Idol Headlines for 10/18/12 – The Evening Edition

Jason Aldean announces a show with Kelly Clarkson at Wrigley field next summer, “2013 NIGHT TRAIN TOUR will play WRIGLEY FIELD 7.20.13! Show will feature special guests Kelly Clarkson, Jake Owen and Thomas Rhett”

GloZell Presents Fans FLIP for Idols – “Fandemonium” Ep. 2

Dancing With the Stars: Drew Lachey “Threw a Fit” Over Bristol Palin – Bristol Palin was shown the door on this past Tuesday’s Dancing with the Stars — but singer (and experienced dancer) Drew Lachey went home first, and vented backstage on Oct. 9 about that the single mom, 22, had outlasted him on the ABC smash. The 98 Degrees crooner, 36 — who won season 2 of DWTS — vented backstage and “threw a fit,” a source tells Us Weekly. “He was complaining that Bristol has no talent and no reason to be there,” the source continues of Lachey’s rant against Sarah Palin’s eldest, who made it to finale of season 11 back in 2010. According to the source, Lachey bellowed, “Am I on the right show? I thought this was Dancing with the Stars” and called Palin “a joke.” – Read more at US Magazine

Lynne Spears Don’t Let Sam Lutfi Say I Hate Jews – Britney Spears’ mom is afraid Sam Lutfi will paint her an anti-Semite during their imminent trial — so she just got an order blocking him from making Jew-hating allegations … TMZ has learned. The order stems from Lynne Spears calling Sam Lutfi a “Svengali” in her book — a name used to describe a person who controls others through deceitful means. But the word arguably has anti-Semitic roots as well, referring to the “Wandering Jew” character in Christian mythology. – Read more at TMZ

PSY Makes Ryan Seacrest Do Gangnam Style Dance

This is kind of funny.

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  • jdanton2

    Not sure if this has been posted here yet or how accurate this is but it sounds like Jessica will have a song coming out soon with of The Black Eyed Peas who like Jessica is Filipino and he had previously did a song with Jasmine Trias .

  • Bug Menot

    ole (oh-lay)

    #Haliens! Tune into @GreysABC Tonight to catch a new promo featuring @HaleyReinhart’s “Oh My!” #Halien4Life

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “He was complaining that Bristol has no talent and no reason to be there,”

    Yep. That about says it all, Drew. Don’t blame him for being really pissed.

  • elliegrll

    I would have more empathy for him, if he wasn’t throwing a fit about a television reality show, and where the outcome is based on who his the most popular.  

  • jdanton2

    video to debut tomorrow.

    “Epic Records ?@Epic_Records
    Don’t miss the WORLD PREMIERE of @ItsMelanieAmaro’s “Don’t Fail Me Now” music video on @VEVO TOMORROW!
    Retweeted by Melanie Amaro
    2:45 PM – 18 Oct 12″

  • Kesia Monteith

    LOL, exactly. I’ve always liked Drew, but he was all the way back in season 2, and he was competing with lesser competition. Aside from Joey, Helio and Drew may have been better than say Emmitt, but if it wasn’t Sarah or Kristie, Shawn, Gilles and Apolo, and maybe even Sabrina and Kelly would have surpassed them. Helio, Joey and Drew showed they went far on personality and charisma, as their dance routines this season exposed them as weaker dancers compare to others who didn’t even win in their own seasons. It’s becoming obvious who will be top 5, and it wouldn’t have matter what order the ones who will not make it there leave. Drew already won, so he shouldn’t be too butt hurt about it. The only person I want to see make it far is Sabrina, and Gilles is THE main non-winner who deserves to take the trophy. 

  • girlygirltoo
  • Esther Macha

    There was a big nice picture and article about Kris today in the Houston Chronicle. It was talking about his concert at the opening of a new mall.

  • Bug Menot
  • fuzzywuzzy

    “I would have more empathy for him, if he wasn’t throwing a fit about a
    television reality show, and where the outcome is based on who his the
    most popular.”

    Sure, but on an “all-stars” edition of DWTS, I think that it isn’t too much to expect that everyone on the show is at least a good dancer. After that, popularity rules.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I wonder if there was going to be promotion for Melanie’s video on the X-Factor episode that was screwed up?

  • lovesickheroine

     Apl. De Ap from Black Eyed Peas just tweeted this. @apl_de New collaboration song & video w/ the talented @JessicaESanchez launching soon! #PinoyPride…

  • Kariann Hart

    I thought Ryan looked cute in that video!

    I am so happy Jessica is making connections in the music industry.  It will be interesting to see all she will accomplish!

    I think Drew was just expressing what so many of the dancers thought about Bristol being there.

  • jdanton2

    Melanie Amaro’s video of Don’t Fail Me Now is on Vevo now. really well done

  • Axxxel

    Psy has a nice warm voice.