American Idol Season 12- Contestant Preview #4- Josh Holiday

Sorry about the break. I got rather caught up in family time over Christmas. Our next contestant is Josh Holiday, who looks like he just dove from the Blake Lewis tree straight into the American Idol contestant pool. Those who have already heard about him are just going crazy over him, so I figured why not introduce him to the world?

He’s originally from Texas, and he lives now in Nashville. Josh Holiday’s youtube account in recent days has liked an American Idol promo, and a video from Angie Miller’s page, as well as liking Angie Miller and Nick Boddington’s youtube channels. It’s important to note that other contestants I’ve posted have pulled their stuff from youtube immediately after, so you have to watch this stuff immediately. lol

This guy COULD win. If allowed a chance.

His youtube channel:
More youtube: (before he changed his last name):
His website:
His Facebook:
His Twitter:!/Joshua%20Eric%20Wright

(I’m predicting all this will be taken down in 24 hours or less, so watch it now! Rip it!)

Isn’t She Lovely

Next To You

As Long As You Love Me

Signed Sealed Delivered


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  • Tess

    well that was nauseating.

  • chessguy99

    He has enough of a cheese element to put off enough of the audience to go mid-pack. If he’s cast, it will be to siphon votes from Jimmy Smith and Paul Jolley. TPTB are delusional thinking that vote splitting will get them different results, as in the end, the one left standing will win. They are almost setting themselves up for ratings fail with all these good looking, decent sounding white guys who have a bit of charm to them. 

    We are going to end up with the sixth white guy winner in a row.You can tell a show is done when it keeps repeating similar plot lines, hoping the audience won’t care and keep watching.

  • fuzzywuzzy

    lol He sure was mega-cheesy. 

  • fuzzywuzzy

    “We are going to end up with the sixth white guy winner in a row.You can tell a show is done when it keeps repeating similar plot lines, hoping the audience won’t care and keep watching.”

    Could be, but it all depends on who the judges put through to the final 12 before the public voting starts. As long as they don’t put through any of these WGWG-types, then the public won’t be able to vote for them. That key step will tell us whether the new judging panel/producers are interesting in a different kind of winner than Idol has had for the last few years.

  • SullyD

     There are a lot of those wgwg types in the top 20 (lol at the rumors which said there would be none), so I doubt that no wgwg will make it.

  • jumpstart4u

    He’s like a male Mary Poppins.  No thanks.

  • Larc

    The cheese element is there, but his singing ability needs to be more mediocre for him to have a real shot at winning.

  • irockhard

    So another Taylor Hicks type? Pass.

  • irockhard

    I don’t think this casting rut will be over until they fire Nigel and Ken.

  • Anny_nanny

    A good guy. He did not wgwg-type, is the singer Hicks-type, for grandmothers. I am the grandmother, I know. lol He can sing songs of  Humperdinck and Bublé.
    I have no problems with this, but I thought someone said something about young audience for AI.

  • fantoo1

    Please, he is way more contemporary than Taylor.

  • Kesia Monteith

    Wow…Don’t think he is that bad. Goodness me!

  • Francisco Rapalo

    Please!! Candice preview!

  • Kariann Hart

    If this guy has half the entertainment value of Taylor Hicks, I would be pleased.

  • Anny_nanny

    I would prefer a more deep booming voice (is that right?). This can be corrected with time, but could happen never.
    I liked the vocal technique Haley in S10, but the voice just grates on the ears, that I can’t listen to more than one song at a time. Everything should be in place. I want the mix of Elise and Haley. (((
    Going back to our sheep: this guy is really good, but he needs more young repertoire, otherwise he will go over to Josh and Jess. And Jimmy will again post-factum lamenting that it was his fault.
    And Taylor had a more interesting look. I say this as “old” lady – this boy only you can adopt. And I don’t J. Lo, I’m sorry.
    (I know that everything can’t stand Taylor, but he is a handsome man and that is something that is always with him. In my opinion, he is the most beautiful male-winner of AI – Phillip is too young, David is too sweet, and the rest in my personal rating may not exist. LOL I AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT THE APPEARANCE OF NOTHING MORE!)

  • Anny_nanny

    On is spoilers of the contestants too. The horror! I was confident that we are going from bad to the best.
    So, what kind of country-girl we had earlier? LOL

  • Ronnie D

    I sometimes feel like I’m looking for something that is truly rare when I watch all the possible contestants. Even on these talent shows I feel like I’m waiting for the next Madonna, Elvis, Michael Jackson…ect. Or just SOMEONE to really make me turn my head and say WOW. Sometimes I see people going ga ga over really mediocre talent, and I’m like wtf, I don’t get it. Anyways…this guy just doesn’t really stand out to me. 

  • Junior82165

    Speaking as one who generally likes the WGWG contestants, this guy is not it. 

    Looking back at the string of winners since S7, each one had something interesting or unique about their voice, either the tone, range, quality…something.  This guy has nothing unique or interesting about him.  And he has zero charisma.

    Nope, not seeing a winner here.

    I could, however, see him going as far as Colton did.  He reminds me a little of Colton, kind of a Colton lite.

  • Karen C

    Two of the videos were private by the time I watched this, but I’m not seeing a WGWG, or anything like Taylor Hicks.  He seems to be much more of a pop/R&B singer. I’m also not seeing anything distinctive vocally that would set him apart. It does look like he does a good job with his covers.

  • EH

    He should have changed his name to Blandy McCheese.  Yes, he could probably finish in the top 5.

  • Calvin Nguy?n

    i fear that we are looking at the winner of this season ! lol he’s the perfect recipe 

  • girlygirltoo

    The first couple videos have been made private so I couldn’t watch those. I tried to watch his duet on As Long As You Love Me, but turned it off because I was bored. Decent voice, but nothing that would make him stand out from the pack of other nice looking guys with decent voices that are likely on AI this season. 

    I don’t see WGWG here, though. And he doesn’t remind me at all of Taylor Hicks. 

  • Anny_nanny

    He is not like Taylor, he doesn’t even sound like Taylor. He has no Taylor’s voice and his feed. He turns to the older age of the audience as Taylor. But Hicks is in this authentic.
    This guy more reminds me about Aaron for S9, if you understandable this comparison more – a young boy who was singing the songs for his mother. It is nice to watch in show of school, but I don’t see who would buy such a CD. What is now busy Aaron?
    Can he win this season? Without a doubt.

  • MichaelG (MikhailXO)

    Definite potential. 
    he does have to reign in the Cheez Whiz a bit though….

  • iluvai

    Did he change his name from Josh Eric Wright to Josh Holiday?

  • kansasfemale

    too cheesy but if I don’t look, perhaps – at least the voice has that raw edge I look for – will probably depend a great deal on what songs he chooses to sing and how much cheesy fake-ness he tries to interject  

  • Landon Cox

    He’s definitely gay right?