Glee Season 4 Spoilers – Girls (and Boys) on Film – Episode 15 Details!

GLEE: Blaine (Darren Criss) performs in the "Girls (And Boys) On Film" episode of GLEE  airing at a special time Thursday, March 7 (9:30-10:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Adam Rose/FOX

Due to American Idol’s super-sized Las Vegas episodes, Glee will not return to the airwaves until March 7.  While we’re waiting let’s review what we know about Episode 15 titled Girls (and Boys) on Film.

NOTE: I’ll be updating this post, so watch this space! Plus, due to yet another super-sized Idol, “Girls (and Boys) on Film” won’t start until 9:30 ET.

Will is back in charge of the Glee club, still smarting from being left at the altar, and he tasks New Directions with choosing songs to sing from their favorite movies.  There are EIGHT songs in the episode, so expect a lot of sangin’

UPDATED: From TV Line:

Question: Is Rachel pregnant on Glee — yes or no? —Miwako
Ausiello: She’s still pregnant in this week’s episode (assuming you trust home pregnancy test results). Meanwhile, Rachel’s new roomie Santana finds a wad of cash belonging to Brody and suspects he’s peddling something other than sex. Bonus Scoop: Finn tells Will that he smooched Emma, and Mr. Schue responds… quietly.

Maybe Brody is selling DRUGS!

UPDATED:  Lea Michele dishes on the upcoming pregnancy plotline. One of these things is true: 1.  Brody is a rent boy, or 2. Rachel is pregnant. I’m going with #1. Also, the interview opens with a new clip from “Girl (and Boys) on Film”.  Rachel, Kurt, Rachel and Adam are hanging out at the loft–school is canceled due to a storm and the kids are snowed in.  Check it out.

UPDATED: Gleek Out Brasil spoils the Klaine Duet”Come What May”According to Santana, Blaine and Kurt used to say that this is their wedding song. It’s a dream sequence imagined by Kurt while watching Moulin Rouge.  Tears stream down Kurt’s face afterward.  The scene where Santana mentions that “Come What May” is Klaine’s wedding song comes after the dream sequence, and is said in front of Adam.

4×15 Song Spoilers

  • Come What May from Moulin Rouge sung by Kurt and Blaine
  • Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend / Material Girl from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (And Madonna’s tribute video) – Marly and Unique
  • Footloose from Footloose sung by Artie, Sam, Joe and New Directions
  • You’re All The World To Me from Royal Wedding sung by Will & Emma
  • Shout from Animal House sung by Blaine, Brittany and New Directions –
  • In Your Eyes from Say Anything sung by Will and Unique
  • Unchained Melody from Ghost sung by Jake and Ryder
  • Old Time Rock And Roll/Danger Zone from Risky Business sung by Sam & Blaine

The Come What May spoiler leaked early , and we know, from the script clip Ryan Murphy tweeted that “Kurt stands atop a rooftop strung with paper lanterns, as music plays. Pure romance. Blaine approaches singing “Come What May” from Moulin Rouge. Kurt seems torn…”

Here’s a photo from set! Click to enlarge. There is also a clip in the episode promo embedded below.

Do you think this photo, tweeted by Ryan Murphy is the Wade/Marley number “Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend”? Click to enlarge

Ryan also tweeted this photo of Will and Emma. Neither of them look very happy!

“Shout”, sung by New Directions,  is the 500th Glee performance. The cast celebrated on set. And  Will sings “In Your Eyes’? Will he be standing below Emma’s window with a boom box? Heh.

The secrets Santana’s “snooping” reveals (from the Glee Zone summary below) are probably: A:  Rachel is pregnant B:  Brody is a man whore.  The “difficult confession” from Rachel is probably revealing to Santana that she’s pregnant (as seen in the promo).  Finn probably confesses to Will that he kissed Emma, and I’m guessing that Marley admits to Jake that she knows Ryder was behind his Valentines surprises. Oh. And that Ryder kissed her.

Emma’s horrible “Ginger Supremacist” parents, Rusty (Donny Most) and Rose (Valerie Mahaffey)  are back, as you can see from the official FOX summary.  Sugar Motta (Vanessa Lengies) is back! I missed her. And although he isn’t listed. Oliver-Kieran Jones returns as Kurt’s new boyfriend, Adam (there’s a shot of him hanging with Kurt and Rachel in the promo.)  Is Kurt’s new relationship with Adam the impetus behind Blaine’s return to New York City? Is he attempting to woo Kurt away from Adam? We’ll find out!

The unofficial summary from Glee Zone:

Will’s weekly assignment for New Directions is to choose aspirational songs from their favorite movies, and he pits the boys against the girls in a Glee Club mash-up competition. Snowed in at their New York apartment, Santana continues to ruffle her new roommates’ feathers. When her snooping reveals two shocking discoveries, it leads to speculation about one cohabitant, and elicits a difficult confession from another. Meanwhile, Rachel, Finn and Marley each make risky confessions with varying degrees of success; and a secret about Brody is revealed.

The official summary from FOX:

As everyone recovers from Will and Emma’s wedding, the glee club is given the assignment to sing their favorite song from a movie. Meanwhile in New York, Santana makes herself at home in the loft a little too quickly for Rachel and Kurt’s comfort. Also, the members of New Directions sing the hit series’ landmark 500th musical performance in the all-new “Girls (And Boys) On Film” episode of GLEE airing at a special time Thursday, March 7 (9:30-10:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (GLE-415) (TV-14 D, L)

Valerie Mahaffey as Rose Pillsbury; Don Most as Rusty Pillsbury; Vanessa Lengies as Sugar Motta; Samuel Larsen as Joe Hart; Jacob Artist as Jake Puckerman; Melissa Benoist as Marley Rose; Dean Geyer as Brody Weston; Becca Tobin as Kitty; Alex Newell as Wade Adams; and Blake Jenner as Ryder Lynn.

Girls (and Boys) on Film Photo Gallery


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  • renzy24

    Where is Jessica Sanchez! lol

  • jdanton2

     She has not filmed her episode yet.

  • Axxxel

    so cute to have an oldie as “shout” as the 500th song…

    Come what may…I think Chris Colfer will be thrilled to sing that song… it  is his favorite lovesong according to this interview in season 2.

  • Caroline Bridges

    Sounds like the Kurt in “Come What May” could be a wish or projection of Blaine’s imagination. Sad. I’d love to see them “actually” together, but the best I can imagine at this point in the plot is for it to be a blending of Kurt’s thoughts in NYC with Blaine’s in Lima, a la “Tonight” in West Side Story.

  • mjsbigblog

    Are you basing that on a spoiler you read, or is it your own theory. Because actually, that would be a very interesting way to approach, although I would rather it happen for real.

  • Caroline Bridges

    It’s based on nothing but my own paranoia and an attempt to temper my expectations. It seems like they’re showing Blaine pretty solidly in Lima with the assignment of movie music, and they’re showing Kurt pretty solidly in NYC, embroiled in the Santana stuff and sitting with Adam. The writers love to tease us, and they have me expecting nothing but a lot of crying wolf. I’m telling myself it’s too soon, based on what I can see so far.

  • Axxxel

    Nice theory… I can compare it when Finn sang “The scientist” with all the other couples and Rachel… (still breaks my heart, that Glee rendition… sigh, but I disgress). I have the impression that Kurt and Blaine are not yet on the same track at the same speed… It is tough to forgive someone’s cheating…

  • jeffreyd95821

    And yet Kurt had no problem making out with Blaine in the back seat of a car. Then using his coat to hide his crotch when he got out of the car (Yes, they went there.). Then singing a flirty duet with Blaine’s arm draped around him. Then being shocked to learn that Tina vapo-raped his ex-boyfriend. Then pulling Blaine into a hotel room for sexy time. Then looking like he’s going to kiss Blaine before whispering, “I’ll see you downstairs.” A lot of the Klainers want to see that heart-to-heart talk that Kurt wanted when he called Blaine on Thanksgiving. It has yet to be seen. But I believe Kurt has pretty much forgiven Blaine, if not actually saying it. But he’s also playing hard to get, and it looks like it’s fun for both of them. Back in season 2 it was Kurt who did the pursuing. Now it’s Blaine doing the same. 

  • Axxxel

    Lots of positive things you pointed out. Maybe I focus too much on the negative points….

    I don’t like it that Kurt was wispering “see you downstairs”.. he was teasing. He should have kissed Blaine instead.

    I don’t like Kurt’s look when he was looking in the mirror… Still too much rage in his eyes.. too much, like you said, “hard to get”…or as I would say” you are not getting me back that easily after you have hurt me so badly and I still want to have fun with Adam.”

    So despite the mostly positive behavior of Kurt towards Blaine, I still don’t think he has forgiven Blaine entirely…maybe he has soften up a bit though… I guess he will soften up even more when he gets an STD…indirectly from Eli C…. hehehe/ And discovers that Blaine already had problems and did not tell him… another bump in the road to Trust… Why STD ? Would be fun if Kurt really had STD and Rachel had an STD scare…

    And hey, why can’t Kurt have just some fun (with unfortunate consequences)… I guess he sometimes forgets Burt’s wise words : “Don’t throw yourself around like you don’t matter”…

  • mjsbigblog

    I don’t expect them to get together for good in 4×15 episode. Nope. Ryan is going to toy with Klaine at least until the end of the season. Yep.

    But you make a good point about Blaine being busy in Lima. The whole set up looks very much like a fantasy, so you may be right that the performance will play out in Blaine’s mind.

    But he’s also playing hard to get, and it looks like it’s fun for both of them. Back in season 2 it was Kurt who did the pursuing. Now it’s Blaine doing the same.

    If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind a little more Kradam before the inevitable happens.

  • Caroline Bridges

    So maybe we’re waiting to see if Burt’s words are just him being awesome (I love him), if they’re actually foreshadowing/Chekhov’s Gun*, or all of the above. Other than that, I don’t know why Klaine should be more susceptible to STDs than any of these other rapid-fire mix and match couples – or anyone who’s been around one of the Puckermen when they’ve sneezed. ;)

    I’ve been thinking about the pg Rachel / escort Brody thing. I was furious they did that to him, but I guess it’s one of the easiest ways to keep him from trying to step up and do the right thing by working longer hours to pay for the baby. Yeah, honey, how about you don’t work those hours, huh? It’s less dramatic than crack dealer or hit man, but still a step or two worse than Sam’s stripping experience, which has been sold to viewers as virtuous self-sacrifice.

    * If one shows a loaded gun on stage in the first act of a play, it
    should be fired in a later act; otherwise, the gun should not be shown
    in the first place.

  • Axxxel

    If I’m being honest, I wouldn’t mind a little more Kradam before the inevitable happens.

    Me too MJ… I want my Kradam (American Idol, Season 8 ) AND my Kadam (Glee, Season 4)…

    Oh dear how Ryan Murphy plays with my mind as a huge Adam Lambert fan… Kurt’s boyfriend’s name is Adam, their ship is called “Kadam” and Blaine in the episode “Diva” with that furry red coat… A similar coat that Adam Lambert wore during his “Dragon Attack” song with Queen and on the TV show Diva’s… If only Glee would feature an “Adam Lambert song”…

  • Axxxel

    Klaine and Finchel have been doing some things at the same time in the same episode , in the name of equality (I guess): first time, break- up, lusty valentines… why not catching an STD ?

  • jennyl2

    Okay. Haha! I’m actually pissed that its a dream sequence. On the up side, hopefully Kurt is softening. 

  • mjsbigblog

    Yeah. It’s a dream sequence BUT it’s KURT’s dream. So, good news for Klaine, I think.

    Maybe Kurt is fantasizing about his and Blaine’s wedding? 

    Ryan Murphy, feeding right into the shippers desires….

  • Axxxel

    hhmmm, strange that it is Kurt’s dream… or maybe he is confused after his lusty stint after the non-wedding…so no steamy session yet with Adam, I guess…  :-(