David Archuleta Set to Release New Album in March (PHOTO)

David Archuleta has been away on a Mormon mission in South America, but it hasn’t stopped his team from continuing to release and promote music the American Idol season 7 runner-up recorded before his departure.

A new album, No Matter How Far, will be released on March 26, featuring a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks. The first single, “Don’t Run Away”, produced by British music producers The Nexus (David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein), will be released to Adult Contemporary radio in February. Check out the press release from David’s official website.


American Idol runner up and pop sensation David Archuleta is set to release his new studio album “No Matter How Far” on March 26, 2013.

David is currently serving a two-year mission in South America for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. “No Matter How Far” features a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks. The first single, “Don’t Run Away”, produced by British music producers The Nexus (David Sneddon and James Bauer-Mein), will be serviced to the AC Radio format in February.

David reached second place on the seventh season (2008) hit show American Idol as one of the youngest to perform on the show at age 16. He released his self-titled debut album the following year. Both the album and its lead single “Crush” peaked at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and the Billboard Hot 100 charts, respectively. “Crush” went on to sell over 2 million downloads. David has since released the albums “Christmas From The Heart”, “The Other Side of Down”, and the covers album “BEGIN.”. He was the featured vocalist on the Mormon Tabernacle Choirs’ “Glad Christmas Tidings” album and PBS Special in 2011, and released “Forevermore” an album of Filipino standards in the Philippines in 2012.

“No Matter How Far” will be released on Entertainment One.

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  • Heidijoy

    Woo Hoo!! What a wonderful suprise!!  Thanks MJ

  • http://twitter.com/sweetonda sweetonda

    This is just wonderful news!  I have a smile a mile wide today!!!  Thanks MJ

  • violet4ever

    Wow I am floored!!  Super super amazing. :)

  • kimak

    LOVE the cover has to be a Matt Clayton photo.. love the title and excited for the track list!! I FEEL LUCKY!!

  • Menzell

    stoked to hear it… caught Don’t Run Away when it leaked and it’s got a Crush feel imo, solid track, real earworm … props to D’Arch and his team

  • http://twitter.com/mlpb3 MarthaPB

    This is great!  Love all the work David did for us know he would be away!  Can’t wait till March 26!!

  • GRjourney1

    Pretty exciting.  I like Don’t Run Away, too.  Like to see it catch on and have the DJ’s play it.  I think March 26th is just about the time he left for his mission.   

  • Incipit

     No Matter How Far, will be released on March 26, featuring a mix of new recorded material and previously unreleased U.S. tracks.

    This is so cool for David A’s fans – Archie has certainly gone to great lengths to provide continuing materials in his absence. Also. Every artist likely has a stockpile of perfectly good songs that didn’t make an album for a random variety of reasons, Archie found a way to put some of his to use – which is also cool, most of the time, fans never get to hear these songs at all.

    What a nice surprise for all of you – excellent news!

  • Miz

    Really have to hand it to Archie’s management. They have kept him in the public eye despite being otherwise unavailable for two years. It’s nice to know some people can do things right.

  • http://twitter.com/CheMerf Merf Laguimun

    Who’s excited??? I AM!!!!!!

  • idolgleek92

    Such wonderful news!! March 26 will be a great day.

  • tomr

    This made my day, my month, my year!!!  Can’t wait!!!

  • hellomusicgirl

    Ok I have to say I was 100% not expecting a new album. LOL he is so ninja. I thought mayyyybe an EP but more likely one or two songs. 

    That dude is always surprising me. Very excited to hear the songs — the first single leaked a few months back (although we had no idea it was going to be a single at the time) and I really like it. I agree with Menzell that it has a vibe kind of like Crush. Not sure if it was recorded in the first album era or in the second pop album era but I like the sound of it. Not sure if that’s the final mix that will be released but what I heard was good.

  • http://twitter.com/Bebereader Bebereader/The Voice

     Only someone like David Archuleta can whip out album after album. He
    doesn’t need autotune, voice filtering or a zillion takes to get it
    right. All he needs is his glorious voice. Sheer talent!

  • hellomusicgirl

    p.s. I love the cover!! (which doesn’t happen for me with David album covers alot, ha)

  • http://twitter.com/Heidijoy5 Heidijoy

    Available for Pre-Order at Amazon.com

  • fuzzywuzzy

    I agree. Kudos to Archie’s management team. They are doing an excellent job of maintaining his career and visibility, even though he’s pretty much been totally sequestered during his mission.

  • Kitwana

    What a pleasant surprise. Good for David. If his covers CD BEGIN can open with 11,000 in sales without David promoting it, this CD of new music should do even better, particularly in Asia. I guess David really wants to stay in the Forbes Top 10 Idol Earners List.

  • Bewara2009

    I heard the first single will be out sometime next month..

  • Kathy Hagan

    I am SO EXCITED. I was really, really hoping for an EP, but an ALBUM??!! Headed over to pre-order because I can. I have to hand it to David. He works hard to keep his fans in music, and we love that.

    Edited to say, dang it. I am so bad at figuring out how to post via any method when I don’t do so every day. I forget my user names and passwords and end up with something I can’t edit. But oh well. Too happy to worry.

  • standtotheright

    I’m interested to hear how they developed an arc for the album with the combination of previously released tracks and new material. Perhaps the new songs were written to fit with some of the old.

    It’s great for his fans that his team keeps promoting new material.

  • http://twitter.com/rhed31 rhed31

    OH MY GOSH! it’s exactly what i was hoping for but not expecting. :) we get to hear some of those unreleased songs!

  • http://twitter.com/rhed31 rhed31

     I am!

  • abbysee

    Awesome news! His team is taking care of business! Kudos.

  • potatorocks

    David is going to come back to a fan base that is stronger than ever.  Who would have thought.

  • shell29

    Kudos to Archie & his team-I’m pretty impressed with the job they’ve done while he’s away on his mission. Looking forward to hearing the new music!

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    This was a total surprise.  David Archuleta and Team are the model to follow.  Don’t Run Away being released to AC is PERFECT! While away he’s transitioning from how some view him, teenpop to adult contemporary.  He’ll be 23 when he returns and so ready.  This is so exciting.
    Off to Amazon to preorder!!!

  • http://twitter.com/Marylee_NCGirl ??Marylee~#DA2014??

    I’m absolutely thrilled over the news of David’s new album release! I haven’t a clue where or how he found the time to do all he’s done for his fans but I’m so appreciative, no words can describe how much. He is truly a GEM & I am so glad I watched Idol/Season 7 to discover this wonderful artist & person. #DA2014

  • hellomusicgirl

    Found some info on “Entertainment One” that will be releasing the album:

    eOne Distribution is the largest independent music and video distributor in North America and holds the highest market share of any independent. The company boasts an unparalleled roster ranging from leading record labels to independent film and television studios covering a wide spectrum of genres in both music and video. Through its state-of-the-art facilities in New York and Toronto, eOne Distribution manages physical distribution of CD, Blu-ray and DVD inventories and is a leading Internet fulfillment wholesaler of entertainment products through partnerships with the world’s largest on-line retailers. eOne is a leader in digital distribution, aggregating content for multiple partners including iTunes, Netflix, Amazon.com, Sony Playstation, Xbox, eMusic, Rhapsody and many others.


    According to a tweet sent by the eOne Distribution account, “Wait” will be on the album. That was the song (and video) that David released on the Asian Tour Edition of his TOSOD album. It was never released here in the US though. That makes me wonder if some of the other bonus tracks on that edition might be included? I hope so because those are some of my favorite songs of his and mostly only die hard fans have heard them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    hillstreetblooz, quoting you :)

    “I gotta give the little dude – I say that not to put him down – big props… no major label, on a mission for 2 years… making mo money, mo money than a lotta folk really TRYING to make some money, lol… Archuleta’s hustle game is on point… some of these other Idols need to set they game up… letting a guy on a 2 year mission out of the country outhustle ya, lol”

    “No Matter How Far” will be released on Entertainment One.

    Entertainment One History, I some pretty big names here.

    “Experience in Every Part of Ownership and Distribution. From roots as a Canadian record and tape retailer to a global leader in content, Entertainment One has touched nearly every step of acquisition, production and distribution for film, television and music. Today, Entertainment One has grown beyond its modest record store roots bringing film and music to regions around the world.


  • girlygirltoo

    This is another nice gift for his existing fanbase. I don’t see it having much of an impact beyond that, though.

  • kmd23

    This is great news. Wow. A new label, new music, and a new single for David. Thanks mj. This news just made my day.

  • durbesque

    “Don’t Run Away” makes me think of one of David’s best covers “Stand By Me”.  Would that song have lasted half a century if it had the negative title “Don’t Leave Me” or something like that?

    David has a penchant for negative lyrics.  His “Down” album was loaded with “downs” in various songs.  It sold poorly, and I think there’s a connection.  Now he has a “don’t” single and an album titled “No Matter How Far”.  Getting back to the positivity of “Crush”, his only hit, might turn things around. 

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel DorkAngel-GBW

    Who have it better that we do? NOBODY!!!

    Go David!!! Go 49ers!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    The Other Side of “Down” sold poorly because Jive didn’t promote it IMO.  Who Am I, Good Place, Look Around, for example didn’t have negative lyrics but didn’t have the chance to be heard outside of his fan base because of the lack of promo.  

    We have songs with ridiculous lyrics, f bombs being played on radio every 20 minutes because they were pushed to radio.  That used clothes song is an example, stupid IMO but sure getting spins.  I don’t agree with correlation, again my opinion.

  • GRjourney1

    Hum…and I have heard people say his music doesn’t sell because it is too positive…needs more lyrics about real life bad stuff that happens.  I certainly disagree that his songs are negative.  Have you actually listened to the lyrics or are you going by the title? The Other Side of Down is an upbeat song.

  • durbesque

    The other side of promotion, or lack thereof, is the possibility that the label knows where investing money will yield results and where it won’t. 

    Although fans would appreciate the additional sales that a huge investment would yield, it might be a loss for the label.  When the first single (’bout love) bombed, I knew it was over.  There was no follow-up in the album.  David seems to be doing fine, and I think he will continue to do so.

  • Kitwana

    Durbesque: I guess it’s the old Chicken or Egg argument. What people don’t ever mention about SBL is that it had NO TV promo. NONE. No daytime talkshows. No evening talkshows. Nothing. Still opened with just under 24,000 in sales. Same with his Christmas CD that sold 210,000 copies in 2009. Jive knows what it did, or did not do for David and the impact of it. That is why of all the Idols who left Jive/RCA, David is the only one who EXPLICITLY said the label made him offers to continue working with them. Some tried to diminish those offers by saying they tried to low-ball him but it is equally plausible that with his stated intention (since he was very young) to serve a mission, there is no way he would have signed up to a major label in 2011.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/HWRPW434YQTROZ3J5E4BSLWEYM H.A.

    Archie’s management has done an amazing job with his career. I’m so proud of him. I always knew he needed time to grow a little and take charge of his own career. He’s been in the business since he’s been a kid and now that he’s all grownup and has all the right people managing his career. He’s going to be around for a long time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    A nice yield would be nice for all the hard work but I think Jive bombed not only with David but with many of their artists.  Shortly after it folded, gone. Something was amiss with them during David’s second album and it showed with the lack of attention it gave to promo.

  • Kitwana

    H.A. I agree that David has a great management team. I think Gina Orr is a good fit for David. She is a fantastic manager. Wish he had hired her earlier.

  • bsms

    What?!  So unexpected…but so exciting!!

  • KelseyW

    Awesome news! Gotta hand it to Archie. He definitely knows how to keep his fans happy. Releasing a steady stream of music whenever you are able to is a smart move. It’s also a wonderful idea to include unreleased songs(along with brand new ones)on an album. I can’t wait to buy “No Matter How Far”! 2013 looks like it’s going to be a great year for new music. :)

    I wonder if the songs “Works For Me”, “Somebody Out There”, and “Zero Gravity” will be apart of this? They are currently available to buy on iTunes, but it would be nice to have them included a physical album. Also wonder how many of the unreleased songs will be ones that no one has heard yet.

  • kmd23

    ” Based in New York City, eOne Music, formerly E1 Music/Koch Records, is
    generally regarded as the largest independent music label in North
    America.[16] Since its inception as Koch Records, eOne Music has charted
    over 100 albums on Billboard’s Independent Chart, surpassing the number
    of titles charted by all other U.S. independent labels and was the
    number one independent label according to Billboard for four consecutive
    years.”–I like this music label for David as it is the largest independent music label in North America.

  • Davidx2

    Wow…this news was a nice big surprise!  Never would have thought David would be releasing a whole new album.  His management has done an excellent job while David has been away. Can’t wait for March 26th…which is the day after my birthday.  Guess I should thank David for the birthday gift!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/virginia.banker.7 Virginia Banker

    No not negative lyrics. Clean lyrics. Lyrics you can understand. And you won’t have to say I don’t know what they just sang.Or having all these dancers to distract you from seeing how bad they are singing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/djafans Fan Dja

    One day before my birthday!  lol

  • overthetop1

    Jive didn’t promote David’s second pop album because it didn’t have the money. The company was going under.

    I’m amazed at all the releases while he’s gone. He must have been singing his head off for the second half of 2011.

    I’m excited to see what’s on it. If it’s new songs and songs released outside he US, I wonder if any songs from Forevermore will be on it. The only songs I think would work would be the Rainbow remix out now. Fun to speculate.

  • http://twitter.com/Marylee_NCGirl ??Marylee~#DA2014??

    sorry…confused here. “The Other Side of Down” was obviously meant to be a POSITIVE album~ “the other side of down” ..being UP! I have the CD and when I listen, which is often, I hear very few negative lyrics …more like a “things are gonna get better” vibe. I have no doubt that’s the way David intended it. Love the CD BTW. 

  • Menzell

     something ’bout love bombed because it was the weakest song on the album imo (bizarro production on it)… Jive dropped the ball big time

  • Heidijoy

    @Masterclasslady and Pamela Pike  both just released great write ups of the song and David’s Musical gift.  Masterclasslady who is a Music Teacher reviews details of David’s voice and quality of his singing.  Interesting read.

  • http://twitter.com/davidfan4ever Trudy ?? #DA2014 ??

    I am so excited!!! I can’t believe David Archuleta has been so generous to us fans with yet another album! We are truly blessed by this amazing artist who even before he went away on his mission put together a plan to put out albums that really mean something to his fans while we wait for his return. David obviously has surrounded himself with a great group of supporters…and I am feeling so lucky to be a part of his fandom.  I can’t wait for the new song release and hope the radio stations will give David’s music a chance.  He is an amazing singer/songwriter with an amazing gift of putting out music that is amazing!  And did I say David is amazing!  We will all be here when David returns… #DA2014

  • GRjourney1

    I love @Masterclasslady and Pamela Pike.  Masterclass lady really knows her stuff and has been such an advocate of David’s talent.  She always puts into words what I feel, but I don’t have the training to know why I like it.  The part about the diphtongs fascinated me as I have always love how David sings each word with such care.  I remember her saying that David was the most technically correct singer that she has seeen on idol and how amazing that was at his young age. 

  • HappyDaisy_2

    Looking forward to hearing the new song and album.

    Go David!

  • http://twitter.com/DorkAngel DorkAngel-GBW

    I’m loving all the buzz the announcement about No Matter How Far has generated. I didn’t listen to Don’t Run Away when it leaked a few months back so I don’t know what it sounds like, (I’ve read it has a Crush-like vibe), I hope it gets radio play.

  • Vfree4all

    Thank-you David Archuleta for working so hard before leaving on your mission to provide new music to your loyal fans. Excited to hear the new albumn. I know it will be amazing. #DA2014