Carly Smithson & We Are the Fallen Part Ways With Universal Republic

Ben Moody announces via Facebook that his band, We Are the Fallen has parted ways with Universal.

Season 7 Idol, Cary Smithson joined the new band, made up of ex-Evanescence members, as their lead singer in the fall of 2009, when they were signed to Universal Republic Records.

The band’s debut album Tear the World Down, was released in May of 2010. The album debuted at #33 on the Billboard 200 with 13K opening week sales. The band subsequently went on tour, opening for Findland hard rock band, HIM.

But the album and the first single, “Bury Me Alive” never really took off.

Read Moody’s message below:

Ben here from We Are The Fallen. First off… let me apologize on behalf of the band for our disappearing act, followed by silence and a string of announced then canceled singles. We are no longer part of the Universal Republic roster. Over the course of the last year many changes were made at the label and it became apparent that we were not a priority. But, like everything in the music business, change doesn’t happen overnight. After our second single was delayed, then changed, then delayed and changed two more times; the majority of the year was gone and both parties mutually agreed to go our separate ways. That takes time to work out the legal and financial resolutions and it’s simply not appropriate to make announcements before everything is settled. Unfortunately, that lead to us keeping all of you in the dark for way too long. And for that, we sincerely apologize.


My birthday celebration, “Cirque Des Damnes,” featuring a headlining performance by We Are The Fallen and many special guests…is COMPLETE! I am currently working out manufacturing and distribution; and to all of you in countries that were unable to buy Tear The World Down due to unavailability… fear not. I’m working diligently to make sure the DVD, BluRay, AND live audio CD are available worldwide. In the mean time, I’ll be posting another video from the show today, WITH free download of the audio. Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a free download of the audio from “Separate Ways.” Next Friday I’ll post “Everything Burns,” featuring the lovely Hana Pestle and the WATF boys from my birthday; and we will be much more reliable in the future when it comes to keeping you all informed. We sincerely appreciate your patience.

In addition to the live CD, we can’t stand to wait until the next album / label / tour situation is worked out to make music. And we certainly don’t want to sit on it. SO…we are currently at work on two E.P.’s due out in a few months. The first is a collection of covers from the 80’s (in my opinion the best decade of music EVER) followed a couple months later by 5 new songs. So, by the holidays you’ll have a live dvd, live cd, cover EP, original EP…. and a few surprises still to come.

I hope this adequately explains our absence, and again we thank and love you all. We Are The Fallen has just begun… and we’re not going anywhere.

Take care everyone!

– Ben Moody

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  • BM2587

    Carly is like the Titanic, she just keeps sinking lower and lower. Another flop for her….

  • Joyed

    I’m not really surprised by this news. It was clear something was up when Carly took that Cirque job in Vegas. That said, the music industry is tough and there is no reason they can’t keep putting out what they love.

  • JGLucky

    Allmusic’s review of the album said it best. Their album’s sound was as if Ben Moody had never left Evanescence and released an album follow up… in 2006. It wasn’t current. It was still a decent album though. I loved Bury Me Alive.

    And Carly is anything but a flop. She has her job in Vegas now too. She also has potential to release a successful album. She and her ex-Evanescence band mates just need to put the past behind them and find a more current sound.

  • OldHag

    Carly is like the Titanic, she just keeps sinking lower and lower. Another flop for her….

    Which just emphasizes what people have said: it isn’t enough to be a good or even great singer, you gotta have that “it factor.” Carly is an incredible singer but for some reason she doesn’t connect with people or even alienates them. Kind of like a couple of the contestants this season.

  • blmetsfan

    Keep fightin Carly. Music industry is so damn competitive.

  • kmd

    The music industry is cut throat and competitive. Carly is very talented. I hope she does well in whatever she decides to do.

  • girlygirl

    This is too bad. Hopefully they can come up with a more current sound for their EP

  • brian_ny1976


  • Pam

    I really hate this for Carly and the rest of the band, but I’m not surprised. Hopefully, they can still enjoying doing what they love which is making music.

  • McCreerian

    Aww poor Carly. She can’t seem to catch a break. VFTW will probably love this.

  • HR


    Carly wasn’t having a string of success before pairing with Moody in this band. How could he have jinxed her if she is where she began?

  • CRB

    A label is only useful as far as it is willing to support (and in some cases, nurture) the artists. I’m not really sure what Universal Republic was expecting in the way of sales with essentially nothing beyond distribution.

  • samgamgee

    Carly was never authentic. I didn’t buy into the rock/grunge image because it feels contrived. On the other hand, when Kelly Clarkson does the rock/garage/indie thing it fits her perfectly.

  • stingray11214

    WATF will probably go to an outfit like Century Media or Nuclear Blast. They will work with them, and get them with like minded tours in Europe and Japan. Who knows? Maybe Roadrunner will take a flier on them. As for Universal: As long as it was not Spinefarm or Octone, Universal had no clue as what to do with them.