Glee Season 3 Spoilers – “I Kissed a Girl” – Episode 7

As of October 31, the Glee kids are finishing up shooting Episode 7, “I Kissed a Girl” set to air November 29.  I’ve gathered all the details I could find so far from around the web. I’ll be updating this post as new intel arrives.

I update the spoilers posts continuously. You might want to take a peek at:

Episode Glee 3×07  title is “I Kissed a Girl” the ep will feature  Songs by Women for Women (Tumblr)

We find out the winner of the class president election, something shocking happens in regard to Sectionals (Episode 8 is the Sectionals episode),  Santana comes out to  Sue, Becky and her grandma, and Bieste finds out that her football recruiter/boyfriend is also getting it on with Sue.  (Check out episodes stills from Tumblr HERE)

UPDATE:  A new “sneak peek” preview  from FOX reveals that  Finn  told Figgins that “the slap” never happened so that Santana wouldn’t get suspended.  Finn uses the info to blackmail Santana into joining the Glee club again.  Finn brings New Directions and the Troubletones together to sing songs about girls, to help Santana cope with coming out.  Finn sings a stripped down piano version of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, bringing all the guys in to sing it. He nearly brings Santana to tears.   See the video below

  • And the winner of the class president election is…Brittany S. Pierce! (Tumblr)
  • The big shocker Lea Michele tweeted about “Rachel gets suspended, presumably for stuffing the ballots, and has to miss sectionals.” via Tumblr
  • “People are voting for both elections in the school, with signs pointing voters in different directions,” says Ian [Brennan], who promises that the final results take “a very surprising twist.” (Via TV Guide)
  • Is there any truth to the rumor that the title of Glee‘s Episode 7, “I Kissed A Girl,” has something to do with Rachel and Quinn? We’re dying to know. If you’re asking me whether Rachel and Quinn go to first base, the answer is no. The episode focuses on Santana coming out to her family, so I’m guessing the title — and accompanying Katy Perry cover — refer to that. (TV Line)
  • Plus, could we possibly be meeting a member of Santana’s family soon? Glee producers are looking for a guest star (possibly recurring) that’s described as a Latin beauty. (EOnline)
  • Love triangle involving Sue, Bieste and the football recruiter played by Eric Bruskotter. “In Episode 7, we find out that Bieste’s new man is Sue’s booty call,” reveals the insider. “The two ladies end up fighting for him. Not sure yet who wins… ” (TV Line)
  • Burt Hummel (Mike O’Malleywins the congressional race.

Spoilers Via TWOP by way of ONTD_Glee (TWOP)

  •  Quinn tries to seduce Puck into making another baby with her. He rejects her.
  •  Something apparently happened to Beth, as Puck and Shelby have her in the ER.  (EOnline Spoilers allude to this)
  • Puck and Shelby sleep together. Shelby tells him to leave.
  • They’re filming “Constant Craving” today. Santana is actually singing lead, not Shelby as previously posted.
  • Shelby still sings some parts, which are directed toward Puck. Quinn seems to suspect something’s going on between them.
  • Kurt and Rachel sing a few lines, too. It is apparently being sung as some sort of class project finale .

Tumblr Spoilers (tumblr)

  • Rachel tells Figgins that Brittany’s bribing students for votes (With sugary pixie stix, according to the latest FOX promo!)
  • Rachel stuffs the ballot box in Kurt’s favor.
  • Figgins tries to suspend Santana for slapping Finn, but Finn decides to say it never happened in order to have a fair competition at Sectionals with Santana.
  • Santana comes out…to Sue, Brittany, & Becky
  •  Santana shares her secret with her grandmother. (They’re using part of American Horror Story’s set for Santana’s grandma’s kitchen.)


  • Lea Michele tweets, “First scene up.. Me @chriscolfer and Heather.. Starting episode 7 today.. Still shooting 5 and 6 though! Three at once!! Oy vey!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Miss Rachel is up to no good.. again”
  • Lea Michele tweets, Wish I could tell you guys whats going on over here! Big shocker coming up! I almost dropped the script when I read it!! #Glee #rachelberry
  • Lea Michele tweets, …Finishing up episode 7 this week..very shocking episode.
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Just left a really fun dance rehearsal for a great girls number for episode 7! Think you guys are gonna like it! :)
  • Iqbel Theba tweets, “Kurt @chriscolfer and Burt were in Principal’s office today. Bieste @dotmariejones was there to support me. Being on Glee is so GLEEFUL!!!”
  • Iqbel Theba tweets, “@dotmariejones Dot will blow you away in this episode… she gets to sing, too!!”
  • Iqbel Theba tweets, “Figgins View. Naya, Idina and Matt in the Principal’s office in between takes
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Got my lady @DiannaAgron on my right and @CoryMonteith on my left.. Great choir room seat today #quinchel
  • Lea Michele tweets, “@chriscolfer & @DarrenCriss just killed it with an awesome musical number! Now @CoryMonteith is up. Its a sad one! I’m already tearing up! [Girls Just Want to Have Fun]
  • Damian McGinty tweets, “@CoreyMonteith sounds amazing on this track!! Wow.”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Good morning! It’s 5:30am right now on Halloween morning. Two musical numbers to do today. First up is @Mark_Salling.
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Wow @Mark_Salling is killing it right now! This might be one of my favorite Puck songs!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Starting the second number of the day..another great all girl song! I love singing with my girl @NayaRivera!!”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “We got to work 13 hours ago and have been dancing for almost 8 hours! It’s nap time!”
  • Naya Rivera tweets, “Singing a song I love today to conclude episode 7.”
  • Lea Michele tweets, “Today was such an emotional day! The scene we shot was really sad! But @NayaRivera sang an awesome song and it was great!”

Song Spoilers:

I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry – Santana, Rachel, Mercedes, Tina, Quinn, and Brittany – (Sung in support of Santana, who is being harassed in the hallway)

Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper – Finn, Artie, Rory (They sing it to Santana to help her feel better about coming out)

I’m The Only One by Melissa Etheridge  by Puck

Jolene by Dolly Parton – Coach Bieste  (Source)

Constant Craving – Santana with Shelby

F*cking Perfect by Pink – Kurt and Blaine  (See tweet above)

“I Kissed A Girl” Preview!


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  • Sandra Ballmann

    Wait… didn’t someone already do “I kissed a girl”? Wasn’t that Tina’s audition song or something? I’m confused. Besides that song has nothing to do with being gay, it’s basically about a girl’s drunken tryst. Hmmm… still seems interesting, though. I also can’t wait to see “F-ing perfect” and “Girls just wanna have fun”.

  • Pretty Horsey

    Santana is my fave character and I’m looking forward to her upcoming storyline.

  • Anonymous

    It was hard to restrain myself, but I didn’t read the spoilers. Just wanted to say that I’ve missed this show the past three weeks and I’m ready for the new episodes to start up again!

    MJ: I’m new to posting here, but I hope the Glee recaps and threads continue. I know they don’t get as many comments as some of the other threads, but I’m a big fan! Thanks for covering Glee!

  • Anonymous

    F*cking Perfect? So is Kurt and Blaine going to be cursing all through out the song or will they be singing the non-explicit version.

    I love Kurt singing musicals but its time he sang pop again. So Yay!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you MJ for the spoilers.. They sound promissing. Really hope that this could increase the number of viewers for another 3 million. Greetings, Axxxel.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, Glee has been doing a couple of time, putting a song in a different context:

    – I wanna hold your hand (happy romantic love song from Beatles) : Kurt sad yearning for parental love.
    – Losing my religion (unrequited love song from REM): Finn really losing his belief.
    – Bills bills bills (Girl complaining about complacent boyfriend from Beyonce ?): Blaine and the Warblers doing ?? it was so random…

    Rgds, Axxxel

  • Anonymous

    Also, “Tonight” has been added to “The First Time song spoilers. That song was sung by Jenna back in Season 1.

    I think I have an idea of how it’s going to be used, too. ;).

  • Sandra Ballmann

    I guess you’re right. Context is everything when it comes to Glee. 

  • Sandra Ballmann

    lol! That comment  made my day!

  • Pretty Horsey

    First listen Friday is up

    It’s missing F*cking Perfect though.

  • Anonymous

    Posted in the Headlines thread, but here it is:

  • madonnaring

    It lovable episode. I kissed a Girl all songs nice!!! glee s03e07 full episode video here —

  • Cara Chandler

    “It’s a scene that should be touching but seems sort of formulaic especially when, in a slightly predictable and still entirely unfortunate twist, Santana’s grandmother kicks her out after she comes out.” -Rolling Stones
    Exactly. Glee missed an excellent opportunity to go below the surface with this episode. The abuela just responded with the “stereotypical” surface level response the media typically assigns to any “Christian” or any senior citizen. Maybe that’s how people who call themselves Christian but don’t actually care about being Christian and live out the Christian lifestyle, read scripture or go to services respond, but that’s not how a real Christian would genuinely respond. Even Christians who disagree with homosexual actions (like myself) don’t react like that. I don’t scold people for being gay, who you’re attracted to is a part of your identity, but it doesn’t determine everything in your life (like oh hey, I’m going to do my hw like a straight/bi/ or homosexual person, no that makes no sense our sexuality has nothing to do with a lot of things). But anyway, Glee could have taken it deeper by having her abuela respond more lovingly maybe “agree to disagree” on whether she should be in a relationship with Britney or not. But nahhh that’d be too “boring” for Glee…. Glee tries to go beyond stereotypes and have real conversations and “real” characters, but has yet to give life to a Christian character/belief without framing them to look stupid (other example: Quinn and her original Chastity Club).