Chat With Your Favorite American Idol Alum During #IdolBlitz (Schedule)

A slew of American Idol alums, and judge Jennifer Lopez, will take to social media to answer YOUR questions in the run up to the American Idol XIII premiere, next Wednesday January 15! Check out the schedule below. More at American Idol Facebook.

American Idol season 8 winner, Kris Allen, kicks things off today beginning at 4pt/7et on Facebook.


Kris Allen – Tues, 1/7 at 4pm PT
Jessica Sanchez – Thurs, 1/9 at 10am PT
Phillip Phillips – Fri, 1/10 at 12:30pm PT
Jennifer Lopez– Fri, 1/10 at 12:30pm PT

The American Idol Facebook page will post at the above times and alumni/judges will respond to your questions in comments.


Lauren Alaina (@Lauren_Alaina) – Wed, 1/8 at 10am PT
Pia Toscano (@PiaToscano ) – Wed, 1/8 at 12pm PT
Angie Miller (@AngieMiller) – Wed, 1/8 at 2pm PT
Candice Glover (@CandiceGlover) – Wed, 1/8 at 3pm PT
Colton Dixon (@ColtonDixon) – Thurs, 1/9 at 12pm PT

Ask your questions for the above alumni using #IdolBlitz and include their Twitter handle.


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  • Jacko86

    smart to use J.Lo’s 26+ million Twitter followers to promote Idol!

  • Anny_nanny

    Confuses me that she will be on Facebook.

  • helo23

    I think the idol Alums should watch Idol. Why not let a few come back amd offer them advice in their mentoring session. And not just Kelly, Carrie, and Adam. Even the ones that were on the show a couple of years ago. I don’t think any music biggest stars would bother mentoring on idol anymore.

  • tripp_ncwy

    THR: Kris Allen to Kick Off Online ‘Idol Blitz’ Q&As

  • Sicola789

    I don’t see why they wouldn’t. Lady Gaga did only a few years ago, same with Beyoncé.

  • halo9125

    How about a new segment titled “What I learned from my Idol experience” where a former Idol speaks to the contestants about what they wish they had known when they were on Idol, industry tips, etc. Would be a hell of a lot more interesting than most of the crap filler they have now.

    Hashtag…..wait for it……


  • Kariann Hart

    There’s a whole lot of promotion going on. Seems American Idol wants to be on top again. I still think it is the best show of it’s kind.

  • Anny_nanny

    American Idol @AmericanIdol
    @KrisAllen is taking your questions NOW at . #IdolBlitz

  • justmefornow

    If you’re a female contestant expect no support from Interscope #WhatILearnedFromIdol ;)

  • Anny_nanny

    Shoriagirl @shoriagirl
    As usual American Idol puts Kris Allen in a death spot #IdolBlitz


  • Madilo

    Why did you win Idol?

    Like really, there are some rude people, why ask this kind of question ugh :(

  • halo9125

    Because they still haven’t gotten over the fact that Kris won- how many years later?

  • Anny_nanny

    I don’t understand how it works and where to look. I hope somebody turns questions and answers later. *sigh*

  • Porfivor Nixon

    I think Gaga did it for Jimmy Levine. I’m not sure he is on the show anymore.

  • elliegrll

    Eh, that question just makes that person look stupid. It doesn’t have anything to do with Kris.

  • Mel432

    Actually Kris answered this poster, and s/he did vote for Kris, so s/he isn’t a hater.

  • girlygirl

    Kris just confirmed that the producer he’s working with on this album is Charlie Peacock.

    That is a MAJOR get for Kris. Charlie Peacock produced the last 2 albums for The Civil Wars and has also worked with Switchfoot and Lone Bellow, among many many others.

  • girlygirl

    He also said that though he doesn’t know the release date for the album yet, he will finish recording it by the end of this month.

  • Mel432

    Oh no. Kris smokes cigars.

  • Mel432

    It was phrased bad. That person is a fan and voted for him.

  • tripp_ncwy

    Kris also confirmed he wrote more songs for the indie movie (Valley inn?) than the one he co-wrote with Mary Steenbergen, “Love In A Small Town”.

  • Mel432

    Is it over?

  • andy190

    “Kris Allen thanks everybody for the q’s! hope you enjoyed my a’s! enjoy idol this year and i’ll see you around! #IdolBlitz”

    I guess so.

  • Mel432

    They got all the notables from Arkansas (producers, writers, etc.), as well as being filmed in Arkansas. Joey Lauren Adams is starring, who is a well-known actress. I don’t see Steenbergen acting in it, tho.

  • Mel432

    Kris didn’t answer too many questions.

  • tripp_ncwy

    She isn’t but she is friends with the writer/director(s) and knows Lauren.

  • Corrine43180

    Lol, nice assumption but it was a Kris fan who voted for him to win who posed the question and she seemed sincere.

  • girlygirl

    He actually answered a decent # of questions. FB isn’t the best format for stuff like this because it’s hard to follow what’s going on. Lots of scrolling and refreshing needed.

    Here are the questions and answers he gave:

  • helo23

    Oh, so this is like a Twitter party? *sigh* Could idol come up with something different for the alums? At least its better than the cringe worthy ustream live fan vids. I remember Lee and Haley doing those.

  • funguy10

    Phillip does too.

  • mjsbigblog

    That’s not much better, unfortunately.

    Scrolling through 400 posts to get to the small percentage of questions Kris answered makes it impossible to read after the fact.

  • breakdown

    Why just mention these 3?

  • Miz

    SHe? The person named Edward? He only said after Kris called him on it that he voted for Kris. I;m betting he didn’t vote for anyone.

  • Miz

    He also has the #1 jazz album on iTunes.

  • Miz

    I pulled just the questions he answered and put in a document for a group of my friends. He answered 49 questions (unless I missed some). I’d be happy to email my doc to you MJ. I have the people’s names in it so I wouldn’t post it here.

    Just let me know.

  • Miz

    The Facebook format for this isn’t good. You have to keep refreshing the page and hunting through the replies to find what Kris answered. Of course, the usual suspects had to swoop in to try to crap all over it.

    However, with that said, there were a lot of good questions that Kris answered (total of 49 by my count) in thoughtful and sometimes snarky ways.

  • nncw

    I did enjoy looking at the summary of his answers and he did provide us with news so that is always exciting. Plus I liked that he has a truck the same age as I am – I hope it is in good condition!

  • mjsbigblog

    Oh, could you? That would be helpful

  • Sicola789

    Lauren is on now I believe.

  • Madilo

    Where are the other question and answers for Lauren, Candice, Jessica and Colton ?

  • Lexie O’Neill

    Scotty McCreery
    31 minutes ago
    me tomr at 1pm ET on the official American Idol page for a Q&A! Ask
    me your Idol questions using #IdolBlitz. See y’all there!!

  • Lexie O’Neill

    American IdolVerified account

    Tomorrow: @JLo, @KeithUrban, @CHRIS_Daughtry, @ScottyMcCreery & @Phillips! #IdolBlitz