Idol Headlines for 12/6/12

Clay Aiken performs at the Palace Theatre in Stamford, CT
Carrie Underwood performs at Budweiser Gardens in London, Canada.
Constantine Maroulis performs in Jekyll & Hyde The Musical at the AT&T Performing Arts Center in Dallas, TX.
Taylor Hicks performs at Bally’s Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.
Mandisa performs at the Hits Deep Tour in Toledo, OH.
Casey James performs at the Schroeder Dance Hall in Goliad, TX. Read more at AmericanIdol

Phillip Phillips performs at the National Christmas Tree Lighting in Washington DC. It begins at 4:30 pm ET. Watch it Online!

Kelly Clarkson reacts to her Grammy Nominations! – Kelly’s friends surprised her today, in London, with the news of her 4 grammy nominations. Watch it Here

Phillip Phillips Talks ‘Home,’ the ‘Moon,’ Southern Food + More – There’s no set formula for post-’American Idol‘ success, but there are winners who go on to superstardom, and then there are those who fade into obscurity. It’s safe to say that Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips is on the right side of that equation, having achieved double platinum status with his coronation single ‘Home,’ which also struck a chord during the 2012 Summer Olympics. His debut album, ‘The World From the Side of the Moon,’ had a strong chart showing, and the Georgia singer with the slow and sleepy Southern drawl is well on his way. PopCrush spoke to Phillips, who is truly as nice as he seemed to be on TV, a week after the album’s release, and he opened up his songwriting, his health (kidney problems) and his future. The singer-songwriter has absolutely no airs about him, and his rocket ride to fame has not made him into something he’s not. – Read more at Pop Crush

OFFSTAGE: Carrie Underwood Critiques Husband’s Singing – Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have been married long enough now, they don’t need to love every single thing about each other. So it makes sense that Underwood might possibly have some tips for Fisher when he’s singing. On Monday night’s (Dec. 3) red carpet at the taping for the CMT Artists of the Year special, Fisher admitted he sings at home, in the car and even in the shower. “I sing a little bit,” he said. “She gets a kick out of it.” And Underwood does. She called his singing “very intense. – Read more at CMT

Fifth Harmony Gets Candid About Judges Advice – X Factor

Diamond White On Singing “Diamonds” Rihanna

Paula Abdul guarantees Carly Rose Sonenclar to win The X factor Season 2

The X Factor’: CeCe Frey, Emblem3 respond to criticism from Simon Cowell, Demi Lovato – “You know what it is,” Drew Chadwick explains. “She’s got one of those old school schoolgirl crushes, where the only way she knows how to flirt is by being mean.” “Like Helga from ‘Hey Arnold!,'” Keaton Stromberg chimes in. “She has a shrine in her closet.” “You should see Demi’s closet!” jokes Chadwick. The guys admit the judges’ bickering can be a distraction, but they’re also able to tune it out. “When that happens it’s more like they’re going at it, and it’s not even about us,” Stromberg says.- Read more at Zap2it

Scooter Braun Blasts Grammys Over Justin Bieber Snub: ‘You Blew It’ – Scooter Braun, superstar manager and Schoolboy Records boss, went on a mini Twitter tirade following Wednesday night’s Grammy Awards nominations announcement. Writing to his over 2 million followers, the 31-year-old Braun defended his No. 1 client Justin Bieber who received no Grammy nominations. “I just plain DISAGREE,” he tweeted. “The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

Justin Bieber Fans Storm Twitter After Grammy Snub – Justin Bieber’s Grammy nomination snub is causing a stir on Twitter. During the Nominations Concert there were an estimated 16,000 tweets about the teen pop sensation being shut out of the running. Here are some of the best #BieberForGrammy reaction Tweets. – Read more at Yahoo

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  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris Allen, host of the World Vision 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour blog

    “Yesterday, we introduced you to Mary, a woman who 
    tragically lost everything in a flood. Goats from the World 
    Vision Gift Catalog were a vital part of her regaining hope and stability in her 

    [Video] The ‘new’ sustainable gift

  • EH

    Based on a tweet exchange, Phillip met Rob Thomas yesterday and is probably going to be touring with Matchbox 20 in 2013. (Not sure what else Rob would mean by “see you on the road!”)  

    Rob Thomas ?@ThisIsRobThomas@phillips great meeting you. See you on the road!

    I am completely Matchbox 20 neutral, but it seems like a good gig for Phillip.

  • Amy Beth

    It could just mean that their paths will probably cross again when they play similar venues. 

  • Mike

    That would be the best…I can only hope…I said right after he did ‘Disease’ that it would be a good pairing.  Really like Rob Thomas.

  • girlygirltoo

    Matchbox20 are way poppier than Phillip, so it’s not an ideal pairing, but it would still be a good way to get more touring experience for P2 and introduce him to potential fans who may not know a lot about him or his music (aside from “Home”, haha).

  • girlygirltoo

    Emblem3 continue to stick their feet in their mouths. Just because Demi criticized you doe NOT mean she is being mean because she has a crush on you. It simply means she thought the performance wasn’t good. *sigh*

    Oh, and thanks, Khloe, for fostering that very sexist idea.

  • dy

    For the P2 fans, here’s a link to a livestream for the Christmas Tree lighting: Starts at 4:30 EST.

    Looks like a good line-up! Besides P2, Jason Mraz, James Taylor, Babyface, Colbie Caillet and others. We watch it every year in our house either on C-Span or online since we are never lucky enough to win the lottery for tickets. The tree lighting is a pretty big thing in the DC area, both because it snarls the heck out of traffic and it is one of those “DC” type annual events.

  • girlygirltoo

    Kris tweeted that he’s back in the States now. Welcome home :)

  • YankeeFan08

      Just because Demi criticized you doe NOT mean she is being mean because she has a crush on you.

    Except, she did say she had a crush.  When Khloe asked her if she had a crush on them, Demi responded “of course – but I’m not going to say which one.”

  • tripp_ncwy

    I don’t know what’s up with Demi she is coming off as very bitter for some reason. It is not at all attractive to watch. She started the season so well. I thought she was the most interesting judge on the panel.

  • Axxxel

    not really following X factor but I read here and there that Demi seems to be a better judge than a mentor… Maybe she is worried about the ones she mentors ?

  • Huba Buba

     Haley Reinhart in Las Vegas – December 6th, 7th, 8th:

  • heartly

    I wonder what category Scooter thinks Justin should have been nominated in?  He’s already had a BNA nomination, it’s hard to knock any of the contenders out of the Pop fields to make room for him… maybe Rihanna, but not really… and he certainly doesn’t make the cut in the in the other big 3 categories.  The Grammys are not the AMAs where the awards are based on sales, airplay, social networks and fan votes.  They aren’t the Billboards that are based on charts, sales and whatever else they want to throw at it.  They are voted on by people in the industry and their peers.  I really can’t justify his outrage about this.

    Here’s Kelly’s interview from the BBC Radio 1 Breakfast show this morning.

    Good, fun interview. The better parts are from 14:35 til the end, imo.  At 18:00 she talks about the Grammys and she’s hopeful that she gets to perform on it and wants to do something with someone else, not necessarily sing Stronger.  Right before that Grimmy comments on how many people she has with her and gets to talking to and about her assistant, longtime friend Ashley Arrison, and what’s the weirdest thing Kelly has asked her to do.  Most of the interview was lighthearted and it did get serious for a moment when she was asked if she ever thinks “what’s the point?” of her job and she talks about the orphanages she helps out with in South Africa.

    Speaking of that, JillandKate and Kelly are doing their A Night For Hope concert again next week in Nashville that benefits the Houses of Hope orphanages that she talked about.  Cool thing is this year they are ustreaming it.

    JillandKate ?@Jillandkate
    A Night For Hope is next week and tickets are going fast. Join us &@kelly_clarkson in an intimate night of music.

  • EvenMoreron

    Demi is hit or miss, but she’s the only one who is brave enough to say anything critical.  I’m glad she called out Tate and Carly for being sleepy and predictable.  And that Emblem 3 second rate Jonas Bros comment was an “ohhh, snap” moment I loved it.  I can’t believe how different Simon is here compared to Idol, it’s disappointing that’s why I’m not invested as much.  

  • Fan Dja

    Bench is using David Archuleta in their holiday campaign and is on their front page   

    David Archuleta ?@DavidArchie
    David is part of @benchtm Holiday campaign. This pic should be popping up in stores around the Philippines. (KS)

  • jpfan2

    I find Matchbox 20 music very white bread boring. I was hoping for a more alternative headliner for P2. Oh well at least he gets some exposure if it ends up being for real..

  • jpfan2

    I see that P2 will be opening up for Rob Thomas. I already fall asleep zzzzz.
    And performing with that other bunch of snoozers….Lifehouse. P2’s luck may be running out.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    It will also be aired tomorrow on local stations and can be watched at the site on demand.


      @LouisvilleVIP: Just confirmed Phillip Phillips as the opener for Matchbox Twenty on Feb 5, 2013 – awesome!

    @1023TheMax: Phillip Phillips will be opening for Matchbox 20 when they come to The Palace on 2/5. Keep listening to win tickets…..

  • ptebwwong

    The problem about big pop/rock acts is that many of them have already set who they are touring with for the beginning of next year. Ed Shereen is touring with Taylor Swift. I’m sure that was probably in talks many months ago before it was finalized. 

    Also, I wouldn’t be surprised there is some Idol bias. IMO most current artists would rather choose an up & coming artist as their opening act who became popular of their “own merit” than a talent show. For example, do you really expect Phillip to be an opening act to Mumford & Sons or Jessica to be the opener for Beyonce or Mary J? Of course not. Even though there are many artists judging talent shows or mentoring, IMO current artists would choose plenty of other artists than a “talent show contestant” if they had choices. I think most artists feel this way until these contestants proven themselves as more than a “flash in the pan.”

    So it’s very likely that the only option is for Phillip & other contestants to tour with stale or old acts if you’re in the pop/rock genre. IMO the pop/rock genre has always been less supportive of the Idol alums which is why many of them had to tour with stale or old acts or headline a small solo tour.

  • Ann Gardner

    Maybe Phillip will be lucky for Rob and Matchbox 20. Phillip seemed excited, via twitter, in response to Rob. Looks like Phillip has some college dates, too. I agree that the demo on a college tour would be more Phil’s speed, but maybe he’ll learn a lot opening for MB20. Could still be all good. 



     101.5 The River

    American Idol’s Phillip Phillips will be opening up
    for Matchbox Twenty on February 15th at The Stranahan!…

  • fuzzywuzzy

    P2 opening for Matchbox 20? That’s a surprised.


     good or bad? o.O

  • tucker davis

    This may be old news but when I was in my local library today, I flipped through a People magazine & a Time magazine. The Dec. 3rd issue of People has a review of Phillip’s album! It gave him 3/4 stars and a nice half-page write-up with a great picture! The last issue of Time in Nov. had a half-page interview of Phil(& pic)that was complimentary. I hadn’t seen either of these.

  • girlygirltoo

    All those people you mention are either opening for other acts (Ed Sheeran is opening for Taylor Swift, for example) or already have openers for their own tours. I think his mgmt wants P2 to tour as soon as possible — and who knows if he’s even get those gigs if they waited for them to open up?

    It looks as if this is just a 1-off for Phillip with MB20. But they have a very sizeable following, so it wouldn’t be a horrible thing if Phillip did tour with them, even if it isn;t the perfect fit.

  • Sam

    Why can’t Phillip go on tour on his own if there’s no bigger act available or willing to take him on, like Adam Lambert did after Idol? Phillip has had a huge hit so it’s not like he’s  unknown.

  • irockhard

    Probably because 19 feels he doesn’t have a big enough following to do more than a small club headlining tour.

    Scotty has so far been a selling machine but even he toured as an opening act for most of his tour.

  • ptebwwong

    Country artists usually open for big artists no matter how big you are. Carrie did a small solo tour her first year but she didn’t headline her own tour until almost 4 years after Idol & she was already a big star in country way before then. She opened for Brad, Keith, Kenny all before doing her own headlining tour.

    Blake Shelton has had a 10+ career in country music filled with big hits. Just 2 years ago he was touring w/headliner Brad Paisley. He only recently started headlining tours.

  • John S

    I think its better for idols to start touring as opening acts. It helps them expand outside of the idol bubble.


    Phillip @Phillips ‘This Christmas’ – National Christmas Tree Lighting – 12/6/2012 …

  • girlygirltoo

    (1) because no one knows if he has a big enough fanbase to do a headlining tour beyond playing smallish clubs (which is what most Idol winners have done when they first come off the show)

    (2) opening for an established act allows him to (potentially) reach new fans who have little clue who he is

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I’m not surprised that P2 is opening for a more established act, but I am a bit surprised that the act is Matchbox 20, because their music seems very different than P2’s.

  • bridgette12

    And some of them stay opening acts because they can’t headline a tour. 

  • bridgette12

    I don’t think P2 is a good match for Matchbox 20, those two acts have different vibes. He’s going to have to go out with someone, because he’s not able to headline yet. But people need to remember, that a lot of the acts that P2 would be better with, already have their openers. I do think that it was smart of his management to get him some gigs at some colleges because I think the college kids would like him.

  • Axxxel

    Maybe the management want to take this opportunity of the success of “Home” to increase the fanbase of P2 outside his hard core fans as soon as possible…

    Adam Lambert was able to thrive on his hardcore fanbase during his 1st headlining tour one year after he graduated from Idol, but even now with his sophemore album, he is working hard to expand that fanbase with appearances on radio, TV and his “non-tour”  tour abroad.

  • KatMyers

    Am I the only one chuckling at the irony of PP opening for a “Voice” guest mentor??  

    What I also find truly puzzling is that it is UMG that  releases for both Idol and the Voice but they are much better even with the worst sellers of Idol.  Yes I know management (or lack thereof) has a major impact too but the label contributes to the success of its artists … IDK, SMH

  • Eilonwy

    And some of them stay opening acts because they can’t headline a tour.

    Heck, non-Idol acts who once would have been considered “ready” to headline now hit the road as co-headliners or as mid-liners. The concert market is tighter and riskier than it was even four years ago. (2009, despite the recession, was a great year for concert revenue. It fell apart after that.)

    MB20 is very HAC — Rob Thomas once said in an interview that he knows he’s not cool and he laughs all the way to the bank — so I assume opening for them is not the only touring plan for P2. It’s really unlikely that it would be.

  • Karen C

    I’m hoping that Phillip opens for Matchbox 20 when I go see them.  And I think although their music is slightly different, having listened to both of their new albums, I think they would complement each other well on the tour.

  • kcostell

    Interesting that Phillip chose to perform Matchbox 20 in one of his few “free choice” slots on Idol (top 3 week$

  • John S

    Sometimes, but not always. I think someone like Scotty can easily have his own headlining tour, as seen by the attendance at his solo shows that he has done. I’m glad that he started opening for Brad Paisley because it helps him in the country world and give him exposure to non-idol country fans.

  • Karen C

    True, that’s why I think they might be a good ummm, match….

  • Lexie O’Neill

    It does seem that in country, there are a lot of co-headliner shows–which makes it even harder for new acts to break in.  Thank goodness for all the festivals.  

    A new date for next year is being announced every few days for Scotty–mostly solo shows.  

  • sdmama

    I think there are more fans of Home sang by Phillip, but not enough crazy fans of Phillip to come see him live no matter how far that is. Adam has fans like that. I am not dissing either of them, just to be clear. Love the both!

    I think Phillip can sell more record because his songs have a broader appeal.  Adam can draw more people in to his concert because people want to be close to him and to see his live show. 

    I am glad that Phillip is matched up with MB20. I like MB20, too. Not the same music but I imagine they appeal to the same type of music fans.

  • MellyPer1692

    I haven’t seen that opening for a big act has helped anyone much outside of country. Kris and Jordon are recent examples and didn’t seem to benefit either of them in either sales or ticket sales.

    As far as P2, I’ll wait to see how he does with his next single before I’m ready to paint his future.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    I think opening for a big act works best if the music is similar and in the right genre…

  • windmills

    ptebwwong: Country artists usually open for big artists no matter how big you are.
    Carrie did small festivals & shows as a solo tour in between Brad
    Paisley tour dates her first year (Scotty’s did the same thing). But she
    didn’t headline her own tour until almost 4 years after Idol & she
    was already a big star in country way before then. She opened for Brad,
    Keith, Kenny all before doing her own headlining tour.

    Just as a point of fact, Carrie’s 2008 tour with Keith was technically called a coheadlining tour. Carrie’s set was 70 minutes long, Keith’s was a little longer. He obviously closed every night though. And, Carrie’s 1st solo headlining tour started in March 2008 which was a little less than 2 1/2 years after Some Hearts was released and a little less than 3 years after AI.

    I feel like P2 opening for Matchbox 20 is about the best of the possible opening gig gets for him right now. Like ptebwwong said, it’s not reasonable to expect P2 to get the opening gig for Mumford & Sons at this time. IMO it’ll be important for him to supplement the MB20 support gig with a lot of festival/multi act bills aimed at roots and jam band music fans who discover a lot of their music outside radio. Maybe play some of the venues that typically attract his target audience in between MB20 dates. It’d be a long, involved process but I think it’s necessary at this point to fill out his radio momentum with something that he can count on for longer (which would probably have the affect to sustaining some of his radio momentum).

  • TheOther

    The pairing of Phillip and MB20 isn’t as random as it seems.  Rob Thomas was a big fan of Phillip’s during Idol.  He thought Phillip did a great job with Disease and was flattered he chose the song.  He went on to say that being an American Idol is more than just being able to do covers and he felt Phillip made the song his own.  And when asked who Phillip would like to write with, he has said Rob Thomas.

  • irockhard

    Oh so it’s just like the hard rock/metal scene.

  • mmb

    P2 Matchbox 20 seems to make sense to me.  He will play bigger venues with them than he can on his own; there are worse people to learn from than Rob Thomas, who has had a long successful career as both a solo artist, member of a band and songwriter.  Rob and Matchbox make music that is a little different than P2, but they basicaly are core HAC artists who have had pop crossover success.  P2 is really a core HAC/AAA artist who is having pop crossover success.  There are a lot of HAC/Pop/AAA oriented artists who don’t even have openers when they tour.  So finding an appropriate opening act spot isn’t so easy as there are not a lot of options.  I’m guessing P2 management felt Matchbox 20 was the best option at this time.  The only negative I really see is that Matchbox 20’s fanbase/audience may skew a little older as their heyday was 10-15 years ago.  But my guess is their audience will probably look fairly similar to that of most new Idol artists (minus the super young and the much older).   No doubt he will also do some solo shows as well, and he will probably do a new round of radio shows in May/June.