Dancing With The Stars 15 – Week 7 – Recap and Videos

Dancing with The Stars will only air TONIGHT. There will be NO eliminations this week. Also, Derek Hough is out with an injury. Mark Ballas will be dancing with Shawn Johnson.

I wonder how many more superior dancers Kristie and Maks will knock out? Thing is–she’s the most famous all-star left. If the pair make the finals, I would not be surprised.

My favorite dance tonight was the Mark and Shawn’s Tango/Paso. It was beautifully choreographed and Shawn was perfection, even without any fancy tricks.  My second favorite was Gilles and Peta.  Gilles was both shirtless and HOT. Superficial. I know.

The show opens with a group dance fusing many dance styles. RIHANNA! A glimpse of what is to come as the All-Stars perform Fusion dances–a mashup, if you will, of dance styles.

The Fusion Dance Round is up first. The judges describe the concept. The judges can’t seem to agree on how to do it! Len wants to see a DECENT AMOUNT OF BOTH STYLES. Don’t try to pull a fast one, pros!

Apolo and Karina – Cha/Paso Doble – Apolo is struggling to learn the dance steps. They begin with Cha cha. Karina is such a fantastic dancer. I can’t take my eyes off of her. Which isn’t the greatest for Apolo. Although the transition to the Paso features Apolo in a very nice athletic solo. He really steps it up when it’s time to do the Paso. He rips off his shirt and literally comes alive. Now I notice him! That’s the way to get votes! Len says, “There was nothing safe about this. You really attacked this.” “Plenty of muscle power. Triumphant.” Carrie Ann says, “YOu are still pushing yourself. I like the approach. That transition was hot.” Carrie Ann – 9 Len – 9 Bruno – 9 – 271-800-868-3407

No results this week! Votes will carry over to next week’s DOUBLE elimination.

Emmitt and Cheryl – Rumba/Samba – Cheryl choreographs the dance so that the two styles are literally intertwined. It’s REALLY confusing Emmitt. As a little break, Emmitt goes back to Dallas to visit his kids. Emmitt isn’t the best dancer, but he fully embraces the cheesiness, which makes him fun to watch. He has NO inhibitions in these Latin dances which makes it even doubly fun. Bruno says, “That was a smooth and balanced blend. It’s so difficult to do. You did it with such ease. Wonderful.” Carrie Ann says, “What was lacking was your upper body. You were in your head.” Len says, “I don’t think I could have done it as good as that.” Carrie Ann – 8.5, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 9.5 – 27.51-800-868-3413

Kirstie and Maks – Quickstep/Samba – Kirstie insists that she has a place on the show and deserves to be there, even if she’s not the best dancer. Maks helps Kirstie put together Hurricane Sandy relief packages. Kirstie plays…a wench. Maks is a prince. Kirstie is much better at the quickstep than she is at the samba. In any case, she’s very stiff and awkward in the second half. Carrie Ann says, “The second half of the song, you fell out of sync. Your quickstep half was nice.” Len says, “It was a nice mix. There was one or two incidents going on. It was an admirable effort.” Len says, “It’s always entertaining. I was just laughing. You lost timing. Always great to watch you.” Carrie Ann – 8, Len – 8, Bruno – 8 – 241-800-868-3412

Kelly and Val – Foxtrot/Cha Cha Cha – Wait…I Val coming on to Kelly! I think he liiiiikes her! This is the furthest Val has lasted in the competition. Kelly is a really good dancer. She has a mistep, but her Cha Cha in particular, is really clean. Len says, “You kept in the smoothness of the Fox Trot and the crispness of the Cha Cha Cha.” “That was a flashy Cha Cha Cha. There was a tiny loss of balance in the foxtrot, but well done.” Carrie Ann says, “Overall really beautiful” The judges were really impressed with their ability to meld elegance with sexiness. Carrie Ann – 9, Len – 9, Bruno – 9 – 27 – Val’s childhood home in Brooklyn was wrecked. He asks viewers to give to Sandy relief. – 1-800-868-3411

Melissa and Tony – Tango/Cha Cha – Melissa really wants to do well for Tony after watching him interact with his family on the East coast. Melissa puts on a mistake-free performance, but I just don’t find her very exciting. But the judges–they disagree. Bruno says, “You were on fire. The shapes in the tango wree fantastic. You turned me on.” Carrie Ann says, “Tonight you are a star! I loved the transition.” Len says, “Beautiful all the way too. Well done.” Carrie Ann – 10, Len – 9.5, Bruno – 9.5 – 291-800-868-3406

Shawn and Mark – Tango/Paso Doble – Shawn trained this week with both Mark and Derek, but Derek cannot dance. Mark is happy to be back with his original partner, but really hopes that Derek gets well soon. Great routine from Shawn! She doesn’t need a ton of tricks to stand out. Fantastic choreography, well executed. Mark and Derek disagree on choreography! Mark should allow Derek to choreograph! Carrie Ann says, “That was a fusion! So seamlessly intertwined.” Len says, “That was a firecracker, the Paso an explosion.” Bruno says, “Flawless. Maximum purity of the dance.” The judges were impressed that she fusion was seamless, yet each dance was identifiable. Carrie Ann – 10, Len 10, Bruno – 10 – 30. Shawn’s first perfect score.

Derek will be back next week.

Gilles and Peta – Argentine Tango/Samba – GRATUITOUS SHIRTLSS GILLES HOORAY. He’s posing for a muscle magazine with a boxer. who tells Gilles to NEVER GIVE UP. PETA LOST A SHOE. Oh noes. Who is even looking at her? I’m not. Gilles is so SEXY. Sorry for being so superficial. Len says, “Well done. Fantastic.” Bruno says, “Sultry and intense, exciting and exotic.” Carrie Ann says, “I still see those little arm thingies.” WHO CARES CARRIE. “It was a fantastic fusion. Carrie Ann – 9.5, Len – 9.5, Bruno 0 9.5 – 28.5

Swing Dance Marathon is coming up! But first, a spotlight on ballroom dancers from Utah. Derek grew up in Utah. Louis says Utah is the place to be. Er. As a coach, of course. Chelsie is also from Utah and she introduces the next routine as a fusion of everything. It features Mark and Chelsie plus a slew of young ballroom dancers from Utah. That was traditional, yet oh so futuristic. Tom notices the giant glacier that’s part of the set. Yeah, I didn’t get it either.

Swing Dance Marathon! The judges will knock them out one by one. The pair that stays the longest earns the highest score. Who will last the full 4 minutes? Each couple finds their individual pool of light. Kirstie and Maks are the first eliminated. Gilles and Peta are second. WHAT? Apolo and Karina are third. Now the couples can use the entire stage Emmitt and Cheryl are eliminated next, followed by Shawn and Mark and Kelly and Val. Melissa and Tony are left standing! They win.

Kirstie and Maks – 4 points
Gilles and Peta – 5 points
Apolo and Karina – 6 Points
Emmitt and Cheryl – 7 points
Shawn and Mark – 8 points
Kelly and Val – 9 points
Melissa and Tony 10 – Champs!


Apolo and Karina – 33
Melissa and Tony – 39
Shawn and Mark – 38
Kelly and Val – 36
Emmitt and Cheryl – 34.5
Gilles and Peta – 33.5
Kirstie and Maks – 28

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  • supersonic

    Ugh.  Mark Ballas.  That little weasel.  I heard he was gloating and acting pretty happy about Derek being hurt on twitter all weekend about dancing with Shawn.

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    Ya know, what’s funny, I really liked Mark when he was just appearing on the show from the beginning. I thought there was something sweet and adorable about him. Then, when he and Sabrina left early on her season, and then as a couple they broke up, he has since not removed the stick from his ass.

  • Chris

    No?!?  Mark was happy to replace Bristol with Shawn??  LOL

    He was probably praying every night that Derek would get hurt so he could get his gold medal partner back.

  • supersonic

    Same for me.  I liked when he first started on the show and he was paired with Sabrina.  Then, they got the boot and they broke up and now, he’s just a little weasel.  I’ve heard stories of him being jealous of Julianne and Derek and I can believe that.

  • supersonic

    He was probably praying every night that Derek would get hurt so he could get his gold medal partner back.

    Oh, you know he was.  He probably had the Derek voodoo doll and everything.  He probably did cartwheels and backflips when he found out Derek was injured.

  • Chris

    Yes, Apolo looked mighty fine, and the guns, major firepower.  

    He is totally underrated this season.

  • http://twitter.com/bentley1530 Bentley1530

    KA is just terrible, I can not watch her anymore.  

  • Chris

    Kirstie is running out of energy during this dance, the samba was eh.  Not much frame in her quickstep but she did keep up.  They have to stop babying her – that was no 24.

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    You know what I realize about Kelly…I just don’t find her to be an interesting dancer. :/

  • Chris

    And that’s why they are going the showmance route.  Every pro knows, if you can create the illusion of a romance, then fans will appear, voting their little fingers off.  

    Kelly has a boyfriend, but they never mention him, I wonder why…

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    Wait she has a boyfriend? That’s a bombshell…

  • supersonic

    That dance would’ve looked better with Derek.

  • Chris

    Home gets another commercial! Extreme Makeover, Phillip has to be the luckiest Idol ever.

  • jpfan2

     I’m calling it – Home gets the  Grammy for song of the year. I guess we have to wait until February to see if I’m right. ;0

  • supersonic

    Hmm.  Why did Melissa and Tony get the extra pimp points?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    Kirstie is practically throwing this week away; will be surprised if she can be saved again.  I doubt she put in as many hours as possible for this week dance as she was more occupied with the charity drive.  Sometimes it comes a moment when maybe she decided what is more “important”; and this week DWTS took a back-seat.

  • Chris

    He sits with the GH cast when in the audience. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    Derek & Mark is extremely tight; if they weren’t straight they would already play house a long time ago.  Its great that the dancers have someone they trust/believe to carry out their tasks and Mark had Derek’s back on this occasion.  It saddens me to think there are negative thoughts as never in a million years would friends wish anything bad for each other. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NDYOWBIIPZU6PBRHGOPT2ZZJXQ sweetmm

    I’m hoping for a good end to her new relationship after the hell she went through before :)

  • journey1

    Derek and Julianne  lived with Mark and his family when they were growing up.  They are like brothers.

  • http://twitter.com/desireechick Kesia Monteith

    Man, that must be so uncomfortable to watch your girlfriend have such intense chemistry with her dance partner EVERY NIGHT! Like all the playing up for the cameras? Yeah she’s acting, but this ain’t GH. All that play smooching and grouping, I mean have some respect for your boyfriend who comes to see you every week. Geez.

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    It seems the judges want to make sure Melissa and Tony are in the finals.  I have never seen Tony as happy as he is now. 

    I am wondering if they are scripting for Gilles to be self-absorbed such as wanting the judges to “smell” the sexulaity in the dance.  I don’t remember him being that way the first time around.  The guy is sexy and such a fine dancer.  I just don’t like the portrayal of his ego coming forth.

    I agree it’s Kirstie tie to go home.  She gave it all she’s got.  I do find Kelly interesting.  I am happy to know she does have love in her life.

    Derek needs to heal quickly.  I just don’t like Mark being on the show.

  • http://twitter.com/KariannHart Kariann Hart

    Kesia, we know these Reality Shows have scripted moments.  So, if Kelly’s boyfriend has been reassured, that would explain why he is able to sit there and watch it.  Like I said, I do find them to be an interesting couple.  ;o)

  • poipugirl

    Go Apolo!  WoW!  Looking mighty fine without his shirt!  The dancing was great! Voting to keep him in the competition!  Worried since they put him 1st. 

    Melissa’s dance didn’t deserve 10’s in my opinion!

    Mark, luckily for Shawn, didn’t overact in his annoying face while dancing tonight.  Can’t wait for Derek to come back.  My favorite male pro dancer by far!  He and Shawn are perfection.  Notice how there wasn’t any “magic” when she danced with Mark?   haha Mark!

  • JeanWhite

     I am SOOOOOO glad Melissa and Tony were the last ones standing! I am a little torn this season between Melissa and Apolo, but hope that Melissa will be the eventual winner, with Apolo runner up.  She actually looks like one of the Pros.

    I’m ready for Derek to leave, period! (sorry, Shaun) It tickled me tonight that Mark was the one dancing with her when she finally got the perfect score. (I know Derek choreographed the number, but still glad he didn’t get the perfect score with her)  Cannot stand him and I can’t root for anyone he’s partnered with.

  • Ratna12

    Yep he is.

  • supersonic

    It seems the judges want to make sure Melissa and Tony are in the finals.  I have never seen Tony as happy as he is now.  

    Yep.  She must not be bringing in the votes and they have to prop her in any way they can.  Don’t they see how that usually doesn’t work out?  Didn’t work for Sabrina.

  • http://twitter.com/NativeNYer777 Nativenewyorker

    I love Tony and Melissa together! They seem to have so much fun when they are dancing.  Tony seems to be so happy dancing with Melissa. I think they are doing an outstanding job. I did not expect Melissa to be this good! 

    I have to say that it is Kirstie’s time to go. The lack of rehearsal time really showed this week, given that they had to fuse two different dances. I think the quickstep and the samba are the hardest to fuse together. I assume that Kirstie spent a good deal of time helping those hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  I wonder if she figured that since no one would be eliminated, this was the week to do something charitable and just try to make it through.

    I thought Val and Kelly were really good this week.  Lately I haven’t been connecting with them, but this week I thought they did an excellent job with their fusion dance. I honestly could care less about any showmance or whatever between them. They have great chemistry when they dance and that works in their favor. 

    Shawn seems to be in the zone right now. It didn’t seem to faze her at all to switch partners this week.  I think she has been the most consistently strong dancer in this competition. She seems very intense and focused.  Derek did a great job with the choreography and Mark did a good job filling in for him. 

    Gilles seems very intense and competitive.  He is pushing himself to do more each week.  I thought this was a steamy, sexy fusion dance that was a real pleasure to watch. He was much better than last week. I have no idea what Carrie Anne is talking about with his arm movements. Maybe I will watch my recording again to see what she is talking about.  Someone mentioned that they are showing more of his ego this time. I noticed that. I don’t remember him being this way on his season.

    Appolo and Karina did another excellent job this week. They seem to be working better together, with more of a connection. 

    I think Cheryl did an outstanding job with the choreography for her fusion dance with Emmitt this week. She really knows how to play to his strengths. His advantage is his sheer likeability and charm when he is on that dance floor. 

    I am enjoying this competition so much. I can’t even pick one favorite. I love the little things they are throwing at them to make each week more challenging. Next week two people will be eliminated and from here on out, it’s going to be tough seeing anyone leave except Kirstie. She has gone far enough and done well for herself but it’s time to go. I do think she makes Maks so much happier and more relaxed. 

  • RockiDreams

    Loved Kelly and Val especially during the swing dance.  They were doing some really awesome moves.  I could care less about what is going on with those two as well.  I would imagine all boyfriends, husbands, wives, girlfriends get a tad uncomfortable with some of those dances no matter who is doing them.  Love Melissa as well.  She is so elegant.   It was nice seeing Tony speaking to his family – we don’t get to hear much about their personal lives. I think Gilles problem is his partner – can’t stand her and she makes every dance about her – very exaggerrated moves that tries to focus more on her than her partner. For once Shawn did not rely on tricks.  I thought Derek’s constant presence was very weird before and after the dance.  Ms. Shawn looked very uncomfortable for some reason.  I just find her too stumpy looking in her dances.  She just irks me for some reason – maybe the constant fakey smile all the time.  The rest are meh for me.  Kirstie better go home next week.  She was just plain awful and that was no 24.   

  • hcpoirot

    Hmm, Apollo and Giles had to be thanking tomorrow is election day cause both of them are in the bottom 3 of total scores. WHAT???? But they got next week dances to redeem themselves.

    Thanks for the judges giving higher scores then they should get to Kelly and Emmit in individual dances.

    But I agree Kelly dance so much better in SWING Marathon. She had so much energy there.

  • Lexee234

    Apolo has always been my favorite winner. Last night he was by far the best. He’s finally back!