Idol Headlines – 1/22/13

American Idol alum, Erika Van Pelt performed at the Vice President’s Ball last night in Washington. And Glee star, Darren Criss, sat in with the band! Erika tweeted, “Got to hang and sing with our friend @DarrenCriss tonight at the Vice President’s party…@DarrenCriss great to have you sit in with the band tonight. You are a true talent! Xoxo.

Cher Lloyd to guest star on ‘Big Time Rush’-EXCLUSIVE – The guys from Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush will get a real rush when singer Cher Lloyd guest stars in an episode of the boy-band show taping the week of Jan. 27 and airing this spring. In it, James (James Maslow), desperate for attention, and Katie (Ciaro Bravo) create a lie that he and Cher Lloyd are releasing a hot new duet and video. – Read more at Entertainment Weekly

Country Artists Come Together For Nashville Benefit Show – Country artists are set to take the stage TONIGHT (1/22) beginning at 5:30p (CT) at TIN ROOF in NASHVILLE, TN for NASHVILLE LIFESTYLES’ 9th Annual MUSIC IN THE CITY benefitting the W.O. SMITH MUSIC SCHOOL. Artists include KELLEIGH BANNEN, KRISTY LEE COOK, CASEY JAMES, HIGH VALLEY, EDENS EDGE and CLAY COOK of the ZAC BROWN BAND. Tickets are $20 in advance or $25 at the door. – Read more at All Access

American Idol: New Judges Pass First Test – Barely – Two weeks ago in this column I suggested that the radically new judging panel might be the weak link of Season 12 of ratings superstar American Idol. After the first round of auditions, two days and four televised hours’ worth, I am pleasantly surprised – but still quite concerned. For the most part, each judge did a good job on their own. However, I likened them to a sports team of highly paid free agents and worried that they might not mesh. That lack of cohesion seems like it is going to be the biggest problem. And the biggest distraction. – Read more at Forbes

PHOTO CALL: First Look at Broadway-Aimed Nerds Musical, With Darren Ritchie, Stanley Bahorek, Leslie Kritzer, Diana DeGarmo – Darren Ritchie, Stanley Bahorek, Leslie Kritzer and Diana DeGarmo star in the North Carolina Theatre production of Nerds, the new musical about technology giants Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, which boots-up Jan. 18 at the North Carolina Theatre. – See the photos at Playbill

Jekyll & Hyde, Starring Constantine Maroulis and Deborah Cox, Will Arrive at Broadway’s Marquis in April – Following the completion of its current national tour, the 13-week limited Broadway engagement of Jekyll & Hyde will begin previews at Broadway’s Marquis Theatre (rather than the previously announced Richard Rodgers Theatre) April 5 prior to an official opening April 18. Tickets for the Nederlander Presentations, Inc., Independent Presenters Network, Chunsoo Shin, Luigi Caiola and Stewart F. Lane/Bonnie Comley production are available exclusively to Audience Rewards ( members beginning Jan. 22 and will go on sale to the general public Feb. 2 at 10 AM ET via – Read more at Playbill

Adam Lambert May Collaborate With Cyndi Lauper – Remember earlier this year when we shared with you an amazing collaboration between Adam Lambert and Cyndi Lauper of “Mad World” during a performance in New York City? Well, we just have even more amazing news to share with you. Get ready, Glamberts! Lambert and Lauper were so great on stage and their chemistry was perfect. Their voices join incredibly well together. In fact, they were so good that they will most likely record the song together. A source exclusively reveals: “Adam and Cyndi talked after their performance. They want to record their duet of Mad World at the studio and release it. It’s just a project they want to do for fun.” – Read more at Music News

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  • Nadine_Bitch

    ”Adam Lambert May Collaborate With Cyndi Lauper”


  • curly_yenta

    Taylor’s stage at his new home at the Paris Hotel in Vegas:

    Popular performer, Taylor Hicks, was seen at the all-new Gordon Ramsay Pub &
    Grill at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas on Sunday, Jan. 20 (Photo credit: ©
    Caesars Palace). During his visit, he sipped on Chef Gordon Ramsay’s
    favorite beer, Innis & Gunn, from a selection of more than 24 beers
    available on tap and 70 bottled beers. Hicks is currently headlining at
    Paris Las Vegas with scheduled performances into 2013.

  • bridgette12

    It’s certainly something I would buy, because they sounded beautiful together. I wouldn’t complain if they did two songs, Mad World and an original composition between them. 

  • bridgette12

    It’s certainly something I would buy, because they sounded beautiful together. I wouldn’t complain if they did two songs, Mad World and an original composition between them. 

  • girlygirltoo

    That would be great if Adam & Cyndi recorded and released Mad World — the live performance was really good.

    Kris returns to his tour tonight after taking yesterday off. He is playing at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg, FL.

  • SaSa8

    Looks like a nice setup for Taylor.  I’m really happy that he has landed this longer gig in Las Vegas.  Good for him!!

  • lovetheusa1776

    Excellent Forbes article on the biggest problem with these judges – no matter what one thinks of them individually, the uneasiness between (not among) them is not an inducement to watch.  

  • Anny_nanny

    CHART DATE: 01/21/2013
    LAST UPDATE: 01/22/2013 08:22:03
    NOW IN: 68.46%

    LW TW artist / album label power index
    — 1 A$AP ROCKY RCA 96,942
    — 2 KIDZ BOP KIDS RAZOR & TIE 50,494
    KIDZ BOP 23
    6 3 PITCH PERFECT UME 30,858
    12 7 MUMFORD & SONS GLASSNOTE 18,364
    20 24 KELLY CLARKSON 19/RCA 8,681

  • ptebwwong

    I agree with the Forbes article. Most of the judges are doing a good job so far. The problem is the judges chemistry (Ex. feud, uneasiness, etc.).

    Also, I agree with Forbes that if they go to a 3 person panel for S13 it will be Nicki, Keith, & Randy. Mariah will most likely be the 1st one fired. I doubt they would fire Randy if he hasn’t been fired after 12 seasons especially when he should have many seasons ago. Keith is doing a good job. If you don’t concentrate on the feud, Nicki can be a mean, interesting, funny, give criticism, be sensitive & caring towards contestants, etc. Also, the producers & Nigel seem to love Nicki. If Mariah wasn’t on the panel I think more people would like her as a judge than Mariah without Nicki on the panel.

  • sdmama

    Why Mad World again? If they collaborate, I would rather have a brand new song that could possibly be sent to radio stations.  Something like Mad World, but not that.  Does Cindy has a new song?  Nirvana, even, if they cannot come up with new song. I would love the idea of duet with Cindy, not the choice of the song.

    I seriously doubt that radio will ever play Adam’s Mad World, with our without Cindy. If I heard Mad World, it was always Gary Jules version. I like Adam’s version better, but unless new song is completely different sounding, radio stations are not going to play covers.

    I am  hoping that Adam will have another big radio hit in US, at least as big as WWFM, hopefully half the size of Home… :(  Duet with Cindy sounds like a great idea.  Names like Elton and Pink were floated around, too.  This has potential of reaching outside of Glambert circle.  I just want them to pick a song that can be more than souvenir for already existing Glamberts.

  • Miss Chaos

    I hope Cyndi and Adam are prepared for it not to be played on the radio, since Radio PDs or DJs said they dont play Adam Lambert.  But hey, they could just dub him out and play Cyndi’s part of the song. This really will show how prejudiced they are about Adam.  But it is a Mad World for not playing the music of this beautiful singer! 

  • jpfan2

    Radio doesn’t play Cyndi either (except her old songs). Ditto for cover songs.  I think the duet is a great idea though. They could issue it for charity or possibly do a club version also.

  • YankeeFan08

    First of all, I think the Cyndi / Adam duet is a “rumor”.  Not sure why it’s getting so much media attention today, but even my local radio station in NY was talking about it.
    That being said, if there was such a collaboration, I don’t think anyone is expecting the song to get radio play.  It would more than likely be a charity single, perhaps to benefit Cyndi’s charity True Colors or for the It Gets Better campaign.  There was a rumor the other day that Adam did a photoshoot for an anti-bullying campaign.  It could be that the “duet” has something to do with that.

  • Nadine_Bitch

    I think if they’ll ever gonna record ”Mad World” I bet it would be for charity. It would be like 100% profit goes to the xxx charity. So I wouldn’t think they’ll send it to radio as a single but hoping to sell copies for good cause.

    ”Radio doesn’t play Cyndi either (except her old songs)”

    I didn’t know she releases new stuff. Did she?

  • Nadine_Bitch

    Don’t worry Energy Music radio aka Glambert’s radio would definitely play any songs he’ll ever put out.(They seriously play Adam’s music in almost every 15 minutes.)

    ”Radio PDs or DJs said they dont play Adam Lambert.”

    Seriously? But they played his first 2 songs from his first era. So, I’m so confused(and sad) that they ignored him this time around? Were those radio stations expecting ‘something’ from RCA? I heard some payola or something? Or maybe they just didn’t like his music this time around? But I hear bad/crappy songs on the radios too.

  • Lexie O’Neill
  • Anny_nanny
  • Mateja Praznik

     Yes, fake.

  • Anny_nanny


  • Larc

     Too bad!  :(

  • justmefornow

    I think James may be dropping some hints as to what he’s recording for the WWE:

    WWE Music Group

    #TuneTuesday @WWEUniverse did you watch #RAW? Grab the official theme song “The Night” on @iTunesMusic! … #WWEMusic

    Retweeted by James Durbin

    Are you recording an official theme song them as well?
    Wrestlemania 29 theme song perhaps? Go on, just spill it.

  • Sharon S.

    I believe the original source for this Adam/Cyndi rumor is the same blog that posted an “exclusive” that Adam was going to be performing at the Olympics closing ceremony with Queen, then was forced to eat crow when it didn’t happen (unfortunately, one cannot search the site further back than January 1st, so I can’t confirm that).  At any rate, I’m taking this with a huge grain of salt until it is confirmed – not just repeated – by a source more widely recognized for reliability.

    If it were to happen, I have to echo the comments that it won’t be done with the goal of getting radio play.  Like others have said, I’d bet on it being a charity single.

  • LVD

    Casey performed Crying on a Suitcase on Good Morning Tennessee today.

  • fantoo1

    Idk I’m guessing the majority of the time Mariah and Nicki are civil with each other-I think idol just chooses to highlight the feud because it makes “good TV.” I would give them until the live shows to see how the chemistry is. A lot can be manipulated.

  • girlygirltoo

    I don’t think their collaboration is meant to be something for radio. Just something they want to do for fun. Maybe they could do it as a charity single for the organization they were supporting when they performed together live.

  • roarpen

     I listened to the preview of the song on itunes and it is a rap song. But I did notice that it is from WWE/WindUp. So maybe James is supporting the label by tweeting about it.

  • justmefornow

    Perhaps, but before last week and those tweets from him and WWEMusic about a boyhood dream come true he never once retweeted or ever mentioned any WWEMusic before.
    The way James likes to drop hints on twitter, the timing seems very suspect.