Carrie Underwood: Look For Darker Storylines on Her Next Album

Carrie Underwood is the lead story in this week’s Entertainment Weekly two-page preview of 10 albums they can’t wait for in 2012. Carrie says there was a demo that give her chills and goosebumps all over her body, she’d never had a reaction quite like that to a song before, and she called her manager immediately and said “I have to have this song!”  She says being able to see it develop into so much more than that demo has been really special.

The duets last year with Tony Bennett, Steven Tyler and Brad Paisley may have influenced her album. It’s amazing to see how different artists work in the studio, says Carrie, and it’s impossible not to take something out of it. She singles out Bennett and how he records in an open space with musicians in the same room, which was a new experience for her when she recorded “It Had To Be You” with him.

Fans will find some other surprises on the album. Carrie says there are some darker songs .  She comments how she’s always been a fan of songs with attitude but she’s talking about songs with darker storylines. Carrie says the album seemed to want those, so she went with it.

Carrie’s next album is set to be released in the spring.

–reported by Windmills

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  • Anonymous

    Wonder when the lead single will come out =.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah! Can’t Wait!

  • windmills

    But wait, there’s more!

    A Pulse Carrie fan has gotten a ticket confirmation for something Carrie and CMT are doing during Super Bowl week. Locals in Indianapolis know there’s supposed to be a CMT Crossroads that airs live the night before the Super Bowl. Last year it was Faith Hill and the Pretenders. It’s looking like this year it’ll be Carrie and I’d guess Steven Tyler/Aerosmith. Nothing official since ticketholders are being asked to keep quiet about it but the announcement’s probably coming soon. Last year the announcement came in the middle of January.

  • Mandy

    Great info here Windmills! This type of stuff is EXACTLY what I’ve been waiting for as a die-hard Carrie fan. Also, a Carrie/Aerosmith crossroads would be so killer! I cannot wait!

  • Teresa Renee Parvin

    Uh oh. Darker, huh? Carrie may trying to pretend to be something she’s not like so many other artists. Let me guess…next thing she’ll say is that this next album is really her and what she’s about. I don’t like the sound of this at all.

  • Peter

    Darker could be the circumstances or situation, and not the person being portrayed in the song.

  • Chris †

    Rascal Flatts in Febuary with Journey. Are we sure of Carrie’s?

  • windmills

    Carrie said the album seemed to want SOME darker stories and she went with it so I think it’s pretty clear she’s talking about stories, not herself. She’s also talking about letting the album take on a life of its own and following it where it wanted to go. She didn’t say the whole album is dark. She said it has some darker stories which is more unusual for her. She mentioned back in September about recording a song that was extremely difficult for her but not because of the notes. So, I think she chose some stories to sing about that were challenging for her lyrically.

    Chris: Rascal Flatts in Febuary with Journey. Are we sure of Carrie’s? 

    The current lead singer of Journey, Arnel Pineda said in an interview that their Crossroads taping is in the 3rd week of February in Nashville. 

    This link confirms a CMT Crossroads Super Bowl Fan Jam in Indianapolis on 2/4. Unless the Rascal Flatts/Journey taping has changed locations and the Carrie fan at Pulse (who’s an honest person) is totally lying, it’s looking like the Super Bowl Crossroads will be Carrie with somebody. The most likely Crossroads partner is Steven Tyler/Aerosmith based on Carrie’s comment at her FC where she mentioned how cool it would be to sing with him again. But, nothing’s confirmed.

  • Anonymous

    Do we know of any songwriters confirmed to have cuts for this album? I’ve read of rumors of possible cuts from Lori McKenna, Tom Shapiro, Ryan Tedder. McKenna and Shapiro involvement I’m excited for, Tedder not so much lol. He’s more of a hit-or-miss for me. 

  • merkureye

    For me personally, a X-roads duet with Steven Tyler/Areosmith is nowheres-ville.  Other than the Idol link I don’t see the continued synergy here.  Tyler’s voice is toast as shown in the ACM Undo It/Walk This Way duet.  The only reason that worked at all was because it was unique and unexpected . . . and Carrie can Rock it!!  Since the X-roads deal is something that I have really been looking forward to, I hope it is someone else.  Otherwise, I probably won’t watch.

    BTW this ST/A-smith connection really is contrary to some stuff I heard earlier about Carrie and her preferences.  I heard she has rejected several proposed acts because she either did not approve or she did not think she would “gel” with them. 

  • windmills

    Wentworth1978: Do we know of any songwriters confirmed to have cuts for this album?
    I’ve read of rumors of possible cuts from Lori McKenna, Tom Shapiro,
    Ryan Tedder. McKenna and Shapiro involvement I’m excited for, Tedder not
    so much lol. He’s more of a hit-or-miss for me.

    Tom Shapiro said his Carrie cut’s upcoming for 2012 so I think that one’s pretty much confirmed. Ashley Gorley has confirmed he had a Carrie cut. Could be Good Girl (which I think Carrie’s all but confirmed to be on the album – she cowrote it with Ashley Gorley and Chris DeStefano), could be other songs too. There was a Gordie Sampson interview late last summer where he said he’d have a cut (or more) on Carrie’s album and considering he’s had at least a song or 2 on each of Carrie’s album that’s not a surprise. I guess the Ryan Tedder cut’s probably confirmed but pop writers jump the gun sometimes. If Ryan Tedder made the album that means Hillary Lindsey did too because Ryan’s writing sessions with Carrie were with Hillary too. Carrie did the bulk of her writing for this album with Hillary and/or Luke Laird according to what’s been registered so I expect they’ll be on the album too, but not because anything’s been confirmed.

    Carrie’s had the Lori McKenna song for a really long time but I don’t think we know if she’s actually recorded it. I hope so because she’s an incredible writer and she’d fit the darker songs comment.

    I think Carrie’s keeping all info under lock & key to try to avoid leaks.

  • RustySax

     Speaking of Crossroads, I’m still waiting for a Kelly/Carrie tour, similar to what Kelly & Reba did a few years ago.  Now THAT would be killer!

    (For those who didn’t hear/see the K&R tour, Kelly did not open for Reba.  The two women came out and sang together for two hours straight.  They sang their own songs, they sang each other’s songs, and they both sang back-up while the other was singing lead.  Was a great show, well worth the five hour drive to get to the venue!)

    As for Carrie’s new album. . . when it get’s here, I’ll add it to my collection, too!