Idol Headlines for 01/05/12 – The Evening Edition

James Durbin will perform on Conan, January 12, TBS 11/10c pm.

Casey James will make his Grand Ole Opry debut on January 27

Kelly Clarkson posts: “Rehearsing for Saturday Night Live and am thinking how great @blakeshelton would be hosting this show. We should all rally for that! He’d be hilarious! Maybe the entire cast of The Voice hosting would be funny too! I have great ideas.”

Ricky Martin on Glee set today. – The Glee cast is beginning work on Episode 12 today. It’s their big Latin special featuring Ricky Martin as a “hot” Spanish teacher. Lea Michele tweets, “I’ve known Ricky since I’m 8 years old! He was in Les Mis on Broadway with me in 1996! Crazy huh?!” Naya Rivera tweets, “Today is going to be so fun! Ricky Martin is at WMHS!!! #Lavidaloca”. Ricky has already cut some vocals for the episode.

Brook White and her Girls With Glasses Show Are Throwing a Party – The Girls With Glasses, along with Pinhole Press are throwing a party at this years sold out ALT SUMMIT in Salt Lake City, Utah. The festivities will take place on Friday January 20, The Riviera Room, Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City. More information at GirlsWithGlasses

The Brad Paisley tour Has a New Name – The tour featuring opening act, Scotty McCreery will heretofore be knows as the “Virtual Reality World Tour 2012” The fun begins on January 12 in Grand Rapids MI. See the entire schedule at

Kelly Clarkson Heads To ‘SNL’ For A Third Time; Hopes To Play Christina Aguilera – “It’s so much fun,” Kelly – who was looking fabulous, sporting sexy, newly-cropped bangs – told Access Hollywood during “SNL” rehearsals in New York on Thursday. “Everybody’s always so nice here and the cast is like a family, so it’s a really cool environment.” “My skit I wanted to do was ‘The Voice,’” she told Access, referencing the hit NBC reality singing competition. “I wanted [Charles] to be on his knees and play Cee Lo [Green] and I wanted to be Christina. “I just love that show, so I wanted to totally make fun of it,” she added with a laugh. “I make fun of things I like!” – Read more at Access Hollywood

‘Smash’: Katharine McPhee ‘grateful’ for how post-‘American Idol’ career has gone – “It was a great launching pad,” she reflects, “and I’ve been focusing on my own endeavors. A few ‘Idols’ have had instant success, and I’ve had very steady success. I haven’t won Oscars or Grammys, but I’ve been very fortunate. It’s like anybody else’s career; sometimes, things take time, and you keep plugging away. The media loves to pinpoint success or failure in a show like ‘Idol’ because, coming off the first season, there was such an instant success in Kelly Clarkson. But that’s not the norm. Not everyone’s career happens like that, and I’m really grateful for the way mine has gone. It’s given me so much more drive, and it makes the ‘ups’ even sweeter, because you’ve had to work for them that much harder.” – Read more at Zap2It

The Idol Gang on This Week’s Cover of TV Guide

‘American Idol’ Finalist James Durbin Celebrates Wedding, New Album – “I wanted to write and sing and create an album that I can put experiences from my life into,” he says. “I’m able to put loss and love into these songs. I’m madly in love.” “I was picked on throughout all of elementary school, middle school and high school,” he says. “I was humiliated, pushed, beat up, spit on, called awful names that I would never repeat and I was able to channel that and put it into songs like ‘Outcast,’ ‘Screaming’ and ‘Everything Burns.’ And hopefully my fans and new fans will listen to those songs and get something greater out of it.” – Read more at Rolling Stone

Photo Flash: First Look at Constantine Maroulis, Nancy Opel & More in Rehearsal for Alley Theater’s THE TOXIC AVENGER! – The Alley Theater’s production of The Toxic Avenger, starring American Idol and Rock of Ages alum Constantine Maroulis and Nancy Opel, begins previews on January 13, in anticipation of a January 20 opening night. With books & lyrics by Joe DiPietro, music & lyrics by David Bryan, based on the film The Toxic Avenger by Lloyd Kaufman, and directed by John Rando, the production will run through Sunday, February 12, 2012. Rehearsal shots have been released and BroadwayWorld brings you a first look below! – See the photos at Broadway World

Justin Guarini, Marc Summers, Teal Wicks et al. to Join Drew Gasparini at Joe’s Pub – Guest performers have been announced for songwriter Drew Gasparini’s Joe’s Pub concert, to be held on Sunday, January 22, at 9:30pm. Stephen Agosto will direct. The evening will feature material from Crazy, Just Like Me which won “Best of Fest” at the 2011 New York Musical Theatre Festival, and the composer’s new musical, Circles, as well as brand-new songs and pop singles written for television. – Read more at Theater Mania

Jennifer Hudson on the Cover of Good Housekeeping

Set to hit newsstands on January 10, the “American Idol” alum cutens up the Art Streiber shot front page while opening up about the secrets to her 80-pound weight loss and how her family got her through her toughest moments. – Read more at Gossip Center

New Music from David Hernandez – David said that I Am Who I Am is a body of work that was on his computer for a year and a half before he released it. “People always told me to wait for a label to get behind me. The deals I received weren’t what I wanted, so I decided to put out my music in this way.” The Arizona native wrote seven of the eight songs on the EP, all but the first track, “Follow.” He explains, “I was so in love with ‘Follow,’ I had to record it.”
Originally started in 2009, the EP evolved into a personal story of David’s that takes you on a journey through love, heartbreak, and self-discovery. – Read more at American Idol

So You Think You Can Dance Atlanta Auditions

Host Cat Deeley posts a photo to twitter, “Filming in Atlanta, in Club Monaco fake fur coat….”

U.S. Album Sales Post First Growth Since 2004 – U.S. album sales increased 1.4 percent to 330.6 million units in 2011, up from 326.2 million units in 2010 and marking the first growth in album sales since 2004, according to Nielsen SoundScan figures. Total music sales in 2011 increased 6.9 percent to 1.6 billion, and more than 76,000 new albums were released in 2011, up 2.2 percent from 2010. Catalog album sales increased 9 percent to 151.2 million units, while sales of current albums decreased 4.2 percent to 179.4 million units. Digital track sales also increased 8.5 percent to 1.27 billion units, while digital album sales were up 19.5 percent to 103.1 million units. Overall digital sales, including track equivalents, increased 3.2 percent to 457.7 million units. Despite the overall increases in music sales in 2011, CD sales decreased 5.7 percent to 223.5 million units, a smaller deficit compared to the approximate 20 percent decline reported over the last four years. – Via

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  • Kesia Monteith

    Cat Deely looks so pretty. I just love her, my fave reality show host EVER! I’m gonna miss her when FOX finally puts SYTYCD to bed. :(

  • HotHotHot

    I like her, too! Maybe she can be the hostess for X-Factor then!!!

  • Roger Kramjet

    Kelly Clarkson suggested something… and I have a different reaction to hearing that than I would have a few weeks ago. I am not saying positive or negative but I did have a different reaction reading the headline.

  • HaleysShindig

    Photo from James’ wedding at Haley’s website. 

    Kelly playing Xtina = <3 and I love how she stans for Blake. Will be tuning in this week for sure!

  • Anonymous

    I really admire Katharine McPhee’s tenacity. She’s one of those people who exemplifies the adage of hard work paying off eventually. It doesnt hurt that her show “Smash” is receiving all kinds of exciting buzz right now. can you imagine acting alongside Angelica Huston? must have been  a pinch-me moment for her!

  • Leandro Cardim Da Silva

    James has received a lot of media’s attention this week. He’s in almost every magazine and site that he could be cause of the wedding. Hope it helps to raise the sales of MOABD.

  • ronnie

    I no longer support Kelly Clarkson.  I heard David Hernandez’s new song and it is actually pretty good, I would tell everyone to check it out and give it a chance.  The Idol gang looks great on that TV Guide.

    Was James really as bullied as he has been making himself out to be lately?  I saw a video of him just two years ago and he was very cute with muscles wearing a muscle shirt, not someone I could imagine being as teased as he makes out.  He didn’t look like someone you would mess with to me.

  • HaleysShindig

    Dude has Tourettes and Aspergers, safe to say he was bullied in my opinion. Maybe not so much as an Adult but I’d bet the farm he was in school. 

  • Chris Cassaday

    According to the opry calend Casey J will be playing the opry on 1-27-12

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Brad’s changing the name of the tour to reflect what they’re doing makes me even more hopeful/desperate that he keeps Scotty for the summer leg and that he comes near me…in the past, he had a hologram of Alison Krauss as part of his show, wonder what Virtual Reality will mean…

  • Trina

    Dear God. Can JHud and her weight loss stuff please GO AWAY?  There’s another new WW ad where she screams her way through the song “Believe”, I think its Lenny Kravitz’ song ugh.   At least other weight loss chains switch up their celebrity spokespeople.

    Dude has Tourettes and Aspergers, safe to say he was bullied in my
    opinion. Maybe not so much as an Adult but I’d bet the farm he was in

    Exactly. And during Idol I remember local articles where his teachers talked about how rough he had it due to his conditions.  Kids are cruel. The sad thing is James himself said as he got older he developed that “Crazy James” persona as a coping mechanism. Of course a at 21 the chances are being bullied are smaller, he could have probably kicked someones ass by then too heh.

  • Anonymous

    It’s been a fun week to be a Durbin fan. Lots going on – wedding  & about 400 articles, birthday tomorrow, Walmart soundcheck, People Mag……….nice!

  • Jo Crawley

    Ronnie – James said he had to change schools several times because of the bullying, why would he make stuff up.  He said his facial tics were way worse when he was a kid than they are now (apparently tics get less as a person ages but they are worse in teen years)and he would get set on because people thought he was making faces at them.  He also said he still gets bullied, obviously not beaten up like he used to be but there are many ways to bully someone.  Screaming and Outcast are great tracks, he used his experience of being bullied to help write these songs.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, it’s first intelligent thing McPhee has said since Season 5. She’s right tho, not everyone’s career takes the same projectory or achieves the same level of success – success that might not only come in chart success, but might come in TV, Movies, Broadway, or something else. Wish more people could see that.

  • Anonymous

    I guess Jennifer is very popular among the WW crowd.  As long as she’s moving product, naysayers will just have to turn away when they see her.  :-)

  • Anonymous

    “According to the opry calend Casey J will be playing the opry on 1-27-12”


  • Leandro Cardim Da Silva

    I think he was heavily bullied mroe like in middle school. I saw an itnerview, from one of his teachers, months ago, saying that during high school he learned to communicate better doing theater, started to dance and sing in musicals and became much more popular.

  • Anonymous

    I know two or three others have answered your question, but one thing that really stuck in my mind (my heart ached for him when he said it) during Idol when they were still showing interviews of the contestants before the Top 24 (or 13, can’t remember) were chosen…..James was sitting, and he was talking about when he was younger, how kids would make fun of his tics, telling him to “Stop it!”, and he just said, as if he was still hearing them say that, “I can’t.”

    Yes, he tugged at my heart big time, but even without that, his voice  blew me away the moment I heard it, and the last performance before he learned he made the Top 24 (“Change is Gonna Come”) cinched it for me. There has been no one else since Taylor Hicks in Season 5 that ‘did’ that to me. I’ve liked others of course, but no one grabbed me like those two.

  • it’s me

    WTG Kat!  Smash will be awesome!

  • sd34567

    Kelly Clarkson posts:
    “Rehearsing for Saturday Night Live and am thinking how great
    @blakeshelton would be hosting this show. We should all rally for that!
    He’d be hilarious! Maybe the entire cast of The Voice hosting would be
    funny too! I have great ideas.”

    I guess Kelly missed Christina doing a perfect Kim Cattrall as Samantha in a Sex & the City skit when she hosted Saturday Night Live.

  • Anonymous

    Good recap by American Idol:

    Season 10’s James Durbin is everywhere! His weekend wedding to Heidi Lowe is featured in this week’s People
    magazine, on newsstands tonight at midnight. The article talks about
    the wedding and includes a photo of the bride and groom, and another
    photo of the couple with their Idol guests— Haley Reinhart, Stefano Langone, and Casey Abrams—and Queensrÿche’s Geoff Tate. Yesterday, we pointed you to James Durbin’s Soundcheck. Today, Walmart released three more exclusive videos on their Facebook page. You can also read about James’ wedding and new album on Do you miss seeing James on your TV screen? Tune in to NY Ink tonight—he’ll be featured on the show!

  • Anonymous

    James and his fans certainly can’t complain about a lack of promotion right now.

  • sd34567

    Dear God. Can JHud and her weight loss stuff please GO AWAY?  There’s
    another new WW ad where she screams her way through the song “Believe”, I
    think its Lenny Kravitz’ song ugh.   At least other weight loss chains
    switch up their celebrity spokespeople.

    This.  Before, I was annoyed by her Weight Watchers commercial.  But with her screaming her way through that Lenny Kravitz song, now I’m mad.  I don’t need to hear about her, her weight loss, and I don’t need to see her commercials anymore.

  • Anonymous

    There have been several articles where this was mentioned. Also it was part of the documentary he was in about Tourrettes .. I think it was called “different is the new normal” or something like that.

    James was bullied all through school starting in elementary school.  He had to change schools in middle school because it got so bad . Then in high school he changed twice, and the third time he had to change schools in high school, instead of changing schools he dropped out… he was 17. 
    Also outside of the school setting I think he was also assaulted a couple of times because people thought he was making faces at them.  

  • Anonymous

    I never cared for JHud because of her attitude during Season 3, and I care less about her now!  This WW stuff has gone overboard IMO.

  • Kariann Hart

    If Ryan Seacrest were to leave Idol, it is Cat who I would want to replace him!  She’s just so awesome, warm, and witty!

  • LVD

    “According to the opry calend Casey J will be playing the opry on 1-27-12”


    Oh wow, I almost thought Casey was never going get a chance. 

  • Trina

    If you want a good laugh you need to go to the Commercial section of
    TWOP. They have two categories Weight Loss commercials and Commercials
    with “People Who Need To Go Away”. JHud is often discussed in both. We
    arent the only ones sick of her LOL. I actually love the new Janet
    Jackson Nutrisystem ad. Very simple and effective where she just talks
    to the camera and bonus, she doesnt shout at me!

  • GS61

    Some more promo:
    An upcoming TV performance for James and the band!
    Indeloon85 Blake Bunzel
    Tune in to TBS on Jan 12th, cause we are playing CONAN O’BRIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @ArcherNation @TyMolinaro @JFabb @DurbinRock

  • Kariann Hart

    I really wanted James in the TOP 3, getting the royal treatment.  I am happy his hometown went through the home visit and that Idol did acknowledge it,  Life will never be completely easy for him, but at this point he does fit in as a role mode.  I wish him the best with his career and his marraige!l

  • Anonymous

    I’m so excited for Smash and to see Kat sing, act, and dance every week on TV! Best gig post-Idol ever!

  • Anonymous

    James was definitely bullied terribly as a teen.  When he was on AI just a month or so into it, I went on to one of his videos on the internet and one of the comments was from someone that went to school with him saying she remembered him in school and said he was very quiet and kept to himself and was bullied very badly.  She said in the comment something like – I remember you in school, you barely said two words to anyone and people picked on you, and look at you now, on American Idol. 

  • ronnie

    Thank you for your answer, that is all I wanted to know- then it does seem he was as bullied as he claims.  I never doubted he was bullied, it just seemed he acted more like he was terrorized and having to change schools, etc., certainly backs up it being a much more intense experience that I thought it was.  He was handsome boy, usually the good looking ones get away with more, I guess he didn’t.

  • happyhexer

    I have no trouble believing that James was bullied or that people might have thought his facial tics were directed at them.

    I am hearing-impaired, and once, many years ago, I had a bad ear infection that left me functionally (but thankfully only temporarily!) deaf. I got off a bus and started walking down the sidewalk when I felt an angry tap I my shoulder.  I whirled around to face a livid woman who was royally p*ssed at me because she apparently had asked me a question and I hadn’t responded (because I couldn’t hear her)!  She thought I was dissing her by ignoring her.  But she wasn’t in my field of vision, so I had no idea that she was trying to communicate with me.

    The moral of the story is, no matter what we may think, sometimes it’s just not about us!

  • Kariann Hart

    I don’t know if this appears elsewhere.  The Art Directors Guild has
    announced the nominees for its 16th annual Excellence in Production Design
    Awards, to be handed out Feb. 4 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

    Episode of a Multi-Camera, Variety, or Unscripted


    Episode: Host Justin Timberlake, Production Designer: Keith Ian Raywood,

    And Musical Guest – Lady Gaga Lee, Leo Yoshimura, N. Joseph De Tullio


    Episode: Ducky Tie Production Designer: Stephan Olson


    Episode: And The Rich Peoples Production Designer: Glenda Rovello



    Episode: Top 12 Boys Perform Production Designer: James Yarnell


    Episode: Round One Production Designer: James Yarnell

  • Anonymous

    You are welcome :) 

  • windmills

    I’m glad CaseyJ’s team finally arranged for him to make his Opry debut! It should be a really special moment and I think CaseyJ will really appreciate the history he’s going to become a part of by stepping on that stage.

    I guess he has to perform LDCIAN. With his other song (2 song sets are normal for debuts) I hope CaseyJ pulls out a classic country cover, maybe some George Jones or some Merle. I’m pretty sure he’s covered The Rock before, that might be a good choice. I think he could really get the attention of the people there if he did, and it would be a great way to honor the occasion.

  • Anonymous

    I move so fast for my remote control to mute JHud every time her ad is on TV. I’m sick of her.

  • everything

    I can honestly say that’s the same way I feel whenever I see Adam Lambert’s name.

  • Kylee

    Or idol if Ryan were to leave :)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Is there a release date for Casey’s album?

  • LVD

    Is there a release date for Casey’s album? 

    There is no set release date, but it will be in March. 

  • Anonymous

    Melanie Amaro on Live With Kelly this morning.

    “ItsMelanieAmaro Melanie Amaro
    Good morning everyone :-) Im gonna be on kelly this morning tune in to ser me live :-)
    2 minutes ago ”

    LiveKelly LIVE! with Kelly
    Another incredible #LivewithKelly today! @RobLowe is back to co-host, @IMKristenBell visits, & @Jenmorrisonlive & @ItsMelanieAmaro stop by!
    5 minutes ago”

    “ItsMelanieAmaro Melanie Amaro
    Soooo excited to see @LiveKelly today (screams) EEEE eeeeee lol :-)
    2 minutes ago “

  • Tess

    For me, JHud has lost her “cred” with all this focus on her weight.  I too am really tired of all the weight watchers stuff and find the commercials very “in my face” and kind of a turn-off.

    But then…I “try” not to judge people on their body type or “image”…but when such a big deal is made about loosing all the weight and I don’t see an “improvement” in her value as an entertainer It irks me that it has become such a big deal.  I thought Jennifer was great as a character actress in Dreamgirls and Secret Life of Bees but I haven’t seen any of those acting chops (or really singing chops) since then.  She is just another “loud” singer for me.

  • Avari

    You feel like grabbing the remote and muting JHud everytime you hear Adam Lambert’s name? :-)

    (Sorry, that just made me LOL. Carry on.)

  • shamrock

    Was James really as bullied as he has been making himself out to be
    lately?  I saw a video of him just two years ago and he was very cute
    with muscles wearing a muscle shirt, not someone I could imagine being
    as teased as he makes out.  He didn’t look like someone you would mess
    with to me.

    As all answers to your question have already been given, I just want to add that his finest “revenge” probably is, that he outgrew most of them by about a head in the meantime. :D