Emblem3 – Listen to the Debut Album “Nothing To Lose” – AUDIO

The new album, Nothing to Lose, from X Factor alums, Emblem3, drops next Tuesday. But YOU can listen to a FULL STREAM of the debut album right now at TeenVogue.com

Click to Listen to Emblem3’s Nothing to Lose

Simon Cowell, seemingly determined to launch a homegrown boy band in the US, has the boys singing reggae and hip-hop inflected tunes that are decidedly poppy and teen-aged girl friendly.  If things don’t turn out for the boys, Simon always has Fifth Harmony, who are also poised to hit the charts with their debut single, “Miss Movin On.”

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  • Derrick Johnson

    I listened to the whole thing already and i really enjoyed it.

  • Kevin Keller

    my bro-douche meter has definitely increased after listening to this

  • Ana Rosario

    I love the album. I wasn’t a fan during the X Factor, but I really like their sound now.

  • Kaylo17

    Same. I actually hated them so much during the X Factor, but like I do with all reality contestants, I gave their album a chance and I really like it. Probably even like it enough to get a copy.

  • Jake W.

    I actually like a few of the songs. I still think Chloe was a terrible first single.

  • sue

    This is a fun album. It will definitely satisfy the fans. :) Sunset Blvd should of been released as a single. I also like Spaghetti. lols Go E3!

  • sue

    Ok “One Day” would make an excellent single as well. E3 has a lot of potential ! I may be buying this album.

  • Jason Gorny

    this is going to flop.. chloe has not done very well as one would have hoped.

  • hello


  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    Back when I was 14, I would have preferred this album to anything in One Direction’s oeuvre. It’s edgier (self-consciously so), and they’ve thrown a bunch of old musical trends in a blender to ornament these tracks (which would have made me feel sophisticated and smart as a teen listener and honestly, I’m finding that entertaining now) and the viewpoint character’s more willing to be a little douchey (which would have struck me as rebellious).

    It’s not necessarily music-for-the-ages, but even now I’d rather have an ardent 14-year-old forcing it on me than One Direction or Justin Bieber.

    As far as sales… with a lead single in the mid-20s on CHR, it should do solidly but not break records. It’ll then need improving radio support or lots of teen-targeted marketing to keep sustaining sales.