Fantasia Demands an Apology from JET Magazine (PHOTOS)

American Idol season 3 winner, Fantasia,  is back in the news. This time, she’s really really mad at JET magazine for using a TEN YEAR OLD PHOTO for their cover. Via TMZ:

If Fantasia Barrino wanted a better picture of herself on the cover of JET Magazine, she should’ve given the magazine better pictures … this according to JET magazine.

JET is defending its decision to use a 10 year old photo of Fantasia on the cover of this month’s mag … after Barrino TRASHED the cover on social media this week.

OMG. On February 20, Fantasia uploaded this photo plea Instagram. She  asked her fans to retweet:


More from TMZ:

But a rep for JET tells TMZ the mag has NOTHING to apologize for … claiming the photo it used was deemed “most appropriate for JET’s brand and reflective of the cover story sentiment. ”

The rep says Fantasia’s rep had sent over a series of pics she had hoped the mag would use, but editors felt Barrino’s face was too obstructed and didn’t meet the standards of a JET cover.

JET magazine says despite Fantasia’s comments, it has no hard feelings toward the singer … adding, “JET continues to root for Fantasia’s success and encourages her fans to pick up the new issue.”

Here are the photos JET rejected:

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  • Corey Iversen

    uh, she should be THANKING them not going after them. The pictures she sent are hideous lol 

  • HermeticallySealed

    If the shown rejected pictures were the only ones, then yes, they made the right choice. 

  • GJ

    Well, the pics she suggested aren’t good covers from what I can judge so drama over nothing here Fantasia;)

  • Jason Scott

    She’s a hot mess.

  • chris99x

    “Are you too fat to drive? JET” wtf

  • hdw121

    she made an Aaron Tippin reference (sorta) !  yay !

  • Li Wright

    The 10 yr old photo is much much better.  Fantasia looks like a voo-doo woman in the second photos.

  • Eileen99

    It’s always something with Fantasia.  Why didn’t she just agree to a photo shoot or send pictures that met their guidelines? So. much. drama. 

  • Eileen99

    It’s always something with Fantasia.  Why didn’t she just agree to a photo shoot or send pictures that met their guidelines? So. much. drama. 

  • DorkAngel-GBW

     REALLY???????  No Words! :(

  • potatorocks

      I don’t blame her.    These are pictures of her as she is now—if she doesn’t represent Jet then they should put someone else on the cover.  

  • bridgette12

    I don’t see anything wrong with them using a ten year old photo. Fantasia sent them some nice photos, but they are not the type of pictures used for the cover of a magazine, there’s too much going on in the pictures. They need to be simpler and all about the face.

  • jdanton2

    She is lucky to get a cover story period  and another album considering all the drama she has had. 

  • justhoo1

    I wonder if Jet told her that the ones she submitted couldn’t be used. If they did and she didn’t send them new ones then she shouldn’t be upset. If they didn’t tell her and didn’t offer her the chance to send ones that could be used, she has a right to be angry.  She doesn’t look like that now and she wants the photo on the cover to reflect who she is now.  Fantasia has such a controversial image that even if she is right, she comes off in a negative manner.

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Jet doesn’t do that many photo shoots, if any.  Artists send photos to the all the time.  It’s their MO.

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Fantasia does quite well on UAC stations, which is whom Jet caters to: those who follow R&B/urban music.  Her songs and albums sell briskly in her genre, and based on her success, there would be no need to get rid of her.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Fantasia seems pretty upset. I wonder why Jet magazine didn’t conduct a photoshoot for their cover? Isn’t that what most magazines do? I think that the 10-year old photo is nice, but at the same time, Fantasia’s current look is very different, so the old photo doesn’t represent her today. Still, is it an issue to get this upset about? I guess to Fantasia, it is.

  • Li Wright

    This is gossip so take it with a grain of salt.  The last incident she was involved in that made headlines, there was an item on the Hollywd Reptr (if memory serves me) from someone who said she was a PITA with her demands and that “her” people were just as demanding as she was.  Just saying.  Makes you wonder why she doesn’t do the big shows and get the big concerts, etc. etc.

  • Ronnie D

    First off, the images she sent are horrible. What the heck is up with her hand in her face. Who the hell sits around with their hand on their face. lol  She’s lucky JET want’s her on the cover.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “This is gossip so take it with a grain of salt.”

    I disagree. It’s not “gossip” because of the defaced photo and message that Fantasia herself posted on instagram. She’s really pissed at Jet.

  • durbesque

    I don’t know how JET is doing, but magazines in general are on life support.  This feud is a good idea for stirring up interest.  It stirred mine.

  • chillj

    I would be ever so grateful if a magazine used a ten year old Foto of me when putting me on its cover.  Get a grip, Fantasia.  (Nice pic, by the way.)

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “What the heck is up with her hand in her face. Who the hell sits around with their hand on their face.”

    To me, it looks like she was holding a cigarette, and they just photoshopped it out of the pics. lol

  • chillj

    I was thinking she just had her nails done and felt the urge for pointy poses.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t think that Fantasia has the right to censore or choose the cover photo. If she contractually did have that right, and Jet went ahead against her own choice, then I think that she would have a case. Otherwise, I think that the magazine can publish any pic that they want.

  • Larc

    Fantasia should thank her lucky stars JET still considers her relevant enough to put on their cover regardless of the pic they choose.  I don’t think a lot of magazines would.

  • Tinawina

    Fanny. It’s JET. Let’s not act like it’s cover of real magazine. You know damn well they ain’t got the budget for anything fancy. JET exists to be read in a barber shops and beauty parlors by your Aunt Doris and Uncle Clavin. Going all in on JET using Twitter. You know Deaconess Johnson don’t use Twitter. Just stop.

    SMH Fanny. It’s gotten to the point that all I want to hear is you singing. Other than that I’m just gonna have to skip anything article your name in the title. LOL

  • Niall

    It’s a wonder she has any toes left considering how often she has shot herself in the foot over the years!

    Nobody would have noticed if Fantasia hadn’t thrown a tantrum. She’ll never grow up. And based on her Instagram rant, correct spelling and passable grammar will also continue to elude her.

  • Li Wright

    @   ChillJ:  Me too.  Oh if only I could be airbrushed and take away the wrinkles and lines. :)
    That second picture makes her look “old” and 10 years from now, she’ll be begging people to use her “younger” picture.

  • JD

    She shouldve posed for the cover if she wanted a good picture.  The photos, as WW said this morning, are not fit for the cover of a magazine.  Maybe it was possible to photoshop the last one but the hand placements are a problem.  Blame your staff Fantasia who didnt stand up to you and tell you the photos were not cover worthy.  I remember working as a publicist and a celebrity got mad at me for what I was advising, telling me that no one told HER what to do cuz SHE was the star blah blah blah.  I couldnt believe I had the guts but I I told her that she paid me to give her my opinion and advice; in the end, it was her career and she could make her own decisions but if I wasnt free to express mine, there was no point in my staying in my (very high paying) job.  I was pissed but to her credit, she came into my office the following day and was the bigger person (well really just did the right thing) and told me she apologized and that I was correct and that she wanted me to always give my honest opinion.  I dont remember what happened in the end but I do remember she often made poor choices, but celebs are surrounded by so many yes men who make $$$ off them that they think theyre infallible so when something goes wrong, they just lash out at others because they can never look in the mirror and see the truth.

  • JD

    She should just be glad that anyone is writing about her.  Shes made so many bad choices in her personal life that she fell off everyones radar.

  • Jake W.

    This girl is a hot mess. She needs to go away for several years.

  • Jaejae1

    Fantasia is really only off of top40/chr radar. And I don’t think she was ever on that. She is still played plenty on Urban and R&B stations.  One forgets that Top 40 is not the only radio stations with lots of listeners. 

  • Chris

    Looking at them, the pics she sent all had her hands over part of her face.  

    Does she think that’s high fashion or is it like an old trick when you trying to hide a zit, mole, something.  

    Its free publicity Fantasia, just hush up.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I don’t envy whoever is Fantasia’s publicist.

  • Leandro

    She should STFU and be glad they’re giving her a cover. 

  • DaisyMagnolia

    She shouldve posed for the cover if she wanted a good picture.

    Again, Jet doesn’t have photo shoots for their covers.  Publicity shots are sent to them for that.  Jet simply doesn’t have the budget to send photographers, hair stylists, and makeup artists around the country on a weekly basis for it. They don’t even schedule anything for their Beauty of the Week feature.  The women often send in the photos themselves.

    I’m sure they have guidelines for the photos.  Whether Fanty ignored their guidelines or simply didn’t know is unclear.  But she couldn’t have specifically posed for the cover because that’s not how Jet works, nor have they ever worked this way.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    Yet, Fantasia is amazingly talented. eg.

  • Tinawina

    It’s not the pose. If you Google JET magazine covers or something like that, you can see their usual M.O. They typically have plain backgrounds so they can run the words on the sides.

    Fanny’s pictures all have busy back backgrounds with high contrasts. It’s her fault. I can’t imagine they didn’t tell her or that her PR person wouldn’t know the pictures she sent wouldn’t work. If she even listened to them, that is.

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Tinawina is right.  Jet has very simply backgrounds for their covers, and usually no background at all.  It would have been too much to photoshop the background from Fanty’s 1st and 3rd photos.  They probably could have worked with the second a bit, but likely opted not to after looking at the others.

    It’s not how Fanty is posed that’s the problem.  It’s the bright background.

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Comments like that make me think Fanty has emotional issues.  It’s one thing to say off-the-wall stuff, but another thing to make completely nonsensical comments.

  • usedtobelucy

    Anyone who wants to use a ten-year-old photo of me can be my guest. … Heck, a 20-year-old one. lol

  • Shoriagirl

    If JET didn’t want to post the current picture of Fantasia, they shouldn’t have done a story.  Team Fantasia on this one. Enough with retouched photos, show real people as they are.

  • abbysee

    Yes, Tasia is a mess. Yes, Jet is tired, and passe. But a ten year old photo. I think I can go into my archives and find something more current. For the record she sent the wrong photo. She’s been tweeting some fabulous pictures of her self a few weeks back. But knowing poor Jet, they probably had this one in the works for a while. As for those who think she’s not a viable artist, didn’t Grammy say otherwise last year. Pop music isn’t the only music. Just saying.

  • Tom22

    It is a wonderful picture of a woman on the front cover…. a wonderful picture of a healthy, self confident young woman looking forward at the world.  

    Whether it helps Fantasia keep a current buzz that fits what she’s doing today could be a marketing concern of hers but thats a portrait that could appear without a name in maybe booklets for girls about self esteem etc.

  • chris99x

    Misunderstood you, oops. I don’t think that was her comment. It was at the top of the magazine cover.

  • teekee

    Tinawina your post made me laugh. I’ve always liked Fanny, but it generally takes me hours to finally take a peek into a Fantasia thread.Sometimes, I just can’t.
    Yes, most of my Jet Mag reading has happened at the hair  salon.

  • Daytripper73

    She really can turn anything into proof of her perpetual victimhood, can’t she?

    It’s her fault (or her team’s) for submitting pictures with an overly busy background, knowing the magazine doesn’t do those sorts of covers. The magazine had a deadline so they grabbed a different picture and it happened to be a bit dated. It seems like the real issue is the disorganization and lack of professionalism on Fantasia’s side moreso than Jet Magazine.

  • phil2501

    I think Fantasia’s problem is the way she says things, not what she’s actually saying.  I can see Kelly and Adam complaining about something similar to what Fantasia is complaining about but Fantasia goes about it the wrong way.

    Either way, I will always be a huge Fantasia fan. One of the most talented idol contestants ever, and her longevity in the music industry is a testament to that.

  • marcoUpstate

    I think Fantasia has a point — even if she could have expressed her outrage a bit better.  Seems like there’s usually a bit more coordination between a magazine and the publicist of a cover story celeb.  Not sure JET wants future cover subjects to think that they have a policy of using any photo it wants.  Artists tend to have a pretty specific idea of how they want appear in the press (hence the cottage industry of stylists).  Plus, I’m sure Fantasia didn’t want her fans to think she was the one insisting on an old photo and get accused of being phony. 

  • DaisyMagnolia

    No problem.  I wasn’t totally clear in my first post.  :-D

  • DaisyMagnolia

    You make good points.  Though the 10-year-old picture is nice, it could be seen as Fanty trying to mislead the public regarding her looks.  Some would jump to that conclusion. And recent photos of her have been attractive.

    I understand Jet’s POV with the busy background not being right, though.  Just seems like somehow, Jet and Fanty’s people could have worked this out easily. *shrugs*

  • Ronnie D

     lol I could say something but I am going to be nice hehe :).

  • Abner4President

    That’s a promo photo from the Free Yourself days, isn’t it? So circa late 2004, at the earliest? If you’re going to fly off the deep end about it, at least get the number of years right.

  • roarpen

    Thanks for that exquisite clip of Fantasia at Kennedy Center. I don’t really follow her career much, but I’ve always thought she is the most talented of all the 12 IDOLS winners. Her personal life is a mess. as is she, but damn, that girl can saaaaang.

  • nekola

     Fanny. It’s JET. Let’s not act like it’s the cover of real magazine. You know damn well they ain’t got the budget for anything fancy. JET exists to be read in barber shops and beauty parlors by your Aunt Doris and Uncle Clavin. Going all in on JET using Twitter. You know Deaconess Johnson don’t use no Twitter. Just stop.

    This is by far the funniest comment of the night. I’m still laughing.

    Oh Tasia. Your photos look like something from Glamour Shots circa 1988.

  • Anny_nanny

    None of the photo below is not suitable for the cover, People who work with Fanny must to explain it her. And get your hands from his face, baby, this is unacceptable.

    For ten years in business you need to understand the pictures to cover must not be excessive or small, people have to see ????? your face and clothes, if a photo is something other than only face. The magazine did that could preserving the desire to put her on the cover, next time they just will replace the person.

  • Bug Menot

    Clearly a setback for Fantasia and her dream of repositioning herself as a hand model. 

  • HKfan

    I don’t know what she’s complaining about…the photo they used is far, far nicer than the ones shes put forward!!!

  • Anny_nanny

    I do not think that the Jet was concerned about the age of the photo, I’m sure that she can afford to be a singer and tantrums on any occasion or no occasion only if around her strong team that works for her. I see that Fanny was looking good at the last photo (thank God, she did not send a photo from their last performance on AI! LOL), but just a good photo and the photo for the cover are two different things. She must know that in her will ask ready photo for cover, she must have a package with a similar photos.
    None of the magazine doesn’t publish on the cover of the photo with a complex background, and on which you cannot read the headlines, it doesn’t work that way. If Fanny does not read magazines and not looking at the cover, I don’t understand what she spends her time.

  • Cory Patrick ??

    JET obviously didn’t want to go through the process, or maybe put in the money for a photo shoot. 

  • Gwen

    At the end of the day, she’s not a magazine editor. JET did what was best.

  • Kariann Hart

    I just don’t know what to say except Fantasia should be happy a magazine wants her to be on their cover.

  • mtlfan2

    Drama queen in action!!

  • Listening

    Hmmm I feel like people aren’t being fair to Fantasia. Here we have someone complaining about not being represented honestly. I know there have been other celebrities that have complained about being photoshopped and the public has stood behind them saying they want  to show a true representation of what they look like not some doctored image and even applauded them. Here Fantasia is taking issue with a more egregious deception than slight photoshops. It’s a TEN YEAR OLD photo for petes sake that Jet is apparently trying to pass off as recent. And people are acting like Fantasia is a brat/ in the wrong for complaining. WHAT! I can’t help but feel that if it was any other Idol, Kelly Clarkson for instance, people would be cheering and saying she’s standing up for herself. It’s just not fair.

    Also Jet’s lame excuse her face was obscured what a crock from the pics it’s clearly visible. And if not those Fantasia had sent in why a ten year old picture there’s certainly more recent pics of her.

  • Abner4President

    I would think Kelly just as ridiculous if she were to act like this over such an insignificant thing, but she, you know, doesn’t do that.

    To me this is in no way as bad as extreme photoshopping. What? It’s not the same hairstyle as she has now? This is a thing to freak the hell out about and demand a public apology? A lot of magazines do things like this all the time. Maybe it’s lazy, but it’s such a stupid thing to throw a fit over that I wish JET hadn’t even bothered to acknowledge it.

    These are the barely-coherent rantings of a crazy person.

  • overthetop1

    I think it would have been polite for Jet to have notified Fantasia about why the rejected her photos before the cover came out. She is understandably disappointed that she’s missing the opportunity to get her new look out there. But her shots all partially cover her face–it was reasonable for Jet to reject them.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “Thanks for that exquisite clip of Fantasia at Kennedy Center. I don’t really follow her career much, but I’ve always thought she is the most talented of all the 12 IDOLS winners. Her personal life is a mess. as is she, but damn, that girl can saaaaang.”

    You’re welcome. I don’t follow Fantasia at all, but I always watch the Kennedy Center Honors show. Her performance for Sir Elton was a real “wow” moment for me.

  • hello

    the pic the JET used is much better. she’s such a drama queen.

    a public apology? retweet her whining? …embarrassing.

  • chillj

    Magazines are on deadline.  I don’t know the circumstances of this case, but they may have had to go with what they had.  

  • Listening

    Hmmm i’m not cutting Jet any slack even if there was a deadline b/c there’s tons of images of Fantasia on the internet that could of taken that weren’t 10 years old. I mean are you kidding me did they just expect Fantasia to sit back and take it. To just be grateful they even did anything for her such as putting her on the cover. But Fantasia knew it was wrong and lies and wasn’t gonna meekly sit in the corner she stood up for herself and spoke up. She took on the bigger entity for the truth.

    In that aspect she reminds me of Kelly Clarkson whose been recently applauded for standing up to Clive calling his comments on her in his book lies and calling him a bully. Everyone was cheering her but Fantasia is getting blasted for doing the same thing w/ even proof she’s right. That’s a ten year old photo can’t argue that so you can’t even give Jet the benefit of the doubt. In regards to Clive and Kelly it’s he said she said. Come on is there really any argument that FANTASIA is in the right.

    And another thing this would of gotten to the public they’d see this 10 year old picture of Fantasia and start going in on her b/c SHE was trying to pass a 10 year old picture as how she looks now they’d tear her to bits. I’ve read tons of comments where people attack celebrities that have been photoshopped. There’s even been multiple articles devoted to the worst photoshopped celebrities. People on this site have even commented on how they thought covers from their Idols have been from five years ago. The majority opinion has always been it was unnecessary and that the Idol should be proud  of how they truly look. At least now she’s got it out there that she didn’t agree w/ it. I think people are being clouded by their dislike of Fantasia and not looking at the situation unbiasedly.

    I’m just flabbergasted/ astonished people are taking issue w/ Fantasia and not shouting “you go girl!” instead.

  • Eilonwy

    Hmmm i’m not cutting Jet any slack even if there was a deadline b/c there’s tons of images of Fantasia on the internet that could of taken that weren’t 10 years old.

    One word: copyright. 
    Two words: image quality.

    JET can’t just right-click a .jpg of Fantasia from online and run it on the cover. The magazine needs permission and it needs a much higher-resolution image than what appears online. Presumably it had the 8-year-old head shot in its files from some prior press package.

    I’m not sure why it was beyond the capabilities of Ms. Barrino’s management to simply provide JET with an appropriate head shot. It’s not rocket science that a magazine cover needs an uncluttered head shot (or upper-body and head shot) on a plain background, since it’s only that every. single. magazine. that runs celebrity covers does it that way. 

    Seriously. Ms. Barrino’s people need to seek out a Barnes & Noble and go look at the fashion and lifestyle magazines. None of them would have run the shots that were provided to JET.

  • Niall

    Maybe people would be more sympathetic if she had issued a well written, calm response, rather than once again ranting and raving via Instagram and Twitter? A couple months ago it was her unhinged rant about God and the bible. Now she comes unglued again over this. Next time she has a problem, she should attempt a mature response.

  • mjsbigblog


    Once again, don’t put words in your fellow commenters mouths or assume their motives.

  • Listening

    Okay i’ll give you copyright infringements but they could of contacted her people again for more pics w/ our technology it’s just a click away. I think what this really comes down to was that Jet simply didn’t care. They didn’t like the pics Fantasia and her team sent in so they just pulled out some 10 year old pics they had laying around and expected Fantasia to just lie back and take it. She didn’t she stood up for herself.

    Also I thought Fabtasia’s response wasn’t inappropriate at all. I don’t really follow Fantasia I just get glimpses of what’s going on in her life from this site mostly. I don’t know if she’s wrote more about this issue then the quote given but the quote I see is perfectly respectable not a rant at all. She stated her complaint, how she wanted the issue rectified w/ an apology and mentiones how she now questions Jet’s honesty. And who wouldn’t after they roll out a 10 year old photo and represent it as recent. That’s ridiculous.

    Just because someone has gone on tangents/rants in the past doesn’t mean a valid complaint now becomes invalid. It’s a TEN YEAR OLD photo. Fantasia called them on it, i’ll say it if nobody else will. YOU GO GIRL!

  • No Thanks

    The difference between Fantasia and Kelly?  It’s HOW they approach conflict.  Kelly is usually firm but classy.  Fantasia throws a hissy fit.  That’s why some find it hard to see Fantasia’s side.

    Fantasia either needs to listen to her people or, if they’re the problem, HIRE better people who will work for and express her wishes in a firm but PROFESSIONAL way. She should study the careers of people she admires and find out how they handle their business. Like…Beyonce for instance.

  • Shoriagirl

    Well, the difference between Kelly and Fantasia is that Kelly is white and Fantasia is not.  People cut Kelly slack regardless how rude she is, while they usually pile on Fantasia.

  • No Thanks

    So do you think the way Fantasia approaches things is OK?  Are you saying there is nothing Fantasia needs to do to handle her business better?  Her PR better?  You’re assuming that if Fantasia was white, everyone would be A-OK with everything she’s done?

    ETA: And just becaue Kelly is white, doesn’t mean everyone thinks she can do no wrong. There have been plenty on here who think she’s behaving like an ungrateful brat. And back in 2007 during the height of her Clive troubles, she was regularly ripped to shreds.

  • Rand

    Fantasia needs to just sit down and shut up. Be happy that you are in a cover. She is one of my favorite Idol winners but she needs to grow up. And, well, of course she hasn’t read the interview.

  • shell29

    Fantasia has never crossed over to Pop, but she has been consistently successful in the Urban/Urban AC world. She has never been off the radar in that world.

    That said, I like the pic Jet chose better than the newer ones posted above. I think Fantasia should have gone to Jet behind the scenes and voiced her displeasure rather than blast them publicly on Instagram. I get where she’s coming from but I think she could have handled it better.

  • shell29

    I agree. It might seem like *everybody* cuts Kelly slack (especially within the “Idol bubble”) but that’s not the case. Kelly may be one of the most popular Idol winners but she’s had her share of negativity and criticism. I won’t completely dismiss the notion that there has been (at times) a racial element to the backlash Tasia has received but quite a bit of it she has brought on herself. She could handle herself and her business better and hopefully she will in the future. I like Tasia in spite of the drama she has had in her personal life. She has been one of favorie Idol winners but I won’t defend everything she does. What I will defend is her track record of success. She doesn’t need magazine covers to stay relevant in this business-she’s already proven to have staying power.

  • bridgette12

    I might have problems with Tasia’s behavior sometimes, I can say without a doubt I am a big fan of her music. Bought her last album and will buy her next one. She’s certainly my favorite singer among the females who have been on Idol. Her albums are mature, emotion driven and not afraid to show the warts. Anyone who listen to urban stations can tell you that Jennifer, Fantasia and Ruben’s music is played often.

  • Abner4President

    I really don’t see how in the world you can compare what Clive Davis said about Kelly to JET using an old photo for a magazine cover.

    It is a picture of Fantasia, correct? Again, other than her hairstyle, how does this make her look any different than she does in the recent photos? How does this misrepresent her in such a way that it warrants a public apology?

  • Abner4President

    Except that the photo is clearly from a late 2004 photo shoot at the earliest, so she’s not “proven right,” she’s proven to have stretched the truth. As she tends to do. And here you are, repeating her version of it.

    If she’s going to go around demanding public apologies for something she deems is “FALSE FALSE FALSE,” I expect her to be accurate herself, and she’s not. “Close to a ten years old”? “Around ten years old?” One could argue
    whether that’s even accurate or still a stretch, but at least it’s debatable. Just flat-out “ten years old”? That is simply untrue.

    Unless she had professional headshots taken before she was even on Idol and her stories of how down on her luck and poverty stricken she was are all nonsense?

  • Larc

    I’m not sure Fantasia is showing signs of having long term staying power.  Her first album after Idol (Free Yourself) went Platinum.  Her second (Fantasia) went Gold.  But her third (Back to Me) hasn’t earned any RIAA designation.  She has a fourth album (Side Effects of You) coming out on April 16 as things now stand (already been delayed once).  It’s available for pre-order at Amazon and is at #32,002 now.

  • elliegrll

    I’m not sure Fantasia is showing signs of having long term staying power.  Her first album after Idol (Free Yourself) went Platinum.  Her second (Fantasia) went Gold.  But her third (Back to Me) hasn’t earned any RIAA designation.

    Both Fantasia’s second and third albums sold over 500,000 copies.  There are not a lot of female or male  R&B singers, who aren’t getting their music played on pop stations, or mixing hip/hop into their music, who are going to sell more than that.  In fact, Fantasia has been one of the top female artist in her genre.  Most of her singles have peaked in the top 5 on the Urban AC charts.  

    The first album benefited from Fantasia being on AI, and selling to AI fans.  Just like with every other idol alum, the first album was going to be purchased by people who like Fantasia, but may not like her genre of music, so she was going to see some sales erosion.  But, her list of hits, top five songs, and Grammy nominations speak volumes about her longevity.  

  • DaisyMagnolia

    Most R&B/UAC fans wait until release week to buy albums.  I wouldn’t use pre-order sales of any artist in that genre beyond someone like Alicia Keys or Beyonce to predicate success.  And in the cases of AK and Bey, they’re closer to being pop artists.

    As far as racist attitudes toward Fantasia–I don’t think that holds true for everyone that follows Idol alums, but I’ve read some very nasty things about Fanty on several Idol blogs/websites that–IMO–veered close to racism. The criticism would go just a bit too far.

    I don’t think that’s the case here, but I do think it has been among some Idol factions.

  • too-cool-for-school

    I see why she might be disappointed but demanding an apology is a little nutty. What magazine is really going to accept random photos from your rep? Seems unheard of as they will want to own the pictures, right? Or have taken them themselves for the specific shoot?

  • BonnieDee

    Love Fantasia’s voice, but I would vote her as the “Idol most determined to undermine themselves.”  No sooner does she get on a magazine cover than she alienates the magazine.  She continually does things like this.  Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson, who came in SEVENTH, continues to be the most successful Idol from that season.  Just finished watching her sing at the Oscars.  Maybe Fantasia can figure it out someday.  It’s never too late.