Idol Headlines for 04/06/12

American Idol Top 10 Mentors! (Entertainment Weekly)

David Cook will sing the Anthem tonight in Anaheim when the Angels kick off their 52nd season with their second straight opener against Kansas City. (Via Los Angeles Angels)

Lauren Alaina will be part of the World Outreach Church Easter services on Sunday in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This year’s events will take place at 6 p.m. Saturday and repeated at 10 a.m. Sunday. (Via

‘American Idol’: DeAndre Brackensick’s post-‘Idol’ plans? Prom. – “I’m just glad that I finally get to go to a prom that I’m going to actually enjoy,” he confesses. “‘Idol’ brought out me, and I’m so glad ‘Idol’ did bring out me. Every dance I’ve ever had I was either a ticket-taker or a coat-taker because I was just so uncomfortable with myself.” All together now: AWWWW. (And for the ladies: No, he doesn’t have a date yet.) Brackensick says he had to give up quite a bit to be on the show, but he’d do it again in a heartbeat. Read more at Zap2it.

DeAndre Brackensick ‘had a feeling’ he’d leave ‘Idol’ – “Back in the day, everybody was a falsetto singer,” he says, thinking back to Motown greats like Smokey Robinson and The Temptations’ Eddie Kendricks. “Nowadays, it’s so unappreciated. I want to bring it back. There’s a few of us here and there, like Eric Benet and my idol, Maxwell. I really want to bring that back.” But his falsetto sound turned out to be polarizing. Even though a lot of people loved what DeAndre could do with his voice, just as many people hated it. DeAndre picked up on that vibe while on the show. However, he says, his efforts to show that he was more than just a falsetto singer may have hurt him more than it helped him. – USA Today

American Idol Backstage Scoop: Deandre Spills, “I Wasn’t Ready for America” – Elimination night served up a slightly unexpected exit for Deandre fans who were anticipating Hollie Cavanagh or Elise Testone to be singing for their Idol life. Surprise aside, we gotta hand it to Deandre and Elise who didn’t seem to be stressing over being the bottom two. During commercial break, the two took center stage, dancing and twirling each other around before host Ryan Seacrest sent Elise to the safety of the couches. – Read more at EOnline.

Elliott Yamin: Singer reflects on life after American Idol – It will be Yamin’s third studio album of original content. Unlike his previous two albums, Yamin says this time he is not shooting for Top 40 success. “My previous two albums I was focused on making contemporary music. I wanted to get back on the radio,” said Yamin. “I did not do that with this album. It might hurt a little bit. But it might not, though. I don’t know that I have any singles. I just don’t really know. But that’s the exciting and challenging part about it.” – See the Video at WTVR


Katharine McPhee Fights for the People of Africa

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Adam Lambert’s Rockin’ NewNowNext Awards Night – Turning up for a night on the red carpet, Adam Lambert was among the many stars on hand for Logo’s ‘NewNowNext Awards’ 2012 in Hollywood on Thursday (April 5). Dressed in his usual all-black attire, the “For Your Entertainment” hitmaker worked the Avalon arrivals area while mingling with fellow guests such as Mayra Veronica before heading inside to grab a seat alongside boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. – See the photos at Gossip Center

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  • TylerWV

    Randy just craves attention and has to fight for it.  The video above made me laugh the way the interviewer kept the mic in front of Steven but Randy kept jumping in and trying to monopolise the convo.

  • Anonymous

    Heejun singing God Bless America at the Mets opener yesterday!  Beautiful rendition!  Sorry it’s only the Facebook link.  I can’t figure out how to link it otherwise!  Duh!!/teamheejun

  • CanadianLady

    It’s also on – he did great!

  • Pam

    Very nice rendition by Heejun.  Thanks for the link.  :)

  • SamC

    Phillip wrote this on his facebook page. “thank you to everyone who supports me and voted this week! i appreciate it very much…i heard that some people took my comment the wrong way but i thought jimmy said if i dont move around i would get passed and all i was meaning that im not the artist who runs around stage touching peoples hands and sings to them, thats just not me so im sorry to who ever my have taken it the wrong way bc i wouldnt even be here without you guys voting haha thank you again!”

  • it’s me

    WTG Katharine!  Thank you for helping out and making a difference!

  • randi

    JFC Randy needs to GTFO!!  He’s so annoying. 

    Loved Kat’s spot regarding Malria no More.  I know she’s been involved with that for a while now so it’s great that her higher profile might lend more visbility to the cause. 

  • justmefornow

    He did great! What beautiful tone he has. He sounds better here than Phillip and Colton sounded Wed. night! 

  • LVD
  • kesia monteith

    HA Now he’s sorry! LOL

    *sigh* I have calmed down since last night. I was upset because one of my two fave contestants on this show (next to the now departed Erika and my fave guy Joshua) were about to leave, and I had to hear him be all about a “real” artist on a reality show. It doesn’t help when Dre, Elise, and Joshua are true to themselves and they get their fare share of knocks against them, and feel Phil gets away with singing poorly. But I get that he gets his fair share of vitriol as well, especially on this blog, so I can’t deny that. I know how it feels to have your words taken out of context, or have your fave be shat on.

    Honestly, he really doesn’t owe anyone an apology. He just needs to learn about a thing called foot-in-mouth. But he does seem like a nice enough guy, and deep down, I know he doesn’t mean to be an asshole about what he said. Like him, I got carried away, LOL.

  • CanadianLady

    Since auditions, I’ve thought Heejun had the best voice of all the guys. I know he needs vocal coaching, but he’s really the one I want to listen to in the future. And yes, I have all his studio records and I love them. And I keep going back to listen to his earlier songs, especially the group one in Vegas.

  • Incipit

     Thanks for the link, clearone1. Hee Jun’s voice sounded great on “God Bless America” – and he put a lot of feeling into the words. What a cool opportunity for him!

  • kesia monteith

    That all access video with Steven and Randy was the most awkward post Idol show interview known to man. “And Jun…um…Heejun, I liked Heejun”. LOL

    And yes Randy needs to get the fuck out of here. I mean, what is he still doing here!? So out of touch. Oh, and worse, desperate. Ick. 

  • kesia monteith

    Heejun is a great singer. If he and Deandre played their cards better, and people were not obsessed with the same alt/rock cute white guy, they would have given Colton and Phil a run for their money.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Daughtry is getting his ass sued bigtime! lol

    GREENSBORO — Members of the band Absent Element filed a lawsuit Thursday in Guilford County alleging Chris Daughtry defrauded them.

    Daughtry “took advantage of his position of trust by misrepresenting that he alone held all the rights to the profits derived from four songs that were written in furtherance of the Absent Element partnership and failing to account to plaintiffs — his partners — for proceeds he alone has collected and retained, or assigned to others, from such songs,” according to the suit.

    Plaintiffs named in the 28-page suit are Ryan Andrews, Scott Crawford and Mark Perry.  The suit was filed in Guilford County Superior Court.

  • kirk charles

    McPhee is a saint! Truly amazing work! I don’t know how any people can bash this girl when she does so much more with her star power than a lot of celebrities out there. 

  • Incipit

    Interesting speculation about which team’s gear David C will wear to sing the SSB tonight for the sold out Angel’s opener in LA – when you consider they are playing his hometown team, The KC Royals.  The betting is running towards Royal Blue, right now. *snerk*

    “The game will be broadcast on FOX Sports West, ESPN2 and MLB.TV. “

    That would be cool, if David’s Anthem is on TV – but even if the coverage doesn’t start that early, I expect there will be video. Sounds like a busy weekend – the game tonight, and the guest spot DJ thing on Saturday and Sunday for Hollywood Hamilton’s Top 30 Pop Show. Always Good Times, to get more audio and video of DC.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you guys for pointed out the All Access interview, it was hilarious! Randy made de reporter totally unconfortable and sounded completely drunk. Even Steven felt second hand embarrasment for him, lol.

  • Pam

    Here are last night’s ratings from tvbythenumbers.

    Fox won the night with adults 18-49 (though head-to-head from 8-10p, CBS bested Fox). The Big Bang Theory topped the night with a 4.2 adults 18-49 rating, down half of an adults 18-49 ratings point from last week, but American Idol was down six tenths to a 3.8 adults 18-49 rating so The Big Bang Theory still easily led.

    CBS The Big Bang Theory 4.2/14 13.01
    FOX American Idol 3.8/12 13.79

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting that very, very cool video of Casey J.  Wow, he is so talented and I love that song.  I would just love to see him do that one on Idol because it is so non Idol, and with his mad guitar skills would get people to take notice of how great an entertainer he is.

  • HaleysShindig

    Have a feeling Steven will be carting Randy off to a AA/NA meeting after that interview. 

  • Anonymous

    wow! l love that song and his guitar playing! I like also the way he introduces himself – very grounded guy

  • Susan Reiter

    From the primitive vids from the NewNextNow awards it looks like an awesome night – the confetti was done in yellow I wonder if that was for Trespassing or it seemed like NNN had a lot of yellow going on with their branding so maybe that but it sure went well with Trespassing!  Adam looked fierce on that stage!  Can’t wait to see it  after it’s aired cause sadly I don’t get LOGO.  The next single is goin to be a tough, tough call! 

  • Chris

    Dre took the exit with maturity, good job and I am sure a prom date will be easy.

    I saw Lauren last night with Sugarland and it was a good show. She gets more time as the second act and she even threw in a few rock covers – Dead or Alive and Blaze of Glory by Bon Jovi. For many of the folks that preferred she travel with a “less rowdy” tour, Sugarland with its family friendly atmosphere fits the bill.

  • breakdown

    It’s so weird to me that six years later a very small fanbase still has sour grapes regarding Chris Daughtry. I’m sure this is just another nuisance lawsuit and that RCA would have fully vetted any of these songs.

  • raya

    It’s nice to read from the E! Online article that Elise and DeAndre were taking their bottom two in stride and dancing and having fun with it during commercial breaks.  LOL.  Not sure about the reports of P2 looking bored, but whatever.  That’s P2 I guess.

    From the interviews I’ve seen so far, DeAndre will be fine.  He seems to be handling everything with a great deal of maturity, at least from what I’ve seen so far.  He’s even had only nice things to say about Jimmy.

  • Anonymous

    I think that Heejun focusing more on humor than singing, and he and Deandre having a lot of poor performances had more to do with their eliminations than what other people or doing, or people liking alt rock guys.  I love Deandre, and initially thought that he should have competed during season ten, but his semi final performance was on of the worst in AI history.  It was on par with Tim Urban’s “Apologize” and Paige Miles’ “Smile”.  Meanwhile, Heejun never put himself in a position to be seen as a serious competitor. 

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much for linking that video of Heejun singing “God Bless America.”  I liked Heejun more for his personality than his voice, but that was beautiful.  I got tears in my eyes and I am not a sentimental person.  But maybe that song gets a little more oomph to it when sung by an immigrant — someone who chose this country to be his “home, sweet home.”

    I’m really going to date myself here, but I could see Heejun having a Jim Nabors-like career: being on a sitcom where he’s mostly comic and, occasionally, opens his mouth and sings beautifully.  Still hoping that he and Kellie can do a show together. :)

  • Nele621

    Good luck to Cook singing the NA. I say that cuz it seems lately several idols have been having some problems (Daughtry, Lauren). Kelly did a spectacular job tho. So many NAs, so many idols singing, many numerous times. I’m glad it’s not just the winners and runnerups that are always asked, but many of the top ten.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, just wow. Casey performs that magnificently. i fully expected sparks to be flying off those guitar strings. he just kicks ass on that thing! 
    and please allow me to drool.  LOVE his hair tied back in a messy ponytail. took my breath away.  and as much as i would love to see him on Idol, i picture a scenario where Nigel is begging and Casey isn’t even giving him the time of day. (my own little fantasy)  cuz the truth is i want him to perform on Idol because i know it would help his sales, but it makes me feel better to know that even tho Casey would be grateful for the opportunity, he honestly doesn’t care one way or the other.

  • Anonymous

     Yup, even with the crappy vids you can tell Adam’s NNN perf was magnificent! An amazing show that Adam thought out to the last detail. Can’t wait for Monday. Trespassing would make a terrific if out there single. If not second, hopefully third if he gets one. This was a WOW performance!

  • Leandro

    There’s no way Randy isn’t drunk in this interview! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I loved it. I can’t wait to see this on tv, he was amazing and the band was loving it too. Love the confetti at the end.

  • Anonymous

    I saw a short vid of Dead or Alive Lauren sounded great her band is sounding fantastic.  She also covered Little Big Towns Boondocks as there was a shot vid of that also I.  From the vids it looks like the place is full by the time she was on so thats great and the crowd was sining along with Dead or Alive so they seem to be in to it.  Short review in the toledo paper today mostly about how great Sugarland was but small paragraph on her and Cannan Smith. The reviewer  said her voice was strong and she had great stage presence and commented on how good her band was.  So it sound all good.  Sugarland was fantastic I heard.

  • Nele621

    DeAndre is so cute and has this immense talent to boot. How can he not have the self confidence to ask a girl to a dance. I have a feeling he won’t even have to ask, and he’ll get many invitations to the prom. Hopefully the finale show won’t interfere with his prom schedule. 

  • Nele621

    IMO, I didn’t think DeAndre’s performance was even close to one of the worst in AI history. I just think most people don’t get him, and don’t realize how talented he really is.

  • Indigobunting

    Oh, CJ :(  I really want you to get a spot on Idol to increase sales.  Why do you say stuff like “I appeared on Idol and to this day I still haven’t seen a single episode”

    Really?  Is that going to endear you to producers and get a spot?  I was encouraged (and still hoping) because they are doubling up on performers now that you could still appear.

    Anyway, nice performance- that song is so much better live than the album version.

  • kesia monteith

    Question: Is there a press conference call for Deandre, or because it is Easter holiday, there won’t be one?

  • raya

    The funny thing is DeAndre was Homecoming King at his high school earlier this year, so apparently he has this weird mix of shyness while also being really popular.   I’m sure he’ll have no shortage of dates.

  • Anonymous

    Hee Jun’s fans started a petition to get him on Ellen’s show.  When did she stop having the idols appear?  Anyway, would love to see the two of them together and think it would be great if she started having them on again. 

  • Kirsten

    It’s a bit too fast for Randy to have gotten that drunk right after the show. He’s probably high as a kite. He might want to save that kind of stuff for when he gets home and not being doing it around a bunch of minors on a show where everybody is supposed to have a squeaky-clean image.

  • Anonymous

    If people didn’t see his potential he wouldn’t have lasted this long.  People understand falsettos and vocal gymnastics, but they also understand that those things can’t be overused, and don’t automatically mean that someone is a good singer.

  • Kariann Hart

    I agree, DeAndre won’t have any probelms getting a date for the prom.  He’s such a sweet guy.  How nice to hear how he and Elsie were dancing during the break.  This seems to be a real close group.  The tour should be fun!

  • Erika Fernandez

     I would like the apology more if he actually also admitted that he heard Jimmy wrong as well.  Jimmy was telling him not to be complacent with his vocals, and song choices.

  • Kirsten


    I would like the apology more if he actually also admitted that he heard Jimmy wrong as well.

    It’s possible that P^2 is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Jimmy just needs to stop using metaphors when speaking about the dude. Jimmy should try telling him exactly what he wants.

  • Anonymous

    I’ll have what he’s having.

  • iani

     Good luck to Cook singing the NA. I say that cuz it seems lately several
    idols have been having some problems (Daughtry, Lauren). Kelly did a
    spectacular job tho. So many NAs, so many idols singing, many numerous

    Oh well, it sounds like the AI competition for NA all over, “whose NA reigns supreme”. Just give me a decent, good, solemn rendition of the meaning of the song than be there to showcase your talent and the “spectacular” star you are that I saw sometimes, it’s not the case, JMO. The best rendition I ever heard live was by a symphonic orchestra at a beginning of its concert because it was the orchestra’s concert for overseas tour’s replica 100% and it was upbeat, strong like I was to another kind of concert, the adaptation to the real meaning of the song not to fit the style of music.

  • Eilonwy

    It’s possible that P^2 is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and Jimmy just needs to stop using metaphors when speaking about the dude. Jimmy should try telling him exactly what he wants.

    While I’m all for directness in mentoring the singers on Idol… a singer/songwriter who has trouble grasping metaphors? Mmmm hmmmm. 

    I’ve probably said this before, but singers who want to prosper beyond the local-bar-circuit level should exert themselves to learn some basic communication skills. I’m totally in favor of defining one’s niche clearly while on the show — but it’s possible to do “I’m just a plain dude with a guitar and a dream” in a manner that’s charmingly down-to-earth and doesn’t appear to be blowing off advice. Holding one’s ground in a way that’s likable is a hella useful skill in dealing with fans, the press, and probably the label brass.

  • Anonymous

    if his ex-bandmates have a legit claim, why did they wait more than 5 years to sue?

  • Anonymous

    she hasn’t — several Idols have been on her show recently. But since she’s no longer connected to the show, she has no motivation to put everyone on — she’s going to pick and choose.

  • Miz

    That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing the link. When you aren’t looking at him, you can really appreciate Heejun’s voice. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone. I don’t mean it in a negative way.

  • Anonymous

    Taylor Hicks will be featured on two tracks on a new CD/DVD by the Jamie McLean Band, out on May 22.  You can hear a stream on the CD, including Country Living and a cover of Midnight Rider with Taylor singing and playing harmonica and guitar.

    Press Release is here:

  • Anonymous

    No idea. I’ll be following it and see what happens.

  • Axxxel

    OMG Randy !!

  • Anonymous

    After hearing The Fray’s version recently, Cookie has nothing to worry about. 

  • Axxxel

    P2 is being interviewed and I think in interviews it is not always about being the sharpest knife with the best IQ… but just about being a quick thinker and having experience in answering “sticky” questions…

    Maybe P2 did not misunderstand Jimmy at all… but maybe  was still thinking hard to get a right formulation of his answer but Ryan Seacrest needed an answer at that moment. So P2 just went for it.

    If P2 did misunderstood Jimmy’s statement, then I don’t think he has to apologize for it. I agree with a former poster that it should be Jimmy who should explain his metaphors so that there is no misunderstanding on the receiving end of his critique.

  • Axxxel

    Holding one’s ground in a likable way.. One suggestion… maybe P2can show his dissapproval with a comical/serious facial expression without saying anything.

    Remember Season 8 :Adam Lambert’s face when he found out that it was going to be “country week”… and Kris Allen’s face when Simon Cowell said that Danny Gokey was the better singer in their rock duet.

  • Anonymous

    Picture of Kris (and one of his co-writers on The Vision of Love) at the Idol Hangover taping: 

  • Kayla
  • Eilonwy

    Holding one’s ground in a likable way.. One suggestion… maybe P2can show his dissapproval with a comical/serious facial expression without saying anything.

    Somebody with the right bent for comedy could probably pull it off, but how the audience interprets it would depend a lot on how they perceive the singer. For instance, Elise Testone would be lambasted for “stink face,” but Heejun Han could probably get away with it.

    Honestly, just starting with “That idea’s certainly worth thinking about” (paraphrased into more natural language) “as I’ve always been most comfortable doing” (whatever it is he prefers to do) would cover it. The preface that acknowledges the value of the input also buys a couple seconds to come up with a really good answer that holds the ground. A big part of thinking on one’s feet is learning the tricks for getting time to actually think while still appearing responsive and coherent. My example isn’t the sole technique in the bag, so if it sounds too stagey as phrased, there are plenty of other ways to do the “show you care, stand your ground” move.

    I don’t expect Idols or any other celebs to pull this sort of thing off flawlessly every time (I’ve seen my favorite of the Idol alums fumble responses on occasion, though he’s generally very good at this compared to most musicians out there), but the more it becomes a habit, the easier it is to do it when under stress.

  • iani

    Lol, I will check it out later.  I’m pretty sure, as a singer you try to do your best with the NA, even as a  bad singer, but to make a case from it because “you can” do it and have vocal chops it’s just a no for me. Just adopt the song to your style and not your style to the song, it’s what I think and I’ve wanted to say. .

  • Anonymous

    19 total tracks on the “Thank You Camellia” fan edition. 

    kris Allen –  There are only 4 more days to add your name to the booklet of Kris’ “Thank You Camellia – Fan Edition”!!! Not only will the Fan Edition feature the names of fans who pre-order before 4/9 in a very special “thank you” section of the booklet, but you’ll also get the full deluxe album on CD & 5 exclusive acoustic tracks (that’s a total of 19 new Kris Allen recordings)!

  • md

    Last season Randy was on Haley all the time about her song choices. But she sung the “you know what” out of them. Guess he learned his lesson.

  • CanadianLady

    Do you know if Canadians can pre-order it? Scotty’s was only for the US.

  • Incipit


    “I don’t expect Idols or any other celebs to pull this sort of thing off
    flawlessly every time (I’ve seen my favorite of the Idol alums fumble
    responses on occasion, though he’s generally very good at this compared
    to most musicians out there),”

    Heh. My favorite of all the ‘buying time’ lines is “I’m not opposed to it” – Whatever ‘it’ is – followed by a few general disclaimers that may make ‘it’ not work…and then move on to another subject.

    Honestly, if the children have no experience interviewing – it isn’t exactly kind to just turn them loose in the jungle with no skills. Ya know?

    But I’m still stuck back in ‘an artist not grasping metaphor’ – awkward and odd – because IDK that this can be taught.

  • Anonymous
  • LJR

     David Cook has gotten better & better every time he’s done the Anthem.  Hope he has a great time at the ballpark tonight – fans know he loves him some baseball

  • Chris

    I hadn’t seen Sugarland before live, they are excellent.

    I just read the article and that church service will be huge. 11,500 seats with shuttle bus service. I know every church gets an influx on Easter but that’s big.

  • Mary

    I think David will wear some neutral color not belonging to the Angels or the Royals.

    Now he may have some KC Royals apparel under his safe color clothing.

  • Anonymous

    That interview proved that randy and steven are STUPID.  FIRE THEM IDOL

  • Anonymous

    Me too! I’m hoping that Casey shows up this season on Idol — I would love to see him do Drive on the show and hoping that it will definitely be his next single!

    Come on Nigel — there really was a Season 9 with great talent and right now Casey is coming into his own as a true artist – its perfect timing for him to showcase his talents — especially with contestants like P2 and Coltan ….

  • Anonymous

    If your saying that he and his guitar would show up those other two Southern guys, I will have to agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    AccessHollywood: Kris Allen Answers Fan Questions (3 parts)

    “Kris Allen sits down with’s Laura Saltman and answers fan questions she received via Twitter including, “What is his favorite song off his new album, ‘Thank You Camellia?’” “Where do his ancestors come from?” And, “What nickname does he have for his fans?””

  • Anonymous

    Nigel tweeted that next weeks theme is songs from this decade and Akon will be mentoring. So any song from 2010, 2011, and 2012.

  • Anonymous

    Sweet interview – Kris  looks happy and enthusiastic about TVOL – hope it works out for him – looking forward to his performance on Idol and how he interprets it.

  • Anonymous

    Yes two services with 8-10000 people.  Its nice Lauren gets to mesh her faith with her music make some money hopefully new fans.  I am not religous
    but I appreciate that christian music has really entered a new period and can be quite pleasent. Not that she is switching to christian music just that she will be singing it on Sunday.

  • Anonymous

    James’ wife Heidi just posted her video of James singing the National Anthem at the Sharks NHL game last night.

  • wicked

    James’ wife Heidi just posted her video of James singing the National Anthem at the Sharks NHL game last night.”

    James did a great job singing the National Anthem!

  • Chris

    There are a number of people that love Dirt Road Prayer, so similar to Carrie, Scotty, even Amy Grant, etc.. she can do songs of faith that appeal to fans or just fun tunes for concerts, radio…