Britain’s Got Talent 2014: Results & Videos

Another boyband for Simon Cowell, Little Mix and Cheryl Cole performed.


Britain’s Got Talent 2014 Final just ended. 11 acts performed. Classical boyband Collabro took home the main prize (YAY for Simon!) The field was pretty crowded with singing and dancing acts and the TOP 3 placers are all singing acts.

BGT 2014 Winners: Collabro – Stars

BGT 2014 Runner-up: Lucy Kay – Nessun Dorma

BGT 2014 2nd Runner-ups: Bars and Melody – Hopeful

You can find all other videos HERE.

During the voting period, Little Mix performed their current single “Salute” with BGT 2009 winners, dance troupe Diversity (The group that beat Susan Boyle!) and X Factor judge Cheryl Cole returned to the music scene with her brand new single “Crazy Stupid Love”. Unfortunately, no videos were uploaded by ITV and Fremantle quickly pulled down one low quality video of Little Mix and Diversity. Ella Henderson performed her debut single “Ghost” during the first semifinal last Monday and one sped up video was all I could find on YouTube. Ella’s single will be released on iTunes UK in about two hours.

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  • Chris Osborn

    I enjoyed Jack Pack. I think Simon will sign them for an album

  • Amy Beth

    So Simon has a pop boy band (1D), an opera boy band (Il Divo), a country boy band (Restless Road) and now a classical boy band.

    What’s next?

  • kcostell

    The whole “Got Talent” format is a bit crazy. To win their £250,000, Collabro gave a grand total of three performances (audition, semi-final, final), running about 8 minutes total. And one of those was a reprise!

  • tripp_ncwy

    I didn’t think Simon signed Restless Road? Last I saw they were still looking for a deal after they replaced one member.

  • EvilTroyandEvilAbed

    Little Mix and Diversity dominated. This was their night. Showed up Cheryl, that’s for sure.

  • springboard2

    And he had a very successful UK boyband, Westlife, for years. Boybands are definitely his strength .. with novelty acts…

  • Face

    performing on BGT seemed to help Little Mix on UK iTunes… they are currently at 10…
    Ella is already at number 1 and it’s only 8am… so 8 hours since it was released… guess there were a lot of pre-orders!

  • Face

    indeed… however (in UK at least) at least one of these popera / classical crossover type singers / groups comes does well off this show on the album charts…
    last year it was the brothers Richard & Adam who had a number 1 album within 7 weeks of coming 3rd in the 2013 BGT final… it was #1 for 4 weeks in the UK that summer and went gold…
    in 2012 the 2nd place getters Jonathan and Charlotte had an album in the charts in Sept (4 months later)…
    so, I expect Collabro to have their album out by this Autumn…

  • Face

    one of them was in a boyband on UK XF in 2007 (season 4)… if memory serves me right, it was the shows 1st attempt at creating a boyband out of soloists that didn’t make it past bootcamp…

  • Mateja Praznik

    58 mins ·
    Big numbers: last night’s Britain’s Got Talent peaked at 12.7 million viewers, averaging at 10.7m! That’s an audience share of 51%. Thanks for tuning in everyone!