Glee’s Chris Colfer Chats with Piers Morgan – VIDEO

Chris Colfer is only 21 years old (his birthday is today!) but he’s already got a list of achievements under his belt–breakout star of the hit FOX show Glee, a golden globe winner, photo on the cover of Time as part of the Time 100 list.  He’s got upcoming projects that include a movie he wrote and will be starring in and a TV show he’s developing for Disney.

Whew.  No wonder Piers Morgan seemed a little jealous when he interviewed young Chris on his CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight. The segment aired Friday night on CNN.

Chris describes how much and how fast his life has changed. Only two years ago he was a college student and working part-time at a dry cleaners.  Now, he can’t go out by himself without literally being accosted. A story he tells about getting mobbed at a movie theater and waking up with bruises the next day sounded like pretty frightening stuff.

In the lengthy interview, Chris chats about how he was bullied in school, his surprising win at the Golden Globes,  Republican politicians who want his autograph (while voting against his rights–Chris is gay and out), his upcoming projects and much more (Ha. He bowed to Lady Gaga when he met her! “She was wearing a crown,” quipped Chris”).

Watch the interview in three parts below

Chris Colfer – Piers Morgan Tonight – Part 1

Chris Colfer – Piers Morgan Tonight – Part 2

Chris Colfer – Piers Morgan Tonight – Part 3

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  • sylvanaire

    mj, Could you check the embedding of these videos? Part 1 is only a link, and part 3 isn’t there at all.

    Very good interview w/ Chris so far, although Piers tends to talk over him from time to time. Looking forward to watching part 3!

  • Grammie Kari

    Chris is a very likeable guy and did very well with the interview. Sounds like he has some major plans to go beyond Glee when it ends. Good for him.

  • bentley1530

    thanks for posting. I wish PM had focused a little more on the behind the scenes stuff–like a typical work day.

  • blowfish

    This was a wonderful interview. I, too, wish he had done some more behind the scenes. But what we got was great. Chris is very inspirational. I love him!

  • Axxxel

    Dear MJ…if I ever meet you in person… I would give you a thousands hugs – without bruising you – Thank you sooo much for the 3 videos…

    Very interesting interview : I like the fact that they filmed his face when he watched his acceptance of the golden globe. He went from putting a smiling face to criticizing himself and eventually looking very serious.

    He did not really mention the behind- the -scenes because I think it has been mentioned in other interviews that it takes about 8 days to make one episode and that they are working 12-15 hours a day (!!) doing recordings, dance rehearsals and filming of scenes… filming one group performance can take 7 hours, and filming a kiss can take 12-16 takes…
    So Chris Colfer had 3 on-screen kissing scenes in Glee, so start counting…

    The parts in the interview that makes me sad:
    About the bruises after being semi-mobbed by fans,
    About the blogs…becoming high school all over again,
    About how he felt when he was bulllied… I think “embarrassed” was an understatement… and believe more his words like “heartwrenching” or “heartbreaking”…

    What I really loved in the interview:
    Chris dreaming of getting respect – his moment realizing that he has become a working actor, his mother saying :”who are you”…

    He did not mention his “special needs ” sister though but he did mention a lot about her in another printed interview of aoltv, and how she keeps him grounded. Also in this printed interview it was made clear that he was bullied in high school because e.g. of his high pitched voice and not because he was gay. (see )

    I like it that by showing the sobbing scene of the episode Prom Queen , they sort of want to show that Chris is different from his TV-character Kurt as some people accuse Chris that it is easy for him as a gay kid to portray a gay kid in a TV-serie.

    CNN did show this sob scene, but I was wondering why they did not show the clip in which the bully asked for forgiveness from Chris’ character (Kurt) for what he has done to Kurt…
    and Piers Morgan could ask Chris what he would do or how he would feel, if some day his real-life bully will stand in front of him and ask him sincerely for forgiveness….

    Hhhmm maybe it is just wishful thinking for my part.

  • Axxxel

    Chris Colfer talking about security issues backstage… (video 2)… is he maybe referring to the death threats received by Ryan Murphy ? ( see Murphy’s interview with Deadline Hollywood).