Idol Billboard Update for Issue 2/07/09 – Kelly Clarkson Breaks Records

You’re Idol Billboard update is right HERE.

Some highlights:

  • Y’all know the big BIG story this week is Kelly Clarkson’s single, “My Life Would Suck Without You”. The song, released digitally last week, sold 280K, helping the tune shoot from #97 last week to #1 this week.   It set the record for the biggest leap to #1 on the Hot 100. She managed the same feat when her coronation single, “A Moment Like This” moved 52-1 back in 2002, breaking a record set by the Beatles in 1964 when “Can’t Buy Me Love” jumped 27-1. Kelly has the most #1s–48–of all the American Idols.   Carrie Underwood is second with 36. Plus, she’s the only American Idol to hit #1 on the Hot 100 with a non-coronation song.   The numbers: Hot 100 97-1, Hot 100 Airplay 58-38, Pop 100 31-4, Pop 100 Airplay 25-16, Mainstream Top 40 27-18, Hot Adult Top 40 Tracks 28-18, Hot Digital Tracks – debut at #1, Hot Digital Songs – debut at #1, Hot Canadian Digital Singles, debut at #1, Canadian Hot 100 82-1.
  • Congratulations to David Archuleta.   His album, David Archuleta was very recently certified Gold.   He joins David Cook in the certification party–Cook’s self-titled album was recently certified platinum. Good going, Davids!   You’ll see the symbols for their certifications next to their entries on the chart. Yipee!
  • David Archuleta’s “Crush” went recurrent on the Hot 100 charts.   It’s #1 on the Hot Singles Recurrents chart, and #23 on the Hot 100 Recurrent chart.   Congrats on a great ‘run.
  • Rascall Flatt’s new single “Here Comes Goodbye” enters the Hot Country Songs chart at #29.   Oh yeah, we’re tracking Rascall Flatts because the song was co-written by Season 6’s Chris Sligh.

As a sidenote on the David’s–David Archuleta and David Cook’s tour dates are rapidly selling out.   Sometimes within a few minutes!   For instance, the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City sold out 2 shows for David Cook in 10 minutes.   David Archuleta’s Idaho Falls show sold out in 5 minutes.   Amazing!

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  • khomphuong

    I was getting goosebump when i read the davids …Amazing. proud proud proud. Tix were sold out 5-10 mins for both Davids ..??? Amazing…

  • abbysee

    The David’s are selling tickets like hotcakes! Amazingness! What auspicious beginings as far as their solo careers are concerned, this is something they can brag about, if that was their thing, that is.

    Congratulations to David A on his Gold certification, and for Crush being the #1 hot single recurrent, I sorta know what that means.

    I do wonder why Crush hasn’t been certified platinum. Or has it been, and I missed it?

  • frogcooke

    it hasnt been certified yet, who knows why lol

  • abbysee

    Something else to ponder…..maybe they are waiting for 2x platinum, who knows :)

  • soundscene

    I do wonder why Crush hasnà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â€ž ¢t been certified platinum. Or has it been, and I missed it?

    I think Jive may do albums all at once and then singles all at once. They certified Britney’s album at the same time. Maybe they’ll bulk certify some singles soon. Either that or they’re waiting for 2x platinum, but even if Crush gets a iCarly push it would still take awhile for it to get to 2 million, if it gets there at all. 500K is quite a bit when the song is only playing a lot on AC and Radio Disney.

  • Lu

    Kelly Clarkson – Wow. You go girl!

  • RV65

    Congratulations to the Davids! Awesome that their concert tickets sell out in a few minutes! More blessings to both!

  • daenarys

    Kudos to Cook and Archie! And go Kelly! That “cheesy show” dissed by some people sure does come up with decent hardworking and talented people – I’m happy they’re getting to do what they love doing for a living, and making tons of us happy in the process.

  • hollygo9

    Now, Kelly needs to return triumphiant to sing her new single….and Cookie need to debut his second single (*Declaration*) in the next couple of weeks on that cheezy show that I love.

  • terps

    Can you imagine the grammys next year… Carrie,Kelly,Jennifer,Chris, David A, David C all could win a grammy. There will be an idol in every category!!

  • sabby_rina

    Can you imagine the grammys next yearà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬ ¦ Carrie,Kelly,Jennifer,Chris, David A, David C all could win a grammy. There will be an idol in every category!!

    Oh my goodness my brain is exploding just thinking about it!

  • hollygo9

    There will be an idol in every category!!

    That was probably the master plan all along.

  • IdolFanatic

    Now Archie just needs to sell a million of his album! Go Archie Go! :)

  • mary111

    I just got tickets to David Cooks show in Indiana, they went on sale at 11:15 CST today and it was sold out in like 10 minutes. That is crazy. I am just so glad I go my tickets.