FOX News Fans Accuse Chris Daughtry of D Day Diss + Apology (VIDEO)

I love a good controversy, no matter how dumb. There’s nothing like outrage to attract those clicks. Heh. The latest controversy involves American Idol 5 alum, Chris Daughtry, whom some feel dissed veterans with some off-hand remarks he made after he finished performing a concert on FOX and Friends on Friday.

After Chris Daughtry and his band were done, the hosts suggested singing a patriotic song to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the very important World War II battle, D-Day.  Chris jokingly said that he was “off the clock” and would just watch everyone sing. When the host went off to enlist a kid to lead the song, Chris says, again jokingly, “This is where I bail.” The other host joked “Smart man!”

Some in the FOX crowd didn’t react very well to Chris’s joking around. They felt he should have stuck around and performed a patriotic song with the crowd and accuse him of dissing D Day and all the brave soldiers who died for this country.

How could he be so disrespectful and I’m never listening to his music again and WHY DOESN’T HE MOVE TO RUSSIA IF HE DOESN’T LIKE IT HERE. Ok, the bit about Russia is an exaggeration. But the overreaction is pretty hilarious, as you can see from these tweets posted at Twitchy.

I’ll post some of the best ones here. But first, the video.  The hosts don’t ever ask him directly to sing. I suppose it’s implied that he lead the sing along. But it wasn’t as if he said no to a direct request. The who segment was pretty award.  I don’t see the big deal.

Here are some tweets. You can find more at the link.

Not all of the tweeters agreed:

Chris Daughtry Apologizes

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