Idol Headlines for 04/22/12

@KrisAllen and @zorropup making it happen at @Mix941 #peta2012 @RCAPromo (Via @Kofung)

Kris Allen preformed at the Pet-A-Palooza concert in Las Vegas. ZORRO IS A START! Haley Reinhart was also on the bill!

DeAndre Brackensick attends his prom!

DeAndre tweeted photos from his High School prom that took place last night in his home town, San Jose, CA.

Scotty McCreery attends his prom too!

Kristen Stewart & Nikki Reed: Coachella Cuties!

Nikki and her husband Paul McDonald spent time at the SKYY Infusions Coconut Escape held at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort, where they met up with Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley.

Photos via Just Jared

Daughtry rocking hard and fast

“We really wanted to play all the up-tempo songs like ‘Renegade,’ ‘Outta My Head,’ ‘Losing My Mind,’ ‘Crazy,’ songs that just felt so different from the last record,” the band’s frontman and namesake Chris Daughtry says in a phone interview. “It just gives us a new color to the set list. We felt like we were missing a lot of those songs that make people want to move.”

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  • Chris

    Cute prom Pic! And did the schools move prom up? Used to be May.

  • Anonymous
  • Mateja Praznik

    The Key of Awesome! : What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction Parody! Key of Awesome #57

  • windmills

    Awh, the pics of Deandre and Scotty with their respective prom dates are adorable! I’m not even that big on proms but I’m glad they get to go through a typical high school rite of passage amid the craziness of AI and what comes after.

    Carrie had her fan club Blown Away listening party yesterday at Starstruck Studios in Nashville for about 20 lucky fan club members. There’ve been a few reports from the party, the most detailed ones being at Pulse and at Both have some tidbits about the songs.

    Not only did the fan club members listen to the album with song intros by Carrie, they got a tour of Starstruck Studios with Carrie as a tour guide, they got to chat and take pictures with Carrie, and Carrie also gave them free tickets to Keith Urban’s Opry induction last night and a $25 gift certificate to the Opry Backstage BBQ Grill.

    One fun fact that came out of the reports is Carrie apparently did her own whistling on One Way Ticket.

  • Anonymous

    CaseyJ finally, finally sung “Jealous Guy”. He said he hadn’t played it since AI so he didn’t sing all of it, but what I found interesting is how strong his voice is now. It’s very clear how sick he was during the show when you compare the two vids. No goaty quiver at all. 

  • Anonymous

    Hey – can some web guru tell me how to attach a vid? I followed the youtube instructions but it didn’t work.

  • HaleysShindig

    Possibly “Wonderland” to be Haley’s 2nd Single (Not sure of the reliability of this site) but makes some sense with her Conan appearance Tuesday and the fact she personally introduced the song on VOA last weekend: 

  • Anonymous

    Cute prom photos for Scotty and Deandre. Makes me feel old. lol

  • everything

    Really great for Deandre and Scotty.  Once in a lifetime moments that will never come again.

  • Pam

    awww cute pics of Deandre and Scotty at their proms.  I’m glad these two got enjoy that part of the high school experience.  I bet their parents were very proud and happy for them last night. 

    Yep, seeing those prom pics make me feel a little old too especially when you officially hit double digit figures in years as long as it has been since some of our us attended our proms.  Heh

  • halo9125

    Good for Scotty! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if he really put his foot down about being available to attend certain senior year events- prom being one of them. Judging by how he’s doing less than one year out of the box- they’ll be many many opportunities to perform but only one senior prom.

  • raya

    Awww, prom pictures!  Makes me feel really old too.  I’m glad Scotty and DeAndre are still getting some of those traditional high school experiences, even though they are in obviously very different places careerwise.  They both seem like such great kids.  I heard rumors that Dre might have been Prom King, but not sure about that.

  • Nele621

    DeAndre must be so thrilled to be at his prom with a date. I hope he wasn’t too nervous. DeAndre was homecoming king. Do they have prom king and queens?

  • B

    Looked like a hot time in Vegas with Kris from the pictures that have been posted on twitter and the radio station, I heard he sounded good too.

  • raya

    I think it just depends on the school.  My school never did the prom king and queen thing, but others do. 

  • sf3456

    Maybe it was just me and my school, but prom wasn’t all that.  I went and was bored out of my mind.  Figured I was better off staying home.  But good on Scotty and DeAndre for going to their prom and hopefully they had a good time.

  • V Jemmy

    Very nice prom pictures.  Glad that they got to do something that was so important to them, though I never understood what the big deal about prom is.

    And did the schools move prom up? Used to be May.

    Sometimes it depends on where you’re located.  I grew up in an urban area, so we had several schools all trying to vie for the same “sought after spaces”, not to mention people who needed to attend multiple proms in the same year because they were going with people from different schools, so the schools ended up staggering them so that they didn’t all happen on the same weekends.  In the end, there’s only so much real estate on the calendar.

  • Anonymous

    Those prom pictures are adorable. Scotty looks great in purple and I just noticed – isn’t his date the girl from the TTWG video? She sure looks like her. 

    I’ve experienced prom twice and it was magical. I would kill to experience it again. 

  • Lucie Laniel

    Scotty and Gaby looked so good with their matching colors. From the tweets that came in, they looked like they had a great time.

  • CanadianLady

    Yes, I believe she is the girl from the video.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Yes she is.

  • boooo yahhh

    did scotty f*** that girl? trouble with girl?

  • Tess

    Ah prom and school dances…never missed a one and we had 3 “formals” each year I was in high school.  It was so much fun to dress up, have the boys open doors, smooch a little on the dance floor, go out to a “real” restaurant for dinner instead of the local drive-in.  These are still some of the fondest memories from high school.

    I have a younger male friend who is now watching his kids journey off to prom and his biggest regret is that he was so “too cool for school” in his day that he never went to the dances, or football games, or pep-rallies.  That is why I am thrilled that Scotty chose to finish up high school in high school (and it looks like Dre has gone back for the remaining few months) and why I just can’t get on board with home-schooling.  An education isn’t just about what you read and learn from books.

  • Anonymous

    Pennsbury is a high school near me where the prom is a huge event. They have been called the best prom in the country. Everyone goes to watch the kids arrive.  Even those who don’t have anyone going to the prom.

    “About 1,200 teens arrived on the red carpet after the hours-long pre-prom parade, a pageant of hundreds of vehicles vying to be the most original. Sure, there were some limos, but such standard fare is considered boring by crowds used to being wowed by homemade floats, the Wienermobile, golf carts, trolleys, FedEx vans, fire trucks and even a helicopter — at least until officials banned aerial entrances. (Hot-air balloon requests have been denied.)”
    “The prom first got a lot of attention five years ago when students convinced Grammy-winning musician John Mayer to play for them. His hit song ”Wonderland” then became the title for a book about a year in the life of Pennsbury, and Reader’s Digest named it the Best Prom in America.”

  • Tiffany

    Yep, thats Scotty’s lab partner that was in is video.  Cute pics.  Love how the guys matched their accessories to the girls dresses.  Wasnt sure they still did that.

  • Tiffany

    My fav formal in school was the Mistletoe Dance in 9th grade.  Spent the night with my bf and we went with two senior guys from our rival school lol.  It was maybe more fun shopping for THE dress then the actual dance.  I loved junior high, high school not so much.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the prom pics.  Maybe I’m an old foggy but I don’t remember so much bling on the dresses back in my day.  Anyways, the girls are look great (and not too skanky.  Sorry, I can’t get behind that look for high schoolers).  I hope they all had a wonderful and memorable time.

  • Anonymous

    Cute prom pictures of Deandre and Scotty. I didn’t go to my prom back in the day, but I hope these guys had a lot of fun at theirs.

  • Anonymous

    Phillip Phillips is having a hard time with his health, and his family requested prayers.

    It says the competition is starting to take a toll on him.

  • Anonymous

    I was at the Idol taping last Thursday and I noticed too that P2 looked sick.
    At the last commercial break when it was just Colton and Hollie, all the contestants immediately got up and went to talk/hug them. Skylar and Joshua went straight to Hollie first. Even before the time was up, P2 walked back to the couch and he walked very very slowly. It looked like he was in pain.
    I hope he is OK.

  • Chris

    My prom was just OK. I didn’t have a date until the day of the dance. I just went with the other 3rd wheel (guy in our circle who also didn’t have a date.) Then I had to avoid him trying to get lucky. Sorry dude. Not that kinda party.

    I’m happily married now to someone else so in my experience, it was just a dance. If you are dating the guy of your dreams, its magical. If not, its a looooong night.

  • HaleysShindig

    Haley finally gets a scoop: 
    Haley Reinhart? @HaleyReinhart
     Hey! I wanted to be the first to share my deluxe track listing as well as the back cover of “Listen Up!” Here you go!!!

  • Enough already!

    Nice to see these Idol kids doing normal things like proms.   What is a Petpolazza?   Is this a show to focus on pets needing homes?   Is this in character for Vegas?   Probably the only person on this site that doesn’t know what’s going on!

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Penn Jillette has composed and recorded a new song entitled “Clay Aiken” about his experience on the Celebrity Apprentice that he will be debuting on his podcast today at 3:00 PM EST here:

  • Anonymous

    He’s definitely in mine.  He’s a real trooper. 

  • Chris

    Dre went home but not fully back to classes. Sounds like it was cleaner to finish the semester with the online process vs go into classes so close to the end of school. But he still gets prom and other activities.

  • Anonymous

    Omg, Damn Haley!! That is such a great picture, legs are amazing!

  • Trina

    Not a P2 fan but I really, really feel for the guy. I dealt with kidney stones and pain – I rank it up there with childbirth as the worst pain I had to endure. I dont know how hes handling the stress of the competition with the pain and fatigue.

  • Anonymous

    Pacific Rim Press: Kris Allen backstage interview at American Idol 

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised to hear that his health is declining.  It is hard to doubt how much these kids really want a career in music when every year we see at least one of them fight through major health issues for a chance at their dreams.  Good luck P2.  I’m praying for you.

  • raya

    I feel for P2, but I wonder how he is going to make it through the grueling tour as well.  The tour is without the stress of the actual competition, but from the past it seems to be just as exhausting for the Idols.  Just a different kind of exhausting.  The schedule is still non-stop.  Especially if he is Top 2 and also being shuttled off to record an album at the same time.

  • CanadianLady

    My guess is he never really expected to make it this far, and had planned to have the surgery/treatment he needs before the tour. The stent was just temporary until they could treat the real problem. Not sure how he’ll manage if he keeps being safe. Or what idol can do to help him. Kind of tricky.

  • Axxxel

    So better for P2’s health  to be number 3…

  • Tess

    Phillip has two choices…to bear the discomfort/pain, or quit Idol.  There is nothing the show can do to relieve the situation and there is no way the show can curtail his schedule without doing it for all the kids.  The “real” world is a tragic place, some/most times.  

    Personally I’m a little irate that an online site has chosen to cover this issue…depending on a person’s level of cynicism it could be a good or a bad thing for Phillip.  Some will consider it heartfelt and others will look at it as sympathy trolling for the votes.  And if the AI audience wasn’t “moved” by a blind contestant I don’t think they will be moved by someone’s health issues.

    I do wish the kid well and based on my own personal experience with kidney stones I’d just get the hell out of dodge and resolve the issue…

  • Anonymous

    My impression was also that the stent was put in to get him thru the competition and then prior to the tour he would have the surgery he needs.  He, like crystal, casey, and elliott in the past, isn’t talking about his illness– it is fans who search out as much info as they can  about their favorites.   I wish him well.

  • Anonymous

    The show could at least arrange for one or both of his parents to be in LA with him as a support system.   I can’t imagine dealing with the stress of the competition along with a serious health issue.  All these kids should be able to have someone with them for support, sick or not. 

  • Tess

    I understand your sentiment but these “kids” are adults now living in an adult world.  Once that highschool bell rings for the last time the world changes a whole lot, whether its taking off for college, joining the military, pursuing a job, or going after the Idol trophy.  

    Parents can’t hold their kids hands forever.  Sure a health issue isn’t easy but, as I said before, Phillip isn’t shackled to AI.  He has the choice to leave at any time and, IF, his health issues are affecting his singing and his performances he may want to consider that (not saying they are).  At this time he has done a lot to further his own “worth” and I am sure that there would be takers out there to help him start a career whether he stays for 5 more weeks or not.

  • Anonymous

    Boy you’re tough ………

  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for Philip just like I felt bad for Casey A, Crystal, Elliott and any other Idol contestant who has had to deal with major health issues. And I’ll say the same thing that I’ve said before — your health always comes first. It’s not worth risking your health by remaining on the show. If he can manage the pain well enough and isn’t in any serious danger, than he can try to continue on. But he can’t expect the show to scale back his schedule to any real degree. They can do things like make sure he gets to a doctor or hospital, but in the end, he is the one responsible for the decisions about his health. He may need to take a step back and ask himself if he should continue to compete, or should he go get his health issues taken care of now. It depends on the level of seriousness of his issues, how much pain he’s in and how well he can manage the pain on medication, etc. But again, I hope he realizes his health comes before trying to win Idol.

  • Anonymous

     I agree.  This is simply a matter of deciding what’s more important, his health or the show.  He’s an adult, and that sometimes means making the hard choices.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a shame that he is having health problems and I feel sad for him. But people with chronic illnesses have to make tough decisions all the time regarding their work, personal and family life. It sucks and it is not fair but that is life.
    Idol can probably make some accommodations, allow him to miss some appearances, make sure he has a place to rest when possible, that sort of thing. But a musical artists’ career is very busy and stressful so Philip needs to sort out his health somehow.  I hope he does. He is certainly not my favorite but he is a human being and I shall think positive thoughts for him.

  • Anonymous

    You can always find another opportunity, but no amount of money or fame can ever buy your health back. Old saying, but true …. Health is wealth.

  • Falfor

     Remembering Bo Bice. He had to put his career on hold for a long time due to health issues. Health is much more important and Philip is so young to have something else go wrong from stress. Nothing is worth sickness from stress.

  • Chris

    He can find other opportunities of course, but everyone has to be realistic.  If he walks off Idol in 6th place, then his chances are greatly diminished because he won’t have the full “machine” behind him that a winner carries. I was just in Target, and there was Scotty’s face smiling at me Clear as Day (pun fully intended) in the check out line.  Not any of the runner ups get that kind of coverage.  That said, most of us would rather be alive and working the bar circuit, than to die trying to hold on to some chance for fame and fortune.  Health is always more important.

    My only point is he only gets one shot at the big prize.  Unless the rules change, anyone that makes it past the top 24 cannot come back on the show.  Perhaps he could go on X Factor or maybe Jimmy, etc. would push him anyway like Pia, Stefano, and the rest. 

  • DoesMonaKnow

    There’s a whole segment about reality competition shows on the FOX anniversary special. Huge Idol presence there naturally.

  • Anonymous

    Sr. Prom was a big deal at my HS.  It’s like a rite of passage. Part of growing up. The last hurrah of your HS days. I’m glad these kids got to attend.  I still have fond memories of my prom. 

  • Anonymous

     LOVED seeing the clip of David A. singing “Imagine” on the Fox Anniversary special! It was without a doubt one of the most memorable moments on AI. 

  • DorkAngel-GBW

     I just watched it on the West Coast. David singing Imagine was a true “moment” for him and the history of AI.

  • ladymctech

    I also live near Pennsbury school district. Small world! Their prom is an amazing time for the students who get to attend. 

  • Anonymous

     Whoever put those clips of AI together for the FOX anniversary did a excellent  job. They really captured all the the AI contestants water cooler moments. They did show all the winners at the end too.

  • Lexie

     By the way, Scotty’s date was crowned Prom Queen…his name wasn’t on the list of those nominated for Prom King…have a feeling he wanted it that way:))

    Hope Phillip is able to make it through and get better soon!

  • Lexie

    Just had to share, everyone needs a smile now and then:)
    Brad Paisley ? @BradPaisley
    Aw. RT @ScottyMcCreery: requested
    @BradPaisley’s song “Then” as the one slow dance song of the night at
    prom. So thanks for memories man!

    Brad Paisley ? @BradPaisley
    hope you were dancing an arm’s length away from her young man. RT
    @ScottyMcCreery: I requested “Then” as slow dance of the night at prom.


  • Incipit

     ladymctech and zzmrts, weird. If that’s in reference to Pennsbury HS in Bucks County PA, we could have been neighbors – if we had a Time Machine.

  • Anonymous

    Hi neighbors.  Yes, that’s the PHS in Lower Bucks.  Small world isn’t it!

    Bucks County can also claim Justin Guarini (2nd in season 1) and Anthony Fedorov (4th in season 4).

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or do Scotty and DeAndre both look like their prom dates?

  • raya

    That’s funny. They both kind of do!  I thought I recognized Scotty’s date as the girl from the video.  I’ve heard DeAndre joke before that his two best friends, guy and girl, have the same hair as him and look a lot like him.  I think that may be the girl best friend, just with her hair straightened.