Brooke White to Star in Hallmark Channel Movie “Banner 4th of July”

American Idol Season 7 finalist, Brooke White, will star in a new Hallmark Channel movie called “Banner 4th of July” that will feature two of her original songs.

The production will begin shooting soon in North Bay, Canada and will premiere on Saturday, June 29.

This is Brooke’s second TV Movie. Her first, Change of Plans, aired on FOX in 2011, and also featured some of her original music.

Read the press release below:


Featuring Two Original Songs Written and Recorded by Brooke White

Michael Barbuto Co-stars

Hallmark Channel proudly announces the start of production of the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, “Banner 4th of July,” starring Brooke White (“American Idol”), Christian Campbell (“Big Love”), Michael Barbuto (“An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving”) and Academy Award(R) and Golden Globe(R) Winner Mercedes Ruehl (“The Fisher King”). “Banner 4th of July” begins principal photography in North Bay, Canada and will have its Hallmark Channel World Premiere on Saturday, June 29 (9pm ET/PT, 8C), featuring two songs written and recorded by Brooke White.

“Banner 4th of July” is produced by Muse Entertainment. Michael Vickerman, Jonas Prupas, Greg Gugliotta, Michael Prupas, Joel S. Rice, and David Anselmo are the executive producers. Steve Solomos is the producer. Don McBrearty directs from a script written by Michael Vickerman.

Desiree Banner (White) may own her own record company but she has struggled to find her perfect melody since leaving the band she once headlined with her brothers Mitchell (Campbell) and Johnny (Barbuto). Her departure from the band, The Banners Project, led her into a marriage that was doomed to fail and deeply damaged her relationship with Mitchell, whom she has avoided for the past ten years. Nevertheless, when Desiree’s mother, Rosalind (Ruehl), suffers a heart attack, Desiree and Mitchell rush home and join their brother Johnny to be by her side. Shortly after Desiree arrives in her hometown of Pinewood Hills, she learns that the town will face bankruptcy if it can’t make a bond repayment by the July 4th Holiday. Confined to bed and hating every minute of it, Rosalind, who also happens to be Mayor of Pinewood Hills, has secretly hatched a plan to repay the town’s debt. Rosalind has booked The Banners Project in a reunion concert at the town’s annual Fourth of July festival. The reunion concert will be a big deal, bringing in people from all over the country. The ticket sales alone will cover the debt.

As Desiree attempts to work with her brothers to conjure up a long-term solution to Pinewood’s financial crisis, she must face her past mistakes head on, including the bad blood with Mitchell. As the Fourth of July approaches, it is up to Desiree and her siblings to put into action a plan that will save Pinewood Hills. In order for The Banners Project to help their beloved hometown recover from hard financial times, they must put their family feud aside and find harmony both on and offstage.

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  • girlygirl

    I’m torn. On the one hand, yay for Brooke getting to act in a tv movie and the movie using 2 of her songs.

    On the other hand, Hallmark Channel movies are usually really cheesy…and in a bad way, not in a good way.

  • julesb2183

    I always love to hear from Brooke <3

  • Tinawina

    BROOOKE!!!! Still love her. <3

  • Kesia Monteith

    Hey…Desiree is my middle name :D

  • usedtobelucy

    Big congrats to Brooke. Despite Hallmark’s clear cheesiness that’s been mentioned, seems like this might still be a nice career boost for her.

  • jan

    Aww – good for Brooke. I really like her.

  • rayni

    How wonderful for Brooke! Yes, Hallmark movies are cheesy but sometimes delightfully so – Betty White won a SAG award for one she did (I just watched it this weekend). I also googled a song I heard on that same movie (it turned out to be a Michael Buble song – Everything) so I hope this affords Brooke multiple avenues of exposure!

  • Incipit

    Good for Brooke – happy to read she has TV Movie work – and they are using two of her songs! Great exposure for her music – and a nice contribution can be made to Baby Girl London’s College Fund, too. What? It’s never too early to start, she’ll be one yr old next month!

  • teacup

    Can’t wait! I LOVE her! Yay for some new songs as well. :)

  • breakdown

    What, no romance? Good for Brooke. I saw the last movie she was in but I honestly don’t remember if she could act or not. I think she must have been ok in it.

  • overthetop1

    The plot is so contrived. But, hey, maybe one of these cornet movies will be a stepping stone for Brooke.

  • macfae

    Brooke always seemed such a sweetheart. I can’t see this hurting her music career. I see it as a positive and I’m really happy for her.

  • Kariann Hart

    Brooke was such a sweetheart on the show. Always happy to hear good things about her. She did a nice job with her first movie. I bet she’ll be even better with this one!

  • deshae78

    That’s great news. I love Hallmark & Lifetime movies! Sometimes you just want something comforting & familiar, & besides, tv movies are a big business so no shame in Brooke participating at all.