Idol Headlines for 9/21/12

The two-day I Heart Music Festival begins tonight in Las Vegas Nevada. You can watch Green Day, Rihanna, Miranda Lambert and more at THIS LIVE LINK beginning at 7 pm PDT.

The American Idol Top 10 performed their last American Idol Live concert in Manilla today. The concert began at about 7:30 am EDT.

Casey James, JB and the Moonshine Band to Lead 2012 Taste of Country Christmas Tour – Casey James will bring fellow Texans JB and the Moonshine Band on the road with him this fall as they take the Taste of Country Christmas Tour across the southern United States. The 11-stop run pairs two of the hottest young acts in country music on a trip through Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Tickets for the 11 shows go on sale Sept. 28 through For information on specific shows, visit James’ or JB and the Moonshine Band‘s websites. – Read more at Taste Of Country

Carrie Underwood plans to take latest tour over the top – “I’m a competitive person, so I want it to be bigger and better,” she says during a phone call from tour rehearsal in Atlanta. “We’ll take elements that really worked in the last show and build those up. Way back when I was going to concerts (I would have to sit in the back), so I want to give them something really special, too. We have a way to get back there this time, because it worked so well with the truck last time. But we changed it up.” She’s also added some new and unexpected elements this go-around. Underwood participated in a series of planning meetings where she learned about new technology and just what today’s cutting-edge tools could bring to her live show. – Read more at The Tennessean

Christina Aguilera Covers ‘Billboard’ Magazine! – Christina Aguilera looks stunning on the cover of Billboard magazine’s September 29 issue. The 31-year-old singer opened up to the mag about her upcoming album Lotus and her position as a judge/mentor on The Voice. We can’t wait to read what Christina had to say! – See the photo at Just Jared

Constantine Maroulis Takes the Two Faces of Jekyll and Hyde on the Road – Tony nominee Constantine Maroulis found himself drawing on personal experience to approach the dual role in the revised revival of the Broadway-bound musical thriller Jekyll and Hyde. For Constantine Maroulis, this could very well be the moment. Maroulis, who shot to fame on “American Idol” and received a 2009 Tony Award nomination for his work in Rock of Ages, is portraying the title roles in the reconceived, Broadway-bound production of the musical Jekyll & Hyde. – Read more at Playbill

BWW Interviews: Constantine Maroulis Gives Inside Scoop on JEKYLL & HYDE – Anticipation for the revived and revised version Frank Wildhorn’s acclaimed musical JEKYLL & HYDE is building in Houston, TX. The tour opened in La Mirada, California on September 7, 2012 and will be make a whirlwind stop in San Diego, California before coming home to Houston in October. To give me the inside scoop on this new Broadway-bound production, Constantine Maroulis, starring in the titular dual roles, chatted with me from La Mirada. As a contestant on the 2005 American Idol season, you became a recognizable star in the making. How has your life changed since you were on Idol? –

Mario to be ‘X’ host – Mario Lopez, host of the nightly entertainment news show “Extra,” is expected to be named the new host of Simon Cowell’s “X Factor” — and it may be as soon as this weekend. He will pair up with Khloe Kardashian — an emceeing odd couple — when ”X Factor” begins live shows next month, according to sources. Cowell has a longtime relationship with “Extra” — starting with his ex-girlfriend, Terri Seymour, who is a correspondent on the hit show. – Read more at The New York Post

Piers Morgan Slams The Latest Season Of ‘America’s Got Talent’ On ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon’ (VIDEO) – For the first six season of “America’s Got Talent,” Piers Morgan was a judge. Or, as he put it on “Late Night,” “when it was successful.” Morgan doesn’t have a problem with his replacement Howard Stern — he said he loves him — but he wasn’t too thrilled with the act that took home the top prize. “Now Howard said he was going to find ‘world-class talent,'” Morgan said. “Here they are: the winners of ‘America’s Got Talent,’ two stupid dogs.” – Read more at Huffington Post

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  • ptebwwong

    Scotty’s mom tweeted this last night.

    Yes @ScottyMcCreery seriously in the process of signing over 6000 Christmas CDs!

    That means we already know from the first 2 days of pre-ordering through Scotty’s fansite he sold 6,000 copies which he needs to sign. That’s amazing.

  • raya

    The Idols just finished with their last tour show.  I have to say, from what I heard this morning, I’m glad they save the Philippines for last.  The fans put the US fans to shame just for the sheer size of the crowd and unbridled enthusiasm for every single one of the idols.  Not sure the number of people the venue holds, but it was sold out.  Of course Jessica got the loudest screams, but it was over the top love for every single one of them and I imagine it has to be a once in a lifetime experience.  There were a lot of ustreams happening from the concert, but hopefully we’ll get some videos.

    Oh, and apparently they were all crying backstage afterwards. Every single one of them.

  • Cherry

    I’m so happy to see all AI contestants having lots of fun there which is awesome!

  • lovesickheroine

     I was watching the Ustream earlier and I reaally love the crowd! They all went crazy for each and every idols :) Lol I hate to say it but I agree PH fans put US fans to shame. haha

  • Nicco Angelo

    PP actually got the loudest screams but they all got a fair share of love from the Philippine fans.
    The fans never stopped screaming. The venue can hold around 16,000.

  • Ira

    I could not stand Piers Morgan as a judge,but I agree with him regarding AGT going to the dogs…..

  • usedtobelucy

     “Vivendi SA (VIV)’s Universal Music Group
    won approval from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission for its
    purchase of the recorded-music business of EMI Group, best known
    as the record label of the Beatles.”

    “The takeover cuts the number of major record companies to

    Great news. Even bigger centers of entrenched power in the music industry. I’m sure art, diversity and imagination will be the winners as a thousand …er … three … flowers bloom.

  • Axxxel

    Yeah for Mario Lopez.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Here is a pic of the stadium where the idols had their last show at the PH. Good Lord, it is packed and huge!

  • Incipit

    Great news. Even bigger centers of entrenched power in the music industry. I’m sure art, diversity and imagination will be the winners as a thousand …er … three … flowers bloom.

    Geebus. I saw that news story last night, usedtobelucy. It just keeps happening. More monopolies. Where is the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission when you need them?

  • standtotheright

    They’re signing the paperwork.

  • thirdtime

    Youtube video of James’ StageIt concert last night, singing some of his new songs he’s been writing.  Must say again, I completely love Not Alone, the last song he sang last night.

  • Eilonwy

    They’re signing the paperwork.

    I did a very rough back-of-envelope Herfindahl-Hirschman Index for industrial concentration in the record industry. Basically, to get it under the standard threshold of 1,800, it’s absolutely necessary to count indie labels as “competition” to the majors. It would not surprise me if indie artists who self-release were also counted, as adding up a 100,000 or so tiny earners* turns into a  more significant number in the aggregate and thus drives down the market share of the majors.

    *That’s more than the number of albums released each year, but I’m figuring not everybody does an annual album.

    Never mind that most indie labels rely on the majors for distribution, or that the majors and a very few large indies have a virtual lock on radio play. I think the Antitrust Division and the FTC have bought the popular pundit argument that self-release online is such a profitable little breeze that indies are on a level playing field with the majors.

  • irockhard

    Awesome! Downloading it now before it gets taken down!

  • thirdtime

    I wondered about that…if StageIt and/or WindUp would allow that to stay on youtube.  How do you download it?  I’ve never done that before.  I’m going back to check it out quick.

    ETA: I looked at it again and have no idea how to download it to my computer. Do you know how?

  • Claude Dee

    The capacity of Araneta is 15,000 – 18,000. That’s 3x of 4x the crowd in the US! Whew. 3 shows in 1 venue!

  • lemonwuss

    I attended the show..PP got lots of crazy screams. It was overwhelming! Wow. I didn’t expect that. Guys try checking out the videos on YouTube in a few hours. Plus, they didn’t change the order of the setlist. I thought they would bring out Jessica at the end. Everyone clapped and sang along with PP during home. It was fun to see families..grannies and little kids..even those who just came out from work, still wearing their office uniforms. Great show! 

  • irockhard

    I didn’t get to watch the show on StageIt so I’m so glad I got to watch this!

    James certainly can write lyrically strong super catchy radio friendly rock. These songs don’t sound particularly heavy, more alt rock than hard rock TBH but I still love them. While I’m one of those fans that prefers “metal James” somehow he still sells the softer stuff to me. What I am happy about is that it looks like album #2 will have more diverse subject matter than MOABD, all 3 songs in that vid are about different topics. I’m especially glad that James can write an angsty anthem (We All Go Marching On).

    It’s hard though to tell just how representative these songs are of the sound James is going for because they’re done acoustically here. It could also be that they chose to showcase songs that better translate acoustically (eg: songs like Outcast, Liberate & Back For More from MOABD don’t translate well acoustically so they don’t get played acoustically).

    I’m getting the impression so far that album #2 is aiming for radio airplay on multiple formats. It will strive to appeal to all 3 rock formats (Active, Alternative & Mainstream) and to crossover onto the “pop” formats (AC, HAC & CHR). I can’t really blame Wind-up for wanting this as the Active Rock format is very small. James will rock the songs as hard as he wants to in his full band electric shows.

  • irockhard

    Plenty of video download software and browser plugins, I use this one:

  • thirdtime

    Exactly – it’s hard to tell what the recorded versions will sound like, because they also sang a completely different, alt. rock sounding Higher Than Heaven last night – really good – I wish you could hear it.  Sounded nothing like the original recorded version or any version they have done of it so far.  The songs all kind of sound soft rock when they are acoustic versions. It’s also too early to know what will make the album and what won’t.

    Thanks for the tip on the download software – I’ll check it out!

  • mmb

    A new lulzy video news report re: Adam’s appearance on Voice of China finale.  In this one they show his Idol audition and the S8 judges, along with clips from the Voice…

  • Jazz_11

    Piers Morgan vs Howard Stern… this will be really good… LOL

  • wkstrack 

    Phillip says that at one point he was going to quit and why he stayed on…

    “I wasn’t trying to win. The reason I tried out, I just wanted to see how well I would do.” 

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Scotty on Keith Urban as a judge…

    Wait–it wasn’t until I posted this here that I realize this was written by Phyllis Stark, the one who wrote that article with all the negative stuff toward the end of S10 on Idol…this is the second positive article about him from her–nice…

  • Jazz_11

    Steven Tyler talking about AI


  • justmefornow

    Other YouTube videos from the StageIt show are popping up.
    I hope that great version of HTH shows up. I definitely want to hear it again.

    But here’s that slightly different version of “In The Name of Love” they did.

  • thirdtime

    Thanks for posting this, and please post any others you find.  I watched the show last night but I was trying to read all the comments and watch at the same time and it’s very distracting.  But I do like reading the comments and seeing the tips too though so I didn’t want to block them out.  It’s nice to really watch some of these performances again though.

  • girlygirltoo

    It’s generally not a good idea to try and appeal to a bunch of radio formats at the same time, because that often makes your sound or style not appear cohesive. James had trouble getting radio play in any radio format the first time around — IMO the label needs to target one or two formats — preferably in the rock genre since he is a rocker not a pop or HAC artist, and then worry about crossing over if and when any single(s) has success in the natural format(s).

    ETA – He might be able to do what he did this last time around where he released one single to HAC and another to active rock radio, but anything more than that would probably be pushing it and risk being labeled as not knowing what type of artist he is.Not to mention potentially alienating the part of his fanbase that wants him to be this authentic hard rocker.

  • thirdtime

    About 2 hours ago, James tweeted this.  He has been trying to make it clear to everyone all along that the label hasn’t been telling him what direction he’s to go in or what kind of sound to go for with this album.  Interestingly, after he tweeted this I wondered why because it seemed so random.  I looked at all the comments to him on his twitter feed to see if there could be a reason for him to tweet this today and couldn’t see any reason – he’s been getting great feedback on all the new songs so far and the show last night – but now I’m thinking maybe he was reading irockhard’s comment here about the record label aiming to appeal to multiple formats and wants to make sure we know again that no one is telling him what kind of sound to go for.  He reads this blog all the time – it wouldn’t be the first time, lol.  I do think he may not be going quite as heavy with this next album as some fans had hoped, and he wants to make sure those fans understand that he and the band are putting out what they want.
    James Durbin?@DurbinRock

  • Eilonwy

    It’s generally not a good idea to try and appeal to a bunch of radio formats at the same time, because that often makes your sound or style not appear cohesive. James had trouble getting radio play in any radio format the first time around — IMO the label needs to target one or two formats — preferably in the rock genre since he is a rocker not a pop or HAC artist, and then worry about crossing over if and when any single(s) has success in the natural format(s).

    The rock formats can be an exception to the “only target one at a time and then cross over” rule, depending on the song. If a song is a highly plausible fit for a couple of the rock formats, it’ll be started on more than one simultaneously. Billboard even has a Rock Songs chart that combines airplay for alt-rock, active rock, mainstream rock, and AAA. 

    A quick glance at suggests that right now, there’s a lot of overlap on the charts between active and mainstream rock, a lot of overlap between alt-rock and AAA, and then milder overlap between alt-rock and active rock.

    I don’t know if Durbin’s music would actually play out as working on alt-rock as well as active and mainstream rock, but Wind-Up has run the multi-rock-format strategy with other artists.

  • girlygirltoo

    Yeah it’s probably a good strategy to target the different rock formats at the same time. There is a lot of crossover there. But that’s different from trying to target two very different formats (for example CHR & active rock) with the same single at the same time, rather than letting it build on the more natural format and then trying to cross over :) We’ve seen time and again that trying to push songs to the wrong format almost never pays off if the song hasn’t had success in its most natural format(s) first.

  • suenigma

    Little pitchy dawg. He’s got a great voice, but I prefer James plugged in.

  • roarpen

     He could be reading rock blogs too – I haven’t checked out Blabbermouth or any of the others lately.

  • justmefornow

    I saw that too and even checked Blabbermouth’s site to if they were stirring up some sh*t. Something definitely set him off.
    Look, we just saw an ACOUSTIC show. Of course those songs are going to be softer versions of the recorded versions. That version of HTH was COMPLETELY different than the version on MOABD. Also, lets not forget James Michael is producing, he’s a pretty heavy rock artist himself. And what about that drum fill video of Jeff’s? What song was that for? Sounded pretty heavy to me.

    Ultimately, James and the guys (both Blake and Jeff are pretty metal)  will produce the album they want. 
    How hard will it be? We’ll see.

  • justmefornow

    For the record, I also prefer James plugged in, off the stool, and rockin’.
    He needs to move when he performs.

  • roarpen

    I’m hoping that HTH pops up somewhere because I haven’t heard that new version yet – had a family function last night.
    I notice that In This Moment has a hit on Active Rock Radio. The band names on that chart don’t seem to change much so that surprised me. Yeah, something set James off, but I don’t think it was one of his regular hard core fans, unless someone he follows Direct Messaged him with some bull sh** or who knows what.
    The few songs I have been able to hear from the concert thus far are really well constructed and can go a lot of directions: soft, medium and even hard or heavy. A good song is a good song.
    I am absolutely dying to hear more. I wish we didn’t have to wait so long.

  • sabbia

    Well, that tweet certainly clears any doubts that may arise. You’ve got to give it to James to squash any misunderstandings immediately and not mince words.

    At the risk of sounding like a broken record, this is really how it should be for any artist. It would be sad if any artist had to stifle their creative spirit and manufacture artificial music due to pressure from outside forces.

  • roarpen

    I think for most artists, if they have to succumb to outside pressures, the work suffers, and does not connect or catch on. Then again there is Home…….. which may end up a one-hit wonder.

  • roarpen

    From what I have heard, James will continue to play guitar and there will not be another guitarist hired. So, I guess it will just be something different for 2.0. Change can be good. I like his music any way he does it. But I do hope there is some good hard rock on the album. I’m happy with how well the songs are constructed though.

  • justmefornow

    I hear ITM’s new song “Blood” on Octane all the time. That Maria has a decent voice when she’s not screaming her head off. I hate that.
    I really hope someone recorded that version of HTH last night, it was great, kind of a melancholy arraignment in a minor key, it was great.
    I too felt the new songs we heard sounded well constructed, great lyrics, lots of potential. 
    At this point we don’t even know what will actually make the final album.
    What I heard yesterday sounded like new great songs with great bones. I’m dying to hear the finished product.

  • girlygirltoo

    Um, James, that’s great and all as long as the label agrees with the direction you and the band want to go with the album. But just because you write the songs does not mean you get full creative control. 

  • thirdtime

    From what I’ve seen (although I could be wrong), I don’t think Blake and Jeff were ever given a lot of creative control in In This Moment.  Everything I’ve ever read has said that Maria Brink and that other guy in the band (founding member – can’t remember his name), write the songs.  It sounded to me like those two make all the decisions for the band.  I’m kind of fascinated right now to see these two VERY heavy metal guys writing these songs with James and James making it clear that the three of them are making the decisions together.  That tells me that either Blake and Jeff were ready for a change in direction musically and that’s why they left ITM, or maybe they wanted a bigger creative opportunity to show what they can do.  But either way, I think they keep trying to tell us that they are all doing what they want to be doing, and I’m really impressed with the songs they have been writing together so far. I actually like all four of the songs we have heard so far way better than some of the songs that were written for James on the first album (like Love Me Bad).

  • DragonFly

    Talk about broken records–still keep playing James solo ITNOL a lot.  Like the version here also but love that belted out passion of the 1st one too.

    “he’s been getting great feedback on all the new songs so far and the show last night ……”

    Noticed that too!  I think the entire show came off well–Heidi & Hunter being involved was really a fun addition for fans.


  • HMc

    thirdtime James tweet has been deleted …