American Idol XIII – EXTENDED Sneak Preview! (VIDEO)


Here is your first extended look at the American Idol XIII judges panel. In this 4 minute video, it’s only good vibes on the judges panel as they encourage and acknowledge the aspirations of the hopefuls before them.

We get a good dose of Harry Connick Jr.’s sense of humor here too. And the burgeoning bromance with Keith Urban! Jennifer Lopez is gonna be rolling her eyes a lot at the antics.

Via The Los Angeles Times

Check it out below.

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  • Kariann Hart

    I know this isn’t a live version, but this panel seems so relaxed. I already like their interaction with one another. I hope there is at least one contestant in the finalists from Detroit. They need something to cheer about.

  • Deon Oxivar

    All these “look at our new judges, they’re so friendly aren’t they, don’t you notice?!” thing is such a turn off.

  • b_james

    CAN’T WAIT. If the contestants are good, this season could be really great. I love these 3 judges together.

  • Nickiwannabe

    Better than seeing two divas fighting.

  • yaddabing

    Well I mean, the whole judging decable is what pushed a lot of viewers away last year.

    They can’t really show new themes/format changes/etc in a promo.

  • Garrett Clayman


  • Guest

    Bromance like Blake and Adam… now we have Keith and Harry. When Harry met Keith.

  • Garrett Clayman

    It wasnt just the judges, the lack of depth in talent besides the five ladies was what turned a lot of people off

  • yaddabing

    Oh I know it wasn’t just that, but it did seem to be the main issue.

    It’s still early. If we’re reaching mid-December and they still aren’t pushing out more contestant-focused promos, then I’d say start causing a ruckus.

  • springboard2

    This doesn’t make me want to watch the show. This cheesy banter is boring. The judges come across a lightweight pieces of flufff.
    I wait for this site the filter the talent and I’ll wtach the videos on line ..without the judges.

  • Guest

    This preview gets me excited for the new season! And we have never had a black girl with guitar before…something new!

  • Anny_nanny
  • DragonFly

    Can’t say they’re worth every penny cuz we know they’re expensive lol. Enjoyable panel together & a good look. Loved the “Harsh?–Well then, No!” from Harry. I think most viewers will like.

  • Henrique Mendes

    This is great but bottom line is: If there isn’t a contestant that I really love, I won’t tune in, even if the judges are the most likeable group. Hope they do a good job at picking talent

  • Not fit to print

    Idol has had a couple of organic contestant bromances. The Voice has a contrived judge bromance. IMHO, the former are more honest and charming but you can’t count on them to happen.

    It’s too bad that Idol seems to be following The Voice’s lead in shifting the centre of gravity towards the judges. I hope this is just a way of framing the show as a real departure from last year’s acrimony. Maybe once the show starts they’ll let it rest.

  • Not fit to print

    I can’t see the video. It isn’t available in my territory. Sob…
    Looking forward to these three. Having said that, the contestants will have to be good and the songbook expanded. Hoping for some subtlety from the show’s executive in the “bussing” and “hyping” department, too.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    I already love Harry.I sense some awesomeness coming from him this season. I hope he won’t become a pussy toward the end and start pimping producer favourites. We already have J-Lo and Keith for that. ;) Btw…I see Keith is still looking mighty fine. sigh… #eyecandy

  • Anny_nanny
  • CanadianLady

    Can’t wait.

  • CanadianLady

    Thanks for this.

  • czt

    Can’t wait either!!

  • Listening

    Umm if the first two are an indication of the good talent on the show we’re in trouble b/c the first guy was meh and the girl was just okay.

  • carola99

    Hmm. Too early to tell about this new season. I like the chemistry between the judges (a little too fluffy though) but the talent shown here is mediocre.
    Hoping there is better people.

  • Kirsten

    Thanks Anny_nanny!

  • justmefornow

    So the new judges seem fine. Good chemistry and they’re not OTT in any way so the contestants shouldn’t be overshadowed by them.The way it should be.

    But, the talent has to be there this season, bottom line.
    And I know we’re going to get a lot of guitars this season, lol, but there has to be more than just that to them. That 1st guy was completely ridiculous and lame. The black girl had some charisma, but none of them shown in that video had that spark of “star quality”.
    I hope they pick an exciting group that are the total package this year so people will be entertained.

    If they cast a snooze fest again this show is doomed.

  • Bugme Nomor

    The first guy: “Some
    of his most memorable performances were opening for National Recording
    Artist Melinda Doolittle, Disney’s Peyton List, and performing at the
    famous B.B. Kings in Nashville during the CMA fest 2013. Along with
    being the first recipient of the Terry Doyle Music Scholarship award, he
    has also been a Semi-finalist in the Unsigned Only Music Competition,
    Vocal Performance category, an X-Factor competitor and Central New York
    Idol Champion.” H

  • justmefornow

    Well good for him. He sounds like a cartoon. I found him ridiculous. Different strokes.

  • Miles (Grumpy) (VI)

    Well…hmmm…. hopefully they’re holding the best back for the show. Make’s me feel sad for last years Idol’s and the judging dynamics they had to deal with, This group should be fun.

  • gem2477

    nice – I really am excited for January 15th! I hope someone from my city makes it far.

  • Team Jessica Sanchez

    LOVE all three of them! They have “chemistry” folks! Excited for the upcoming season! YES!!! :D

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Agree with everything excepting I feel J-Ho is exceedingly OTT with her “goosies” and her pretentious, giggly teen-girl persona. She will dress to the 9’s, show off her new stupid video, dance/’sing’ once or twice during the season and, ‘sneak-preview’ her latest new video release , have Ryan show off her ‘paid for’ magazine covers, dress like a slag, etc. to draw attention. The guys seem cool and more low key. Let’s hope Harry is keen on spotting the talent because, as you say, if the talent isn’t there this season…this baby is in trouble.

  • yaddabing

    See, that’s another problem with last year. There was a good bit of talent I believe, but due to producer meddling, they got the boot.

    Like why Johnny Keyser didn’t make it last year AGAIN is still beyond me.

  • Shakeitup

    The first two contestants are at the level of talent we would typically see of The Voice. I think they would be front runners on there. But of course, you have to expect the talent on idol to be better.

    But those clips had more to do with the new judges and their chemistry than it did contestant “pimping.” There are a ton of contestants who audition that we obviously haven’t seen. We may not even see these two.

  • sue

    To be honest the clip did not get me that excited. The banter between the judges were kind of stale. The talented showcased was mediocre at best. Please let idol be better than this.

  • Shakeitup

    The preview was more about focusing on how the judges interact as opposed to showcasing the “best” contestants. They probably just wanted to preview the best clips of the judges interacting.

  • Shakeitup

    It’s clear they wanted to focus on the judges chemistry as opposed to contestant “pimping.”

  • Guest

    For those worried about the talent, look up Jess Meuse on YouTube. I see a top 10 contender there. You heard it here first.

  • CanadianLady

    How anyone can tell for a 20 second (or less) edited clip whether someone has talent or not is beyond me.

  • Rand

    Loving Harry. Feels promising.

  • Rand

    If someone really has talent you would be able to tell in 5 seconds.

  • CanadianLady

    Even when it’s edited and you have no idea what the producers were choosing to show?

  • CanadianLady

    Having said that, I definitely want to see the young lady with the guitar again. :)

  • stillcrazy2195

    I SO wanna believe that AI can return to being an awesome relevant beloved show….but it would have SUCH a ginormous distance to travel, Having said that, I am pleasantly engaged by this clip at least.

  • onebirdlover1

    Gosh and that’s exactly how I feel about “The Voice”. Love Idol tho!