Idol Headlines for 03/29/12

Whoopie Goldberg filmed scenes on the Glee set yesterday, Lea Michele wrote on Twitter, “At work now about to do a scene with the amazing Whoopi Goldberg! So cool!!!…Whoopi Goldberg is by far one of the coolest most awesome people I’ve ever met in my life. I’m obsessed with her.”

‘American Idol’: 10 Women Voted Off Too Soon – With another female finalist sent home last week and no woman as winner since season 6, we consider the ladies who arguably deserved to go further than they did – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

‘American Idol’s’ Colton Dixon: Is the Heat on to Tone Down the Religious Rhetoric? – As for how the producers felt about his passionate show of faith, and whether they’ve discussed or discouraged it during the broadcast? Dixon says absolutely not. “They totally didn’t get on me about my faith,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter following Wednesday’s show. “They respect my faith and have actually helped me push it in many ways. I’m very thankful for that. The media twists things.” – Read more at The Hollywood Reporter

‘Smash’ Star Katharine McPhee Heads to Africa for Charity Project (Photos) – Smash star Katharine McPhee is taking a break from her day job to give back to the people of Africa. The singer-turned-actress, who rose to fame on American Idol, has named Malaria No More as her charity of choice this year, and is currently visiting the impoverished nation to distribute mosquito nets and malaria treatment medication. – See Photos after at The Hollywood Reporter

No longer ‘Idol,’ Daughtry is making it on his own – “Thank God,” Daughtry says in advance of his concert Wednesday at the Benedum Center, Downtown. “I’m not what the public thinks a celebrity is. I never wanted to be that guy, always in the tabloids and magazines. I didn’t get into it for that. I wanted to do music for a living, and that’s what I want to be known for. I think it’s amazing that there are fans who found out about us through records and this old-fashioned thing called the radio. It’s a pretty amazing thing.” – Read more at Pittsburgh Live

David Archuleta begins 2-year missionary service – While the exact details of his mission are unknown, Archuleta released a video on YouTube Wednesday to his fans, informing them he would be serving somewhere in South America. A family friend of the Archuleta family said he will be serving in one of the missions in Chile, but the family intends to keep his mission a private matter. – Read more at KSL

‘American Idol’ Alum Haley Reinhart Impressed By Jessica Sanchez – Reinhart set herself apart from the other contestants last season with her distinctive voice and bluesy sound, and she credits her individuality as the key to her success. During her return to “Idol,” Reinhart shared that advice with this season’s finalists. “I got to meet up with them for a little bit. I let them know: ‘You’re doing a great job showing who you are,’ ” Reinhart said. “I think they really were in tune what was happening last season, everybody found their lane. I fought for who I was and I’m like, ‘Stick with your gut and listen to all these different opinions, but take what you need and go from there.’ ” – Read more at MTV

Kelly Clarkson Bonds with Her Dogs at Seattle Hotel – Kelly Clarkson’s North American tour has gone to the dogs – specifically, her dogs. The singer didn’t need the daily workouts she put herself through at the Hotel Monaco in Seattle as her canine traveling companions, Security the Maltese, and Joplin, a black poodle, were spotted putting their owner through her paces. “When she came through the lobby the two little pups were like sled dogs pulling her towards the elevators,” an onlooker says. “Clarkson couldn’t stop smiling but it was a question of who was walking who.” – See the Photo at People

Aerosmith promises new album in three months – LOS ANGELES (AP) – Aerosmith has reunited with longtime producer Jack Douglas and the band says it will release a new album in three months. Steven Tyler said Aerosmith was finishing two final songs for the album, its first since 2004’s Honkin’ on Bobo. Joined Wednesday by Joe Perry, Tom Hamilton and Joey Kramer at a Los Angeles mall, Tyler revealed three track titles: Legendary Child, Beautiful and Out Go the Lights. Earlier in the week, the band announced that its 18-stop Global Warming Tour begins June 16 in Minneapolis. – Read more at USA Today

‘Glee’ actors partner up with GLAAD and The Weinstein Company for anti-bullying PSAs — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO – From slushie-stained clothing to potentially fatal incidents, the cast of Glee knows a thing or two about the dangers of bullying. Now series stars Naya Rivera and Cory Monteith have partnered with GLAAD and The Weinstein Company — the studio behind Bully, a controversial new documentary — for a pair of short, efficient anti-bullying PSAs. EW has an exclusive first look at the clips. – See the Clips at Entertainment Weekly

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  • Anonymous
  • it’s me

    I wondered why Katharine went to Africa.  Apparently the kids & the teacher at the school that she built thru McPhee Outreach became sick with malaria.  Good for her for passing out nets! She then gets to visit the school & the students for the first time too!

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak


  • Anonymous


  • Mateja Praznik

    Songwriter and vocal producer Savan Kotecha speaks to Pressparty

    At just 15-years-old, Savan Kotecha began writing songs and he has since penned tracks for pop royalty including Britney Spears (‘I Wanna Go’), Westlife (‘Obvious’) and Adam Lambert (‘If I Had You’).

    Recently, he’s been working as a vocal producer on The X Factor and
    contributed a number of cuts to One Direction’s debut album ‘Up All
    Night’, notably their BRIT Award winning single ‘What Makes You

    Kotecha, who is about to be a father for the first time, spoke to
    Pressparty about his career in the music industry, his role on The X
    Factor and both his involvement and relationship with the popular
    boyband One Direction.

  • shamrock

    I don’t know if it has already been linked (if yes, I’ve overlooked it, sorry), but here is a very nice interview with James from march 26th:

  • Anonymous

    Just saw an interview Adam did, he said he would be singing his new single on Idol in May. He didn’t give the specific date, but it’s in May. I can’t wait to see him on the Idol stage. I’m guess, if Kris album is coming out May 22, the chances are pretty good he will probably be on Idol at the finale or the top 3 show.

  • Anonymous

    LOL at the country Archie is serving his mission staying “undisclosed” for all of one day. What’s even funnier is how the rumor has been floating around for weeks among fans with many reprimanding other fans to keep it private and then a member of the family tells the local news in Utah. Ha. Oh David.

    Seriously though, I hope it all goes smoothly for him and there aren’t any big issues with people bugging him while he’s there.

  • Anonymous

    Is your cap key broken!!!No need to yell at us.LOL

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for posting the interview, Shamrock.  I enjoyed it very much.  James seems to have gotten a lot more comfortable and relaxed in interviews.  Good going.

  • Anonymous

    A very interesting interview – gal was sympathetic and asked pertinent questions.  Love James’s saying he was a deadbeat – mooching off his mom – so honest – until he met his wife.  And at the end doing a little bit of advertising for himself – so cute.  (Starting to dress better, too – like that.)

  • Anonymous

    Chris D is a very impressive guy – and not only musically.

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    NOPE,LOL…just wanted every one to notice cuz it wasn’t posted in mj’s lead article….have a good day !!!..( & I can’t WAIT to hear him tonight!!!!)

  • callmecrazy

    LOL, I know right?  I must say tho, if I happened to be in Chile *dreaming* at the same time as Archie was….yeah, I would make it my mission to give a lookey loo around…:D

  • kirk charles

    such a cool thing for Katharine to do! She is a real Idol!

  • Anonymous

    Wishing David A the best during his two year mission. I hope he stays safe, especially if he’s in Chile, since they just had an earthquake there recently (and are prone to them).

  • Chrissie H

    “NOPE,LOL…just wanted every one to notice cuz it wasn’t posted in mj’s lead article….have a good day !!!..( & I can’t WAIT to hear him tonight!!!!)”

    I loved both comments. DB987 was funny and I want to thank you for your note. I share your excitement even though I sadly can´t watch it myself. (in my country AI still is in Hollywood week).

  • djafan

    I’ve had dozens of google alerts in the last couple of days picking up
    on David starting his mission worldwide.  It was announced at one of the
    pieces done on the news in Utah that David will  be in Chile, South
    America.  David has 3 fan sites being operated for him there.  But
    everything I’ve heard is that his privacy will be respected.

    David Archuleta – Why Utahns Love Him @ Top 5on5 KSL feature (28 Mar)

    David Archuleta Leaves One More Message For His Fans @ KSL Feature (28 Mar 2012)

  • Anonymous

    I like the “Women Who Were Kicked Off Too Soon” feature on EW. I disagree with some of them (Haley and Crystal), but only two is pretty good. I would add the massacre of Season 8 women (ha ha) Felicia Barton and Mishovanna Hansen, among others – and possibly Tamyra Grey and LaToya London.

  • Lexie

    A few things for Scotty fans…

    He’s doing a Live Q & A at 3 pm…as in 15 minutes through Idol… #IdolLiveTweet

    He’s in Country People special edition and they’re giving away a free download of Walking in the Country…

    And he’s announced an official Fan Club party and a Fan Club party in Nashville during CMAFest:))  See for details!!

  • Anonymous

    Ha, Chile is one thing but first he has to get out of Utah. Have seen multiple blog posts and tweets about David from people since he entered the MTC yesterday. Apparently the MTC in Provo is right next to the BYU campus. One girl said now she had a reason to put her makeup on at 6am before heading out lol.

    Not sure exactly how long he will be in Provo. It can range anywhere from 3 weeks up to 12 weeks, I believe. The longer times are for those who are learning new languages. Since David already speaks quite a bit of Spanish, I’m thinking his time in Provo will be on the shorter side of that estimate.

  • Anonymous

    Apparently James is speaking at a middle school again today about bullying:

  • djafan

    haha Yes, I’ve seen some of those tweets by the BYU’rs and some at the MTC.  I don’t think the stay will be very long there since David A’s Spanish is pretty good.  I’ve spoken to him in Spanish several times and speaks it right back.

  • Anonymous

    RCARecords Promo
    Tune in to @extratv tonight to catch a behind the scenes look of @KrisAllen’s new video “Vision of Love” at 7PM EST on @nbc!! RT!!

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to Archuleta.  I hope this experience is very meaningful for him.

    I’d toast him with a nice Chilean Cab, but that would be inapppropriate.  So I’ll have some water instead.

  • Anonymous


    #Tune in to @ExtraTV tonight to catch a behind the scenes look of@KrisAllen’s new video “Vision of Love” at 7PM EST on @NBC!!

    Everyone check your local listings for time EXTRA is on in your area :)

  • Anonymous

    Someone tweeted they saw David this morning and that he “looked happy and was smiling”.  When isn’t he smiling? lol  Just hope this will be a wonderful experience for David and that he will come home in 2 years still smiling that infectious smile. 

    His manager, Kari, said today that she loves his Parachutes and Airplanes song, but her new favorites are his 2 new original songs that will be on his album to come out maybe in the fall.  She said they are beautiful.  I knew there was one original song on the album, but the fact that there are two was new to me. Still waiting for my Forevermore OPM.  One has been mailed, but I haven’t received it yet.  I have forgotten how many I ordered.  I think 4 from 3 different suppliers.

  • Chris

    I gave up on the women discussion because we don’t support each other. Some of the rudest comments about females, in the case of Idol, teen age girls come from women. Maybe its the competition, maybe its hormones but there is no solidarity.

  • djafan

    “I have forgotten how many I ordered.  I think 4 from 3 different suppliers.”

    lol I got my David Archuleta Forevermore from Odyssey today!!!! I have ordered from WOWCD and its been shipped!!!

    David A’s voice is like dark velvety chocolate, just beautiful.  Forevermore MV premier’s April 1.

    I saw tweets from Kari and it sounds like we will be getting regular updates :)

    I’ve received so much news about David A today from all over the world in languages I’ve never heard of.  My google alerts have gone crazy lol

  • GS61_A

    He’s been busy in Miami today & the weekend:
    James Durbin?@DurbinRock
    @JustinRoberts I am. Did 2 @beaSTARalliance school event, VIP tonight, #AXXESS fri sat, #HOF & #Wrestlemania28 @WWE

  • shamrock

    You’re welcome, and thanks Montavilla, I really appreciate your comments.

    And I agree, James really has come a long way since Idol, especially since the New Year he seems changed. I don’t know if it has to do with his wedding, that he feels really settled and at the right place in his private life and that makes him much more relaxed, easygoing and approachable, or if he just suddenly clicked, realizing, that part of his “dream job” is doing promo radio tours, interviews and social interaction with fans, so he better starts liking it. :D

    I am not saying there won’t be arkward moments anymore, James will always be James (and this is part of why I love him), but even he, himself, starts to realize himself that he still has to learn “what better not to say”. ;)

    I think touring with the band and opening for another act will be another great learning expercience/curve as well as a challenge for him, having (almost) zero experience on this matter. I guess it won’t always be easy and there will be setbacks trying to win over an audience that mostly didn’t come for him. But I am convinced he has it in him to make new fans. Because whatever some people may think of James, I think there are two things he can hardly be accused of: that he is not willing to work his butt off and take on new challenges/risks.