American Idols Live 2012 – Detroit Michigan Live Blog

Live blogging the American Idols Live Detroit show right here. Watch for the building set list!

Set List:

Top 9 – “Sing” by My Chemical Romance (Minus Phil)

Deandre Brackensick – “Master Blaster” by Stevie Wonder

Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh Duet– “Undo It” by Carrie Underwood

Erika Van Pelt – Glitter in the Air by Pink

Colton Dixon, Erika Van Pelt, Joshua Ledet, Hollie Cavanagh (Group Number) – Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5

Heejun Han – “Green Light” by John Legend

Heejun Han, Deandre Brackensick and Jessica Sanchez (Group Number) – Party Rock by LMFAO   (All are wearing Zebra stripes)

BOYS – “Everybody Talks” by Neon Trees (Minus Phillip)

Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love by Led Zepplin

Elise Testone with Erika Van Pelt and Deandre Brackensick Backup – Rumour Has It by Adele

Colton Dixon – “Meant To Live” by Switchfoot

Colton Dixon – “Never Gone” (Original Song)

Colton Dixon – Piano Man by Billy Joel

Top 9 – “Just The Way You Are”/”What Makes You Beautiful” by Billy Joel/One Direction (Minus Phillip)


Jessica Sanchez– Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce

Jessica Sanchez with Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet Backup – How Come You Don’t Call Me Any More by Prince

Jessica Sanchez with Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet Backup – Proud Mary by Ike and Tina Turner

Skylar Laine – Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert

Skylar Laine – Stay With Me by The Faces

Hollie Cavanagh with Elise Testone and Erika Van Pelt Backup – Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Hollie Cavanagh – Give Your Heart a Break by Demi Lovato

Joshua Ledet with Elise Testone, Deandre Brakensick, Erika Van Pelt Backup – Runaway Baby by Bruno Mars

Joshua Ledet – It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World

Joshua Ledet and Jessica Sanchez Duet – I Knew You Were Waiting For Me by George Michael and Aretha Franklin

Phillip Phillips – “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder

Phillip Phillips – Nice and Slow by Usher

Phillip Phillips and Elise Testone Duet – Somebody That I Used to Know by Goyte

Phillip Phillips with Jessica Sanchez (Duet/Backup)!- Volcano by Damien Rice

Phillip Phillips with Colton Dixon and Deandre Brackensick Backup – Home

GIRLS – Raise Your Glass by Pink

BOYS – Girls eventually join in – Glad You Came by The Wanted

(Each Idol takes a bow from 10 – 1)


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  • Anonymous

    So excited for this!! Bummed about the early reports of Colton being unjustly emphasized like Pia was. If she didn’t deserve it, he doesn’t either. I hope Joshua or Hollie don’t get shafted. Can’t wait until 8/2 when I see them. Going to try and avoid utubes, but I may not make it.

  • clearone

    I’m very excited for tonight!

  • Lexie

     Jen Savage

    Rockin to some @durbinrock HTH on the bigscreen before the Idol tour show here in Detroit tonight

    Was just wandering through twitter and saw this…

  • Anonymous

    Well I’m at the concert..!!! 3rd row from the stage..!! Woohoo..!!

  • Sue

    HTH is being played on the screen pre show? Awesome! m/

  • Jessica

    I won tickets/M&G to the tomorrows show (Chicago)…from a radio station….and about an hour later they said they’d have to take it back because I don’t live in the right “market area” FML .. I’m SO upset PLZ LET ME KNOW IF ANYONE HAS EXTRA TICKETS! I’m determined to go Lol 

  • Mariam

    How was colton in the M&G??

  • Sue

    They’re playing the lyric video, she said she saw it x2.

  • Anonymous

    interesting song choices

  • Kitty Armistead

    Can Moves Like Jagger die a horrible death? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?!

  • Sue

    “Heejun Han – Party Rock by LMFAO with Deandre and Jessica (All are wearing Zebra stripes)”

    Oh I’m looking forward to seeing a vid of this!

  • Ira

    Any word on who is in the band?

  • Anonymous

    OMG all these group songs. Interesting they are all current pop. I don’t even know how you cover Rock Party Anthem. I still preferred the concerts with individual sets in order. Oh well.

  • Cavaknights

    Omg! Hollie duet with Skylar <3

  • sweetmm

    The 1st video I’ll be searching for is the PARTY ROCK!!!  Can’t wait to see them rapping and booty shaking :)

  • Sue

    Looks like P2 isn’t appearing until his set, like they did with Scotty last year.

  • Kitty Armistead

    The parts of the show I care about (Elise, Erika, Skylar, and Hollie)–I’m so jealous.


    I need this to hit YouTube.

    Meant To Live? Really? *coughPREDICTABLEcough*

  • Anonymous

    The thought of Colton participating in Moves Like Jagger really creeps me out for some reason.   I like Erika and Heejun’s solo song choices a lot.

  • Ira

    So Colton has a set 2/3s as long as Jessica’s. Does not seem right. At some point Idol Management will listen to their voting public. There’s a reason he and Pia (last year) were voted off earlier than expected.

  • Anonymous

    Or Jessica could have been left voted out at 7th too.

    I’m glad Colton gets a 3 song set. It’s THREE songs not 12. Other 7th place finishers got the same exposure. I wish they all got at least 3 song sets but that’s not the way it works.

  • raya

    I would pay money for a video of Party Rock Anthem right now.  It’s been a depressing week and I need the laugh.  Sounds epic.

    From what I’ve read, it sounds like Colton is getting the response.  I will never get it, but I realize that he is popular.  Personally I’d rather listen to anyone else the Top 10, besides P2.  But that’s how it goes I guess.  But as we saw with Pia,  being featured on tour doesn’t really mean a thing in terms of real world success, so we shall see.

  • JamieLynn

    Colton is crazy talented but then again all the bigots here only hate him cuz his faith. ROCK ON COLTON!!!!!!!!

  • BigNLiddle

    These songs are pretty awesome…!

  • clearone

    If I’m not mistaken we still have the second half of the show to go.  Jessica will no doubt have more in it.

    I’m really getting more excited to see this show!!

  • Anonymous

    Interesting song choices. Some of them could be total trainwrecks or totally amazing, so will be fun to see the videos.

    I saw on twitter that before the show they played music videos for James, Haley, Stefano and Lee (twice)

  • Anonymous

    How did Colton’s original song go over?

  • K

    The 7th place finishers in the 7th, 8th, and 9th seasons all had 3 song sets. Stefano lost a song last year but that’s because of the group songs. Like it or not, Colton’s set length is fairly standard. All of this information is easily accessible via Wikipedia or MJ’s archives.

    The original song is new but I have no opinion on that.

  • Anonymous

    I’m guessing that most of the second half will mostly feature the top 5. Glad to see not too many repeats from the show.

  • Loretta

    I much prefer the 2-3 song set set up.  10 first to 1.

    AI5 had an awesome set up 10 came on and sang 2 songs and had a duet with 9 and then top 5 had 3 songs and duet and Taylor had I believe 4-5 songs but no duet.

    I like Colton and his original song is very good but I feel badly Deandre only has 1 solo.  That is not right!

  • raya

    One thing I’ll say is that it doesn’t sound like anyone is being Paul’d this year.  For people that were worried about DeAndre, sure he doesn’t have much solo time and he’s probably not getting a chance to show what he can do in his chosen genre, but he’s been all over the stage in the first half.  I expect at the very least he’ll be doing more background singing in the second half.

    Also can’t wait to hear Erika’s solo.

  • Anonymous


    DON’T question poster’s motives or put words in their mouths. I am editing, deleting posts. If you are new read my guidelines.

    Namecalling = automatic banning.

  • Loretta

    As Deandre’s asperations are not to be a background singer!  IMO it is unfair to use his wonderful voice to back-up others.  Let the boy sing and showcase himself vs help make others sound better.

  • Bazzle

    Fucking hell some great song choices I must say! Green Light by John Legend ft Andre 3000… I fucking love that song…..and Erika Glitter in The Air…. everyone wanted to see the full version of that… very pleased. and ofc…. Elise WLOL.. Sing very very nice choice in group number….

  • hayes

    The second half would be Top 5-heavy, with them having at least 2 solos each, right? I’m sure the rest of the Top 10 will pop up in group numbers, there seems to be a whole lot of them.

  • AJramosbaliong


  • Anonymous

    I really liked Never Gone by Colton Dixon. He’s got a lot of supporters in the audience.

  • Anonymous

    I find Colton just creepy and soul killing.  Pity he’s so prominent.  It would ruin the concert for me – ugh. 

  • raya

    I understand DeAndre doesn’t aspire to be a background singer, and I say this as a fan of his, but so far in addition to his solo he has been on stage in group numbers and a trio.  Mind you I don’t think anybody is going to take him too seriously after Party Rock Anthem (LOL), but it’s stage time.  He has certainly gotten no less than either Erika or Heejun. I’m not saying I wouldn’t want to see him do more in his chosen genre, but I don’t think he’s being treated too shabbily so far.

  • Bazzle

    ss, deandre, josh “how come you don’t call me more” by princeCan i say again…. how much yes these song choices are…. 

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the argument that Colton shouldn’t get 3 songs because he came in 7th. Last time I checked, if the save didn’t exist, Jessica would’ve gone out at 7th. Should she get less songs than some of the others? Not to mention, if Jessica hadn’t gotten the lowest number of votes that week, the judges almost assuredly would’ve saved Colton when he went. 

    Colton’s got a big fan base, regardless of where he went out. Idol is trying to bring in money and an audience, and they know there’s probably a fair amount of people coming (possibly mainly) for Colton. Now, I do hope the Top 5 get their proper due/number of songs. People like Josh and Jess deserve to be stars of the show (and as much as I dislike him, of course P2 is the star since he won). But 3 songs for Colton just doesn’t seem crazy to me, sorry. 
    Anyway, I can’t wait to hear Never Gone, and Party Rock Anthem with Heejun and co. lol. And of course Joshua! I wish I were going to the tour, Josh is probably amazing live.

  • Leandro

    “Colton Dixon – “Meant To Live” by Switchfoot
    Colton Dixon – “Never Gone” (Original Song)
    Colton Dixon – Piano Man by Billy Joel”

    Time for bathroom and buy some beers.

  • Anonymous

    I actually bought ‘Piano Man’.  So I don’t mind Colton being featured.   

  • Karen C

    Terrific that Colton got to do Meant to Live !!  I love that song, it’s perfect for him.

  • Leandro

    Im really looking for their version of Party Rock Anthem! lol

  • Ira

    Jessica is an urban R&B singer at heart, with an incredible set of pipes that this audience is getting the opportunity to appreciate. It’s gratifying that AI Management is letting the singers be themselves (for the most part).

  • Leandro

    Screen pre-show: best of the tour. LOL

  • Anonymous

    the reporter from one of the local papers is doing a live blog, with some brief commentary: 

  • Anonymous

    M LIVE says “Colton Dixon steals the first act”.  They said things like that for Stefano.  It’s a man’s world.

  • Eriko

    well, he´s a Colton fan, so wouldn´t put to much weight on it….a man´s world indeed, sigh….

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I thought Jessica would have more than 3 solos. Hopefully they’ll let Phillip have at least 3 songs at the end.

    I also thought that Skylar was doing a song she hadn’t done on the show. Maybe that was the Carrie song? I can’t tell the difference between different country songs.

  • sandrajane

    Jessica Sanchez with Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet – How Come You Don’t Call Me Any More by Prince

    The Prince original or Alicia Keys’ cover from her debut album?  I’m thinking she did Alicia’s version.

  • Anonymous

    Seems like the MLive reporter is giving praise to pretty much everybody. He just tweeted that Joshua killed Runaway Baby

  • hayes

    Heejun and Colton have yet to make an appearance post-intermission. Deandre is everywhere. LOL

  • Ira

    Joshua got the night’s first standing ovation…..and Steven, Jennifer and Randy had nothing to do with it….pure Josh!

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that’s alittle confused about Jessica’s set list? 3 songs and right after intermission?!!! If they were doing the set list by order of elimination then Colton should have been given just 2 songs while Jessica sang 4..and they had her sing before josh,skylar, and Hollie?!! I don’t get it. I’m not saying she should have gotten special attention, I just thought the # of songs you sang and the order was based off where u finished on the show.

  • Enough already!

    Maybe I should have paid more attention to the show, but all the pimping favorites turned me off.   So it would seem that the road show is not much different.  This tour is geared for tour approval, and it would appear that most attending fans are there to see Colton.   Will wait until Philip performs to see how this fits into the entire show.  While it wasn’t, this year’s show seemed girl heavy.  Must be down playing that on tour. 

  • Ira

    Did I miss something? JS was the runner up, right? Sorry folks, I don’t understand the placement. Love Josh, but give JS her props.

  • Charlotte Jones

     Lauren went first in the second half last year too.

  • Anonymous

    Jessica Sanchez with Deandre Brackensick and Josh Ledet – How Come You Don’t Call Me Any More by Prince

    I bet that this was awesome.  This seems like a well matched trio.

  • Trina

    I have yet to see any evidence Colton is the big draw there, in fact if TPTB felt he was going to be the big draw they would have held him for the 2nd half. I’ve been attending these tours since season 1 and I’ve learned getting the loudest screams means squat. Constantine got the loudest screams in season 4 lol.

    Anyway I LOVE this format so much more than last years. Heejun gets very little singing, Colton’s 3 solos are early and not spread out like the Pia show last year and theres lots of Josh so yay!

  • Anonymous

    They stopped having the contestants performing on tour in order of elimination last season.

  • Karen C

    Looks like Jessica is getting a lot of group songs and duets,I think she’s in more than anyone.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, runner-up Lauren Alaina performed right after intermission last
    year too followed by James (4th), then Jacob (5th), then Haley (3rd)
    then Scotty (Winner)

    Last Year’s Setlist:!_Tour_2011

  • Anonymous

    With the makeup of the typical crowd at these shows, I can see putting together a lineup that’s more about playing to the crowd.  Jessica has gotten a lot of stage time that shows that she came in second.  

  • alterego

    Jessica sang back-up for Phillip on Volcano.  She was with the band, and he was front and center.

    Deandre did get the pimp spot singing back-up for Home.

    Tweets says the crowd was on their feet.

  • raya

    Yeah, I admit that this is less the Colton show that I expected.  It’s not even in the same vein as Pia last year.  The only kind of “unfair” thing I suppose is that he gets to sing an original.

    I guess I spoke too soon about nobody being shafted.  Heejun hasn’t been seen the first half.  Colton makes a background appearance in Home. 

    The funny thing is if you count all the background singing and group stuff, DeAndre might have been in more numbers than anyone.

  • DragonFly

    “I saw on twitter that before the show they played music videos for James, Haley, Stefano and Lee (twice)”

    LOVING James’ HTH video being played–should get the audience “prepumped anyway”.  Nice for all of them & woo hoo to Lee.  After the slam to him last yr. that’s a nice gesture.  Lauren & Scotty & others should be featured later in vids too I would think.  After clicking James’ HTH video link here (a cple x I might add)–makes me regret they couldn’t go for the single on that one.  Very much understand the reasoning but that one would be great on radio.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I complained last year because Lauren sang right after the intermission and some people were still coming back from buying foods, going to the restrooms, etc. Very distracting too for the people who were already sitting down.

  • Anonymous

    interesting that Phillip didn’t sing anything new — just stuff he had performed on Idol (including “Home”, of course)

  • Anonymous

    Was the show always over at 9:30? I could have sworn it was more like 10:30. But I didn’t really pay attention last year. Only really followed season 7,9 tours.

    I’m glad for the Jessica fans looks like she had a nice second half. I’m also happy with Phillip’s set, good choices. I’d prefer not all the group numbers but I think the individual sets turned out nice so it should be a good show.

  • getaway1

    I don’t think with Phillip there was not a lot of time to do something new.  And I’m sure they wanted to focus on Home and sell that.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t Nice and Slow different as opposed to U Got it Bad? Then again I don’t know anything about Hollywood/Vegas performances.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if Phil’s brother-in-law was on the stage with him?

  • sweetmm

    I’m pretty surprised; the set list this year is good :)  A good production this year, mighty entertaining!!!

  • OffLeash

    I was worried about a Pia type backlash for Colton, but I didn’t need to be. Colton was very popular tonight. Not at all like the reception Pia got last year. It’s all good then! :)

  • Anonymous

    was it? Oh maybe. I don’t remember which Usher song he did on the show

  • hayes

    Nice and Slow was his Sing For Your Life performance in Vegas. I imagine with the surgery and stuff he didn’t have very much time to rehearse new songs.

  • Elizabeth

    Hmm, is it just me, or did Skylar get shafted? She has two solos and a duet with Hollie, and she appears in the three big group numbers. Heejun and Hollie are at the bottom of the list in terms of stage time as well, but at least they are featured in a couple mini group numbers.

    Other than that, it looks like a great setlist!

  • Kevin Lie

    wow….. 1 solo for Hollie?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?! nice… very nice! >:( (this is sarcasm btw)

  • Elizabeth

    She gets two – the Adele song and the Demi Lovato song. Elise and Erika were doing the back-up vocals.

  • tucker davis

    Phil did ‘U Got It Bad’ on the show but did ‘Nice & Slow’ during Vegas Week. Only about 30 seconds were ever shown. Many wanted him to do it again for Final 2. He lost so much rehearsal time, I’m sure they had to go with songs he already knew. Sounds like an entertaining show from all of them!

  • Anonymous

    When did Heejun do his standup routine? 

  • mary

    colton gets more solos then hollie and skyler!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Anonymous

    I think much like Paul from last year Skylar does not have a voice that would lend itself to background vocals.Other then that her  number of performances seem consistent with other 5th place finishers.

  • Anonymous

    P2 sang Nice & Slow during the Top42 Vegas rounds. He sang U Got it Bad multiple times.

  • Anonymous

    The writer from M Live said that the show started and finished earlier than it normally does.  With all of the group numbers, and not having to stick with giving people more songs than the contestants who finished ahead of them, they can end the show in just under two hours.

    In the end, it probably makes for a better show.

  • Cory ??

    Get home and upload videos people!! I gotta see Jessica and Phillip’s “Volcano” 

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see Jessica’s ‘How Come You Don’t Call Me’. I didn’t know the song so I looked it up. I found Prince’s and Alicia’s versions to be underwhelming. I bet Jessica’s was better based on the reaction via live feed.

  • Anonymous

    Is the MLive reporter a Colton fan? His tweets read that he thinks Colton was the best of the night

  • ninergrl6

    The more groups, the better IMO. Get everyone on stage as often as possible in any capacity. I never liked the 10-1 idea, especially when my fave was #1 or 2 and I had to wait 2 hours to see him/her.  It made the concert draaaaaag.  Plus the groups make the singers I don’t like more bearable.

    As a Colton fan, I’m happy he gets a mini-set at the end of act 1 and doesn’t seem to be getting the Pia-type backlash.  For the AI8 tour Matt Giraud ended act 1 (apart from a group song), and while I didn’t particularly like him on the show, I LOVED him in concert.  You want to end the act strong; Matt surely did that and Colton probably does too.

    Looking forward to when the tour arrives in CA!

  • OffLeash

    PhilJess shippers all over the world are going wild tonight after the Volcano performance LOLOL.

  • Elizabeth

    That’s true. It’s a bummer though because I would have loved to hear more from Skylar on tour. I wish they had included an all-girls number to balance the stage time distribution out a bit.

  • idolstruck

    idolnonsense: Phillip was far and away the crowd favorite but there was so much love for all ten of them. It was just perfect! [via Twitter]

    it looks like the first day is a great success! can’t wait to hear more of Phillip, hopefully he gets to sing a new song in the next concerts.

  • Anonymous

    Colton got three solo songs? OH.KAY. What place was he in again?

  • raya

    I’m more concerned by the fact that there are hoards of PhilJess shippers.  Jessica is still only 16. 

    Unrelated to that, I did think it a tad odd that there was no all girls group number since the guys minus Phil got one in the first half.

  • Anonymous

    Yes an all girl number would have been nice I loved Born This Way last year by the girls.

  • Cassie Dunn

    I just got back from the show and I must say it was very good. The only disappointment of the night was that Joshua didn’t have more solos. Highlights of the night were Joshua-Man’s world, Jessica singing the Prince song and Philip’s nice and slow I really enjoyed. Erika was AMAZING singing glitter in the air also another highlight. Overall, I enjoyed it. Everyone did a good job.  

  • Anonymous

    glad that you had a good time.

    was the show sold out?

  • Anonymous

    It looks like the first night was good. I must say some of the song
    choices are making me excited to watch the videos. Glad that
    Deandre got alot of stage time. He, Jessica, Elise, and P2 made this a
    fun season for me. The tour is going to be fun because this is the
    first season that a could at least tolerate the entire top 10, this
    is a talented bunch…..waiting for P2 and Jessica doing Volcano!

  • Cassie Dunn

    no there were a few empty seats

  • OffLeash

    Someone mentioned the MLive reporter was a Colton fan. :)

  • Cassie Dunn

    ALSO, party rock was so much fun. Heejun’s solo was quite odd. Probably the only one I didn’t enjoy of the night; however, he was a lot of fun during party rock. Jessica and Deandre were great too. 

  • Anonymous

    This looks fabulous! Woo hoo! I hope I can see this tour!!

  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a fun show! Can’t wait to see it!

  • Anonymous

    From what I’ve heard alot of people at the Detroit show were Colton fans and some only came mainly for him. Idol wants to make money and what better way than giving them what they want? Everyone knows Colton shouldn’t have ended in 7th place, whether you liked him or not, you expected him to go further based on his fanbase at the time. All of the Idols did great and I think most of them had equal stage time. Looking forward to see other people’s feedback on it. It’s definitely worth your money! :-)

  • blackberryharvest

    Looks like it was a great night. Hopefully the crowds for all the shows are big. These kids deserve it. 

  • Trina

      All of the Idols did great and I think most of them had equal stage time

    No matter how you slice it no way did most of them have equal stage time. And of course Colton fans are happy he gets 3 solos. Do you think the winner, 2nd placer and 3rd placer and basically everyone who stayed longer than Colton on AI dont have fans that wished they got more solos? The fact is he DID get 7th place no matter how much its argued his boot was so shocking.  I’m just glad his little setlist is bunched together so I know when to make my bathroom break.Thankfully getting pimped on tour often means very little once the tour is over.  For all they crammed Pia down our throats last year they couldnt even give her an AI performance slot.

    Everyone knows Colton shouldn’t have ended in 7th place, whether you
    liked him or not, you expected him to go further based on his fanbase at
    the time.

    Not everyone KNOWS he shouldnt have left when he did. i thought he was easily one of the worst singers. I thought Phillip was a weak singer too but he obviously had the fanbase who voted despite some bad performances.  Other than his Twitter followers I never saw anything that showed Colton had some huge fanbase.

    I’m more concerned by the fact that there are hoards of PhilJess shippers.  Jessica is still only 16

    ITA. And no doubt they probably completely ignore Phillip’s gorgeous girlfriend who’s actually an adult.

  • Anonymous

    I understand the perception of fans vs. non fans is not going to change but the fact is 3 solos is not out of the ordinary. Kristy Lee and Lil Rounds each had 3 solos in their tour sets. If anyone got shafted it was Tim Urban who only got 2 but that season they gave the extra song to the Casey James/Michael Lynche duet. Setfano last year had 2 solos, 1 duet and backed up 2 songs (not inluding group numbers which is straight compatible anyhow). Colton maybe gets what 1 or so extra minutes of stage time? Splitting hairs IMO. I get that those who finished 3,4 should get more time but their sacrifice is at the expense of the group numbers in the first half. Skylar should also have her solos the first half and leave the second half to the top 4 but that’s not how it’s set up.

  • Incipit

    “Kristy Lee and Lil Rounds each had 3 solos in their tour sets.”

    True, tigervixxxen, but the year Kristy Lee got three solos, so did every one of the other eight finishers. 2nd place finisher got four solos, Winner got five. The only complaints about fairness I saw were for the two  group songs – since the first half closed with one, people who were in that also were in the final group song. Doesn’t seem like much extra time, compared to this.

    The inclusion of duets, ensembles, group songs and what have you are a different sort of show than the individual mini sets – and however they parcel the songs out, someone’s fans are left feeling short changed.

    Doesn’t matter to me – I’m not attending – but I can see their point.

  • Kariann Hart

    I sincrely believe Colton will have a successful career and Idol is jump starting it now.  He is very unique; has a nice voice; adored by the girls; and plans on getting into Christian Rock.  He’s been working on an album, but I don’t know if he’s signed yet.

    I like the mixed line-up they have, but would like more songs from the show.  The concert sounds like fun! Seems everyone is impressed with the power of Jessica’s voice.

  • fuzzywuzzy

     “Everyone knows Colton shouldn’t have ended in 7th place, whether you
    liked him or not, you expected him to go further based on his fanbase at
    the time.”

    I disagree, and if you mean “fanbase” you are referring to twitter followers, then I don’t think that is a good way of estimating the size of a fanbase. I’m wondering if somehow through the voting procedure, 19 is aware that Colton received more individual votes than some who ranked above him, and based on that data are highlighting him and expecting him to draw more people to the tour? Personally, I do not think that Colton should have stayed on the show longer, and I never found him to be an enjoyable or impressive performer/singer at all.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, somehow that conjures up an unfortunate image.

  • Incipit


    …based on his fanbase at the time.”

    His ‘fanbase at the time’ that could be quantified were the people who voted for him. Twitter followers do not equal voters, and we also know they do not equal buyers. Idol PTB could see his iTunes numbers, but if they were great at any point, that was not reflected by the end of the season, when the rankings became visible.

    I did not expect him to survive the double whammy of the songs he chose to sing on Top7 Part2 – and he did not. That was up to his fanbase at the time.

    Perhaps Colton ‘was’ sharing fans with Phillip – vote splitting always burns someone – and they were concerned that the Usher song wouldn’t be enough, with the Wilson Picket cover pulling it down, after the 2 Star Maroon5 song from Top7 Part 1 the week before, so they concentrated on saving Phillip. IDK…the fact is, Colton’s fanbase at the time couldn’t or didn’t give him enough votes to stay.

  • escape

    I have no problem with Colton getting 3 solos.  I would feel the same if it was Elise, Erika, Skylar or whoever.  I don’t care how someone did on the show.  The show is history now.  Everyone will have to fend for themselves and be responsible for their own career.  And if there is interest in signing Colton, great for him.

  • Anonymous

    There are Phil/Jess shippers? Some things never change. *facepalm*

  • Michael McRell

    What are Phil/Jess shippers??  Surely I am not he only one that has no idea what that means! lol!

  • No Thanks

    I see Colton is this week’s chew toy. 

  • No Thanks

     Shippers are fans who want two people to hook up romantically.  Many also ship Jessica with Colton and Deandre.

  • Anonymous

    In Season 8 there were Kris and Adam shippers.  LOL at that since Kris is straight.   And then there were Allison and Adam shippers, LOL again since Adam is gay.

    When it comes to shipping – no rules apply.

  • raya

    My main issue with this is only one of these ships isn’t actually illegal.  Though I know it’s standard Idoldom. 

  • Anonymous


    Ah yes. My yearly reminder in the concert thread. 

    PLEASE STAY ON TOPIC. Keep the discussion focused on THE TOUR. Rehashing past seasons of Idol including the one that just finished is OFF TOPIC. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed the live blogging of the show. 

  • Carla Braden

    Good Idea…..the bathrooms should be just about empty at that time, since most people will be sticking around to hear him sing.