The Biggest Loser – “Back to Work” – Recap and Discussion

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The Biggest Loser - Season 15

Allison starts the episode with a pop challenge for the contestants. The teams get a point for each right answer to 4 questions about obesity among workers. White team loses and must work in a diner all week while finding time for the gym.

We then get an update on Ruben.  He’s been working on his album coming out in February and still finding time to workout. Cute moments with his mom. While Jillian is annoyed learning about her team’s loss they battle the temptation of all the food. They even bring home some to tempt the other teams.  Hap seems to be the most tempted. Maybe this answers Bob ‘s earlier question about what could be going wrong with his diet to keep him from losing weight because he seems to be working hard .

During the workout Bobby can’t do a simple forward roll causing Bob to peg his problem as lack of confidence. Jillian must make the white team’s workouts more intense to make up for the loss of time.  Dolvett sits down with Jennifer’s daughter Taylor to help her learn some ways to eat better and get more exercise.

Blue team goes first  at the weigh in with Hap losing 11 , Chelsea 4, Matt 9, Bobby 3. Red team: David loses 5, Tanya 4, Jennifer 7, and Rachel 7. White team: Jay loses 6, Marie 6, and Tumi 9.  Blue team loses the weigh in sending Bobby home.  Bob wanted more time to work with Bobby mentally. What did you think? Did he go too soon or did he peak too early in his weight loss?


  • bestmusic

    Feel sorry for the white team. At this stage of the game I really hate to see anyone go home.

  • Dan

    So what happened? Who was eliminated?

  • Sassycatz

    One of the guys from the Blue team.

  • Dan

    thank you so much!

  • Sassycatz

    It’s funny. Usually you find that a team with more women than men is at a disadvantage because as you get closer to a healthier weight, it gets harder to lose and men tend to come in to the competition at more weight. Not always the case, but generally. This time, we’ve been seeing some larger men racking up smaller weight losses. So, it appears to be anyone’s “game” right now.

    I’m just so, so glad they took out the whole “contestants choosing which contestants should leave.” Always hated that. Leaving the show should be totally based on weight and not alliances or falling on one’s sword for others.