Smash Discussion Post – “Fringe” (Recap Added)


So, Smash fans, what did we think of last week? Although I loved the way the episode closed with a bit of cliffhanger, I do have some gripes to address. Let’s run through them briefly. First: Can’t the writers make better use of two extremely talented actresses? Megan Hilty and Angelica Huston have either unnecessarily […]

Smash – “The Read-Through” Discussion Post (Recap Added)


Alright ladies and gents, I’m back from my hiatus last week. To be honest, I still haven’t watched last week’s episode. So I’m going to give that bad boy a run through right now. That way, I’ll be all prepped for tonight’s big episode. Loved the preview of Kat’s Death Cab cover–hope the episode is […]

Smash – Discussion Post & Recap


Alright peeps, we’re less than a half hour away from the big two-hour season premiere of Smash. This is the official discussion post. Look for my recap to come either middle of the night or tomorrow morning. Are we excited? I sure hope so, because we’ve only had to wait for what…a bazillion years?! Anyway, […]

SMASH – One Week Away!


Okay you guys, this might seem like a random post, but I thought I’d just remind everyone that the big Smash season premiere is exactly one week away. I (Nick) will be the recapper for the season. Not sure why MJ trusts me, but let’s just roll with it, shall we? For those of you […]

SMASH Discussion Post (UPDATE: Recap Added)


Okay, here’s the weekly discussion post for SMASH. Let’s see what Uma brings to the table this week. Anyone else guessing she’ll turn into Beatrix Kiddo and kill every last character in the show? Talk about a MAJOR retooling of season 2. Haha! Anyway, I’ll have the recap added hopefully late tonight or first thing […]