Joanna Pacitti Bikini Photos, Jessica Langseth DUI

The New York Post uncovered some bikini photos of disqualified Idol contestant, Joanna Pacitti, shot last October for a Brazilian Bikini line.   Check them out here.

Plus, the first Idol mugshot of 2009 has appeared.   Jesse Langseth was picked up for DUI a few years ago. She pled guilty, spent 4 days in jail and was put on probation for 2 years. TMZ has the deets HERE. (check out Jesse HERE.   She’s the sister of blues guitarist, Jonny Lang)

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  • BootStar


    FWIW,I thought Joanna looked way hotter in her bikinis than Bikini Girl, LOL. (What was her name again?)

    Jesse had a DUI. Oh, well, she served her time. Is TMZ owned by 19M?

  • mj

    Is TMZ owned by 19M?

    LOL no. But I’m convinced they work together.

    Jesse’s DUI? There but for the grace of God go I.

  • itsalleternal

    It seems TMZ loves to find controversy at every turn.

  • cookcricket

    I don’t care about Joanna anymore and probably wouldn’t have anyway.

    That’s just ridiculous that TMZ is reporting on a DUI from 2 years ago! As BootStar said, she served her time. Now lets move on. Esp. if this is the worse they can find.

    I have a feeling they think they’re going to have to be extra busy this season. lol.

  • CRB

    Jesseà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s DUI? There but for the grace of God go I.


    Joanna is a pretty good singer and I’m guessing that before the “19E shit hit the STAR fan” she was earmarked for one of the Johns/Smithson Idols Live slots on the show and would have been ushered out, perhaps in a shocker!!!, before the multi-song shows started the inevitable ravaging of the vocal chords. Even I’m not quite cynical enough to think they gave her Hollywood just for the publicity of the DQ at the cut to thirty six.

    I thought her demeanor during the “judgment” show was very businesslike, almost as if she knew which way it was going to go. I liked her audition better than her pre-Idol commercial release. She has a very poppish, light voice and looks great in a bikini too.

  • SpenserJ

    Jesseà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢s DUI? There but for the grace of God go I.

    Totally. That’s why I think it’s the one thing in a young person’s history that the public seems to forgive.

    Now, before the pile on begins, I’ll point out that I have lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident. Having said that – I know I’ve been in that place before – when you’re young and you think you’ve only had 3 beers so you’re totally fine. Odds are, if I had been pulled over, I would have been over the legal limit. I’m only 5 feet tall – I could probably have one drink and be over the limit.

    For me personally, I see a huge difference between someone who overestimated their soberness once when they were young and a raging alcoholic who gets loaded every weekend and drives home every time wasted just missing killing someone by luck.

    Of course, now I’m older and I know better. Plus I have kids who depend on me, so I wouldn’t make the same mistake now. And, my husband and I know the number of the local cab company by heart for whenever we find ourselves in that situation :)

    So, Jessica’s criminal past won’t influence me one way or the other. I’m willing to judge her on performance alone.

  • NYCSlain

    HOLY CRAP, Joanna’s got a hot bod…

    I truly hope people don’t hold this DUI thing against Jess (I’m slipping away b4 this post gets ugly…)

  • revots33

    Poor Joanna. Good singer, but not quite good enough to make it as a singer. Pretty girl, but not quite hot enough to make it as a model.

    Looks like she might have to *gasp* work for a living.


    Or marry Mark Ballas and let him support her,

  • Tess

    I think that picture of Jess sums it all up….shame, fear, humiliation, sadness.

    Compare that to the defiant pictures of most “Stars” who have had a DUI.

    Personally, I would never want to put myself out there for the world to see…have way too much history, and not always the best kind.

  • SparklesATL

    What’s will all of the “bikini models?” I’m an old woman, so you young chikies tell me, does every girl who’s young and thin pose for bikini pictures?

  • St.Lucia

    I always figured Joanna had some pictures out there of her, not sure why. She seems she’ll try just about anything to get herself into some sort of limelight music related or not.

    As for Jesse’s DUI. She made a mistake. She did her time, and I’m not surprised this surfaces now…right before the semis and at the right time to get people buzzing.

    No publicity is bad publicity, right?

  • Natasha

    Photos of Joanna in a bikini turn up right now? What a shock. I knew a mugshot of someone would pop up at some point too. I’m not holding it against Jesse. She seems to have done everything that the law required of her under the circumstances.

  • CRB

    No publicity is bad publicity, right?

    I’m pretty sure that a DUI in conjunction with that particular picture may be putting that chestnut to the test.

  • Diana

    Wow, driving under the influence is a pretty big deal. You could easily kill someone, or kill someone’s child.

    Am I the only one who thinks this?

    It’s far worse than a “mistake”.

    New York is considering giving people the equivalent of a murder conviction for a DUI.

  • St.Lucia

    I do think a DUI is a big deal because I never think getting behind a wheel when you have had anything to drink is a smart idea.

    Regardless, this doesn’t surprise me. There is one every year. And the sad fact of the matter as big of a deal as I think DUI’s are…they are SO common that they aren’t a big deal…if that makes sense…

    Everyone has a DUI or so it seems.

  • MrsTrep

    St. Lucia – you completely make sense to me!

    And I find it funny that Joanna is modeling for a line of bikini’s, you can hardly see a bathing suit in that picture! It looks like maybe modeling is the way for her to go?