The Voice 3 – The Playoffs – Part 1 – Recap and Videos

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I missed the first ten minutes. Sorry. Family stuff going down so I may need to take a break from time to time. Hope the show didn’t have anything going on yet. Commercial now.

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Group Number – Blake and Adam’s Team – Peace of Mind by Boston

Joslyn Rivera is up. Adam stole her from Christina. She’s singing “Give Your Heart a Break.” Adam wants her to connect with the audience. Her styling is good. I think she has pretty good stage presence. Maybe a couple of sharp high notes. Breath issues. Okay, she’s losing me. Connecting does not equal acting. Just saying. Blake says he wanted her on his team. He think she looks like a star on the big stage. Christina says she shines and was working the stage. She didn’t say anything about her singing. ;-) She wants her to do a ballad. Cee-lo has a big ass wig on and big white fluffy top. He says she’s solid. Adam is really proud of her. Says she killed it. Hmm. I guess I didn’t see the same.

Christina Milan is screeching about tweeting and interviewing Joslyn. Joslyn thinks she connected with the audience. Ahem.

Terry McDermott is up now. He’s one of my early faves. Blake gave him “Don’t Stop Believing.” I try not to be a fan girl but Blake looks good in plaid. Team Plaid! Sorry. Terry is really good. I don’t know what his market would be, but he’s entertaining. Christina says he knows he’s good. She says he’s easy on the ears and has precision. She says he’s dead on and is a fan. Cee-lo has a little fan. He says he’s a fan of Terry, too! Effortlessness! Is that a word? Blake says he’s making classic rock cool again. He wants America to know that when God passed out the ability to rock, he gave Terry a lil extra! Blake is a fun judge. I have hated some of his decisions, but I enjoy his persona.

Melanie Martinez is singing “Hit the Road Jack.” Adam thinks she’s going to freak everyone out. Melanie hopes to find her sass. She’s wearing a gold outfit that matches her hair. The collar is dark like the other side. This is ok. Waiting for a moment here. Kinda forgettable besides her appearance. Adam seems to be enjoying it. No bad notes, but not that exciting either. Blake says he’s a big fan of hers. He likes that she isn’t interested in fitting in. Christina says it’s a tough song and thought it was a pitchy at the beginning. She likes her artistic vision, but seems underwhelmed. Adam didn’t compare it to Ray Charles’ vision. He was mesmerized by her performance. Okeydokey!

Liz Davis is up. Blake thinks she’s country as mud. Hmm. He wants to soften her up. She’s singing Martina McBride’s “Independence Day.” I’m not a fan of this song, but it’s in her wheelhouse and she’s doing a good job with it. Christina says she has a strong solid voice and thinks she found a good home on Blake’s team. Cee-lo loved the intro and thinks she looks lovely. He’s proud to be an American. Blake says there’s a lot on the line and he thanks her for proving him right. He says she did a great job.

Cassadee Pope is next, singing “My Happy Ending.” She’s worried about being predictable. Duh. Blake says not to worry. She wants to mess with the melody. He tells her no. Not a fan of Avril and not a fan of this. Sorry. Screechy. Blake is doing the chicken head move. Christina says she has a pretty tone, but didn’t hit the notes. She says she was solid. Tells her to trust herself because she has it inside her. Cee-lo loves what she did and thought her vibrato brought the song to life. Adam says he’s a huge fan, but doesn’t know who she is as a singer. Blake says she will be around for a long time and Adam will figure out it. He says she’s really good at being a pop rock chick. He also says she’s a fan favorite.

Back again! Carson reminds us we can vote for our faves.

Bryan Keith reminds us his dad won 2 Grammy awards. He wants people to want more of him. He needs to ditch the hat. He’s singing “Iris.” Adam wants him to crank it up a notch because it’s a mid-tempo song. He really wants America to love him. He’s a decent singer, but I don’t think he has a lot of charisma. The crowd is screaming though. Maybe they like the hat? He’s not doing anything special with this song. We have the swaybots out in full force. This guy has bugged me from day one so I guess I am biased. Adam looks pleased. Blake never noticed his lower register before… says he sounds like Neil Diamond. He says watch the dips in the lower register, but the crowd loves him. Christina thinks he owned the song as it built. Likes his passion. Adam is proud! He says his energy is inviting and comforting. Says the soulfulness pre-empted the wonky low notes.

Michaela Page is up now. She’s the 16 year old who hosts Internet shows. She’s singing “Everybody Talks.” She thinks Blake is the best coach ever because he’s so down to earth. More swaybots. Her hair is extra high tonight. I like her normally, but I think a different song might have been better. Cee-lo says it’s the best performance of the night. He likes her style and her charisma and vocal performance. Adam says she surprised him and in her range. He gives Blake kudos for song selection. Blake thinks she made him look smart. He seriously loves her and says it was the best performance of the night. He tells America to vote for her!

Julio Cesar Castillo does “El Rey.” He gets a standing ovation. The crowd loves him. He’s the Mariachi singer from Chicago. Christina loves his passion. She loves the richness of his vibrato. Blake thinks he made the people understand even though it was in a different language. Sorry, I lost some of my post, but he was way better than last week. Likeable for sure. Blake seems to be going for diversity on his team.

Loren Allred is up now. Adam gives her the most improved award. She’s singing “All Around the World” by Lisa Stanfield. She’s on the voice singing covers to do her own music. ;-) Adam wants her to bring the sultry, confident vibe. I think she’s bringing the sultry, but heard a few wonky notes. Adam looks pumped. Cee-lo loves the cool vibe and finds her awesome. Adam thinks it’s incredible and wants to hear more upper register. He thinks it’s so good. Anyone else thinks she looks like Jennifer Anniston?

Amanda Brown gets the pimp spot! She used to sing background for Adele. Adam stole her. Adam thinks she’s comfortable and confident. She’s singing “Dream On” by Aerosmith. Adam wants her to emote. He says she’s easy to look at. She does have lots of charisma. This is really good. Nice pimp spot this time. adam gives standing ovation. Crowd is going crazy. Xtina is fanning herself. “Get it girl” she says. She thinks she thought she brought it home. Adam gloats about stealing her from Cee-lo and declares it the best performance of the night. Adam says she’s a rock star!

Who did you like? Who has the stronger team? Are you voting and for whom?