Jennifer Hudson Sings Hallelujah

Jennifer Hudson is in Australia promoting the release of her album, I Remember Me. In a Ustream live chat last night, Jennifer performed an impromptu rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. It’s really quite beautiful.

Listen below

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  • LaleyFan

    Nope. I’m on J-Hud overload. Her WW commercials drive me up the wall! Not like she had to TRY to lose weight with her personal chef and personal trainer. She doesn’t even look that different, save for a better hairstyle and better wardrobe. She still looks pretty thick on TV.

  • BootStar

    Sick of her. Sick of that song!

  • _Sereena_

    Ugh. That sounded horrible.

  • Scamp

    LOL Yes, she sounds awful. And she often does sound awful. That’s why I never voted for her on American Idol and why she didn’t advance further on the show. Jennifer picked up an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress because she was really good at playing a sourpuss and big mouth. Wasn’t she lucky to sing Jennifer Holiday’s huge mega-hit Broadway songs in the movie! Of course I bought Holiday’s songs years ago. It really is time for Jennifer Hudson to go home.

  • dancin

    ugh im so with those that are over JHud enuf already with her , ww and this song still not over her butchering marley last week and fallon for even choosing her to honour him OMG !!

  • hersheydog1

    I couldn’t get through the whole thing. And I agree about the WW commercials.

  • tinawina

    How is this awful? It is loud, but she sings like that. LOL. Plus its a crappy webcam it looks like. But it sounds very gospel-ly to me.

  • ricardo

    She needs to listen to Jeff Buckley and then try again.

  • MrRJ

    As usual this is an oversung disaster. Leonard Cohen’s work is immortal and will survive this butcher job. This woman is an over-hyped nothing.

  • Nina1

    Less is more.

  • schmed

    Wow! Surprised by all the anti-J-Hud sentiment here! But I agree that this version misses the mark. Cohen’s song is not a shouty gospel number (whatever you think “Hallelujah” means), but AS THE LYRICS MAKE CLEAR, a gasp of spiritual insight.

  • Reflections On Life

    there ARE different ways of singing the same song… it would sound a little ridiculous if she tried to sing it like jeff buckley did. a great song holds up well to reinterpretation and rearrangement. good on jen for bringing it a gospel feel.

    as far as shouty-oversinging, yeah it did sound a bit like that closeup on webcam, but i’m guessing it would hold up much better on stage. she’s more of a live-performance girl than a recorded-voice girl.

  • MrRJ

    Buckley’s take on the song is not the only one….there are many good ones including Bono. This take doesn’t even get the song.
    What do expect from the singer of the gramatcal gem “Where You At?”

  • tomr

    It’s pretty amazing for impromptu. It’s nice to see George Huff in the background.

  • hapi

    I found this to be just fine. It’s an impromptu btw and non pro filming. It’s ok to sing it her way and we can choose which versions we prefer. We all have diff. musical and personality tastes from AI. I happen to like Jennifer/Fantasia voices a lot
    , some don’t.

  • Montavilla

    Well, I’m going to be in the minority because I loved that. I understand why people aren’t liking it — I hated Lee’s Hallelujah and thought that one completely missed the mark.

    But I thought she got the heartbreak of “it’s a cold and it’s broken Hallelujah,” so that’s there. And the harmonies were gorgeous.

    Best of all, it wasn’t a performance. It was some people sitting around singing a song that they found meaning in.

  • thetrixrabbit

    Cool to see George Huff in there too. He deserves better than back-up, but I know he’s enjoying all the touring. : )