Carrie Underwood – Blown Away – First Listen!

Listen to a full stream of Carrie Underwood’s forthcoming album, Blown Away, at iTunes.

Blown Away will be available everywhere on May 1.

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  • Adam Alamillo


  • andy

    So good.  Glad she took the extra time off.  So ….damn….good.

  • Anonymous

    Listening! Awesome! Definitely buying this, since I bought the past two albums :D May is gonna be great. Kris, Carrie, Haley

  • Chris Curtis

    Well.. That was a damn surprise.

    I counted Carrie out as pure pop drivel after Some Hearts and gave her last two albums half of a glance before moving on to the next thing.  Based solely on my first run through of Blown Away, however, I’d say this is easily THE album of 2012 thus far, and probably one of the best albums I’ve heard this decade.

    I’m not one to issue effusive praise on message boards and forums, but Carrie’s earned it.  The writing on this album is not only LIGHT YEARS ahead of her three albums, but also of higher quality than 99% of what’s on radio today, country or otherwise.  Blown Away (song), Two Black Cadillacs, See You Again, Forever Changed, Good in Goodbye, and Wine After Whiskey (HOLY LORD at this one) are all masterfully written.  One Way Ticket and Cupid’s Got a Shotgun, while goofy to the core, are both extremely clever and witty, so they’re strong in that respect.  The remaining songs are by no means poorly written, the aforementioned bunch is just strikingly strong.

    As far as singles go, they could honestly release 12 of the 14 with no problem.  “Blown Away,” “Two Black Cadillacs,” “Cupid’s Got a Shotgun” and “One Way Ticket” are the obvious picks, but let me suggest that they mix things up and use either “Nobody Ever Told You” or “Do You Think About Me” as a single.  Carrie hasn’t really done the feel-good thing, and that goes over really well at radio.  Not to mention that it’s about time that a well-written, well-sung feel good song takes to the Country Chart.  I’ve heard enough precocious blather in that sub-genre.

    I’d also like to take a minute to bow to Mark Bright, who FINALLY realized that more production does not equal a better song.  Unlike on previous efforts, Blown Away is about Carrie’s voice, not Mark Bright’s latest toy.

    All-in-all, an easy 9 out of 10. I could see adjusting this up to 9.5 when I re-listen at a more reasonable hour.  Carrie, you done good.  I always knew there was more to you than Louisville sluggers and wreckless driving.

  • Anonymous

    I likes.. so many good songs on this album, this gurl is great..

  • Anonymous

    i am seriously holding back tears right now. i am so excited for this album that i can’t find the words to express myself. it is beyond flawless so far. i’m only on 2 black cadillacs and between that and blown away, this album will be more than worth the $12 i will spend on it.

  • Anonymous

    Easily her best body of work thus far!  

  • Anonymous

    I’ll listen to this tomorrow since I need to sleep. People will buy her album still because of the majority of her target listeners, but I’m afraid for the other artists who will stream their albums.
    OK, I’m mainly talking about Kris here.

  • jbrown

     Phenominal album. Buying lots to give away.

  • Anonymous


    Carrie has a winner here.

  • Anonymous

    Ever since Carrie started her career after AI I’ve been hoping and praying for an album that is worthy of her vocal talent. Finally, that album is here. EPIC. There is no track here that I’d want to skip. Carrie’s vocal performance has definitely improved and matured over the years. She’s learned when to hold back, and when to reach for those high notes. And hats off to Mark Bright for the awesome production. I underestimated the guy. 

    Hoping for both critical acclaim and commercial success for this album, Carrie and her team definitely deserve to have both.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Blown Away blew me away. Not country really, but just an amazing song. Carrie can do “dark”! Who knew? I loved Good in Goodbye and Wine over Whiskey also. Buying this cd.

  • Mateja Praznik

    Tried to listen on iTunes, had to change from Slovenian iTunes store to American. I clicked on the play button, but the music wouldn’t play. :(

    I hope she didn’t go too far away from country pop. I just can’t get into country music if it’s too country. Kellie Pickler’s latest album was such a let down for me.

  • Anonymous

    Haven’t listened to all of the songs yet, but One Way Ticket is so fun!  

  • Anonymous

    Wow, Just Wow. BA and TBC are two of the best written and produced songs I’ve heard on any level. After those 2 the other standouts for me are OWT, Cupid and Wine after Whiskey. Just incredible songs.

  • Anonymous

    Some pretty moments, but that’s about it.
    Should dump GG and go for something else.

  • Anonymous

    Kris’ album will also be streamed at iTunes? Whoa, this kind of promotional strategy is becoming popular. lol

  • Madred

    The album is a million times better than Play On. It feels like an extension of Some Hearts IMHO and I see her having a massive hit with Blown Away. 

  • Bernard T

    Lord… every song is single material! This album is SO GOOD!

  • Carriefan1

    All 4 of her albums are fantastic. “Blown Away” will be another major success for her. My top 5 favorite songs on this album so far are:

    1. Blown Away (her music video for this will be EPIC!)
    2. See You Again
    3. Good Girl
    4. Two Black Cadillacs
    5. Cupid’s Got a Shotgun

  • Anonymous

    Not a Carrie fan or a purchaser of her music, but I’m loving several of her songs, they really tell a story; i.e. Blown Away, Cadillac.  Plus she sounds so gorgeous in the verses of her slower songs (See You Again, Do You Think of Me).

    The Cupid song is fun and catchy.

    I don’t much about country, but are the lyrics typical of the genre?  If so, I need to check it out more.

  • windmills

    blissful2: I don’t much about country, but are the lyrics typical of the genre?  If so, I need to check it out more.

    You won’t necessarily find it in every country act but storytelling and descriptive lyrics are definitely something the country genre prides itself on. In Carrie’s case I’d say Blown Away is her most descriptive and story-based album since Some Hearts. 

  • Aubrey

    i-tunes is not letting me play the album…the song links are all non-clickable. Help please?!

  • Chase

    It wouldnt let me play them until I went through MJs link above.

    I guess Im in a minority.  I dont care for most of the songs but she has some gems on it.  I personally think Kellie Picklers album has better material, too bad it isnt getting more play. 

  • Pam

    I purchased the CD this afternoon after listening to the i-tunes stream.  Love what I’ve heard!  Thanks for providing the link to the stream mj.  Very much appreciated!

  • Beth Fischer

    Listened to a good 35 minutes of it, AMAZING album ! When i listened to her last album a little bit a while back it was just OK. Her voice was a bit too much after couple songs of her.. but she really held back on her high voice on this album, and it shows. Great Songs ! Might buy this album after Haley’s comes out

  • aquayers

    I think people outside of US can’t listen to this full stream. I pressed play so many times already but it didn’t work. Oh well!!! I’m gonna buy the album anyway.

  • nemo

    Chris Curtis pretty much said it all. This is Carrie’s best album, BY FAR. Like, thousands of miles.

    Maybe the industry will finally give award recognition to her albums/songs, instead of heaping everything on Miranda. And of course, maybe finally a way overdue Entertainer of The Year nomination from CMA.

  • kjmuyi

    I too can’t stream iTunes. But got to listen it from here:

    It’s incredible! Loving it so much! Can’t wait for album release!