Idol Headlines for 1/14/13

Nicki Minaj will appear on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno 11:35/10:35c pm NBC.

Kelly Clarkson is set to perform with The Boston Pops Esplenade Orchestra at Mathews Arena for Northeastern University Pops on Thursday May 2. For more information and tickets, click this link.

Jessica Sanchez tweets, “The dates are coming up so fast :) I can’t wait to tell everyone the exciting news about my music! :)”

Katharine McPhee is set to appear on the FOX animated comedy, “Family Guy” Sunday, January 20. She’s set to play “Mother Maggie” Read more at Broadway World.

Broadway’s Pump Boys and Dinettes, With Bo Bice, Alex Gemignani, Jane Pfitsch, Now On Sale – Tickets for the Broadway revival of Pump Boys and Dinettes go on sale to the general public beginning Jan. 14. “American Idol” country boy Bo Bice will star with Alexander Gemignani, Erik Hayden, Justin Hosek, Jane Pfitsch and Leenya Rideout in director John Doyle’s new Broadway production of Pump Boys and Dinettes, opening April 8, following previews from March 19 at Circle in the Square Theatre. Tony Award winner Doyle (Sweeney Todd) will also handle musical staging for the revival of the amiable, country-flavored 1982 revue set at a gas station/diner below the Mason-Dixon Line. – Read more at Playbill

American Idol: Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Talk Judging Panel Disagreements: “We Have to Go Against Each Other” – While Minaj recently said it was easy for her to say no to contestants during auditions, she admits it got a lot harder for her during Hollywood Week. “The human side of you comes out eventually, when you’re looking at people that are this close to fulfilling their dream and in their head they have already seen it come to fruition, so saying no, it’s like a dagger.” Carey says that each judge had contestants they were rooting for, which sometimes led to, um, conflict at the judges’ table. “We have to go against each other sometimes to say, ‘But wait, this person has something amazing! Maybe you’re not seeing it. It’s a little bit beyond your comprehension at this moment, but there’s something great about this person.'” – See the Video at EOnline

The Real Reason Britney Spears Left The X Factor: She Wanted More Money! – Britney Spears’ return as a judge on next season’s The X Factor was blocked by the show’s producers after she wanted too much money, is exclusively reporting. The I Wanna Go singer demanded $18 million — a $3 million pay rise on her previous contract — to appear on the talent competition in 2013. But those connected with the FOX series felt that the 31-year-old Toxic singer just wasn’t worth the hefty price tag! “When producers asked if she wanted to return for a third season of The X Factor, Britney’s reps said she would only come back if she was offered $18 million,” a source tells RadarOnline. – Read more at RadarOnline

Ann Romney Turns Down ‘Dancing With the Stars’ – Ann Romney was offered a consolation prize — first lady of Rumba — but after seriously considering it she turned down “Dancing with the Stars” … TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the show tell us … “DWTS” honchos approached Ann about the gig just after her hubby lost the election and she was “very interested.” You may recall, Ann showed up at last season’s finale and gushed that she was a big, big fan. Our sources say Ann and producers had several meetings to try to hash out the details, but Ann ultimately decided against it. – Read more at TMZ

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  • heartly

    It was just announced that Kelly will be doing an orchestra show with the Boston Pops for Northeastern POPS on May 2.  I have a feeling this might be her “big thing” that she’s teased a little bit about.

    I would love to go to this is if it wasn’t on the other side of the country from me.

  • Chicagolaw

    Love Kelly and that she is getting to do so many amazing things.

  • girlygirltoo

    If that story is accurate, Britney and her agent/manager must live in some strange alternate universe. Because she didn’t come close to deserving the $15 mil she got paid. And did they not see the poor ratings?

  • Kesia Monteith

    Britney wanted more money for what? Making additional wacky faces? Saying beautiful and amazing more often than Steven and JLo?

  • tripp_ncwy

    Sounds like an effort on Brit’s peeps to save face.  Now she can say that XF producers declined her offer to return rather than be fired.  They had to know she was not going to get a raise with the beating XF took in the ratings.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris’ song of the day at Littlefield last night he dusted off “Bright Lights” by MB20 from his idol tour days.

    Also, somebody was feeling really good last night listen to the hilarious ramblings of Kris Allen.

    Kris “Only In NY”

    Rambling before Rooftops

    Rambling – Jackets

  • Sharon S.

    I am not a country music fan in any way, shape or form, but “Pump Boys & Dinettes” is a really fun musical.  It came to my university as a touring production with at least a couple of the original cast members, and it was a blast.  The original Broadway cast album was in heavy rotation on my turntable (yes, I am that old) for a while afterward.  Good luck to Bo!

  • Larc

    Maybe XF wanted to reduce Britney’s pay to be more in line with what she was actually worth to the show, and there was disagreement over carfare.  ;)

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Liam McEwanþ@LiamMcEwan
    Poster & local times for my 3 Hour @AdamLambert special, which will air a few days b4 his b’day!

    3 HOURS!? Woah, that’s unbelievable!

    Adam Lambert interview in Bali by Indosiar

  • Carriefan1

    Very Good News! – Vote for the Worst just announced they are shutting down after this season!

    They must have realized that their little website isn’t bringing the show down. American Idol still creates credible stars and they can’t stand that.

  • bridgette12

    Hey that’s a nice Birthday gift for Adam’s fans. Three hours is a lot of Adam. I will probably download that when it airs.

  • justmefornow

    James Durbin will be having a live ustream chat today 3pm EST from Rewind Studios in Times Square to discuss his upcoming album.

  • mjsbigblog

    They never took the show as seriously as many of the fans do. I think Dave feels that it’s time to move on for whatever reason. Personally, I wish him good luck in his future endeavors. I have no beef with that site.

  • Niall

    VFTW was fun. I didn’t love everything they said or did but they could always be counted on to burst the balloon or pee in the punch when the show, fans, or contestants took themselves too seriously.

    Like everything eventually does, VFTW ran its course. I don’t think AI has the oomph anymore to spur the creation of “hate” sites. Kinda makes me wistful for the good old days.

  • Larc

    I can’t imagine that Dave would be shutting down VFTW if it were really profitable for him.  He can claim Idol is no longer relevant all he wants to, but it’s clearly outlasting his miserable site.

  • Amy Beth

    Replied to the wrong post!

  • Montavilla

    I’ll admit to feeling some VFTW hate, but I respect them for realizing that it’s time to move on and giving their members a final season to say good-bye.  

    It’s clear that their hearts are no longer in it.

  • Amy Beth

    This pretty much sums up what AI is up against in S12. There’s a saying “The opposite of hate isn’t love, it’s indifference”.

  • standtotheright

    They never took the show as seriously as many of the fans do.

    Or their own site, for that matter. It’s one thing to be mean-spirited, but they were astonishingly lazy about it.

  • fantoo1

    I think we all know the real reason VFTW is shutting down their site-nobody ever goes there anymore. It’s like a ghosttown in there. Dave can try to pretend it’s because idol is “no longer relevant” all he wants, but if more people were still using the site, he wouldn’t be shutting it down.

  • Axxxel

    wow 3 hours Adam Lambert on a New Zealand radiostation… not even in my wildest dreams…

    Rough translation…At the end of the indosiar clip, one of the indonesian artists said that he was proud that international artists are considering to visit Indonesia. He said the only international  artist who has not visited Indonesia yet, is Madonna. And then the girl said, “neither did Michael Jackson, he only visited Singapore”.. And the guy quipped: “maybe his soul did”.

  • windmills

    A few new Lauren Alaina titles that have surfaced lately, all cowrites.

    Catching Fire (Cary Barlowe, Lauren Alaina, Shane Stevens) via BMI

    That title matches with this Shane Stevens tweet from back in September:

    @Lauren_alaina me and @carybarlowe had a blast 2day You’re the real deal!Great writer!So impressed with your talent and spirit #catchingfire

    Shane Stevens and Cary Barlowe cowrote Lady Antebellum’s #1 hit American Honey with Hillary Lindsey, and that same trio cowrote Carrie’s Do You Think About Me. 

    Goodbye Song (Cary Barlowe, Eric Paslay, Lauren Alaina)
    The World Inside Your Heart (Cary Barlowe, Eric Paslay, Lauren Alaina)

    Eric Paslay is a CMA and Grammy nominee for cowriting Eli Young Band’s #1 hit Even If It Breaks Your Heart with Will Hoge. Eric also cowrote Jake Owens’s #1 hit Barefoot Blue Jean Night. 

  • waitingforthe1

    I was happy when Top Idol went bye bye and I’m even more happy that VFTW is going away.  Two sites dedicated to nothing but hate and negative energy. 

    I do find it ironic that Dave claims AI is no longer relevant on the heels of the last two winners finding great success.  I believe it is Dave and VFTW that is no longer relevant.

  • Leandro

    I think that kind of fans who put their hearts on a silly TV show should be a little bit concerned that VFTW is closing. If they were closing  4 or 5 years ago, people would be partying and stuff. Now we have only 4 or 5 comments of hardcore AI fans there and on other sites saying they are glad they’re closing. VFTW was growing when AI was growing. AI growing was their fuel and they would never stop if the show were still growing. Death of AI would automatically be death of VFTW. The opposite might not be true, yeah, but I’m just saying.

  • fantoo1

    4-5 years ago, people would only be “partying” because they thought it was relevant(since Sanjaya kept sticking around). As the year have gone by, a lot of their picks would leave in one week and many people got to see what a joke the site really was.

  • Leandro

    You can’t call a joke a site who’s about joke and humor. They know they can’t change the results (at least too much). They never took themselves too seriously. Their main goal was irritating obnoxious fans of the show who were taking themselves and the show too seriously. And I think they are still irritating some. lol

  • windmills

    And, here’s the title of a new Scotty McCreery cowrite with already confirmed collaborators Ashley Gorley and Kelley Lovelace. 

    Prayed For (Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace, Scotty McCreery)

  • tripp_ncwy
  • Anny_nanny

    ‘Home’ gives new ‘Idol’ season a strong lead-in
    It’s the week of the new American Idol season, and last year’s winner is still riding high on the charts. Season 11 Idol Phillip Phillips’ Home has gone to recurrent status at Top 40, but it’s in the top five of three radio formats — No. 2 on USA TODAY’s AC airplay chart, No. 3 at AAA and No. 4 at Hot AC.

    Three other former Idol winners and a total of seven former contestants have top-40 hits on at least one chart this week. Here’s the list:

    Would be better if Brian gave the results of the sales of singles by Phillip and Kelly. Boo!

  • Diana Manton

    I can’t wait to hear Scotty’s New Album

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks, windmills!  

    Yay!  Scotty fans had heard of a couple of song titles that Scotty had written before Idol, but none had surfaced from the co-writes.

    Happy for both Lauren and Scotty that they’re getting to work with Nashville experts.:))


    Windmills You made my day (and the day of lot of Scotty fans). Can’t wait for the release of his first single from this album.

  • Lexie O’Neill

    By the way, Windmills, do you think that Scotty will reveal a new single at his Opry performance on Feb. 2?  Or wait until the 27th for the CRS event?  To me, it’s interesting and encouraging that he’s got two Opry performances next month.:))

  • Chrissie H

    Prayed For (Ashley Gorley, Kelley Lovelace, Scotty McCreery)

    ahhh – Can´t help getting all excited now. Dang it´s difficult to be patient waiting for his single / album to come. Nice to hear a little news like this

  • Pippygirl

    VFTW could be mean spirited at times but they also could be funny as hell. I still remember the recap titled “Kara Craves Diction” made me almost spit out my drink from laughing.  Anything that can make me laugh that hard is ok in my book.

  • justmefornow

    A few tidbits from the ustream chat:

    – James will NOT be playing bass in the band, he’s says he’s too crazy and likes to run around too much on stage and the bass needs to ground the whole band. (Yay!) No word on who will be playing bass.

    – Blake and Jeff are still the band, he hopes to see Jeff while he’s in NYC writing even more songs for the new album, and even get him in the studio. No exact date for album release. He also didn’t say how long he’d be in NYC.

     * Best lol moment: He says he’s been working on a punk/metal growl/scream (he previewed a little) Nice.


  • windmills

    Lexie O’Neill: By the way, Windmills, do you think that Scotty will reveal a new single at his Opry performance on Feb. 2?  Or wait until the 27th for the CRS event?  To me, it’s interesting and encouraging that he’s got two Opry performances next month.:))

    TBQH before the Opry performances were announced I thought there wouldn’t be a new Scotty single until late March/early April at the earliest because Scotty hadn’t even recorded anything for the new album as of the end of last year. Considering Scotty was still listening to new material late last year too, I didn’t think he had a full album of material ready to record either. Maybe that was the last batch but, I didn’t get that vibe from what Scotty said. With all that in mind I just didn’t see how they could decide on a single until they had enough songs cut, which wasn’t going to happen until sometime this month at the earliest. Then they would have to get together, decide on a single, and start planning the launch. This stuff takes time and it’s tough for me to see how that could come together in time for February.

    Now I lean to thinking there’s a pretty good chance of Scotty playing a new tune at CRS, so radio gets a taste of his new material first. Maybe Mercury Nashville will preview a few of his studio cuts for radio during CRS and starting priming radio for his new stuff. I’m still not seeing a new single from him hitting radio until March. But, if I start seeing teaser ads in Billboard Country Update/Country Aircheck for a new Scotty single in the next few weeks then I could change my  mind (Scotty needs to be further along in recording than I think for that to happen though). 

  • jdanton2

    Jessica Sanchez is hinting new music soon.she also hinted in her last U Stream there might be a sneak peak in her next one  and another one might happen this Friday.

    ” Jessica Sanchez ?@JessicaESanchez
    The dates are coming up so fast :) I can’t wait to tell everyone the exciting news about my music! :)
    12:26 PM – 14 Jan 13″

    “Aaron ?@KookyAaron
    @JessicaESanchez when is the next ustream?
    1:34 PM – 13 Jan 13”

    “Jessica Sanchez ?@JessicaESanchez
    @KookyAaron hmm… Maybe this Friday? :) we’ll see :)
    1:36 PM – 13 Jan 13 ”

  • DB987

    From what Lauren says she has quite a few songs written for her 2nd CD as cowrites as well as having previewed  a good amount of songs sent to her.  She will be in Nashville  recording the rest of January so seems like her she could have a single ready to go  sometime late Feb or eary March.

  • fantoo1

    Awesome! I really like the religious direction Scotty seems to be going with his songs(Christmas in Heaven, Old King James, etc.)

  • Leandro

    Did anyone recorded it?

    ETA: Did he say how the new album is gonna sound?

  • fantoo1

    A lot of them seriously thought they had an impact on the voting, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

  • justmefornow

    I don’t know if anyone recorded it, and I’m at work now so I didn’t get to ask any questions, (barely got to listen.)

    He didn’t say how the album exactly was going to sound, but that was an AWESOME growl he previewed, (don’t see it being in an HAC type song, lol.)

  • girlygirltoo

    did he give a release date for album and/or single?

  • DaisyMagnolia

     I posted at Top Idol quite often for a while.  Trust me when I say that Melinda wasn’t hateful, nor were most of us who posted there.  If anything, it was a place of refuge from the over-invested fans that can often take over an Idol blog.  We could vent in a comfortable environment without fear of being seen as trolls, which we honestly weren’t trying to be.

    We actually had a ‘tard art’ contest, to give an idea how serious we took things (which was not at all).  The poems, bad fan fiction, and glitterized posters were something to behold! I miss the gang from over there. 

  • justmefornow

    No, and since I couldn’t ask any questions I was pissed no one else asked either!
    He was very vague even about who he was in NYC (at Wind-Up headquarters I presume) to write with. But he says he’s staying at an apartment and already went grocery shopping (& was surprised he found his favorite beer here on the east coast, lol), so maybe he’s planning on being there a while.

  • mouse999

    I’m not so naive to believe that Dave is closing WFTV cause AI is dying. The real reason is that traffic on VFTW dwindled down to 20% to what it was before. ( info from insider)
    “I quit” sounds much better than “I was fired”.

  • mouse999


  • Lexie O’Neill

    Thanks.  I have to admit I’m very confused, there are so many shows for him coming up in February–makes me wonder when he is going to record.  I know they have the next few weekends free, but after that…whew.  He’s all over the place…

    I know there’s a plan…

  • HMc

    James is in New York for a week, not sure if he said it during the chat … I missed most of the chat. However, during the Stageit show on the Jan 1, 2013 he said he would be in New York for a week.

  • breakdown

    VFTW is trash.

  • justmefornow

    Thanks for the update.

  • No Thanks

     I agree.  VFTW became irrelevant far sooner than AI did.  I’d say it peaked Season 6 and went downhill from there.

  • No Thanks

    I’ve been following Astro’s tweets, he’s got new music dropping soon too.

    ASTRO?@AstronomicalKid Just wanted to share a pic from the “He Fell Off” video shoot #MusicMonday

  • jpfan2

    I’ll miss VFTW.  I think people don’t take Idol as seriously so a parody site isn’t as important anymore. Thanks for the fun VFTW.

  • Diana Adams Tyler

    Vote for Scotty on Taste of Country.  Nice bit there about him and his loyal fans.

  • bridgette12

    Good riddance, never quite understood the purpose of this site other than bashing and spewing vile about others. The people they were trashing were just contestants on a reality show, not the dregs of society.  

  • HMc

    You are welcome,  I hope the time in NYC hasn’t changed. I think I just caught the tail end of the chat . It was good that he confirmed the Jeff and Blake still are the band. I agree it was frustrating to watch if you weren’t somewhere where you can ask question. There were some questions I just didn’t get at ALL ! Like the question about whether he sings to his wife…

    When I came into the chat, James said something about 2 confirmed songs? is that 2 on the album for sure,if so did he say which 2 songs ? and the remainder to be chosen? Did you catch that bit ?

  • justmefornow

    I agree about the stupid questions, lol. Even James was kinda like really? about that question about his wife.

    I remember him answering a question about Sixx A.M. collabs where he said James Michael is producing the album and he’s written with him some songs as well.
    He also confirmed in that collab answer that “Crawling Home” the song he wrote with DJ Ashba would be on the album. I don’t remember, or I missed, mention of the other confirmed song. I would think “In The Name of Love” if I had to guess.

    He also mentioned I remember now about a possible a duet on the album with another male singer.

  • ali_359921

    I hope that interscope would really promote Jessica’s new single ..

  • Tinawina

    Count me in with the people who will miss VFTW. They had funny recaps. I also got a kick out of the rampant snarking at all things Idol. They were good and giving you that dose of reality… it really is just a silly karaoke show meant to entertain you. I do think some of the regulars actually truly HATED the show and the contestants to a disturbing degree, but I ignored them just as much as ignore OTT super stans here. I think Dave and the recappers (especially Professor Chan) just wanted to crack some jokes on how stupid the whole thing actually is when you think about it. I’m a little bummed they are going away.

    I do agree this is a sign of Idol’s waning buzz-worthiness more than anything else. It still produces alums who have some success but I don’t think a whole lot of people care anymore. Oh well.

  • Sara M

    I’ve never understood “hate watching” a show or whatever it is that VFTW does, or basically any person that watches something just to complain about it. What a waste of energy. I try to be a positive person, and I only enjoy doing or watching things that make me happy. The people at VFTW seemed to spend a lot of time and energy invested in something they didn’t even like. Pretty weird to me. 

  • mjsbigblog

    LOL. You don’t need an “insider” to figure out a websites traffic. I can point you to a few very PUBLIC sites that monitor traffic if you are interested.

    Of course VFTW website traffic is down. So is mine. I’ll bet’s website traffic is way down as well.The show isn’t relevant in the way it used to be, therefore, traffic is down EVERYWHERE.

    Rickey keeps his traffic up with SEO bait like nakeds and trashy gossip. lol.

  • mjsbigblog


    If you have any questions about this, please contact me. I get the feeling my message is not getting through.

  • Jenny Williams

     Noooooooo. I loved their snark. If you take them for what they are ; A joke, you’d actually start to enjoy them.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Candace Dold @candacedfox45
    I caught up w @KrisAllen today .A broken arm can’t stop him.He’s performing at Rams Head #Annapolis tonight.Be there!

  • SullyD

    I don’t think they “hated” idol (at least the people who made the recaps). They just saw it as a corny show rather than a “serious plataform to launch young talent”.

  • Caro3278sweet

    I am very interested in what Lauren’s next album is like. She has an amazing voice and her phrasing is exceptional. I’m crossing my fingers that she doesn’t end up a flash in the pan AI contestant. The girl has the pipes to be recognized.

  • Caro3278sweet

    Me too.

    The site made me laugh and it was snarky – not really MEAN. And hey, Melinda often dragged my particular snowflake over the coals with goat pictures, etc. But it was all good fun. 

    I am certainly in love with snowflake. But I can still laugh at my crazy connection to the guy. 

  • Esther Macha

    James fans can watch the question answer thing just click on the link and it is recorded.

  • Pippygirl

    Me three

  • fantoo1

    ETA: Unless I retool the blog successfully in the coming months, I could be gone at the end of the year too. I’m not kidding either.

    Aww, but then where would we get our idol/singing show news from? That would be no fun :(

  • DragonFly

     ”  James fans can watch the question answer thing just click on the link and it is recorded.”

    Thanks–I was making attempts to write what I got from watching–but misquoting in this business is not a risk I care to take.  Going over there to recap.  I thought there were fans asking some “right” questions but either he wasn’t seeing them all (mine aren’t there) or he passed them by.  “Fluff” questions & comments too but some of that is always expected. 

  • Axxxel

    Hope your blog will live long and happily ever after !! I smiled when one visitor was surprised how “friendly” the postings are on this blog. That is what I like about this blog.. How the postings are still clean and relatively friendly even in heated discussions. 

  • blackberryharvest

    I agree, this site is always fun to check up on the latest idol news. I know for a fact that there are people who check this site everyday, but don’t comment here. I hope this site doesn’t have to shut down anytime soon! Move to a cheaper server if you have to :)

  • mchcat

    Me too – so excited

  • mchcat

    Hope so

  • Karen C


    I really like your site and hope you can continue as long as you want to,  is there anything we can do to help?

  • Niall

    Yep, the good old days. :) Back when AI was all the rage we had Idol Extra, an AI magazine, red carpet finale pre-shows on E! and TVGuide network, weekly coverage on Entertainment Tonight, and numerous idol blogs. Most of the above has by the wayside. AI is still a ratings hit but the side industries it spawned, including VFTW, started dying off a couple years ago, probably around gone the time the original judges left.

     I’m not surprised VFTW has struggled in the past couple of years. If mj’s traffic is down with all the hard work she does, it is really surprising a niche site like VFTW bit the dust?

  • ZsusK

    Unless I retool the blog successfully in the coming months, I could be gone at the end of the year too. I’m not kidding either.

    I’m sorry to read this, MJ. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you are able to retool successfully!  I think that, for VFTW, the drop in traffic is irreversible, but not for you.  VFTW’s schtick with AI has has run its course, and that schtick doesn’t work with much else. I think you will find a way to make the leap from being an AI blog to an entertainment blog! At least, I hope so! You’ve got a community counting on you. :) As for VFTW, I used to lurk there. But, the past few seasons haven’t been VFTW-worthy. It got pretty anemic and same-old, same-old. 


    Maybe this is his Faith base song on the Album. Or again, the title could be totally deceiving and it’s not a religious song at all.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris song of the day Ram’s Head in Annapolis “When Doves Cry” by Prince

  • Junebag

    NOOOO….you can’t shut down MJ! There would be disappointed people everywhere. 

  • B

    “Kris song of the day Ram’s Head in Annapolis “When Doves Cry” by Prince”‘

    Oh man I can’t wait to hear him cover that – love it!

  • Jaejae1

    I haven’t visited VFTW in years. I mean I think not since season 7.  The posters there were vile.  It brought nothing positive to the bloggosphere. I can appreciate wit and snark but not outright hatred and pure intolerance.  Goodbye to that festering waste of bandwidth. 

    MJ, long may you blog. This is one of my favorite sites to visit.  Not so much just for AI but because you do cover other shows and entertainment news that I am into. 

  • tripp_ncwy

    They have been really strict on videos at the show but it looks like somebody got it.

  • girlygirltoo

    Unfortunately, we may not get to hear it. From the tweets, it sounds like venue security is keeping a very close eye on video taking

  • John S

    I agree with everybody who would hate for this site to be shut down. How bad would things have to get for you to have to close? Even though the traffic is probably down from idol’s glory days, it seems like you still get a lot of comments on here.

    I hope you are on as long as the singing shows stay on-I would hate to have to go to Rickey’s for the latest idol news. *shiver*

  • Eileen99

    I agree with all your comments.

    VFTW’s whole premise was to mock everything about the show; the production, judges, contestants and especially the OTT over-invested fans.  They picked on everyone, but the more defensive a contestant’s fans were, the more fun they had poking the swarm.  And some of the fans just continued giving them what they wanted, lolz.

    I thought the snark on Kris was hilarious, calling him Who & posting all the pictures with him and monkey.  If you can’t laugh at & have some fun joking about your favorites, it makes being a fan less fun imo.

  • ZsusK

    Oh geez.  They love Kris over there! So, not a fair comparison. Spend some time reading what they say about Carly Smithson, or Michael Johns, or Danny Gokey, to name a few, and then call it “poking the swarm.” VFTW has never been an equal opportunity offender. Sometimes, they like your special snowflake, and that makes them just hilarious!! Other times, they come across as insanely vindictive of some special snowflakes, writing things that might well be libelous but are always asshole-ish. It’s not always fun and games. 

    If they were just this silly little snark site, they wouldn’t have survived so long or had such an impact. It’s the hate stuff that has the real impact. 

  • Pippygirl

    Definitely. They actually went fairly easy on Kris because they felt he didn’t take himself too seriously (I mean he actually signed the monkey picture). I laughed when they called him Who and Katy Cindy Lou Who.
    As far as intolerance, I think they mostly said those things to piss off the cray cray fans. They do love to do that!

  • Eileen99

    Eh, idk. They seem to pick on the contestants whose fans they can get a rise out of easiest.  

  • fantoo1

    I agree, anything we can do to help your site?

  • tripp_ncwy

    Randomness, Kris is having his large cast replaced with a smaller one Friday before his show in NC. 

  • workdog

     Pretty much par for the course of Idol mocking sites. Some of the followers have given so very much to get a rise with.:-)

  • girlygirltoo

    lol, Kris sounds great on “When Doves Cry” but he ended up improvising the lyrics to the 2nd verse

  • blackberryharvest

    Clip of Nicki Minaj on Ellen(To be aired tomorrow)

    Talks about the feud and is afraid of looking like a “crazy psycho” again! Lol.

  • B

    He sounds sooooo good!

    Audio Kris – banter + When Doves

  • blackberryharvest

    Yep, there are some idols that they would use harmless jokes on(ie Kris), but others that they said hateful things about(Carly, Danny). It’s one thing if they are joking, but when they use personal attacks, that is a whole different ball game.

  • lovetheusa1776

    I hope a better recording of this surfaces, as well as the rest of Kris’s concert tonight at Rams Head in Annapolis.  He was absolutely superb live – never heard him so good.  His personality shone through – funny, earthy, lovable.  Like him without the guitar – emphasized his singing which was just outstanding in every way.  If you can see him on this tour, run, don’t walk, to the ticket office.  Would see it again in a heartbeat.

  • DragonFly

    “funny, earthy, lovable”

    – audio of Kris covering When Doves Fly – sounded every bit of those 3 words, plus warm & entertaining!   Looking forward to seeing that in video also.  

  • DragonFly

    Plus adding a whole new admiration & yes, envy for (Kris) his ability for both mentally & physically pulling-it-together so quickly following “the blow which is a car accident”. 

  • Kariann Hart

    Having posted here from the beginning, I would hate to see you close down shop, MJ.  You have provided an entertainment arena covering more than just  American Idol.  Loved when you had the voting pools, but sometimes I was really frustrated.  LOL.  I did much better on So You Think You Can Dance pools.

    I really enjoyed the reviews on the Idol concerts.  Most of all, you present a lot of insider information.   I hope you can retool the blog successfully in the coming months! *HUGS*

  • Lexie O’Neill

    And I feel like I just began–even though it will be 2 years in May.  I’d hate for this site to go down as well…I’ve learned so much!  And very much appreciate the news on everyone Idol, not just my snowflake, even though especially him.  

    Would it help to tweet about the site, etc.?

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • kmd23

    I agree. The hate stuff had the most impact on that VFTW site. They were at times cruel not funny. They were very mean to a very young teen age Archie on that site. I sure am not sorry to see it shut down. I do hope this site continues.

  • Valarie

    VFTW loves to poke the cray cray fan groups with a virtual sharp stick. The more a fan group defends their snowflake, the more snark they earn against that contestant. Some fan groups figured that out early on, but some just attacked harder.

    MJ, another Clay vs. Ruben or Kris vs. Adam would fix AI’s ratings and site traffic at the same time. Here’s hoping for contestants great enough to inspire the cray.

  • YankeeFan08

    Adam attended the Step Up on Vine and Step Up on Second charity event last night in LA.  Bill Clinton and Kobe Bryant were among the speakers.

    This is a gorgeous picture of Adam!

  • irockhard

    I’ll watch it later, yeah way too many fluff questions, and that’s the reason I don’t frequent the fan groups much, too many people that only want to talk about insignificant nonsense.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Video Kris – When Doves Cry cover (lyric fail)

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • DragonFly

    James fans are accustomed to that likable, crazy, fun-side in him & that fluff likely goes hand-in-hand w/those who buy fan-type items that come up for $$ale.  I really expected he would come on 1st w new news he wanted fans to know.  There was a lot of touring prompts/ques that repeated & he did pick up on a cple of those & filled in some blanks.  Being honest, you don’t always feel you’ll get technical questions answered to your degree of interest anyway which is normal I think.  Loved the isolated response w/a bit of a smile, “I’m already married” –& the question likely waasss? (lol).  Funny

    (yays):  Festivals.  Uk possibility.  Freedom not to be the bassist, meaning for me anyway, “more fun Singer/Performer antics” for fans/audiences.  Blake & Jeff still the band.  His Roar!  The hilarious, (overstated) lipsyncing.  There was an ITNOL question that didn’t get a response.  There was opportunity to put up questions ahead of time & some did.   …all in all he tweeted he had fun & fans are expressing thanks for his taking time to chat.  Win/Win

  • ladymctech

    Britney is delusional, but I am very happy for Bo Bice going to Broadway.

  • justmefornow

    Another LOL moment I have to mention is when he said he wrote a hip hop song on the plane about Bob Marley.
    Hip hop song, new metal roar, and comic lipsyncing to that lame John C, Reilly song on his phone, all on 45 min. of sleep, lol.

  • DragonFly

    Re. Kris video, will borrow a commnt underneath (hope it’s no one’s from here):

    “Kris is amping? up the sexy like never before! that boy has got moves…yayyyyyyy PRINCE Song!”

    For me, it’s not all about being serious when you’re in front of a crowd.  Good to throw some of these “fun” ones in too for fans.  

  • B

    “Kris is amping? up the sexy like never before! that boy has got moves…yayyyyyyy PRINCE Song!”
    Very hot hip moves – Oh and I loved his voice on it too.

  • snow_ghost

    I have to disagree.  VFTW did target some idols more than others.  They too had their special snowflakes and they went easy on them.  It wasn’t because some fans were more cray cray than others, as I see cray cray fans in every Idol’s fandome.    For fans of those special snowflakes who VFTW went easy on, I’m sure they site was a more enjoyable than for those who were trashed on a regular basis.  

  • blackberryharvest

    Yep, if your name was Amanda Overmyer, Jackie Tohn, Nick Mitchel, Tatiana Del Toro, etc. then you get good treatment over there. 

  • ZsusK

    Yes to your second paragraph.  Get a good fan war going and the site will get more hits than it can handle. And MJ will burst a blood vessel! ;)

  • Erlinda

    All other websites can close down except MJ. I can live with that, as almost everyday I come down here and get excited to see what she got and I never got disappointed. Thanks MJ for all your hard work. Love your website.