Idol Headlines for 04/16/12

Siobhan Magnus, Diana Degarmo, Scott Savol, Ace Young, and Alexis Grace Are Coming to Branson! -The 2nd round of American Idol Top 10 Finalists have been announced – and there are some big names coming to Branson with the Finalists Live! – featuring top contestants from American Idol! Appearing June 18 – July 21 – More information at BransonTravelOffice

Ace Young and Diana DeGarmo on a USO Tour – AVIANO AIR BASE, Italy, April 16, 2012 – The vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff thanked service members here today on the first stop of a USO tour. Accompanied by his wife and a troupe of celebrities, Navy Adm. James A. Winnefeld Jr. is bringing a taste of home to troops stationed in Europe and Southwest Asia this week.Joining the vice chairman on the tour are comedian/actor Anthony Anderson; former Major League Baseball pitcher Randy “The Big Unit” Johnson; performer Jason “Wee-Man” Acuna; actor and pitchman Dennis Haysbert; Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders Allyson Traylor, Brittany Evans and Kelsi Reich; and former “American Idol” contestants Diana DeGarmo and Ace Young. – Read more at

‘Celebrity Apprentice’: Paul Teutul Sr. was ‘too tired to move forward’ – Sleeveless wonder and Orange County Choppers cofounder Paul Teutul Sr. was fired on Sunday’s (April 15) episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” for bringing Aubrey O’Day back into the boardroom rather than Arsenio Hall — at least according to Donald Trump’s final words to him. But Paul, for one, thinks he deserved to go. “I just think that I was at the point where I was too tired to move forward,” he tells Zap2it. “Don’t forget that I’m shooting two shows at the same time.” – Read more at

AMERICAN IDOL’s Randy Jackson to Launch Timepiece Collection – Grammy Award winning producer, music manager and AMEERICAN IDOL judge, Randy Jackson, will launch a watch collection, Timepieces by Randy Jackson, on July 20th exclusively with the multi-channel retailer, HSN. As an avid watch collector, Jackson takes his knowledge of horology to develop a dynamic collection synonymous with luxury, high quality craftsmanship and trend-setting design. – Broadway World

AMERICAN IDOL’s Michael Orland and Peisha McPhee to Join Broadway Theatre Project – The Broadway Theatre Project (BTP) based in Tampa, FL has announced that American Idol’s Musical Director Michael Orland, together with Idol’s Vocal Coach Peisha McPhee, will bring their acclaimed workshop “Find Your Unique Voice” to BTP this summer. Orland is an accomplished composer, musical director, arranger, musician and vocal coach working in television, theatre and the club scene. For the past eight years, Michael has been musical director for The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. He has collaborated with music legends such as Elton John, Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett, Burt Bacharach, Neil Sedaka, and Diana Ross, and has made numerous television appearances including Oprah, The Today Show, and Ellen. – Read more at Broadway World

‘Smash’ Star Teases Massive Musical Number – On a show revolving around the production of a new musical and the two Broadway babies duking it out to claim its leading role, you might not suspect that much time is dedicated to the office politics the star’s boyfriend endures. But Smash has given lots of screentime to Dev’s work-life the last few weeks — and according to star Raza Jaffrey, there’s good reason for that. In addition to finding out what lies ahead thanks to Dev’s late nights at the office, Raza revealed how an upcoming musical moments brings every character together for the first time. – Read more at The Insider

On Fictional Broadway, and Then the Real One – CHRISTIAN BORLE knows what people think about “Smash,” his popular if picked-apart NBC drama about the making of a Broadway musical. Not because he goes online to see what they are saying about his performance — he learned to stop doing that long ago — but because, having recently wrapped his first season of the series, he is headed back to a Broadway stage, to a world in which everyone seems to have a thing or two to say about the on-screen depiction of the New York theater industry. – Read more at New York Times

‘Smash’: Anjelica Huston – ‘I’m the idiot savant of drink throwing’ – Anjelica Huston walks like a queen through the Carlyle Hotel’s restaurant. She’s clearly comfortable in the old-world elegance of this Manhattan gem. Once she slides into a banquette, she laughs about having spent considerable time at the bar. Huston orders eggs Benedict and cappuccino, then describes Eileen Rand, her character on NBC’s Monday hit “Smash,” as a “cross section of my favorite producers. The best of them, 75 percent of them, what they do is cover the bad news and tell you everything is great.”- Read more at Zap2it

‘The Voice’: Katrina Parker and Cheesa weigh in on Erin Martin’s comments about Cee-Lo – Last week after her exit from “The Voice,” booted contestant Erin Martin blamed her elimination on her coach, Cee-Lo Green, saying that he didn’t nurture her art and didn’t choose the right songs for her to sing.
This week, Zap2it spoke with fellow contestants Cheesa and Katrina Parker, both of whom were saved by their coaches after America failed to save them in the elimination round. We had to ask them about their experiences working with the coaches and whether Erin was right about the coaches interfering with creativity. – Zap2it

William Levy Injures Ankle Rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars – William Levy, one of the front-runners this season on Dancing with the Stars, hurt his ankle in rehearsals Sunday and is questionable for Monday’s performance show. “Just Wanted to let u know that I injured my right ankle pretty bad during rehearsal.. MRI tomorrow. I’ll let u all know .. Love u all,” the Cuban heartthrob Tweeted. – Read more at People

Lea Michele Talks ‘Dorothy of Oz’ – Lea Michele is getting the privilege of being animated as one of the most enduring literary and film characters of all-time, Dorothy, in the upcoming Dorothy of Oz, but she revealed that she’s also honored by some of those that will join her in the cast. ET can break that Broadway and TV veteran Bernadette Peters has signed on for the ensemble. – Read more at ETOnline

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  • steph6449

    Lol about that article on the Voice. Not that I necessarily think there was anything off going on, but if you want to ask someone to confirm (mildly, IMO) negative remarks made by a departed competitor, you can’t really expect a complete and candid answer from the people who are still in the running. Especially when they are just barely in the running at the mercy of the coach.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see that RCA has updated Kris’ bio/press release for the TYC launch — complete with some nice quotes:   (this is a download)

  • Anonymous

    I hope that Kris uses some of those quotes in his interviews.  He does an incredible job describing some of the songs on the album, and what they mean to him.  I think that some of the things that he says would make for some interesting followup questions, and give people an idea about who he is as a writer and a person. And give people a good idea what the album is about.

  • Miz

    The bio from Kris press kit is great. A lot of good stuff in there for future interviews and promotion on radio, TV, and press.

  • Miz

    It was pretty obvious that Paul Sr. was tired and ready to go. I didn’t realize he was doing his own show at the same time as the CA. I’m glad he didn’t bring Arsenio in. I’d hate for him to have been fired just on the whim of the Trumps.

  • Anonymous

    Siobhan Magnus is coming to Branson MO


    Well, she will definitely wake everyone up!

  • Anonymous

    OMG. Guys….Guess what?! My local radio station is doing a free download thing for “Free”! Ironic no? lol I know. It’s not a concert or anything, but promo is promo…And given the fact that they seem to be an Idol friendly station chances are that I might be hearing “Free” on the radio soon! :D Here’s the link…—Free-Download-Every-Tuesday/7526894

    Speaking of which. I heard Adam’s BTIKM for the first time on the same radio station today. Good place to hear a song for the first time no? I’ve heard a snippet and saw a bit of the music video on T.V.(Was hoping to hit two birds with one stone by watching the vid on VH1 one day. Only caught the end though.),but had not heard the whole thing till today. It caught my attention intitially because I hadn’t recognized the lyrics and to some extent the voice. Then the song started getting familiar fast. Was so cool to finally hear new Idol music from an Idol not named Kelly or Daughtry. That hasn’t happened since Archie’s “Elevator”.(And Kris’s “The Truth” before it.)Hopefully more Idol goodies are to come. :)

    Now this station hasn’t played “Free” yet, but they mentioned Haley’s name and “Free” on the radio like five times today. I don’t even care if I hear the song(lies)hearing just what I did made me so happy.<3 My mom did happen to hear "Free" on another radio station that's identical music wise to what I listen to, but don't get within the area. Some DJ was apparently talking about Haley. Said he met her at that Grammy event and said she was a sweetie. My mom said that he hadn't seen her Idol run, but he ended up saying some nice things about her voice. *HowIWishICouldHaveHeardThis* Oh, and the DJ wasn't local. Was most likely broadcast from another state.

  • Niall

    Siobhan Magnus and Branson, MO go together like peanut butter and mustard. On the other hand, Diana’s country music and her role on Y&R will probably make her a crowd favorite there.

    Oh and kudos to Diana and her trusty sidekick (hehe) Ace Young for doing a USO tour. We’ve still got troops all over the world and I appreciate Diana and Ace for giving their time to them.

    I’m not sure Kris Allen’s sales will light the world on firebut I do think his musicianship and the thought he seems to put into his songs will bring him respect among his peers with his new release.

  • Anonymous

    The TYC Kris bio/press release is great.
    RCA, you have a special gem in your hand !
    And, Kris, I always walked away from your shows impressed. :D

  • Anonymous

    Thank You Camellia is up for preorder on iTunes! The deluxe version has an alternate cover that is a closer picture of Kris without Zorro. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the post, I just saw the TYC Deluxe cover on iTunes. Somehow I missed it if it was posted before. I kind of like it too, but I guess it is pretty funny to see Zorro looking so bored or whatever his expression was/is since it is always the same. :)

  • Kariann Hart

    I would love to see Siobhan and Diana – all of them be featured in Branson!  This will be something special.  Siobhan, Diana, Brooke, and Kelly are my favorite female Idols.  I can’t wait to see who else will be there.

    I do appreciate Diana and Ace doing the USO tour.

  • Kayla

    Looks like Adam’s album Trespassing is up for preorder on itunes, and with a preorder of the deluxe version you get a free download of the next single Never Close Our Eyes.

  • Anonymous

    He has already been saying essentially the same thing in the interviews he gave  a couple of weeks ago with Yahoo, Billboard, THR, Clevver and others.

  • Anonymous

    For the most part those interviews have been good, but I don’t think he’s gone into as much detail as he did in the bio.  Plus, I have some favorite parts from the bio. that I’d like him to tell reporters or whoever’s interviewing him.  

  • judes

    I think its great that Kris is so much more comfortable promoting this album than the last as he has so much of himself invested in this album.Thanks girlygirl for the updated bio info on Kris.