Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, Will.i.Am Among American Idol Judges Contenders

Welp. To quote the legendary rock band, the Who? Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. American Idol brass is narrowing down the contenders for the season 13 judges panel, and the names sound super familiar.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lopez, who was a judge for seasons 10 and 11, is at the top of the list. But talks between producers and Jlo’s people have broken down-over money, of course. Jennifer made around 15 million dollars a year when she sat on the panel, and considering Mariah Carey made 3 million more than that…Jenny from the block is looking for a raise. OY. Who needs her.

Keith Urban, who judged last year, looks set to return. And the show might add, who served as a mentor for the first two seasons of The Voice UK. God no. He’s a chucklehead and soooo annoying. But reportedly, he still hasn’t decided whether he’ll return to that ratings stinker. Hit pop producer, Dr. Luke, is also in the running, but a source tell THR that Idol has “cooled on him.”

New producer, Pers Blankens, who cut his Idol teeth on the Swedish version, is “looking for big names” to fill out the panel. Apparently his line of thinking is “This is American Idol–the biggest of the franchise. The judges should be the same.”

The “bigger is better” philosophy hasn’t helped Idol ratings so far, so why keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results? Some call that insanity.

As far as Idol alums, are concerned, Jennifer Hudson, who was rumored to be close to finalizing a deal, is still in the running. But, Blakens and fellow newbie producers, Jesse Ignjatovic and Evan Pragar--who have experience producing big live events for MTV–have soured on the all-alumni panel idea. Although, THR claims that as recently as two weeks ago, talks with season 8 alum, Adam Lambert were still ongoing.

UGH. Just find smart, funny, knowledgeable people who have chemistry and know what they are talking about! Being famous is NOT a criteria! Jlo was more interested in promoting her career than having anything interesting or helpful to say. She pulled her punches more often than not. is a clown and a total media whore. And the all-alum idea is a bad one. A varied panel is the way to go. One alum, an industry expert, and another singer would do it. IS IT REALLY THAT DIFFICULT PEOPLE.

I was hoping the purge would bring on some significant and helpful changes that could turn around the sagging fortunes of the show  I love. Now, I’m not so sure.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Flynn950

    If Will.I.Ain’t is a judge, then I ain’t watching any of it. Please no J. LO, her 15 minutes of Idol has past.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Yup, still clueless. J.LO – Keith Urban – combo sounds like another shot in the dark. And this was supposed to be that exciting line-up that Ryan Seacrest was talking about? So out of touch it’s not even funny anymore.

  • houseone

    I sure hope Keith Urban returns to Idol. I loved him on there. He is funny and truthful and respectful. He actually gave good critiques to help the contestants.

  • Amy Beth

    Will.I.Am seems to collect music reality judgeships like regular people collect coins or stamps.

  • Mateja Praznik

    So American Idol stole Keith Urban from The Voice Australia and now they are after from The Voice UK. Considering what a disaster The Voice UK is, it shouldn’t be too hard, but it doesn’t seem too smart.

  • Q_3

    Just no to — he loves to hear himself talk and says very little. Looks like the new AI exec crew may not be as smart as the old AI exec crew.

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Yup, my predicted reaction of “vexed” is right on target. And here I was hoping for “flustered.”

    I was feeling guilty about potentially becoming an unpleasable fan… but this ain’t even tryin’ to please me.

  • Lori

    “The ‘bigger is better’ philosophy hasn’t helped Idol ratings so far, so why keep doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results. Some call that insanity.” LMFAO (And no, I’m not suggesting LMFAO as judges!)

  • HermeticallySealed

    Just no To JLo and Will.

  • girlygirl

    The new TPTB are clueless if they think J-Lo and are good choices. They are basically just recycling the choices old TPTB came up with. Where are the new ideas?

  • voco_qara

    Yeah I’ve seen a lot of comments from people(including myself:) ) that want to see him return. I mean honestly, if you can manage to become a popular judge after the disaster that was season 12, then you deserve to come back.

  • lola

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no…..And did I say no to Will I.Am and JLo?

  • fuzzywuzzy
  • Joanie Yan

    The show needs to be about the contestants – not the judges.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    If the new PTB are seriously considering bringing JLo back and, then the tiny shred of hope that I had for a real change in Idol has withered and died. Same old attitude and no hope for any serious improvement in a show that I’ve loved for so many years. Oh well ….

  • Karen C

    I think they should have at least one judge that is from the industry, someone unknown to the public. It shouldn’t be JLO or Wil i am it should be the person who discovered them and knew they could be a star. I think that’s what’s been missing the past few years.
    I should start calling myself K.are.n

  • Valarie

    Other shows can find younger singers, who aren’t past their prime, and who also aren’t Nicki Minage. Why can’t Idol?

  • Tinawina

    Welp. Still stupid.

  • Stooch

    And today I just became a little more thankful and appreciative of the “Mute” button on my remote

  • Kirsten

    If the new PTB are seriously considering bringing JLo back and, then the tiny shred of hope that I had for a real change in Idol has withered and died

    Could not agree more.

  • H.A.

    LMAO. Thank goodness we have The Voice!!! I thought Jenny from the block is doing movies and has no time for Idol? Wasted millions on someone who will give us nothing but goosies and praising every single guy that sings off key. Is there anything won’t do for a buck?

    Keith bored me to tears but he’s eye candy so that will make Idol fans really happy. Sadzzz.

    I think these names are just a red herring and I’m thinking they already have their judges and JLO and are not included.

  • Not fit to print

    I can’t see them going with J-LO, J-Hud and Two woman and one guy? The Idol audience, which is predominantly female, has made it plain that they prefer to look at men. Let’s face it, is not exacly eye-candy. Maybe Keith will still be there.

    Whoever they pick, we are not going to be happy.

  • Not fit to print

    With this set of judges….. it will be. It will have to be.

  • Not fit to print

    Maybe Shirley is getting frustrated at the lack of leaks and just put something out there to get a rise out of Idol.

  • sue

    Oh heck bring Nigel back if they are going to pull this crap. These new producers have no fricken clue! The show is not about the the panel. Find some good contestants and bring the dreamers back. Listen to what MJ said above! Geezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE NO JLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • thedeviledadvocate

    You know, if all AI wants are sellouts who will throw contestants under the bus, they could go to Applebee’s and hire four bussers to the tune of 8 bucks per hour each.

  • koshka

    Bussing is my favorite subject. ;)

  • koshka

    One could only hope!

  • Mel432

    Why did they even bother to fire the old producers when the news ones are doing the same-o. Hasn’t J-Lo made enough money doing those private gigs for those inhumane billionaires.

  • Sassycatz

    You’ve got to be kidding.

    I thought Jennifer Lopez was off entertaining dictators. I’m sure she hasn’t hit them all yet. What about that North Korean guy? That KGB guy in Russia? There’s a couple more in South America and tons of warlords in Africa. That should keep her busy.

    And William? Isn’t he on every frickin’ judges panel and shows up on every show? He’s like everyone’s leftover. Like the himbo all the girls have dated and threw over.

    Ketih is fine. Forget the other two!

  • Pippygirl

    I’m calling bulls**t. This goes against what Ryan basically said, which is the panel has already been chosen.

  • Mel432

    Another thing, if $15M is not enough for J-Lo, for sure she is not doing this to help the kids. She is doing it for herself.

  • adamdreamz

    i agree noooo J-LO….Will iam maybe

  • http://MJO judes

    We’ll have Keith back on The Voice Australia if Idol doesn’t want him & Idol can have Seal as a swap!!Lol!! Keith was great on The Voice & when he’s allowed to judge freely he shows how knowlegeable he is about a wide range of music. You can see it when he watched the idols sing- he clearly loves music in general.
    Please though no J-Lo- she’s had her day & is now past her Use by date. Why don’t they save money & get someone who doesn’t demand a high price.

  • tigervixxxen

    An article from Shirley dropping Adam’s name as in the running. Shocking.

  • voco_qara

    Seal ….ugh. I would rather take Joel Madden from The Voice Australia. Joel is awesome on that show.

  • thirdtime Seriously? That’s barely a step up from Nicki Minaj. I didn’t watch last year and would seal the deal for me again this coming season for not watching – and here I thought I was going to be a viewer again, but I guess that’s up in the air now too.

  • HKfan

    Ryan said the panel was being finalised, not that it was finalised.

  • Sassycatz

    I think they should consider Gloria Estefan and Harry Connick, along with Keith.

  • carola99

    Will I Am? PLS NO.
    And I may be minority here, but I find Keith Urban incredibly boring on th epanel. can´t they find someone more lively like Blake Shelton? Maybe Brad Paisley?

    I do like the idea of a pairing of JLO & Adam Lambert. I think they would click. Hope it happens for Adam..

  • chloe18

    call me cynical, but my guess is idol is just throwing this story out now b/c the lawsuit story has been making the rounds so this is their way to change the subject, way too big of a coincidence for me that the story comes out today when they haven’t said anything all month. Anyway after last years endless drama I don’t care until they announce the final names

  • dangrey

    I would love a Keith, Paula, and Harry Connick Jr. line up.

  • marmom07

    Perhaps this is simply a PR attempt at lowering expectations!!! Then they will announce the real judges. LOL

  • Mainstreet_USA

    NO. NO.

  • yaddabing

    Dr. Luke would be really good, but he has his label with Sony, so I don’t know if he would be able to do that.

  • Sue tiedemann

    I would think that Harry Connick Jr. could make American Idol very interesting. He was a great mentor to the Idol performers.


    NO to J Lo … her head is as big as that Idol Stage. All she cares about is prancing around in her outfits meant for 18 yr olds. NOT A FAN…blah

  • ZsusK

    Ugh. MJ, I don’t like this!! Make it go away! Make it go away!!

    BTW, JLo QUIT the show. I say no take-backs.

  • alt28023

    I never got the super dislike for JLo. I mean all the judges thus far have been duds, at least she was somewhat personable.

    This coming from an incurable Haley fan

  • thirdtime

    She was a popular judge with the casual watchers I know.

  • ZsusK

    By “casual” do you mean “comatose?”

  • CB40

    I will stop watching if these are the judges.

    And instead of spending money here, they should just CLEAR MORE SONGS.

  • Onescoopyes

    Younger singers does not equal better judges. I don’t care if someone is past their prime, as long as they are a good judge.

  • Onescoopyes

    To be fair, the most talented seasons were JLo’s seasons.

  • Ponkiiee

    Omfg jlo?! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • Onescoopyes

    I would welcome this panel! And so would the casuals who hated Nicki. If there’s chemistry then why not? This would make me and a lot of other people hopeful for the new season.

    As long as the talent is good and they have chemistry and can judge, then I say bring it on!

  • Onescoopyes

    She was a better and more articulate judge than Paula.

  • JLE

    Not even close for me. I stopped watching and took it off my TiVo Season 10.

  • roaringpen


  • Onescoopyes

    Also, haven’t people said again and again that the judges are the least of idol’s problems? Wouldn’t you rather focus on the new team updating the songbook, themes, and get rid of the overdone ballads and oldies? Maybe focus on better production? Less manipulation? Better energy? More personalities highlighted? The judges should be the least of idols problems.

  • Onescoopyes

    Also, the judges aren’t the only improvement that should be made. How about updating the songbook, themes, and format? The judges were the least of idols problems last year.

  • ZsusK

    Well, “people” can say it all they want. But the judges are a one of Idol’s major problems.

  • shell29


  • Tinawina

    I don/t mind her so much, but I am annoyed at the indication that they are still focused on casting “big stars” instead of just finding credible, honest judges with some chemistry. That’s what makes them stupid in my mind, not JLo.

  • Pat H

    He actually said, “We’ve put together a panel that American Idol watchers will be excited about.” Then he talked about chemistry. It sounds like a done deal to me. Actually, almost all of THR’s info is old, except for Dr Luke & Adam being in negotiations

  • overthetop1

    If Keith Urban comes back, they can’t have Harry. They’ll need people in other demographics.

  • perfectstorm

    I don’t think Jennifer Lopez was any worse than Mariah Carey, Nikki Minaj, Kara DioGuardi, Ellen Degeneres. People hated Randy Jackson and said Steven Tyler was useless and Paula Abdul was constantly ridiculed. Keith Urban turned out to be a disappointment.

    It’s a thankless job and no matter who is chosen, they aren’t going to make people happy.

  • Not fit to print

    Both older guys with an appeal to southerners. They could have 4 judges: two guys and two gals.

  • Montavilla

    Specifically, the problem is the perception that the judges are only doing it for their (overpriced) paychecks, and not because they have any passion for the craft or interest in the people on stage.

    No doubt Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and the other Voicers are well-compenstated, but I have no idea how much they’re getting. It’s never part of their story. So, the perception is that they do the show just because it’s so gosh-darned fun.

    With judges like Ben Folds, RuPaul, Nina Garcia, and Nigel Lythgoe, their passion (for their respective subjects) is obvious. It’s interesting to watch them give critiques and it makes the viewer feel smart to pick up bits of information about what makes a good acappela group, drag queen, dress, or dance.

    When the emphasis is placed on a judge’s ego (as manifested in their pay demands), then it’s way too easy to interpret anything they say — no matter how insightful — as corrupt and ego-driven. Or worse, producer-scripted.

  • Harmony Dreven

    “Whoever they pick, we are not going to be happy.” This. This to a million. >_<

  • Harmony Dreven

    Adam’s supposedly been in the running for two seasons. I’ll believe it when I see it. Not that I particularly think that it will ever happen…

  • Harmony Dreven

    How much lower can our expectations go? /o

  • Q_3

    I think he would not be good. He is very low key, and with Keith on the panel, they do not need to nice, low-key people. Here is a clip of Dr. Luke on the Grammy Red Carpet:

    I started to watch it and ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

  • b_james


  • b_james


  • Larc

    They could at least try.

  • Kariann Hart

    What about Fergie?

  • Kariann Hart

    I really need to disagree about Keith Urban. He is such a laid back and experienced judge; however, look at the gals on that panel. That’s called working under undo stress. I sincerely believe Keith will get better on a panel of likable and knowledgeable people. I hope he is brought back!

  • windmills

    Here I was building up some good will for the new AI crew based on having been spared endless rumors about the new AI judges’ panel this summer, and thinking the silence was a good sign of real retooling. But now the 1st wave of new rumors is the same as the old, uninspired rumors? Meh.

    P.S. I’m willing to give Keith another chance because I feel he’s capable of being excellent but I’m not invested in him coming back based on his performance as a judge in s12.

  • Kariann Hart

    I wish they could have hired one of the judges from The Sing-Off! However, I believe Sara is the only one not returning to the show.

  • SteelWauhterz

    Considering what Ryan said in his interview. I have my doubts about JLo and William.. Fans of the show would not be happy by either choice.

  • breakdown

    Just say no to the two Jens.

  • bearcatnat

    Wouldn’t the panel HAVE to be finalized already since the auditions have already started?

  • kikileo

    How many names did they throw around last year? I’m not going to believe anything until its confirmed by Fox or the judges themselves.

  • jpfan2

    Please no JHud or any Idol alum. Too bad no Harry C jr. He would have brought some strong opinions to the panel.

  • springboard2

    Any of even the faintest whisper of ‘goossies’ or ‘baby’ and I switch off for good!

  • springboard2

    But it would have been his own opinions, and considering the short list, it doesn’t seem that it is what the producers want.

    If they make another panel of puppets that feels like one then Idol is dead. JLo being an actress, she should be able to act the part convincingly, but she doesn’t.

  • kikileo

    Who knows, maybe they will leak his name eventually. I remember Keith came out of nowhere after the endless speculation on who would be judging.

  • kikileo

    Maybe the new producers won’t make the judges their “puppets.” Nigel and Ken(the puppet masters themselves) are gone now.

  • kikileo

    A lot of the casuals missed her and Steven(especially Steven) on the show. My Mom is still hoping he comes back next year.

  • Vetle Hovland


    I could like Keith – JHud – Adam however.

  • springboard2

    Considering their short list, I fear that nothing much will change, but I may be wrong.
    May be JLO can be a different judge with different producer directions, and also Keith to some extend. This is only speculation for now.

  • Linda Foltz

    I would LOVE for them to get Bette Midler as a judge. She’s a great singer AND performer and has a quick wit. I also wouldn’t mind Jimmy Iovine being a judge, because, as a producer, he knows what the studios are looking for.

  • voco_qara

    Yeah I’m all for Harry Connick Jr being a judge. I think he’d bring a lot of intelligent opinions to the show(even if I don’t agree with them all). Id love to see more intelligent musical debates like his argument with Randy, on the show.

  • Jake W.

    If true, I am sitting out this season. I can’t stand JLO and Will.I.Am. I don’t mind Keith’s return because I kind of liked him last season. I liked the idea of bring back some of the previous idol alums to the panel.

  • Miss Blue

    Bette, CHER, Harry Connick, Jr – HELLO AMERICAN IDOL, get a friggen clue already. You want big names – there ya go. The difference is they are actual talented performers – coughJLocough – who would probably utter more than “goosies”, “amazing”, and “bestsingerEVAH”.

  • Mateja Praznik

    No, just no, unless you think Idol is a program for pensioners only.

  • Not fit to print

    One would be okay. Any more than that would be jumping the shark. The rest of the panel would have to be cracker-jack (unless Kelly or Carrie was on, which we know isn’t happening.)

  • Not fit to print

    Bette would be AWESOME. I wonder if they’ve even thought of her.

  • Not fit to print

    I would prefer her over J-Hud. Can’t see both of them.

  • NatSasic

    Ugh, this latest update sounds terrible. JLo was OK, but there were things she needed to work on, and I don’t think she’ll change. is a massive waste of space on The Voice – he umms and ahhs and without giving a solid critique. I say get Keith back, one Idol alum, and then one judge with serious producer/studio credits to their name.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I disagree. For me, S10 and 11 were among the least overall talented and interesting seasons.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    True, but since it appears that the new PTB are following in the same path as the previous PTB in the judges they are considering, I’m taking that as a sign that nothing else will change. I’m pessimistic, but I hope that I’m wrong.

  • marmom07

    I just hope the PTB are reading the comments both here and elsewhere. That might give them a clue as to what “fans of the show” would like to see.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Me too. I disliked when Keith started referring to the female contestants as “baby”. To me, that’s patronizing.

  • ladymctech

    Younger judges won’t necessarily bring in the younger audience as Idol keeps hoping it can capture.

  • ladymctech

    I thought JLo was so busy with her “other projects” as well that she had no time for Idol. Guess things didn’t work out for her as planned.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Exactly. If the list of potential judges is real, then that’s an indication that nothing will change.

  • kansasfemale

    Personally, I am totally against JLo – she was self-serving and I felt she was calculating every move, every comment to further her own ego and/or career. Poor poor poor choice.

    They need to find someone like Ben Folds or ??? – someone who can give critique from a professional, serious, knowledgeable standpoint. If you teach the audience something as well as the contestant, and the contestant comes back next week showing that he understood the critique and put it to use….the audience becomes invested in the artist. Now we just get fluff and kissy-face bull….and flip-flop vagueness.

    Get serious – literally. Treat the artists and the audience like we have brains.

    It’s turned into a game-show.

  • usedtobelucy

    “According to The Hollywood Reporter, Jennifer Lopez, who was a judge for seasons 10 and 11, is at the top of the list.”

    Oh, for heaven’s sake.

    And WTF?

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Those “other projects” are precisely why JLo wants the exposure on Idol – to be paid handsomely to be able to flog her clothing line, fragrance, music, movies, etc. on a twice weekly basis for months.

  • usedtobelucy

    Well, the thing is, though, that on the other shows the judges aren’t actually supposed to *judge.*

    On both The Voice and X Factor, the judges are *champions* of people — *and* their own celebrity is put front and center. When The Voice is seeking a judge, they get to say to people, “Your job is to pick some people and repeatedly say how wonderful they are, squabble adorably with the other celebs on the show, not give a crap about whether the contestants you pick can succeed in the business once the show is over, and get your own music showcased without anybody criticizing you for it.” Sounds like a great, fun pretty much no-risk gig full of fabulous self-marketing. “The show is all about you — and how warm and funny and fabulously talented *you* are, Mr/Ms Celebrity!”

    By contrast, when Idol looks for judges, they have to say, “Your job is to give intelligent, cogent, incisive critiques of people to help them improve; provide real criticism — even if the audience boos you — while being kind and warm at the exact same time; pick the right people who can succeed in the business after the show to the level of Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood; show no bias for or against any of the contestants lest ye offend the audience in tv land (except as directed by the producers, but in that case you must do your utmost to pretend that you’re not showing bias); get along well with your fellow panel members, perhaps squabbling light-heartedly once in a while, to keep the audience entertained but to zealously fend off viewer complaints that the show is all about you and not about the contestants. And if we do sneak in a showcase for some of your own music in the course of the season, be prepared for the Internet to explode with pissed-off fans who would rather have seen another duet from Angie and Amber.” That sounds like a quite difficult and not very rewarding gig, particularly for performers who are in the business of shining up their own charisma and images and posting them everywhere so the world will love them. So no wonder they have trouble getting people to sign up

    The expectations on and for Idol judges are much different than the expectations on X-Factor and, especially, The Voice, and, I think, make it much more difficult to get people of the kind you’re describing to take the jobs *and* more difficult for people to do the jobs well once they’re in them.

    That’s my take, anyway.

  • thirdtime

    I agree with you so much, Idol is so off the mark on what the viewers want. They say they want to get back the viewers who have left, but they continue to ignore what it is that those viewers want to see. And the more flashy, game showy and manipulative they get, the more people are turned off. Treat the artists and the viewers like they have brains! Well said!! In the end it’s not going to matter who the judges are if the producers constantly try to manipulate the outcome. I don’t think they let the judges say whatever they want anyway.

  • ellen8

    No more JLo please. Wonder if Adam can do Glee and Idol ??

  • bscfan

    Please no JLo! Her babbling makes me want to run out the room screaming. If the producers want people to think the show is being refreshed, then they can’t go back to the same old people as judges.

  • usedtobelucy

    JLo is the Larry Summers of American Idol.

  • Not fit to print

    If these rumours are true then FOX is probably driving the panel choices, not the new guys.

    Together M& N cost over $25 million and a lot of viewers. FOX probably spent many nights this past winter wishing that they had given J-Lo a couple of extra million.

    J-Lo’s departure started a downward spiral for the show, with a massive and messy judge search going all the way to Joe Jonas. Maybe FOX has been obsessing all year about where they went wrong and they are returning to the point where they fell off the rails.

    Not saying it’s right, Just saying it makes sense in a FOX-Y sort of way.

  • Liteasy

    JLo and Steven Tyler started the downward spiral – they both were useless judges and there only to benefit their downward careers.

  • perfectstorm

    Season 10 bounced back after Season 9. And the judges on The Voice takes the cake with shameless promotion. I’d take J Lo over Miley Cyrus or Jennifer Hudson or an all male panel.

  • jpfan2

    Not true. While they may have been useless the show didn’t go until free fall until this past season. The ratings were going down with general TV watching but not careening like this year. I though there were meh judges but they didn’t hurt the franchise at all.

  • perfectstorm

    I didn’t say J Lo was better than Keith Urban. But she was better than quite a few others who have sat on the panel.

  • Kariann Hart

    I wish Ben Folds was available.

  • Kariann Hart

    My reply was to the comment, “Keith Urban turned out to be a disappointment.” Please understand that many of us weren’t disappointed in Keith. I think he was stifled in an unpleasant environment. When he was excited about a performance, he let it show. I’d want to see what he can do now that he has that season under his belt and better judges to work with!

  • Not fit to print

    The downward spiral from a judging panel POV started when Paula left. The Season 9 Ellen/Randy/disengaged Simon/pissed-off Kara rivals AI12 for bad chemistry.

    Drops in prior years could be written off to normal attrition. Idol is old. This year’s drop, especially the finale, is precipitous.

    I agree about J-Lo and Steven promoting themselves too much. it tainted the show but that is the least of Idol’s problems this year, and they know it.

  • Not fit to print

    .LOLs – replied to myself instead of you.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Yawn. And as far as JLo’s purported negotiations–I hope it’s untrue. ‘Goosies’ already over-stayed her pathetic run. Will.I.Am is annoying, boring and he sucks at ‘judging’ (which makes complete sense for AI to hire him as a judge). Keith started out good by offering hoenst relavane feedback…and he is great eye candy, imo; but then he jumped on the producer arse-kissing train and pimping of certain contestants (hello Amber) , and the ‘damning by faint praise’ of others ( hello Kree). He played the Idol games, so F him too.

  • Landon Cox

    Though at least the cast of contestants during the Steven/JLo era was considerably better than most other seasons. How much she contributed though is undetermined.

  • nncw

    I don’t think it would hurt if one year they went with some alumnus I would be good with Jennifer, Adam and Keith. I saw Oprah’s interview with Jennifer and she was articulate and I think she would be thoughtful in her deliberations.

  • perfectstorm

    My guess – if negotiations with J Lo fall through, it will be Jennifer Hudson. They won’t have an all-male panel. Will I Am is with Interscope.

  • babyspock

    S11 drop in ratings were 23% in overall audience and ~30% in the 18-49 demo. That drop in the 18-49 demo was in fact higher than the drop in S12 which was ~25%.

  • Ronnie D

    Why are they recycling all this old talent. What would Will I Am judge someone on? The use of auto tune? lol. Jlo, been there done that. Urban, ugh I won’t even go there, although he is a looker.

  • Joey

    can we just NOT have any more celebrities as judges? Make room for those who can actually give the contestants decent criticism and not just close-minded opinions like “yeah I thought that was good” “love your style” etc. And people like J-Lo already have enough going on in their careers. I think everyone seems to hate the fact that the focus has been more on who’s gonna be judging next season rather than the contestants themselves. What did we remember from last season? Nothing but the controversy between Nicki and Mariah. Let’s face it: we need fresh faces!

  • Matty Minkus

    Is this old people Idol?

  • Matty Minkus

    It’s not like she’s the only one lol.

  • Tinawina

    Yup. JLO ad Steven were part of the bump in S10, but the second year of their tenure was the first of the big ratings drop years. Now it is debatable whether that was entirely their fault since it was also the first year there were 3 viable competitors on the air (and the first year after XF ran a season on the same network) but just the same, it was not all roses and puppies during their tenure.

  • Onescoopyes

    Simon sometimes called people “Sweetheart.”

    I don’t think it’s a big deal and its not going to determine whether I watch the show or not LOL.

  • Matty Minkus

    Season 10 was a bore for me.

  • vdawg

    JLo is too expensive and just no to I will take Keith any day. The new producers must not have watched last season, no chemistry at all.

  • HopeForMusic

    I’m with you on wanting Keith back. He was placed in a ridiculous position last season, and I’m thinking that he will be really, really good, given another chance with a panel of sane individuals.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t like “sweetheart” either, and no, it’s not going to prevent me from watching the show and I never said that it would.

  • MissMyEm

    I don’t think one had to be a rocket scientist to figure out that JLo was not only in it for the money, but to revive her dying career. I do remember Will.I.Am being a “mentor during S11 (I think) but I have no idea if it was a producer call or a Jimmy Iovine call. I am also confused as to how Ryan Seacrest could say that the “fans will be excited” or whatever it was he said, when there is no judging panel yet. And finally, I think it’s really appalling how Shirley is playing Adam’s fans. First she says that talks with him have been as recent as two weeks and then she quotes him as saying “if I am asked.” So which is it? He was asked as recently as two weeks ago or he wasn’t? To me saying “if” means he wasn’t. And that’s a direct quote. I’m thinking Shirley knows that if she mentions Adam there will be a modicum of excitement surrounding his fans and she’ll get lots of hits to her blog. The “source” could be anyone. It could be me for all that. So I think this is a lot of hot air. I hope his fans are not buying into this because they could get let down. And remember, even though Nigel is no longer with the show, the first time the rumor surfaced (and I believe that’s all it is) he said he had not heard of anyone approaching Adam. And that is verified by his quote. No one knows who the judges will be, except for maybe Keith Urban and possibly JLo. I think I read somewhere that the year JLo became a judge, she was promised a music video or something to that affect. But please don’t quote me on that.

  • seashellz51

    I find it odd that Ryan Seacrest just said that the people who watch American Idol are gonna be excited. Like the panel was already chosen. And now this article. Very strange. I was really hoping that the new PTB were gonna bring something exciting. I am not excited by JLo or Will I Am. At all. Maybe this is a red herring article. And the panel is gonna be amazing! ;)

  • springboard2

    It’s PR for Idol. He doesn’t have to believe it.

  • gem2477

    I thought Ryan said the judges were set already?

  • Incipit

    Heh. He doesn’t even have to expect ‘us’ to believe it.

    Most don’t.

  • babyspock

    Last time when Nigel said he had not heard anything about Adam was last year. Adam himself have said he had been asked by idol about being a judge last year.

  • Erlie

    None of my business, but I am getting tired reading about why is almost everyone “hung up” on how much of a deal a particular Idol judge can get on his/her contract? Isn’t that negotiation should be left between Fox and the prospect? The way I see it if Fox can afford to splurg, then so be it. Just saying.

  • Mel432

    So last year Nigel said he didn’t know anyone who approached Adam, and Adam also said he had not been approached. That doesn’t mean at a later date Adam hadn’t been in talks. I believe Adam was high on the list to fill the last seat, but Mariah wanted Randy as her support (because of Nicki), so the producers caved in to her. The same applies to this year. At the time Adam said he hadn’t been approached, he probably hadn’t. Then at a later date, he was. I don’t think Shirley uses “sources” as loosely as some journalists. I believe she really does have legitimate sources but just can’t or won’t name them. BTW, I thought Shirley’s #1 fave idol was Cook.

  • alterego

    I believe Adam was high on the list to fill the last seat, but Mariah wanted Randy as her support (because of Nicki), so the producers caved in to her

    I think Lambert’s name was tossed around early on, like a lot of others, but I don’t think those talks went very far. Before Randy, the two names most often mentioned was Enrique Iglesias and Nick Jonas.

  • Montavilla

    What I recall, in terms of timeline, was that Adam’s name came up very early in speculation articles about the new panel. At the very start of the process, there was talk of moving Randy to a “mentor” role on the show, and a list of replacements, including Adam. This was before any talk of replacing JLo or Steven was in the press.

    Within a few days, Adam was asked about it during an interview in London (which is why I remember it being early — he was there to do the Queen concerts). At that time, he said he hadn’t heard anything of the sort, but that he’d jump at the chance. (Which I remember, because it was the first time he’d ever expressed interest in the job.)

    Later on (after Jlo and Steven bailed), names like Enrique Iglesias and Nick Jonas came up. Each with their own news cycle. Nick was interested, then he wasn’t. I don’t remember Enrique ever being interested, but he is Latin, so it kind of sort of made sense to put him into the JLo slot. Brad Paisley also got some serious press about the job.

    Finally, somewhat late (but before the panel was set), Adam was asked again and mentioned that he had had a “lovely talk” with Fox folks, and who knew what’ll come of it. Which I guess was Adam-speak for “I don’t think I got the Idol job, but they’ll probably call up in a year and ask me to be on Glee or something weird like that.”

  • Montavilla

    I wouldn’t mind JLo if I thought she was being open and honest. The thing is, I think the pimping/bussing that went on with Keith/Nicki could be avoided simply by preventing the producers from “scripting” the live shows so heavily.

    With JLo, the stuff she was saying seemed to come from a worry about looking mean and/or bitchy to fans. That’s no producer-driven lying, that’s ego-driven lying and harder to prevent. Mariah was somewhat the same, but she was also invested in her “greatest singer on the planet” image, so she would occasionally make some good points, as well as throwing glitter.

    I seriously think that, however gets put on the panel, they need to have “hands off” clause in the contract, so that the producers are not allowed to give them talking points. When the judges showed bias in the 2002 Olympics Figure-Skating event, the entire scoring system was re-vamped. Because the judging is important and if you don’t trust it, the whole sport collapses.

    Yeah, this is a cheesy reality singing show and not the Olympics. But even a show as cheesy as DWTS has judges who take their roles seriously. And you know that Len, Carrie, or Bruno would punch the lights out of any producer who tried to dictate one word of their critiques.

  • Mel432

    “Which I guess was Adam-speak for “I don’t think I got the Idol job, but they’ll probably call up in a year and ask me to be on Glee or something weird like that.”

    Adam is really honest, and he would just say he wasn’t going to be on Idol. If he says he doesn’t know, he really means he doesn’t know. Unless he can’t say something, and he’ll say something vague. I highly doubt Glee was even on the table until after the last season was over. Speaking of Glee, I wonder who will sing Cory’s Beatles songs.

  • Mateja Praznik

    The thing is, this isn’t a sport. Judges are hired to give their opinions, but they can have favorites and they don’t have to be objective. They can have their own personal preferences. The problem is that now every time a contestant gets bad comments, fans start complaining about how TPTB and judges are throwing their special snowflake under the bus.

  • voco_qara

    Yeah people throw around the words “bussing” nd “pimping” way too much. I think whoever’s judge will also get criticized for it.

  • MissMyEm

    That doesn’t mean at a later date Adam hadn’t been in talks.

    I suppose that the word “if” means something different for me but “if” Adam was approached at a later date, why wouldn’t Shirley…whom you feel has legitimate sources…quote Adam as saying he was approached recently, rather than “if”? And I don’t know if Cook is her #1 favorite Idol, but I always got the impression it was Adam.

  • Mel432

    No “if” in Shirley’s article and sounds pretty straightforward to me:

    “Still, as recently as two weeks ago, another sources said talks with Adam Lambert were ongoing.”

  • Pat H

    No. Judges’ rounds are not until Sept.

  • MissMyEm

    Read her article and her quote.

  • Not fit to print

    Yup. One or the other but not both. I prefer J-Lo. She has a warmth about her, a little bit of Mama Bear going on. Someone on the panel has to deliver that. They can just put in her contract that she can’t use the word “goosies”.

    Hayley is my second favourite Idol of all time. I have forgiven J-LO.
    Being a judge isn’t easy.

    Shoot me.

  • Cretan

    If this is true, then obviously AI hasn’t learned their lesson regarding the judges.

  • Kariann Hart

    I haven’t heard Melinda Doolittle’s name bounced around lately. I would much prefer her over JHud, but Idol wants big celebrities.