Idol Headlines for 04/01/11

The Academy of Country Music Awards air tonight on CBS at 8/7c. Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton and Scotty McCreery are set to perform. Carrie and Scotty will both be performing brand new singles. Carrie will open the show. Blake, Carrie, Scotty, and Kelly Clarkson are also all up for awards–good luck to them! Come back later for Windmills live blog.

Joshua Ledet tweets what could be a theme spoiler, “@rihanna I love you so much (: was just thinking about one of your songs for next weeks theme (:”

Colton Dixon shared a secret with his fans on Facebook–He’ll be sporting a new hairstyle on Idol next week. He won’t reveal any details. You’ll have to tune in to find out. Watch the video on Facebook.

Carrie Underwood talks about permanent hearing loss that began in her childhood. Plus, why she decided to join twitter and the possibility that her husband’s hockey team, the Nashville Predators, could go far in the playoffs.

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Milwaukee resident lands spot on ‘The Voice’ – Gokey has helped his friend prepare for life as a singing-show contestant. “I told him, ‘Stay off the Internet,’ ” Gokey said. “People’s opinions can get inside your heart and poison you. . . . I think he’s far more advanced than I was on ‘American Idol.’ His sound, mind and heart are in a better place than I was.” And Rogers insists there’s “no temptation” to return to the life he once lived. “I was miserable, unhappy, suicidal,” he said. “I felt like I had no purpose. Now I’m full of purpose. I never before understood so clearly what I’m supposed to do in my life. – Read more at JSOnline

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  • Joseph

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  • Anonymous

    Colton is sure media savvy about his hairstyle.

    Glad he finally realized that he looks like Kate Gosselin’s younger brother with that hair!  lol

  • larc

    Maybe Colton will be rid of the skunk or maybe its “stripe” will be white now instead of blond.

  • Trina

    Colton utilizes Twitter and Facebook very well.  At the rate his follower count is moving he may have to make a video for every milestone hee. He gained something like 6,000+ followers yesterday alone. I wonder if the new hair may fit in with the 80’s theme?

    Aw I just noticed RiRi tweeted Josh back. I love when these Idols get recognition from these big stars theyre fans of.

  • Anonymous

    I was thinking he looked like the Bride of Frankenstein brother.

  • Lucie Laniel

    Yea Scotty, best of luck for tonight. I really believe he will win.. will win.. will win Best New artist. He deserves it and is the best.

  • Anonymous

    A new episode of Idol Hangover is up.

    Oh, and interesting. The Dave Matthews impersonator from S9 likes the Dave Matthews impersonator from this season L O L

  • Anonymous

    Yes Joshua! Rihanna! Do it! Sing Birthday Cake! (just kidding about that one lol)

    I was thinking that after 80s week they would have like a billboard top 100 theme or something.

  • Lexie

    Nervous for tonight:))

  • Anonymous

    Is Idol Hangover really funny? Because I tried watching it once a couple of weeks ago, and it was SO LONG, and I got bored. lol

    I also started watching Celebrity Apprentice yesterday. That was like, 7 hours straight. Wow. I used to watch The Apprentice, and it reminded me of why I used to love that show, but man is Trump (and his butt kissing kids) a jerk.

    Ahh, I’ve got to stop watching shows that Idols star in. It sucks up way too much time in my life. But somehow I keep getting drawn in. First Smash, then Nandito Ako, then Celeb Apprentice… is there another show I’m missing? Lol. And these are Idols I don’t even really care about.

    About Joshua’s tweet.. Songs of the 21st century maybe?! That theme that looks great on paper, but ends up being one of the most mediocre nights each year…

  • raya

    I have nothing against Colton, but it boggles my mind how he has probably like 100,000 more twitter followers than some of the others.  I guess I’m just missing the appeal in the sense that I haven’t seen him do anything on AI to really set him apart from the pack or to invoke that sort of devotion, either performance wise or personality wise.  It’s not even like Heejun where he’s that entertaining a tweeter.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the appeal either, unlike Heejun who’s seen as some type of jokester instead of a serious artist, Colton is steadfast and serious in his personal views and his music. Even though is not everyone’s favorite, the audience is getting to know him and obviously he’s appealing to certain viewers. 

  • larc

    Scotty gets to meet some interesting people.  :)

  • Ringo

    I’m not a big “Love me, I’m a Christian” fan, but I can understand the appeal of Colton far more than I can P2.  Vocally, Colton sounds to me a lot like Kris Allen, particularly with his earnest, plaintive break in his voice.  He’s got a pleasant singing voice, he’s kinda cute, he’s white, he’s Christian, and he’s a he.  Meme-wise, it’s a bit like S8 v. Seashon 7 with Colton playing Kris and P2 as David Cook.  Toss in Jessica (meme-wise, she’s S 6 Jordin [youth]/S9 Crystal [front-runner]) v. Elise (she’s the underdog lightning rod — Haley), this is becoming an interesting contest, even if not great music.

  • Anonymous

    Eww… I don’t think Kris sounds anything like Colton! Kris has a way better voice and sooo much cuter!

    Kris’ performing style sorta reminds me of P2, because in the beginning of Kris’ season, people were making fun of the way Kris sang and the faces he made. I think people were calling him “Monkey Lips” or something like that and this season, people are making fun of P2’s face when he sings.

    And P2 and Kris sorta changed up songs to fit their style, and they both wore casual attire and are naturally cute. No hair products or dyes or weird hairstyles or clothes.

    If I have to pick between P2 and Colton, I prefer P2 because he seems more “real” to me and not full of himself. P2 doesn’t need to preach and lets his music speak.

  • Anonymous

    Colton sounds like Kris? Not to these ears, he doesn’t.

  • Anonymous

    Colton gained a lot of followers last year, especially after his Ellen appearance.  I used to be one of them, but then he started to get boring.  Another one of his followers is Chris Daughtry’s wife.  She might have helped to get him some new people this week, when she tweeted her support of him, and said that they’ve been tweeting back and forth for the past year.

  • Anonymous

    Colton doesn’t sound like Kris to me, either. I’m not bothered if someone thinks so, though, we all have different ears, and Colton in his way is good. Though I’m not at all a fan of his, to be honest. For some reason I tune out when he sings.

  • Ringo

    I thought of Kris not because Colton changes up songs like, but because of their voices.  Both have what I think are pleasant, boyish voices and sing clearly but not with extraordinary range or dynamics.  I was a real fan of Kris his season and so, understand, I do not mean this as put-down.  They just have the a similar range and tone to me.  Of course, Colton’s voice is a little breathier and more emo-affected.  Listen to this studio version by Colton last week when he comes out of the breathy voice in the middle of this and maybe what I hear makes more sense.  I actually like Colton recorded a lot better than seeing him perform.  (But would someone please explain P2’s appeal?)

  • Chrissie H

    “I really believe he will win.. will win.. will win Best New artist. …”

    Different time zone, so I´ll be sleeping when you all are watching…..  But I´ll go to bed with my fingers crossed and those ” win” words in my mind and will dream about Scotty winning .. 

  • Anonymous

    I love the cry, “whine”, sadness in Kris voice, it makes him so distinctive, but I absolutely hate the crack / cry in Colton’s voice. I don’t know why. And Kris’ voice is like butter.

  • kesia monteith

    LOL even if not great music. HAHA, oh boy.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t watch Idol Hangover, but the next one on April 7, will feature Kris Allen. So, definitely will watch that. I hope it is a long one.

  • Anonymous

    Well now I have to totally disagree with you. And Kris has a bigger range than people seem to realize. And I find Colton’s voice thin. A beautiful vocal tone like Kris’s is uncommon.

    Other than that I don’t think comparing ever leads anywhere good. lol

  • mmb

    I didn’t see this mentioned on here ( and I apologize if it was) but I got my hard copy of Rolling Stone in the mail this weekend and there is a really interesting multiplayer profile/story on Jimmy Iovine. Mostly talks about the start if his career, early work with Bruce, Stevie, Patti Smith, U2 and how he then worked with major rap hip hop artists like dr dre and eminen ( and how he is making $$$ hand over fist as part owner of Dre’s headphone business) but there is a little but about Idol. I’m guessing that the interview will be online in a few weeks if it’s not already. Also, on addition to the feature on Adams Tresoassing in the spring music preview, there is also a write up for Carrie’s Blown Away ( she says she wanted the cd to be much more dramatic than prior efforts. )

  • Leandro

    No, it’s boring as hell. As it is slezak or reality rocks. f u want really funny reviews watch

  • Anonymous

    Colton has more of a punk band voice, Kris is pop/rock. If you can’t tell the distinct differences then I’d suggest you see an otologist. Completely different styles.

  • Anonymous

    Colton has more of a punk band voice, Kris is pop/rock. If you can’t tell the distinct differences then I’d suggest you see an otologist. Completely different styles.

  • Shoriagirl

    LOL His reviews are my favorite, too!

  • judes

    Ringo I understand where you’re coming from.As a fan of Kris’s I can see that Colton has a similar break in his voice but to me they have a very different tone . I also happen to like Colton’s voice as well but for a different reason to Kris’s voice.Another thing that makes them similar is that they are both very passionate when they sing a song. I like the music Kris does & the same goes for Colton but I don’t really feel the need to compare them -I think they both also have their own unique appeal.

  • Anonymous

    Ryan Seacrest may be leaving the show, or getting one more job.  The Today Show just retweeted this.!/todayshow/status/186599211826036736 

    RT @jfb Tuesday morning live on the TODAY show in Studio 1A, Ryan Seacrest will make a big NBC announcement. 

    jfb is the executive producer of the Today Show.

  • Anonymous

    Colton sounds nothing like Kris. I am talking just about their voices.

    Sorry, I know I’m like the 10th person to tell you that.

    I love P2. I just think he is so damn likeable. His voice, it’s alright. xD

  • Anonymous

    I  listened to the youtube you posted, and imo Colton stomped all over a great Lifehouse song just as he did on the live show. I did like his performance the previous week of Piano Man however.
    I would never say listening to Colton that he sounds like Kris though. His tone is very different. And I still think unless he and Phillip start singing better they are not going to win. (Penises notwithstanding).

  • Anonymous

    I’m not a Kris fan, but I recognize his talent. He is a much better singer than Colton.

  • Anonymous

    A little bit OT.
    My Direct TV in Orange County (Los Angeles area) has cut off CW channel (channel 5) because of the owner of the channel has remove it from the tv lineup.
    Anyway, I can not DVR Hart of Dixie, Vampire Diaries, Nikita. Darn it.
    I have to watch it live through regular satellite. It is a pain.
    We’ll see how long this lasts.

  • Anonymous

    I listend to TVOL–it’s weird, Kris’s voice has a kind of clean sound (for lack of a more technical word, lol) that is pleasant to listen to, but the tone of his voice or his style of singing isn’t distinctive to me–it sounds too similar to other people.  Which is totally subjective of course.  

    ETA: um I realized that might have sounded passive-aggressive. I didn’t mean it like that–I was just trying to figure out why I could enjoy his voice without finding it memorable.

    I’m not watching idol. Watching half of the one season was enough–I’m glad it exists as a platform for talented singers, but idk, I can’t deal with it.

  • Anonymous

    I love Hotelangel’s YouTube reviews! I started watching them in Season 8, and at first half the humour (for me) came from his North Carolina accent and rapid-fire delivery, but he speaks a lot of common sense as well.

    Some of the bloggers can be overly analytical or else they seem to hold the show in contempt, but this guy is a genuine lover of the show who just says straight up whether he loves or hates something. And he’s damned funny.

  • kesia monteith

    I love that, too. I don’t always agree with him (his music taste is dramatically different from mine), but I love how un-media influenced he is. It is refreshing to get a true opinion like his.

  • kesia monteith

    I know how you feel about Idol. Ever since I started with season 8, I always wonder if I should start back watching it once each season is over. I think it is because I have always known what was happening from the sidelines, so I’m a fan of Elliot and Kimberly and Carly for instance without me watching the show. Knowing the winners is obvious. I know all of their names more than the people who have tuned in for all 11 seasons.

    With all the criticism I have for Idol, I have from the very beginning been defensive of it in that it is a great vehicle for emerging singers to get an insight to what the music industry is like (which is it can be a bitch sometimes, LOL)

  • kesia monteith

    You have seen how Lee Dewyze performed on the season 9 finale, right? I dunno, that already makes me doubt how people are going to vote accordingly.