional connections made through Idol so valuable that those alone would outweigh weak fan effects?

    My vague impression is that Elise Testone has found the answer to (b) to be YES, so there’s hope on that front.

    On (a), I just dunno. Idol used to be a viable launching pad at least to make some moolah on a first album. Its value in comparison to “just trudging the start-up band path” seems lower these days than it was as recently as S9, but that doesn’t mean it’s zero, either. (And it may remain higher for vocalists who aren’t involved in the band scene.)

  • Ari

    I think Josh is so talented and hope he gets someone behind him he’s also an amazing performer. Is he signed to a label or is he releasing this on hisown? The llatter would make it very hard unless there’s some viral video. I dont think this sounds old fashioned at all… Sound r&b/soul like others on the charts… Actually better. When is it officially available. He has so much potential to make it big with the right team behind him. IF YOU READ THIS, GO JOSH!!!

  • Tinawina

    I love the song, but I’m not hearing the currency some of you are hearing. This is not the same type of R&B/soul that is storming the pop charts right now IMO. I dont like the production either, especially the drums. But it is a really good song. I am very encouraged that he wrote this. I love me some Joshua. I could see this making some noise at UAC. Or even Urban with better production. I want to hear more songs!

  • Sally Smith

    Joshua did a ustream last week and he said he is signed by 19 entertainment. He also said he is working on music
    and finding the right songs for him. He said things are flowing
    smoothly but slowly. So I don’t know if he is signed or just making
    demos I guess we’ll see but I wish him nothing but the best and I hope things will work out for him :)

  • Sally Smith

    I love this new song his voice sounds beautiful as always and the lyrics are amazing. But I do agree with everyone I wish the production wasn’t so heavy. His voice is good enough without all the other stuff. Like others are saying this could be a demo if that’s the case with a little more work on it I can’t wait to hear the final version of the song. I’m a huge Josh fan and I wish him nothing but the best. Can’t wait to see what else he puts out in the future :)

  • EB

    Great song, very promising start! I think he will just always be better live because of the passion and emotion that he has as a performer. Even his studio recordings from Idol, while technically flawless and perfect to listen to, were missing what you get when you see him perform.

    It is more overproduced than I may like but he won’t get anywhere doing really old-school soul. This seems like a good happy medium between maybe 80s and 90s R&B + a little of today? Good luck to him as always… I hope he finally gets signed soon!

  • JosieX

    I still remember being just stunned at what he could do. Amazing talent. I used to love to read Melinda Doolittle’s tweets after Joshua would perform, she was so funny (she is one of my other favorites), I agree with your comment- I would buy this too. I really like it.

  • Happyhexer

    I hope you are right. Though why the overprocessing if it’s a demo? Wouldn’t they want to show off the singer’s voice? If it’s not the final version, I’d love to see them cut back just a bit on the overproduction/overprocessing.

  • Happyhexer

    Good song with potential, but as others have noted, would like to see less production and a more organic feel to the vocals . . .

    #fingerscrossedandeyessqueezedtight GO JOSHUA!

  • onebirdlover1

    This isn’t old fashioned at all…..sounds good to me.