Anoop Desai - ABC News Now - VIDEO

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Anoop Desai visited ABC News Now to discuss his upcoming album, All Is Fair, and to perform an acoustic version of  his debut single “My Name” written with Season 6 Idol, Brandon Rogers.

“My Name” is out now:

  • Download “My Name” from iTunes HERE.

Anoop’s 8 song EP, All Is Fair will be available everywhere on  May 4.

Videos after the JUMP…

Anoop Desai – Interview

Anoop Desai – My Name

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  • colette

    I like the Bollywood-ish feel of this song.

  • baddabing

    I love the song and I love him.

  • Letitride

    I am enjoying the song and I love seeing him look so happy and excited…plus he looks terrific, if maybe just a little too thin.
    I know he’s been working hard and I hope it pays of for him. His PR firm is doing a good job getting him around to a lot of events and radio and tv interviews. Plus I’ve read some great interviews about his time Idol and life after idol and the new music. Go ANOOP !!!

  • TwigLA

    I think Anoop was smart to do things the way he is. It’s working for him.

    I’m liking ‘My Name’ it seems a blend of hip hop with traditional Indian sounds. Very interesting and unique sound.

    Now I’d just like him to stop dressing like a college professor :)

  • poster

    Corny song…not the best representation of Anoop’s talent. Weird..sorry, because I really like Anoop.

  • Jenn815

    Very nice acoustic version. And I really like the fact that he’s going to be releasing more music, frequently. Great strategy.

  • bean99

    Interesting interview. Anoop was my favorite last season and Didi is one of mine this season. I’m glad he likes her. :)