Idol Headlines for 11/6/12 – The Evening Edition

American Idol Season 7 alum, Brooke White, releases her Christmas EP, White Christmas, today. Download it at iTunes.

Jessica Sanchez tweets, “Yaaaay!! Acting class was so much fun :)”

37th annual Aurora Actionaires Benefit Gala on Saturday – Recording artist and former “American Idol” finalist Melinda Doolittle is bringing her talents to Aurora on Saturday to perform at the 37th annual Aurora Actionaires Benefit Dinner and Gala. “I love the fact that this organization is helping students get a higher education,” said Doolittle, 35, who also performed at last year’s gala. “College was so important in shaping my future and preparing me for things to come. I would love for everyone to have that same opportunity, and the Actionaires are helping make that happen. What an amazing community of women making a difference in their world one person at a time.” – Read more at The Beacon News

Britney Spears Jokes with Mario: Strip Down and Be My Backup Dancer! – Mario playfully suggested, “If she performs she should do it with that big snake that she did with the MTV video music awards,” adding, “I’ll be one of her backup dancers.” Spears laughed in response. “And a tiger, and an elephant as well! I think Mario would be a great backup dancer. Maybe he could have like a rip-away and then have a thong underneath. That would be really cool.”

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X Factor Finalist CeCe Frey Opens Up About Her Relationship With Demi Lovato — and Missing Willie Jones! Exclusive – How would you describe Demi as a mentor? Demi is kind and she’s generous with her time and she’s honest and that’s all that you can hope for in a mentor. She’s very honest with me with everything. She doesn’t blow smoke up my skirt, she will tell me exactly what I need to fix, why I need to fix it and I can’t tell her ever how much I appreciate that. – Read more at Wet Paint

Will Britney Spears Return to “X Factor” Next Season? She Says … – Actually, she says YES. (If you can’t hear the question, the very last one is “Do you think you’ll be back for another season?”)

‘X Factor’s’ Jason Brock on Being Compared to Adam Lambert: Is It Because I’m Gay? (Video)

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Khloe Kardashian On ‘X Factor’ Gig: ‘Practice Makes Perfect’ – “Mario is a pro at what he does. He has, like, 500 hosting jobs,” Kardashian told MTV News of Lopez, who also hosts “America’s Best Dance Crew” on MTV. “So I love that. It’s my first time ever hosting, and then to host live TV and to host such a huge show, it’s like a security blanket to have Mario here with me.” – Read more at MTV

Demi Lovato Stays ‘Focused’ On Her ‘X Factor’ Team – While she is making sure that she gives them as much advice as she can, she said she doesn’t get to spend as much time with her contestants as one might think, given her busy schedule. “I don’t really have a lot of time to sit and chitchat with them. So any second that I get with them, I’m like, ‘This is what you need to do. Practice your pitch. Do this. Bye, have a good show.’ It’s so rapid, but I do have a little time during interviews and stuff when we do get a little closer and open up. So it’s nice. I do get to spend a little time with them.” – Read more at MTV

Dancing With the Stars Backstage Scoop: Kirstie and Maks Talk “Emotional” Week – “I’m very happy, it’s just been a very emotional week,” Maks said who looked mentally drained backstage. “[Kirstie] did a great job even attempting a fusion. She can’t do wrong by me.” “I’m in the tired club this week. This week was crazy,” Kirstie said, referencing dancing as well as Hurricane Sandy (remember, Maks and Val both have connections back east). So how were Val and Kelly holding up post-drop? – Read more at EOnline

‘Dancing With the Stars': Why is this the lowest-rated season? – ABC’s Dancing With the Stars tied its all-time ratings low Monday night for a performance episode, down 9 percent from last week. The show delivered 13.4 million viewers and a 2.1 in the adult demo. Gee, that still sounds like a lot of people watching, you think. And you’re right. In fact, Dancing was Monday’s most-watched show. But that’s still a much smaller audience than the veteran series used to deliver and that modest adult demo rating is the real concern. Overall, this is the show’s lowest-rated season. Maybe it’s the All-Stars format. Maybe fans wanted new faces. But Dancing has been on a steady downward trend in recent years (surely one of the reasons the All-Stars format was attempted in the first place). And as we’ve seen with American Idol and Biggest Loser and other shows, once a reality hit is on the far side of its ratings bell curve, it’s tough to reverse the trend. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

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  • Axxxel

    Yeah for Jason Brock… I like the way he handled the questions…
    I guess in the Xfactor (and The Voice) people do not really care anymore about the singer’s sexuality.. or am I wrong ? Is the Xfactor family friendlier than The Voice ??

     I am not really following Jason, so I don’t really understand why people compare him to Adam Lambert… I remember that during his run on American Idol,  Adam Lambert  was entertaining, in the AmericanIdolcloset -gay and an outstanding vocalist.

  • Axxxel

    Mario Lopez back up dancer for Britney ? *swoon*

  • Erlinda

    Oh no Britney please NO snake! I have phobia. I really hate snake even as I write the word!

  • Leandro

    There were a lot of lesbians during S1 of the Voice. Two of them went to the finale, together with an indie girl and a black guy. I think both shows have viewers much less conservative than Idol.

  • dcglam

    I agree with Axxxel in that I like the way Jason handled the questions comparing himself to Adam.   He is correct in that there are many more differences than similarities.   I’m not a big fan of Jason, but I do appreciate his talent and humor.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Lee DeWyze   
    #So, I want to address the show in Nashville tomorrow

    #I’m kinda shocked Myself, but apparently… the television show “Nashville” has decided to film there tomorrow.

    #We didn’t find out about this until a few hours ago. We have zero control. We also understand the industry, and don’t blame anyone for

    #What has to be done. Please understand it is out of our hands, and we WILL reschedule the show.

    ETA: Wow, give the boy a little screen time for his trouble.

  • jennyl2

    ” #We didn’t find out about this until a few hours ago. We have zero control. We also understand the industry, and don’t blame anyone for ”
    Isn’t there such thing as advance booking/ advance deposit paid for the venue? Someone needs to fire the booking agent. 

  • justmefornow

    Jason handled those questions really well. 
    I like this guy, he’s a total hoot and very entertaining. Not too bad of a voice either. But most of all, he seems to know and realize that he’s campy, and embraces it.
    You go Jason!

  • Montavilla

     I am not really following Jason, so I don’t really understand why people compare him to Adam Lambert…

    I suspect it’s the hair.  On Idol, Adam had jet-black hair (with blue highlights), and often wore it in a spiky up-do.  He also wore suits on occasion.

    Other than that, I don’t see much similarity.

  • overthetop1

    I don’t think Brooke White’s Christmas Album is an EP. It’s got 12 tracks. What’s the definition of “EP” ?

  • Eilonwy

    What’s the definition of “EP” ?

    In the UK, an EP has four or fewer distinct tracks, and that’s an official definition for chart purposes.

    In the U.S., EPs seem to go up to about six tracks.

    Either way, it’s “shorter than an album.” The current standard for albums is 10 tracks, so a 12-track work is not an EP. But it’s not uncommon that I refer to things as EPs because I expected them to be EPs and haven’t checked them out yet, so I wouldn’t be surprised if others made the same slip-up on occasion.