Deandre Brackensick Debuts “Her Crazy” Single (AUDIO)

Deandre Brackensick has released a new single through the Milwaukee based label, Truth Records. The Maroon 5ish tune, “Her Crazy,” is the American Idol Season 11 alum’s recording debut.

What do you think of the breezy new song from Deandre? Check it out below.

Download “Her Crazy” from iTunes

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  • abbysee

    I like it! Perfect little summertime riding in the car kind of jam. Good job ‘Dre! I was worried when I heard the lol title, but it works!

  • Tammy Luebrecht

    Love it!! This is a great summer tune. I started dancing in my chair as soon as it started.

  • yummmybanana

    I’m impressed! Very smooth and catchy, and his vocals sounds amazing on record. I was a huge fan of Deandre last season, but I guess I wasn’t expecting much since he isn’t signed with major label. But perhaps that is a good thing since this song seems to stay relatively true to Deandre’s style. I always thought that if he had just waited two or three more years, he could have been a fantastic contestant. He certainly has the vocals and looks to be a star — he was just too young and inexperienced on idol. He still has plenty of time to hone his craft for a few years and yet still be young if he gets noticed on a bigger level down the road.

  • AHotDamnMess

    I actually don’t mind the song but the title is weird. Maybe I’m missing something but shouldn’t it be “she’s crazy” ??

  • jtgraffix

    good thing you added those quotations in the headline, MJ :P

    anyway, lovin’ the beat! glad he’s putting out some music. one of my faves from last year!

  • jobeob987

    I like it! With DeAndre’s looks and talent, I’m truly surprised that he isn’t more popular (as in mainstream radio).

  • Shannen

    Wow the more I listen to this song, the more I love it. Was not expecting this at all from DeAndre, great job to him and anyone involved with this song.

  • Beaugard Stevens

    That title! I swear, I thought you were announcing he had had a sex change and trying to be subtle about it. At any rate, the song is okay, I was expecting a falsetto R&B song from him and this just sorts of seems like a knock-off of “Master Blaster” without the great melody

  • ali_359921

    I like it …

  • TheOther

    Phillip Phillips ?@Phillips
    Check out my friend @BrackensickAI11 new single on Itunes!

    DeAndre Brackensick ?@BrackensickAI11
    @Phillips ayyeee!:)) thank you so much! Love you and muss
    you man!:)

    If Deandre had waited and competed in Season 12, he would have easily been the last guy standing.

  • like it or not!

    I’m buying it! Is DeAndre legal yet? This song has a sexy swag to it! I think DeAndre’s team is doing big things for him. He’s winning!

  • girlygirl

    he’s signed to a very small label that has no pull with radio.

  • girlygirl

    I was expecting more of a r&b, less of a pop feel. This is a fun song, well suited for summer. Because he’s signed to such a small label I’m not expecting it to do anything on radio, but hopefully he can get some industry attention with this somehow and build on his career.

    Very nice of Phillip to tweet about it

  • EB

    Agreed, it is a bit too pop for me. Can’t say I will listen to it again but it is a pleasant tune, so go DeAndre!

  • Ellen Radeloff

    Absolutely love this song by DeAndre Brackensick* It is young, fun & upbeat with his ‘signature’ sound & appeal.
    This song should be a summertime hit. DeAndre has swag & style &
    his originality was an important part of the success of the American Idol LIVE tour last year! Happy to hear this— GREAT job…

  • bearcatnat

    It’s surprisingly good! I always did love his falsetto. Will probably get this on iTunes.

  • Valarie

    IMO, he needs a stage name. America seems to like it’s pop singers to limit their names to 4 syllables. Dre Braken would work much better.

  • Pennylane22

    Not bad! Catchy and I forgot how much I liked his voice!
    These AI runnersup need to be preparing their singles, the minute they are voted off! The public has a short attention span and the market is glutted with all these contestants from the Voice, Xfactor and The Idol.
    That’s why I am glad they decided to get Candice’s CD out in July! That I have already pre-ordered.